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July 25, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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July 25, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. (It~Ly SAOUAOHZ D~OORAT.I Cheered at .the poet ofl~ce at .gaguaehe, Col,,.. f r transm]~ton through the mad s a~ socona-cm.~ roatter. 08CAlf D. BRYAN, Editor. THUItSDA Y, JULY 25, 1901. It is reported that the wife of Dr. Ohipley, state treasurer, ban just pur- ohuad a residence in Denver for $7,500. Some of the papers are mean enough to suggest that a part of the purchase money was derived from a divy on the Grifllth warrant deal. The depredations committed by fisher- men in the meadows along the Upper Sagueche will no doubt result in the poBting of notices warning all parties off the premises under penalty of being promecuted for trespass. Some people don't know how to be decent, and the worst of it all is that the decent ones have to ~uffer for the m)sdemeanora of the hogs. They break open cabins, help themselves to what they find, tear down fences, leave gates open, pasture their homes in the meadows and carry things with a high hand generally. Theranch- men on the Upper Ssguache are gener- ous and open hearted and are not cranks in any sense of the word, but they are not going to submit to impositions such u detailed above. Be decen~ in your sport and they will not molest you. We are informed that most of the trouble is causal by transients, sad not by home people. The new law requires that non- r~idents of the county provide them- solves with a camping license. So far none of those have been issued in this county. If these warning notices are put up in the meadows it will be wise for everyone to heed them as they will mean just what they say. Towno's Views on Democracy. Charles A. Towns, of Minnesota, sums up the situation iu the former free silver atatam wut of the Mississippi as follows: "Free silver es an issue is absolutely dead in the west. I do not believe it will be mentioned in any democratic plat- form or campaign in 1904. The feeling among the democrats of the west is that they want to win, and they do not care a rap what kind of a platform they have ae long ae it brings victory." Towns aim predicts that Hill will be the regular democratic nominee for pres- ident and that Bryan will head a third party ticket. Democratic Prophecy. One hundred years hence, when these times come to be dispaaesionataly re- viewed, the historian looking out into the garden of a mansion in the American city of Manilla, thoroughly modernized and civilize0, or it may be writing from a balcony in'the American port of Hong Kong, given us by the English for our friendly aid in that little affair with Rus- sia upon the headwaters of Bitter creek in Manchuria, will tell of how there were Josiah Quinoys and Tim Picksrings in 1901, am there had been in 1801, to protest against expansion, to predict dire ills of progre~, but that in spite of these the star of the republic continued to go wast. ward, the constitution hand in hand with the flag, religion over all. He will write, mayhap, of many ups and downs, ot dangerm by flood and field, seasons of famine and esosons of plenty, of periods of darkness and doubt, of misgovernment and maladministration, but in spLts of these the sturdy movibg onward and up- ward of the republic in the development of the self-governing principals lind the rights of man. tie will tell of parties, too, not of one party in power all these years, but of the excesses of one party making the opportumty and the necessity for a change of peril, s, yet not a single halt in the forward march, not the lower- i ing of a single national standard, not the abridgement of the dimensions of the flag by an much as the thickness of a hair. The future can be measured by no rule known to the present. The distance be- tween the island of Luzon and the Dis trict of Columbia will be scarce noted as the world, shut up by the centralizing forces of modern invention liRe a tele- scope, ia made familiar to mankind iu all it~ parts and fit to hve in throughout its length and breadth, a new world with an autonomy of nations undreamed of by the iron-bound philosophy of Greece and Rome, even by the limited vision of the militant sages who made the Ameri- can union. In a word, we are but upon the threshold of such a development of r~ources and ideM as will beggar all that preceded it, putting to blush the short mghtednam of those who on theone hand would reduce the constitution to an in- voice, the flag to a bill of lading and IN CUBA Emul I limiting to a party what was meant for mankind, and of those on tl,e other hand who making a great pretence of being the party of the people but in reality not trusting tile people, nor truly believing i either m the constitution or the declara- tion of independence, would stop all movement, dam all progress, for fear that in crossing the ocean some of our institutions may get their feet wet. As Jeff~rson did not destroy liberty in annexing New France, nor Jackson, Ty- ler and Polk iu annexing Texas and New Mexico nor Lincoln in abolishing Afri- can slavery, so shall the fires of liberty burn long after the youngest of us has go-e to his account, nor leas brightly on the other side of the world than on this for we are a militant aa well as a Chris- tian people and God leads the way.-- Louisville Courier-Journal. No Excuse for Calamity l[owllng. Suppose the corn crops of Kansas and Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska, bane been totally destroyed by heat and drought. Is that any reason for a revival of the calamity howls so prevalent a few yearn ago? Ought it to excuse so ordinarily aeusible a man [m United States Senator Cockrel of Missouri for giving utterance to pessimistic views? Should it serveas grounds for a revival of populistic agita- tion in the states affected. As a matter of fact, the farmers of the great west were never in so good a con- dition as now to withstand the loss of one crop. For the last five )'ears they have been blessed in every way, have been paying off mortgages incurred dur- ing early struggles and have been laying up money in the tnany banks in which they themselves have become the princi- pal stockholders. Besides, the wheat crop this year in all four of the states principally affected by the drought has been fully up to the average and the in- crease of thin product will largely atone i for the losses on the corn. Further i their recent course in repudiating calam- ity howlers has made the moneyed inter- ests of the country more friendly to i them and, if they should need financial assistance, which they probably will not, it will be freely extended. The Times does not believe that the disaster to the corn crop will result iu a recrudescence of calamity howling in the great west. It feels assured that as little attention will be paid to Jerry Simpson and his like as has been given in the last four years. It is confident that Senator Cockrell by talking pessi mistically is "barking UP the wrong tree."--Times. Prayers for Rain. Some recent events in the west are li~ely to revive an old discussion. Iu many churches in Kansas and other states last Sunday special prayers were' made for rain and the governor of Mis- souri issued a proclamation as follows: A PROCLAMATION. Whereas, the prevailing drowth is widespread and disaster threatens our commonwealth and Whereas, many earnesh Christian pen. ple have petitioned that a day of fasting and prayer be appointed. Whereas, be it known that Sunday, July 21, be, and the same is hereby set apart as a day'of fasting and prayer that the treatened disasters may be averted, i and to this end the people are requested ' to assemble at their usual places of wor- ship to invoke the blessings of Almighty God. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the great seal of the state of Missouri. Done at the city of Jefferson this 15th day of July, in the year of our Lord, one thous- and, nine hundred and one. By the governor. A. M. Doc~naY. Sam B. Cook, Secretary of State. It is not probable, however, whether it raina or d.es not rain as a consequence of these special acts of religion, that any. thing will be added towards a positive conclusion upon a much vexed question, When Professor Tyl:dall many years ago proposed tbat an accurate compari- son be made between the results in a hospital where prayers were offered for' the recovery of pahents and one where no prayers were offered, he seemed to bane reached tLe nearest possible ap- proach to the introduction of scientific methods in the determination of the effi- cacy of prayer. But at that time the public was quick to perceive that prayer is a matter to which scientific metbods cannot be made to apply, and the same difficulties which prevented an agree- ment upon the hospital test would alas l prevent any agreement upon the results i of the prayers In Kansas and the fasting in Missouri at the present time. The religious spirit finds no difficulty l in believing that the supreme power of !the universe may be influenced to spe- cial acts of benevolence by the earnest petition of his earthly creaturers, while the agnostic is unable to account for any modification of natural processes as the result of prayer. Nothing that can hap- pen and no amount of argument ca~ change the opinion of either one of them. --Colorado Springs Gazette. J. W. Beery, who has been at Coohe- tops the past ten days assisting in the work of building the Thomas Roberts residence, came down last Saturday evening and spent Sunday at home. He has been doing some fishing while at Cochetopa and brought down six fish with him that weighed six pounds--the largest being a two pounder. (:J.A. aB'~ O 3~L 3:.A.. Bean th. ~~$ BooSt On Jellies preserves and pickleg, spread a thin coating of refined PARAFFINE WAX Will keep them absolutely moisture and acid proof. Par~iue Wax i~ al~o useful in adozen oth~,rwayaabout thehoueo. Full ditectiouaJ.u each pound package. Sol d everywhere. STANDARD OIL CO, Dr. Terry, the Denver Dentlst,*~ ~wi11 be at the American House~ ~[romJuly 26th to 3Ist. , O OOO~OOOOOOOOOOOOO@~@O Indian Creek. Good reports continue to come in r,,. gardiug the recent bonanza strike on In- dian creek northwest of Bonanza. From the Lillard claim they are still taking out ore that assays np to $200 and better and there are many large veins which on the surface ruu $30. It looks as though S~guache county had a new camp com- ing to the front, G. O. Taylor Whiskies, are guaranteed pure. For the Boys. James Camper wants to buy all the old copper, zinc and rubber he can get. He will pay 5 cents a pound for copper, and one cent and a half for old rubber. I sell gunny sacks four cents each. I pay 12 cents a dozen for beer bottles. Send the Crescent to Your Friends A WORTHY SUCCESSOR. "Something NeW Under The Sun." All Doctors have tried to cure CA- TARRH by the use of powders, acid gas- es, inhalers and drugs m paste form. Their powders dry up the mucuoua mem- branes causing them to crack open and bleed. The powerful acids used m the inhalers have entirely eaten away the same membranes that their makers have aimed to cure while pastes and olnt- ments cannot reach the disease. An old and experienced practitioner who has for many years made a close study and specialty of the treatment of CATARRH, has at last perfected a treatment which when faithfully used, not only relieves at once but permanently cures CATARH by removing the cause stopping discharges and curing all in- flammation. It is the only remedy known to science that actually reaches the af- flicted parts. This wonderful remedy is known as "Snufflels",the Guaranteed Ca- tarrh Cure and is sold at the extremely low price of one dollar, each package containing internal and external medi- cine suflic!ent for a full month's treat- ment and everything necessary to its per- feet use. "Snuffles" is the only perfect catarrh sure ever made and is now recognized as the only safe and positive cure for that ,nnoying and disgusting disease. It cures all mfiammatfon quickly and perma- nently and is also wonderfully quick to relieve hay fever or cold in the head. Catarrh, when neglected often leads to c~msumption Snuffles will ~ave you if you use it at once. It is no ordinary remedy, but a complete treatment which is posi- tively guaranteed to cure catarrh in any form or stage if used according to thedi- rectl,ms which accompany each package. i)on't delay but send for it at once, trod write full particulars as t n your condi- tions, and you wi]] receive special mI- d.ice from the discoverer of this wonder- iull remedy regarding, yr)nr case wit bout costt,,you bey,rod il.~ re~zular price ,)f "Snuffles theGuar~tteed CatarrhCnre. Sent prepaid t(, any address in the Cnitred States or Caoada cm receipt of .us dollar. Address dept. E 786 Edwin B. Giles & Co.. 2330 ahd ~332 Market St. Philadelphia. Pa. This signature is on every box of the genuine Laxative Bromo-Quinine ~ablet, the remedy that cure~ a cold It* one day To ('ll|"t~ a ('ohl In One Day. Take Laxative Bromo Qm,Sn,, Tab- lets All druggists refund the m(,ney if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on each box. 25e~ o Notice. In accordance with the provisions of section 93 of the new revenue laws, on Thursday, August 1, 1901, I will sit to hear any and all objections to the assess- ment roll for the year 1901. T. M. ALEXANDI~R, County Assessor. Crook's Successor Will Resign. Rev. Thomas Stephenson of Pueblo, who last January was made secretary of the state board of Baptist missions, has decided to resign his position. Mr Stephenson received the position on the death of l%v. John W. Crooks. Mr. Stephenson's action has been largely, if not entirely influenced by the importuni- ties of his former congregation in Pueblo which has pursuaded him to resume the pastorate. He has not as yet informed the stare board of his intentions. This board will meet at Colorado Springs July 2~, at which time he will resign.-- Republican. Troubles el a Minister. To benefit others Rev. J. T. W. Ver- non, of Hartwell, Ga. writes: ,For a long time I had a running sore on my leg, I tried many remedies without bene- fit, until I used a bottle of Electric Bit- ters and a box of Bucklen's Arnica Salve which cured me sound and well." Sores eruptions, boils, eczema, tetter, salt- rheum show ~mpure blood. Thousands have found in Electric Bitters a grand blood purifier that absolutely cures these troubles. Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded by Lord & Wilcox,drug- gists, Creatoue, Colo., large bottles only 50 cents. Good Ranch for Sale. I offer for sale at a bargain my ranch in Carnero precinct, 15 miles from Sa- gnache, containing 160 acres, 60 acres in crop-4 acres of alfalfa--good artesian well. It will be sold with crop for $900 or $650 without crop. Here is a bargain for some one. C. MESSZ, Carnero, Colo. G. O. ~aytor Whlak~es, are dee~dedly fla~ C~ .~. ~J ~ O ]FL "r .~. . ~1B0mtlm ~~p ~lt WANTED--Capable, reliable person m every county to represent large company of sold finan- cial reputation, $986 satarev per ~ear, payable weekly, $3 per day absolutely sure and all expen- ses, straight, bonaflde, definite salary, no com- mission, salary paid each Saturday and expense money advaeced each week, STANDARD HOUSE, 834 DEARBO~ ST. CItlCAOO. I have been makh|g boots and shoes for a good many years and It is reasonable to sup- pose tnat I am a Judge of these articles. I have concluded to carry a line of Boots and Shoes for ladies, men and cldldren and a portion of the goods are now open for inspection. I have no hesitation in saying that I can give you Better Values /or your money than any other house in the valley. Let me show you these goods. Birt Clare, Saguache, Colo. W. F. BOYD, Notary Public. Saguache County Bank. ii u i ii iii State ot Colorado~ } ss County el SagUache, CASH IALK$. You have often heard this, but it is not the truth. But cash will buy more goods at Ickes and Co.'s than at any other place in the San Luis Valley. And this i~ positively the truth. Buy one of those tripple motion Ice Cream Freez- ers for $~,7~ cool yourself off, then look over their other prices and you will be their everlast- ing customer. IKE$ 0 CO,, Center, Celo, We alwa~,s pay top prices for produce.. i i I Best of Job Printing at this office. YOU ARE I ViTED to visit The Beckley Packint Hoasc and inspect our complete linen of Groceries, Glassware, Euameledware, Harness and Saddles. Our Grocery Department is larger than it has ever been before. Don't forget that we have a nice line of up-to- date styles of wash goods. Fur.iturc, i bare lust received a new lot of furniture. Bed- steadsZtables, center and extension, chairs, mattresses, etc. Do not send away for [urnlture before you see my fine, Am still selling hardware at bedrock prices, ELLA HOWARD at the old Fullerton stan& dSountain %imitcb Only ONE Night Out COLORADO to CHICAGO In the county court, In lhematterofthe estate of H~nry Otis Wales, Oeorge Edward Wales and Elsa Rose WANTED--Capable, reliabio person in every Wales, minors, county to represent large company of solid finan- To the n~onle of tl,- ,,ore el f?,~ln,~dn ~raat. ci~1 ~|lt"~;~ ~v98{~ 8 tJ ......... ~" v~ v ................ , ~ ~ weekly, $3 per day absolutely sere and all expen- I .": . sos, straight, boaafldg, definite ~a]ary, no com- I l'~otlce is herc~y given that the undersigned, mission salary naid each Saturday and aXn~naa 4 gt ardiat of tlenry ells Wale4 George Ed- mnrtav advnnrod nneh ~,~lx grl~/t NII'tARI) I ward Wales and E|sa Rose V a|es ininor heir8 .................................... i tt(~[1~.E g~t rtla~n~ ~t~ l',.~.nn of ~athaniel Wahs dec,,ased will on Tues- day, August 6th. A. D. 1901. make application ~~ to the eounty court (,f ,'~agnache county, Col(> rado for anorder permitting her to sell the STATEME T interest of the said Henry Oizs Wales George ~- . ..... , ~ I Edward Wales and Elsa Rose Wales, iu and Of the con(lltio~ or the ~aguacne woun- I to the following dessrl~ed real property to- ty Bank, located at Saguache, Colorado, I wit: at the close of business Monday, July The 8. W. ~A of see. 28, the N. W. ~ of see. 83, 1.t 10~1. theg. W. ~A ofsec. 88, thcg. E. ~A of see. 82 ........ ItheS. W.l/4and ~,r. ~ of the 8, E. ~ofsec. 85, RESOURCES: in lwp, 14, N. 1. 10. E N. M M. and the W. ~A T ..... onA A,,n..,,nt~ @1A1 ~a~ o~ [ of the S. E. ~4 aud the N. E. ,~4 of the S. E, ........ I zndtheg. E. ~AoftheN. E.:~of sec. 18, and Uver~raim ................... D'zl ~J ] the N. W. ~/~ st the S. W. ~/~ and the S W ~ of Bank building, safe deposit ~ , of~ ~ t the N. W. ~. and the E. of the N. ~J]. "~A." of vn,dt~ e,,,~i~,~.~.~.el~t,~r~s( ~,~x~ w!see. 17, twp. 44. N.R. 11E. N. M.M. contain. ...... , ................ ,'-.'~ -' ~ ing in all L~0 acres more or less, together with Due from National and ~tate all water rights and ditches appertaining to ~nntr,~ 1 .~.q 7& said land Saguaehe count Colorado the ~"~."~ "~ "--' *.'" "J" .,, ~ ,,,, said inierest of the said mznor heirs being an ~asn ann wasn l~oms Lv,o~v vl ......... undivided one-fourteenth interest, $156,300 46 :LIABILITIES: Capital stock ................ $ 30,000 00 Undivided Profits ............ 2,093 i4 Due Depositors .............. 124,207 02 $156,300 46" I, Charles Tarbell, Cashier of the above named Bank, do solemnly swear thatthe foregoing statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. CHABLES TARBELL, Cashier. State of Colorado, County of Saguache --ss: Subscribed and sworn to before me this 8th day of July A. D. Lq0L [Seal] WILLIAM F. BOYD, Notary Public. MAttTHA E. WALES, Guardian of Henry Otis Wales, George Ed- ward Wales and Etsa Rose Wales. State of Colors,to, SS 8aguache County. Notice is hereby given that the an@rsigned gurdlaan of the person and e.%ate of Maybeth Roblson. minor heir of Charles P. Robinson, deceased, will on Monday, August 5, 1901, make application to the county court of Saguaehe cuunty. Colorado, for au order permittingher to sell the interest of the said Maybeth -Roblo son in and to the southwest quarter of north- east quarter, north half of southeast qo:u'ter and the southeast quarter of the southeaet querier ot section 2'2, twp. 47, N. R. 9, E. N. M. P. M. The said interest being an undivided one-half. ~UaIE ROBISOI~, Guardian of the person and estate of May- beth Roblson. Only TWO Nights Out COLORADO to BUFFALO NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA LV. Denver: .............. 1:20 p.m. Dally. CHEAP EXCURSION RATES Lv. Colorado Springs... 1:30 p.m. Dally. Ar. Chicago ....... (3:~8 p.m. Next Day, ALL SEASON. For Rates, Reservations and Literature, address W. H. FIRTH, Geu'l Agt., 8(~ 12th St., Denver, ! JOHN SEBASTIAN, G. P. A., Chicago. E.W. THOMPSON, A. G. P. A., Topeka, I vote for : lot MAID 0F HONOR to repr~nt Saguache County at t~ Festival of Mountain and Plain, at Denver, Oct. I, 2 and 3, Ig01, Name .......................................... Residence ................................ SAGUACHE CRESCENT COUPON,