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The Saguache Crescent
Saguache , Colorado
July 18, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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July 18, 1901

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,=, , ........ I"~i'n ...... ii ........................... I in lilt II] I Illlli li I ill I |1 I I ii1111 II IIIIII I II fJtope the CouEh and Works Off the Cold. Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablet cure a cold in one day. No cure, no pay. Price 25 cents. Why--And Why Not. It Mr. A buys a farm worth ~2,000 of Mr. B Bad pay $500 down he owns only One fourth the place, while Mr. B owns thr~ fourths. The smmmor come around and later on, Mr. A hen to d/g up. (let u say) $40 texas on "ha" farm of [ wbich be'0was but a quarter interest. At the end of one year if Mr. A hu good [ luck he pays Mr; B $120 referent on his I farm,. $1~0 at eight per cent. [ When the assessor gets around to the l man who actually owns seventy.five per cent of that $2#00 farm Mr. B in some way "forgets" those three ~ notes he hM from Mr. A--backed by a good donble.br~mted, rock-ribbed mortgage, and the conequence is that Mr. B the astute inveet0r, pays mot one darned cent into the county treasury. I that a square deal in the name of God, humanity and justice? Nitl Mr. A should pay taxes on what he owns, should pay $10, and the man to whom he i paying $120 per annum in- terest should pay the other $30. Each note given should bear a printed clause eometbing like this: "Unleu this note i certified to annual- ly by the county aseea~r or his deputy am having been presented to him for list- ing as personal property it shall become null, void and uncoliectable/' Mr. B would have that note assessed good and hard every time the assessor wu near enough to be scented by a yel- low dog. And wouldn't that be square? Beteharlife ~--Loveland Reporter. Cure for Cholera Infantum Never Known to Fail. During last May an infant child of our neighbor was suffering from cholera in- fantum. The doctors had given up all hopes of recovery. I took a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar- rhoea Remedy to the house, telling them I felt sure it would do good if used ac- cording to directions. In two days time the child had fully recovered. The child i now vigorous and healthy. I have recommended this remedy frequently and have never known it to fail.--Mr. Cur- tis Baker, Bookwalter, Ohio. For sale by Sguache Pharmacy. Ran Away. H. C. Burton of Moffat started out of town Monday morning with a pas~nger he wa~ taking to the Upper Saguaehe. Just a he got on the mesa west of town a pole strap broke, the team upset the buggy and breaking loose ran back to town and into Brewer's stable. The oc- cupants ofthe rig were uninjured and side from breaking the harneu no dam- nga w*-'douL * For Embargo precinct the commie- ionem did not maka any appointment~ for al~tion judaea. ,..They decided to leans the matter open until they meet in peeial ~mion in September and in the m~ntime~de~ide whether it i adviable to continue the precinct or not. IIII IIII III III I I III I CASTORIA For Infants and Children. ,i i You Have Always Bought Bears the of ' The Kind You Have Always Bought, CASTORIA The Saguache base ball boys did not like the idea of the Center boys backing out of the bail game and consoled them. selv~ by silently pronouncing a little wrath u]~on the Center boys heads It did seem a shame but if the nine can ever be brought together the Center boys may try you some other time.-- Dispatch. "I wish to truthfully state to you and the readers of these few lines that your Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is, without ques- tion, the best and only cure for dyspep- sia that I have ever come in contact with and I have used many other prepara- tions." John Beam, West Middlesex, Pa. No preparation equals Kodol Dyspepsia Cure as it contains all the natural di- gestants. It will digest all kinds of food and can't help but do you good. Sa- guache Pharmacy. District Attorney Pilcher was the cause of ten couple getting marriage cer- tificates at Creede during the past two weeks. "Jimmy" says ha is going~to stop this practice of owning a "baby" and a one hole gasoline stove.--Miner. Notice to "Wheelmcn. There's positively no need to endure discomfort by reason of chafing, sunburn insect stings, sore and perspiring feet or accidental bruises. Yea forget these troubles in using Bucklen's Arnica Salve Maid of Honer. Having in view the hard feeling en- gendered in previous coute~ls ~nd realiz ins that in some in,tastes the result was simply a matter of who ~a~ sift,, to spend the most money, the board has decided that but one vet,,- btlall be ul lowed any perso~ and that each ballot shah be signed by the person casting ~t. l'his will be a much better test of popu- larity and anyone being elected under these conditions may iud~ed fc~i proud of the distinction. The ballot will be printed in the CRESCenT during the mont*h of August and fore part of Sep- tember and it will be well to cut them out and save them as they appear. as we can explain, a rubberneck is a person, male or female, whose life is dedicated to other peoplo'd business. They make no charge for services and are delighted beyond measure to attend to everything except what concerns themselves. They are usually men with dyspepsia or microbes in the intelligence or women whose careers have been stretched out of all proportion looking under the bed for the proverbial man, or frosty girlies from 30 to 60 who delight in acting kittenish and in saying "we girls," or married women who have caught ou as the last car in the train bad gone by and grabbed a man when he was too drunk to run or to frightened to defend himself. Rubbernecks seldom die and when they happen to, their poor unhappy spirits just hang around when the wind blows chilly and cold, and un happy things prowl. Good, wholesome people are too busy with sweet, decent things of life to rubberneck.--Ex. Those famous little pills, DeWitt's Lit- tle Early Risers compel your liver and bowels to do their duty, thus giving you pure, rich blood to recuperate your body Are easy to take. Never gripe. Saguache Pharmacy. P. M. Jones is agent for the New Royal sewing machine. Mrs. Jute Lawrence returned to Cen- ter last Saturday from a visit with her friends and relatives in Monte Vista.- Dispatch. Horses Wanted. Two cars of horses and mares, ranging in height from fourteen two to fifteen two. These horses must be broken to ride, short backs, blocky and in good flesh from 5 to 8 years old and good colors. Bring them to Brouaugh & Son, Monte Vista, Colo. Patrons of the American House speak very favorably of its new management. The table is good, the beds excellent and the attention given guests all that could be desired. G. O. Taylor Whiskies, are dec~dedly flr*~ Note and receipt books and short form bills of sale at this office. ii _ iii Infallible for pimples, blotches, skin WANTED-ACTIVEMAN OF GOOD CHAIL eruptlons and piles. Sold by Lord & actor to deliver and collect in Colorado for ~fld i Wilcox, druggists, Crestone, Colo. Only established manufacturing wholesale house. $900 a year. sure pay. Honesty more than exper. 25 cents. I~nea required. Our reference, any hank is any city. Ench, es self addressed stamped envelope ]Manufacturers, Third Floor/~334 Dearbon st. W. A. McEutyre wife and child left on Chicago. Summer Closing. Commencing June let and continuing until September 1st the store of the !Ootthelf&Tarbell Mercantile company will c]o~e promptly at 7 o'clock each i !evening Saturday nights excepted. The well machine broke down again last week and while awaiting receipt of the new parts ordered, the force went fishing on the Upper Saguache: We are taking orders for copper plate engraving. A full line of samples of latest styles may be seen at this office. I Prices are the same as charged for same class of work in Denver. It m easier to keep well than get cured DeWitt'sF,ittleEarlyRmera taken no,, Kodol and then will always keep )out" bowels in perfect order. They newr gripe but promote an easy gentle actmn. Saguache Pharmacy. Aladyinquirod the othor day what Dyspeps,a Cure was meant by "rubberneck." As near Digests what you eat. Have You Books or Maga- zines to Bind, We do taw, Medical, Library; ALL KINDS OF BOOKBINDING, Books bound in every conceivable style. Old books rebound. Art and fine bindings. Blank book makers. Sunday for the ranch at Claytonia. THE HOME GOLD CURE. An Ingenious Treatment by which Drunk ards are Being Cured Daily in Spite of Themselves. It is now generally known and under- stood that drunkenness is a disease and not weakness. A body filled with poison, and nerves completely shattered by per- iodical or constant use of intoxicating liquors requires an antidote capable of neutralizing and eradicating this poison and destroying the craving for intoxi- cant~. Sufferers may now cure themsel- ves at home without publicity or leas of time from business by this wonderful Home Gold Cure which has been per- fected after many years of close study and treatment of inebriates. The faithful use according to d~rections of thm won- derful discovery is- positively guaranteed to cure the most obstinate case no mat- ter how hard a drinker. Our records show the marvelous transformation of thousands of drunkards into sober, in- dustrious and upright men. Wives cure your husbandsl Children cure your fathersl This remedy is zn no sense a nostrum but i$ a specific for this disease only, and is so skillfully devised aud prepared that it is thoroughly solu- ble and pleasant to the taste, so that it can be given in a cup of tea or coffee without the knowledge of the person tak- ing it. Thousands of drunkards have cured themselves with this priceless rem- edy, and as many more have been cured and made temperate men by having the Hall Williams, "Cure" administered by loving friends and relatives without their knowledge in coffee or tea and believe today that they discontinued drmking of their own free will. Do not wait. Do not be deluded by apparent and misleading "improve- meat." Drive out the disease atones and for all time, The Home Gold Cure Is sold at the extremely low price of one i dollar, thus placing within reach of everybody a treatment more effectual than others cceting $~5 to $50. Full di- . = ~ rectiona accompany each package. Spec- Cut~ and bruises are healed by Chum- ial advice by skilled physicians when re- , ........... # quested without extra charge Sent pre- berlsin Jram ~aim in a~out one cnlra " . . . paid to any part of the world on receipt tbe time any other treatmeus woula re- I of one dollar. Address Dept. E 786 Ed- quire b~ause of its antiseptic qualities [ ward B. Giles & Co., 2330 to 2332 Mar- _,....k ~.. .~ .... ,. ,~ ~..~ _;,,.~u~ [ ket St. Philadelphia, Pa. ALL oorrespon- wm,.,u .~.,w 4~o v.,~i~, _?~=, .... "." J deuce strictl ~ confidentiah maturation, z or sme oy the ~aguacne / thames. I Box vsp~~~ om~,, ~his preparation contains all of the digestanls an,d digests ali kinds of food. It givesinstan1~ relief and never fails to cure. It allows you to eat all the food you want. The most sensitive stomachs can take it. By its use many thousands of dyspeptics have been cured after everything else failed. It is unequalled for all stomach troubles. It can't help but do you good I~t*epared only by E. Q. DEWI.TT & CO., ChiCagO he |1. bottle centares 2 times the ~ size. TO CHICAGO The Reliable Route Palace Sleeping Cars and Dining Cars. Chair Cars Free. ALL Owned and Operated by CIHCAGO, MILWAUKEE & St. PAUL RAILWAY. For furthe information address J. E. PRESTON, Commercial Agent, 1029 Seventeenth St. Denver. Colorado. ~0ne Night to CHICAGO, MINNE. APOLJS, ST. PUAL Leave Denver via Union Pacific atI 4:00 p. m. arrive Omaha 6:45 a. m. Leave Denver via Burhngton at 4:00] p. m., arrive Omaha 6:4:5 a. m. At Omaha change from these trains which have been occupied 15 hours to THE FRESH, CLEAN, BRIGHT TRAIN (The latest and finest product of Pullman) Leaving Omaha at 7:00 a. m., via the "NEW LINE," Illinois Csntral R, R,] Arriving Chicago, Minnespo]m or St. Paul the same evening ...... For tickets and reservations apply to a~ents connecting Imes or address ,TAMES CULTON, Commercial Agent, 805.171h Street, Denver. Colorado Short Line. Missouri Pacific RyI The People's Choice. Through without change DENVER, COLORADO SPRINGS 1441 Curtis St. Denver, Colo. CLARENCEHERSEY, Assayer anO homist, [Established 1879] Leadville, = Colorado. 9amples by Mail or :~r~s l~ecdve Prompt Attention. WANTED--ACTIVE MAN OF GOOD CHAR- attar to deliver and collect in Colorado for old established manufacturing wholesale hou,e, and PUEBLO $900a year. sure pay. Honesty more than ex- perienve required. Our reference, any bank in any city. Enclose self addressed stamped an- TO velope. Manufacturers, third Floor, 834 Dearbon st. c~i~o. ] KANSAS CITy and ST, LOUIS, Ask your CATARRH] Direct Route To Druggist ,o,,,.nerou. The Hot Springs of Arkansas, IO ~ENT TRIAL 81ZE. --'-- Free Rechning Chair Cars. Ely's Groam Balm E,egant Pullman Palace Buffet Sleapere. contains no coca!ne, mercury nor an~. other Government Fast Mail Route East injurious drug. It is qaicklyAb~orbed, and West. Gives ltellsf at once. It opens and clean~es the Nasal Passages. ft_~| r~ II~ M [~Ar~ See your nearest ticket agent or write Allays Inflammation. VVSmJkP "~u sa krSll~ Heals and Protects th. Membrane, Restores the CS Am IRIPP, Senses of Taste and Smell. Full Blze ~OC. ; Trial ~lze 10. ; St Druggists or by mall O, W. F. & P. Agt., Denver, 2olo, ~$I,1' I}BOT~/~ Wta-rta t~tnett lqew Yo~k, JL]ST RECEIVED The Iargcst and best llnc--for this climate-- of chfl&em, ~ and] ~oys cotton jcr~y underwear ever shown tn this market. Bcautlful styl~ of Ladies mcrct.a4zcd black sattccn um~rsklrts at $t0, $2,00 and $3.00. Come in and catamlnc our b&rgain coun- ter of childrrats and mlsscs shoes at $I.00 and $L25. Only" three silk waists and two silk un&r- skirts kit. Will make price right to dose them out. The fiotthcl[ 8 Tarbell Mercantile Co. II Low Rat s To the East, Judging by the inquiries we are receiving, it looks as if pret- ty nearly every man, woman and child in Colorado intends to go east in the course of the next week or two. No wonder, when you consider how low the rates are. One fare plus $2 for the round trip to Chicago, St. Lous, St. Paul, and almost everywkre else this side of those cities daily un- til September 12. Return limit, October 31. Chicago trains leave at 4: p: m. and 10 p.m. For St. Louis at 2:35.p.m. and 10 p. m. Tickets at Oflice~ of Conneotin~ IAn~. Ticket Office, 1039 Seventeenth St. G. W. VALLERY. General Agent, DzNw.~. I il II I / ' IIII IIIIIlil'll I | i i " " L II II I The Denver and Rio Grands R, R, THE POPULAR LINE TO Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Cripple Creek, Leadville, Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Grand Junction. Salt Lake City, Ogden, Butte, . Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Rea0hes all tha principal towns and rasing camps in Colo., Utah and New Mexico. THE TOURISTS FAVORITE ROUTE TO ALL MOUNTAIN RESORTS. THROUGH SLEEPING OARS BETWEEN DENVER AND Cripple Creek Grand Junction Portland Leadville Salt Lake City San Francisco Glenwood Springs Ogden Loi Angele~ CHIOAGO AND BT, LOUIB. DINING CARS SERVICE A LA CARTE . ON ALL THROUGH TRAINS. S. K. HOOPER, G. P. & T. A., Denver, THE PIONEER STABLE: Villa Grove, Colo. Having leased the old Pioneer stable at Villa Grove (being the one used by H. Braham and successo~ as a stags barn) to be used M a livery. feed and ~.le stable, I ~olicit a part of the public patronage, and shall strive by strict attention to business mad with good rigs and harne~ to merit the same. F, P, HALL, Manader,