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August 1, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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August 1, 1901

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,,,,, ,,, ,,, i ii ii1|1 SAGUACHE CRESCENT. (]?on~]~LY SAUUA(~ DInKO01gAT.}' Entered at the poet office at Sagtlache, Colo., f r tranami~sionthrough the malts as ~econd-clas~ matter. OSCAR D. BRYAN, Editor. TItU~SDA Y, A UG. 1, 1901. The eepublican party all over the state i has taken new life and everything points to a big republican victory this fall. Good, boys, keep up the fight. A little more work and the state of Colorado will ~e back in the republican column where she was a few years 8go, before the peo- ple were led away by such reformers as Petterson, Chipley, Bill Griflith and othere.--Gunnison Tribune. Residents on the San Luis valley branch of the D. & R. G. railway have patiently submitted to all the incon- vienoes of connections at Salida and Ala mcaa and now as a recompense the man- ager of that system has ordered a change in the time card of the standard guage compelling people living at intermediate points between Alamoea and Salida to take the morning train for Denver or lay over 24 hours in Alamosa. It IS ex- pected that another change will soon be made in the time card, for not only local traffic but traveling men are sending up a roar that reaches to heaven.--Press. They Struck it arch. It was a grand thing for this commu- 1dry that suca an enterprising firm as Lord & Wilcox secured the agency for Kmg's New Discovery for Consumption, the wonderful remedy that has startled the world by its marvelous cures. The furor of enthusiasm over it has boomed their businass as the demand for it is immense. They give free trial bottles to sufferers, and positively guarantee it to cure coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma croup and lung troubles. A trial proves its merit. Price 50 cents and $100. The Irish Language. Our language is the only thing that remains to us after the struggles of cen- turies. Our liberty and our own land have been taken from us. While that language remains it will ever act as a Masonic bond to link a people whom misgovernment has exiled all over the globe, and who would otherwise be lost in the multitude and lost to their ooun try. Our national poet has said: "The language of nation's youth is the only easy and full speech for its manhood,i and for its age, and when the language of its cradle goes, itself craves a tomb." and again: "A nation should guard its language more than its territory, 'tis a surer barrier and a stronger frontier than fortress or river." The language and the mind of Ireland mutually reacted upon each other. While the language was in the first instance the product, the growth, of the Irish mind, leaving in its idioms and forms of ex- pression distinct chara0teristice of the minds which evolve it, the minds of fu- ture generations of Irishmen were shap- ed and developed by the language, by its expressive beauty, its prayerful and religious tendencies, its mystic charms; they grew in the natural order, forming, each one, a link m the chain of na- tional development, each the inheritor of the wisdom, the cult~l~e, the refine- ment of those preceding, each drawing from the store house o~ the past, and thus has been developed, not in one gen- eration, not by forced instruction, but by slow degrees, through nearly twenty centurias, the lrish mind and the Irish language. The Irish mind was, even in pagan times, essentially religtous, chaste, and idealistic, docile, dutiful to parent% .passionately loyal whether to earthly chief or heavenly King, self-sacrificing and uneeltish--a fittmg soil on which to now the needs of Christianity, a soil which has brought real enduring fruit, not its semblan~ or the blossom to de- cay on the appearance of the storm of self interest or self indulgence. That mind, with it its simplicity, im sincerity and its devotion to the cause of religion, has come down to us unstained, in a language which today~ in the wilderness of irreligion, moral depravity, selfishness and mammon worship, speaks only of the beauty of a simpl~ life, relating tale after tale to exemplify the worth of self- sacrifice, of chastity and purity. Our language breathes of the time when men and nations were younger, more beauti- ful and less materialized than they are today.--From "The Gaelic Revivial in Ireland," by Thomas O'Donnel!, M. P. in the American Monthly Review of Re- views for August. Arrangements are being made to have another ball game at Villa Grove in the near future. Orient will be Saguache's opponent this time. Only 50 Cents [ to make your baby strong and I well. AfltO" cent bottle of ! o | Scott s Emuls, on | wtll change a sickly baby to a plump, romping child. [ Only one cent a day, think ! of It. Its as nice as creme. | ~[ 8end for a free sample, and try it. d[ i~ i 6COTT & BOWN~, Chemists, B 4o9~z$ Pearl Street .... New York. ~, 5o. ann ~t.oo; an aruggumh Attempt St Rape. "A youth named ~enson, who is a brother-m-law of Joe D'Avignon, and is farming Joe's place this year, was arrest- ed the first of the week charged with criminal assault on a 13 year old Mexi- can. Henson's home is in Conejos coun- ty and his family live in one of the Mor- mon settlements near La Jars. The girl is said to be half witted. Henson denies the charge and says it is purely spite work. The case has been set for hearing before Justice Clare on next Monday. To Save Her Child. From frightful disfigurement Mrs. Nannie Galleger, of La Grange, applied Bucklen's Arnica Salve to great sores on her head and face, and writes its quick cure exceeded all her hopes. It works wonders in sores, bruises, skin eruptions, cuts burns, scalds and piles. Cure guar- anteed by Lord & Wilcox, druggists, Crestone, Colo. Returned. A pleasant little dadoing party, com- posed of Mrs. Oscar Wllkins and two daughters, Prof. Dipp and wife, J. D. HIltbrand, Perry Graig and mother, re- turned from the Conejos Monday even- ing after a ten days' camping. The fish were plentiful and Prof. Dipp proved an expert fisherman. We had always yon- sidered the professor a very truthful man and a man of veracity, but when he starts in to talk about the fish in the Conejos it is like his.cornet playing, good music, but most all wind, aed demon.. strates the saying of the psalmist when he said in haste, "all men are fishermen." --Alamosa Independent. It Saved his Baby. "My baby was terribly sick with the diarrhoea, we were unable to cure him with the doctor's assistance, and as a last rasort we tried Chamberlain's Colic, [ Oholera and Diarrhoea Remedy," says J. II. Doak of Williams, Ore. "I am happy to say it gave Immediate relief add a complete cure." For sale by the Saguache Pharmacy. Sitngre de Cristo Showing up Well. Florence, July 26.--Frank Groenen- dyke, auditor of the Rggent mining and reduction company, who has been in the city for the past few days,stated that the mining region along the Sangre de Cristo range is displaymg more real develop- ment now than ever before, and many of the prospects now being worked are go" ing to be producing mines before the fall season nets in. The Regent company, which owns about forty-tire acres, comprising five claims, made a shipment of five tons of ore this week from one of its propertms. The ore was mined at a disadvantage and sent to the railroad by pack t~ain, thence shipped to the smelter by rail and after treatment charges, freight and mining expenses had been paid the company had the net sum 0f $33 per ton. Mr. Groenendyke says there are other properties in that locality, owned by other companies, that will do equally well, if not bstte5 and he predicts for that district a renewal of vigorous min- ing developments, such as was exper- iencad in the early days. Eruptions, cuts, burns, scalds and sores of all kinds quickly healed by DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. Certain cure for piles. Beware of counterfeits. Be sure you get the original--DeWitt's. Sa- guache Pharmacy. Pointers on Ditch Ratlng. In view of the complications which arise on account of ratings of ditches when the same are not in good condition, Addison J. McCune, state engineer, has sent to the superintendents and water commissioners a circular letter of in- structions, which is in part as follows: "No ditch, unless in'good condition as to ratmg flumes and as to the ditch it- self, especially as to the presence of sand, can be rated. There being but one point where conditions are stable, and that point being where the ditch is free from sand and sediment, it m useless to make ratings under any other conditions. Therefore, when a rating is required and this office is requested to have it done you will inform the owners of this re- qmremeut, and where possible you will see personally tha~ this condition exists before the representative from this office ia called upon to make what is in some ! cases a very hard and expensive trip. "I would state further that many of the ditches have not now proper sand- gates, these must be put in and the best methods possible adopted for disposing of the sand and sediment which of nec- I assity enter the ditch. "I would suggest that when a repre- sentative of this office visits your dis- trmt you have all the ditches that need a ratmg m condition for the work to be done."~Newa. Mrs. George Oreer and children went over to the ranch in the San Luis valley on Monday to remain for several weeks. Mr. Greer remains in Salida for a while yet as be is afraid he will be put to work if he goes over now while the hay is be- ing harvested.--Rocord. Tablets and box papers at lwoeat prices at CRESCENT office. :~.A. ~ tXl 01~. T A, Mica Axle Grease Attorney R. H. Adams of Denver has nailed hls shingle to Crestone and will hereafter make this camp his hnme He is a young man and appears to have had the "pin feathers" plucked years ago. Judging from the way he handled a case before Squire Lawrence Thursday he is also acquainted with Blackstone. The Miner bids him a hearty welcome.-- Crestone Miner. What most people want is something mild and gentle, when in need of a physic. Chamberlain's Stomach "and Liver Tablets fill the bill to a dot. They are easy to take and pleasant in effect. Fol sale by Saguache Pharmacy. O. O. Taylor Whiskies, are guaranteed pure. For the Boys. James Camper wants to buy all the old copper, zinc and rubber he can get. He will pay 5 cents a pound for copper, and one cent and a half for old rubber. I sell gunny sacks four cents each. I pay 12 cants a dozen for beer bottles. Send the Crescent to Your Friends A WORTHY SUCCESSOR. "~omething New Under The Sun." All Doctors have tried to cure CA- TARRII by the use of powders, acid gas- es, inhalers and drugs m paste form. Their powders dry up the mucuous mem- branes causmg them to crack open and bleed. The powerful acids used m the inhalers have enttrely eaten away the same membranes that their makers have aimed to cure while pastes and omt- ments cannot reach the disease. An old and experienced practitioner who has for many years made a close study and specialty of the treatment of CATARRH, has at last perfected a treatment which when faithfully used, not only relieves at once but permanently cures CATARH by removing the cause, stopping discharges and curing all in- flammation. It is the only remedy known to science that actually reaches the af- flicted parts. This wonderful remedy is known as "Snufflels",the Guaranteed Ca- tarrh Cure and is sold at the extremely low price of one dollar, each package contaming internal and external medi- cine sufficient for a full month's treat- ment and everything necessary to its per- fect use. "Snuffles" is the only perfect catarrh cure ever made and is now recognized as the only safe and positive curs for that annoying and disgusting disease. It cures all inflammation quickly and perma- nently and is also wonderfully quick to relieve hay fever or cold in the head. Catarrh, when neglected often leads to consumption Snuffles will save you if you use it at once. It is no ordinary remedy, but a complete treatment which is posi- tively guaranteed to cure catarrh in any form or stage if used according to the di- rections which accompany each package. Don't delay but send for it at once, and write full particulsrs as to your condi- tions, and you will receive special ad- vice from the'discoverer of this wonder- full remedy regarding your case without cost to you beyond the regular price of "Snuffles" the Guaranteed Catarrh Cure. Sent prepaid to any address in the t~nited States or Canada on receipt of one dollar. Address dept. E 786 Edwin B. Giles & Co., 2330 and 2~32 Market St. i Philadelphia. Pa. This signature is on every box et the genuine Laxative Breton-Quinine Tablets tam ~mKly that cures a cold in one day WANTED--Capable, reliable person in every county to represent large company (,f sulid finan- cia| reputation, $936 salary per year. payable weekly, $8 per day absolutely sure and all expen- ses, straight bonafidg, defimte salary no com- mission, salary paid each Saturday and ~xpense money advanced each week. BTANDARD HOUSE, 334, DEARBON ST., Cnlc~oo. STATEMENT Of the conditio~ of the Saguache Coun- ty Bank, located at Saguache, Colorado, at the close of business Monday, July 1st 1901: RESOURCES: Loans and dmcounts ........ $141,898 96 Overdrafts ................... 321 09 Bank building, safe deposit vaults, furniture & fixtures ~ 2,200 00 Due from National and State Bank~ ....................... 1,359 74 Cash and Cash Items ......... 10,520 67 8156,300 46 LIABILITIES: Capital.stock ................ $ 30,000 00 Undivided Profits ............ 2,093 44 Due Depositors .............. 124,207 02 $156,300 46 I, Charles Tarbell, Cashier of the above named Bank, do solemnly swear thatthe foregoing statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. CHARLES TARbeLL, Cashier. State of Colorado, County of Saguache --as: Subscribed and sworn to before me this 8th day of July A. D. ]901. [Seal] WILLIAM F. BOVD, Notary' Public, To Cure a Cold in One Day. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab- lets All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on each box. 25c. Baea Land Grant Go~s ta, Sar'~ Luis Com- pany. Baca land grant No. 4 is the property of the San Luis Valley Land and Min- ing company, according to a decision ren dered by the United States circuit court of appeals at St. Louis. The decision involves the ownership of about 100,000 acres of land and settles litigation over a number of valuable min- ing claims. Miners had taken up a num- ber of claims and resisted attempts to remove them on the ground that they were not within the boundaries of the grant. Officers were sent out at one time to evict the settlers, out not before there had been a clash between the min- ers and representatives of the company, in which a number of cabins were blown up. Suit was brought in Pueblo and the right of the San Luis valley company to the land sustained. An appeal was taken and the court of appeals has sustained the decision of the Pueblo court. his ends the litigation. Mrs. C. B. Hayes, mother of Mrs. R. E. Martin of La Garita started Tuesday for her home at Whiting, Kansas.--Press. The school board hired the following teachers for this distrb~t: Miss Oarritsou to teach the school in Center and Mr. Kline to teach the school north of town. --Dispatch. James White Bryantsville, Ind., says DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve healed run- ni0g sores on both legs. He had suffered 6 years. Doctors failed to help him. Get DeWitt's. Accept no immitations. Sa- guache Pharmacy. Good Rancl~ for Sale. I offer for sale at a bargaiu my ranch "in Carnero precinct, 15 miles from Sa- guaehe, containing 160 acres, 60 acres in crop-4 acres of alfalfa--good artesian well. It will be sold with crop for $900 or $650 without crop. Here is a bargain for some one. C. MESSE, Carnero, Colo. G. O. Taylor Whiskies, are decidedly fine BL-, the ~ Ills Kind You Have Always Bought WANTED--Capable, reliable person m every county to represent large company of sold finan- cial reputation, $936 salary per ~ear. payable weekly, $3 per day absolutely sure and all expen- sea. strmght, bonaflde, deflmte salary~ no corn- mission, salary paid each Saturday and expense money advanced each week. STANDARD HOUSE, 884 D~aa~o~ ~T. Cm0Aoo. I have been making boots and shoes for a good many years and it is reasonable to sup- pose that I am a judge el these articles. I have concluded to carry a line of Beets and Shoes for ladies, men and children and a portion of the goods are now open for inspection. I have no hesitation in saying that I can give you Better Values for your money than any other house in the valley. Let me show you these goods. Bir/Clare, Saguache, Colo. W. F. BOYD, Notary Public Saguache County Bank. state of Colorado, ss County el Saguaehe. i In the county court. In ih~matter of the estate of Henry ()tl~ Wales, George Edward Wales und Elsa Ros~ Wales, minors, To the people of the state ol Colorado, greet- ing. Notice is hereby giwn that the undersigned, guardhtnof lienry O~is Wales, George'Ed- ward Wales and Elsa Rose V ule~, minor heirs of Nathanlel Wales. dee,'ased, will on Tues- day, August 6th, A. D. 1901. make applleatl,m to Ihe county court (,f ~aguaehe COUrtly. Colo- rado, for au order permlttlng I~er to sell the interest of the said Henry Oils Wales. George Edward Wales and Else nose Wales, In and Iothefolh,wing descrit,ed ~eal property to- wit: TbeS. ~.V. ~ of see. 28. th,~ N. W. ~ of sec. 33. tileS. W.~.~ ofsee. 83, tll,S.l,L ~ ,,f sec, 32, theS. W. ~and W. ~ of the S,E. ~4 of see. ~.~. lntwp. 14, N.R. 10, I~ N.M,M. andtite ~,V. tA of tile S. E. ~, anti the N, E. ~4 Of the S. E, !4 and the 8. E. 1.4 of the N. E. ~, of see. 18, and the N. W. of the .~. W, ~ and the S. W. ~ ot theN. W.~,andtheE.~oftlle N. W. ~ of see. 17, twp. 44, N. R. 11 E. N. bl. M. contain lug In all i,200 acres more or less, together with all water right~ and ditches appertaining to said land. 8aguache county, Colorado, the said Interest'of the said minor heirs being an undwlded one.fourteeuth interest. MARTHA ~. WALES, Guardian of Heury Otis Wales, George Ed. ward Wales and Elsa ~ose Wales. 8tats ot Colorauo, ~ .. Saguache County. J Nolice Is hereby given that the underslgne( gurdiaan of the person and estate of Maybett Robison. mlnorheir of Charles P. Roblnson deceased, will on Monday, A ugust 5, 1901, mak~ application to the county court nf Saguaehe cutmty. Colorado, for an order permitting her to sell the Interest of the said Maybetit Roblo I son tn and to the southwest quarter of north- e'~st quarter, north half of southeast quarter and taesoutheast quarter of the sontheast quarter of section 22, twp. 47, N. R. 9. E. N. M. P. M. The said interest being an vndlvided one-hall SUSIE ROBISON, Guardian of the person aud e~tate cf May- , beth Roblson. I vote for ....................................... for MAID OF HONOR to rcpre~nt Saguach County at the Festival of Mountain and Plain, at Dcnv~, Oct. I, 2 and 3, 1901. Name .......................................... Resi&no~ ................................ SAGUACHE CRESCENT COUPON. ASH TALKS, You have often heard this, but it is not the truth. But cash will buy more goods at Ickes and Co.'s than at any other place in the San Luis Valley. And this is positively the truth. Buy one of those tripple motion Ice Cream Freez- ers for $~,7~, cool yourself off, then look over their other prices and you will be their everlast- ing customer. IKE$ 0 CO., Center, Colo, We always pay top prices for produce. Best of Job Printing at this office. YOU ARE INVITED to visit The Bccklcy Packint House and inspect our complete lines of Groceries, Olassware, Enameledwsre, Harness and Saddles. Our Grocery Department is larger than it has ever been before. Don't forget that we have a uiea line of up-to- date styles of wash ~:mdS. Furniture, I have lust received a new 10t 0[ furniture, Bed= steads/tables, enter and extensl0n, chairs, mattresses, etc, Do not send away furniture be 0re you see my Ine, Am still selllnt hardware at bedrock prices, ELLA HOWARD at the old Fullerton stand. 1Rock tl ountain %imitcb Only ONE Night Out COLORADO to CHICAGO Only TWO Nights Out COLORADO to BUFFALO NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA_ Lv. Denver ............... 1:~0 p.m....y. 2 CHEAP EXCURSION RATES Lv. Colorado Springs... 1:30 p.m. Dally. Ar. Chicago ....... 6:58 p.m. Next Day. ALL SEASON. For Rates, Reservations and Literature, address W. H. FLRTH, Gen'l Agt., 800 17th 8., Denver;. JOHN SEBASTIAN, G. P. A., Chicago. E.W. THOMPSON, A. G. IF. A., Topeka~-