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The Saguache Crescent
Saguache , Colorado
August 7, 1924     The Saguache Crescent
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August 7, 1924

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GUACHE SHOP KIMSEY, Prop. ~o--- ROOMS or Cold Baths Guaranteed for the Best Steam of Monte Vista Dry Cleaners County and Investment Company &BLISHED SINCE 1893 STOCK $10,000 title to mining, town or promptly furnished Fire Insurance OFFICERS: Sec'y and M'g'r. I. PALMER Lawyer - Colorado ~J. A. KEYES Justice of the Peace SAGUACHE, COLe San Juan and Fifth St. W. F. BOYD Notary Public 8aguache County Bank Dependable Friends skill, msznpathy attention to all of the funeral arrange- characterize our service patrons. v want you to think of us as friend and counselor in of need, upon whom you depend to serve you as as your most inti- friends would do. A Full Stock o| Funeral Supplies S.W. TRUITT 8ugQache, Colo.. Phone 77 NOTICE EXAMINATION examination will be the second Thursday, Fri- Saturday, or on Aug. 14, ~d 16 in the office of the Coun- of Schools, Sag- Colo. at the request of as many as teachers from any other place ion will be conducted at the date; everything J. F. JOHNSON, . C~. Sup~ of School SAGUACHE CRESCENT. (Only paper published in County Seat) HARRY B. SHERMAN, Manager Published every Thursday at Saguaehe, the county seat of Saguache County. in the famous San Luia Valley of Colorado. Entered at the post office at Saguache, Colorado. as second class mail mat- ter. SUBSCRIPTION RATES $2.00 A YEAR IN ADVANCE Each of our sul)scribers will find the date to which his or her subseripiiol. Is paid, as shown by our book~ printed on the paper or wrapper, fol- lowing the name of the subscriber If there is an error in the date w~ would be pleased to have our atten tiun called to the fact. Offlclml City and County Pnl, ee Political managers are giv- ing out interviews in which they claim the assured success of their respective parties "at the November election. Hot 'air and bombast is not going to win the election. It is a con- dition and not a theory that must be met. People that till the soil and workers that fur- nish the brains and muscle that keeps the old ship aqoat have become thinkers. They read, think and then vote a~ their judgment dictates. You Can appeal to their reason, but you can't catch their votes on a pin hook. It is going to re- quire hard and persistent work to convince the dissatisfied voter that either of the three candidates is the "Moses" that will lead the country out of the wilderness. Arthur Brisb'ane, who is personally acquainted with and has heard all three of~the presidential candidates on the rostrum, says that LaFollette is the best speaker "beyond comparison." He also points out that because of the radio, LaFollette will have an advan- tage that no other indeuendent candidate has ever had. Cool- idge and Davis will have the advantage of the radio, as well. The endorsement of La Fol- lette and Wheeler by the American Federation of Labor will inject pep into the cam- paign and cause some worry for the old party leaders. The Federation claims to have 30,000 organizers and an army of speakers to use in be- half of the independent move- ment. Never before has the Federation taken such drastic action as it hastaken this year. ] Now that John I. Palmer ]has agreed to make the race r for District Judge, it is up to the voters of Saguache county to get behind him and help to elect him. "Palmer for Judge" clubs should be organized in every precinct in the district, and club No. I should come from S~guache. This, the third Congres- sional district may have a we- NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION [NOTICE TO NON-RESIDENTS OF -- ~ PROBATE OF WILL, ~v'e, the undersigned J. E. MA~-t --- DONALD, President, and C. M.]ST~TE OF COLORADO ) STRA~VN, Secretary, of the Telco In-| )as vestment Company, a corporation or-]COUNTY OF SAGUACHE')"" ganized under the laws of the state] IN THE COUNTY COURT IN of Colorado. do hereby give notice PROBATE. that at a meeting of the stockholders THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF of said corporation duly called for COLORADO, the purpose of considering the pro- TO: Joseph L. Calvert. Sidman M. priety of dissolving said corporaton, Calvert. Mrs. Margaret Hawk Hall held at 1433 Champs Street, in theMrs. Kattier/ne Calvert. King, city and county of Denver, State of Althan Hawk. Esther Hawk. Blair Colorado. on the 14th day of January Calvert. Scott Calvert. Howard Cal- A. D. 1924. pursuant to legal notice vert. Mrs, Belle Calvert Swart2 thereof, the stockholders, by a vote of l~Irs. May Calvert SRssaman, J. Veal- more than two-thirds of the entire tar Calvert. Stanley O. Calvert, Miss capital stock of said corporation, or- Elizabeth Calvert, Miss Martha Cal. dered said corporation to be dissolv- vert. Mrs, Mabel Calvert Ketme, ed. Mrs. Ads Calvert Ponzett, Harry M. ~,%re further certify that all debts Steckman. Earl Calvert. Mrs. Mar- owing by said corporation have been garet Homan, Cecil Calvert, Ed- fully p~ld. ward Calvert. E,'elyn Calvert, Boyd IN ~VITNESS ~VHEREOF, %Ve have Calvert and Claude Calvert: made nnd signed this Notice of Disso- GREETING: lution, and affixed hereto the seal of ~'HEREAS. It has been made to up- said corporation this 15th day of pear to the County Court of Saguache July, A. D. 1924. County, in t.he State of Colorado, that J. E. MACDONALD, President you. the said Joseph L. Calvert. Sial* Corporate Seal ~Uau M. Calvert, Mrs. Margaret Hawk ATTEST: IIall, Mrs. Katherine Calvert C. M. STRAWN. Secretary. King, Althan Hawk, Esther Hawk, July 24--August 28, 1924. Blair Calvert, Scott Calvert. IIoward ] Calvert, Mrs. Belle Calvert Swartz ! NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION AIrs. May Calvert Sassaman, J. ~Valte~l Department of the Interior. U. S. Land Calvert. Stanley O. Calvert, Miss Eliz- abeth Calvert. Miss Martha Calvert, Office at Del Norte. Colorado ~Mrs. Mabel Calvert Keime. Mrs. Ads July 16th, 1924 Calvert Ponzett. Harry M. Steckman, Notice is hereby given that John b]arl Calvert, Mrs. Margaret Homan, B. Vandruff. of Moffat. Colorado, who. Cecil Calvert. Edward Calvert, Evelyn ,)n May t0th, 1911--June 30, 1920. Calvert, Boyd Calvert and Claude made Original and Additional Hds Calvert, are the heirs at law of Simon Nos. 0251S--04133, for NSV~A See. 29 P. Calvert deceased, and that ~'ou are and NE% See. 30; Lot 2, SE% N~V%, non-residents of the State of Colo- ~V~& N~V% and S~V%. Section 22. redo. Township 44 N., Range 11 E., N. M. P Meridian, has filed notice of Inten- tion to make !~ive Year Proof, to es- tablish claim to the [and above de- scribed, before the Register of~ the U. S. Land Office, at Del Nortc, Cote- fade, on the 22nd day of August, 1924 Claimant names as witnesses: John Kolkman. of Mirage, Colora- da. William T. Holland. of Crestone. Colorado. Irvin Marshall. Clarence Biggs, both of Moffal, Colorado. L. %V. BURFORD, Register July 24--August 21, 1924. ~PE(?I A 1, M~3ETING OP STOCK- MOLDERS OI~ THE.COLORADO POWER COMPANY TO the Stockholders of The Colorado Power Company: You are hereby notified that- special meeting of stockholders of :PHH COLORADO t~OWER COM- PANY will be held at th, principal office of the Company tn tht City of Denver. State of Colorado. or :he 3rd day of September. 1924,. at 1I:00 o'clo~k in the forenoon, for the ~urpose of~ considering and voting upon a proposition of the merger and consolidation of The Colorado Powel Company and Public Service Company of Colorado. which ~hall be presented in writing at such meeting according to the laws of the State of Colorado and the charter of this Company The stock transfer books, for the purpose of voting at such meeting will be closed at twelve o'clock noon on August Twenty-third, 1924. M. E. HICKEY, Secretary The Colorado Power Co. Dated July 21. 1924. July 24~August 21, 1924. NOTICE OF APPLICAlalON TO LEASE STATE LAND Office of the State Board of Land Commissioners, Denver, Colo., July 11, 1924. Notice is hereby given that appli- cation has been made to lease the following described School and Inter- nal Improvement Lands situate in Saguache County, Colorado, to-wit: ~,V of Sectiori 10, Township 44 N., Range 8 E.. Anplicaton Number B-5977 ((]razing lease), ~V' of Section 18. Township 41 N Range S E., Application Number B- 5961 (Agricultural lease.) SE of Section 5. Townehip 41 N., Range 8 E,, Application Number B- 5972 (Agricultural lease.) Notice is further hereby given that ill other persons desiring to file an .,pplication to lease all or any part ol .'.his tract of land mast file same In this office prior to August 14, 1924. .is no other application will be coP- ~idered after said date. EARL COOLEY. Register State Board Land Commissioners. luly 17, 24, 31. Aug. 7. 1924. NOTICI~ FOR~ PUBLICATION man Candidate for congress. Mrs. Lillian Kerr of Colorado Springs recently announced that she would be a candidate and the Democratic assembly of El Paso county endorsed her. rado, Arthur P. Cartwrlght, of Moffat Colorado, Arlle Bradley of Crestone. Colorado. Archle R. Bradley of Sag- WHAT RAILROADS MEAN TO YOU % Communities, like indiyiduals, only prosper through barter and exchange of commodities with other communities or individ- uals. The West, essentially an agricultural region, is far from its markets and sources of supply. Transportation is the life blood of its existence; lacking this the western farmer would turn back to the primitive status of past centuries and live the life of a peasant. What is of real and vital moment to the West and to the whole country is the maintenance of a policy toward railroads which shall keep them efficient for seryiee and insure their extension and improvement step by step with the growth of the population, enterprises and needs of the communities served. .. THE DEN & RI0 GRANDE WESTERN RAH 0AD ' is earnestly endeavoring to supply the territory served by its lines with an adequate and dependable transportation service, W]l YOU SHIP OR TRAVEL PATRONIZE THE RIO GRANDE Department of the Interior. IT. S Land Office at Del Norte, Colorado July 2nd, 1924. Notice is hereby given that Alice A. Bradley, Wid. and Heir at law of IV. T, Bradley, Assignee of Ella M. Patterson, of Ca'estone. Cblorad~ who, on May 26th. 1909. Desert- Land Entry, No. 01511. for I~ts 1 and 2 and the St.~ NE~, Section 3, Town-1 ship 42 N., Range 9 E,, N. M. P. Mer- idian, has filed notice of intention to make Final Proof, to establish ctaim to the land above described, before the Clerk of the District Court, at Sagu~che. Colorado, on the llth day of August, 1924. Claimant names as witnesses: era O. Strauser of Creatone. Cole- For Freight and Passenger Rates nnywhe~e East or We,% locally, call on or address any Rio Gran&e Agent. FRANI~-~. WADLEIGH PASSENGER TRAFFIC MANAGER DENVER, COLORADO or uache, Colorado. L. W. BURFORD, Register. July 10~August 7. 1954. NOTICE FOR PU~LICATIOI~ Department of the Interior. U. S. Land Office at Del Notre. Colorado July 2nd. 1924. Notice Is hereby given that Arlle Bradley, of Crestone, Colorado, who, on August 7th, 1919, made Hal. Entr~r Act of Feby. 19, 1909. No.-04622. for Lots 3 and 4 and S N~V~, Sac. 1. Lots 1 and 2 and S NE~ Section 2. Township 44 North, Range 9 East. N. M. P. Meridian. has filed notice of intention to make Final Proof. to es- tablish claim to the land above de- scribed, before The Clerk of the Dis- trict Court, at Saguache, Colorado. on the lIth day of August. 1924. Claimant names ae witnesses: Arthur P. Cartwright of Moffat. Colorado, era O. Strauser of Crea- tone. Colorado. Alice A. Bradley. of Crestone, Colorado. Archie R. Bradley ,~f Saguache, Colorado, L. W. BURFORD, Register July 10~Auguat 7, 1924. oT,cE CAT, Department of ~nterlor. ~o S. Land Office at De| Norte. Colorado July Snd. 1924. Notice li$ herel~y given that era O. Str~user, of Crestone. Colorado. who, on Aug. 17th, 1921, made (]razing Homestead Application. No. 05130. for S~V~ W~SE~, Section 12, Township 44 N., Range 9 E.. N. M. P. Meridian. has filed notice of intention to make Final Proof. to establsh claim to th~ land above described, before the Clerk of the District Court, at Sag- uaehe, Colorado, on the llth day of August. 1924. Claimant names as witnesses: Alice A. Bradl0Y, Arlie Bradley. both of Crestone. Bradley, thur P. redo. L ;W. BURFORD, Register. July l~ugust 7. 1954, Adverti~ng ie an Investment and not an expense, If f~llowed up sy~temat~e!y and per~tently the tnereaad buein~ pa~s 'the bill and leaves a proflt~ the investment. NOW. THEREFORE. in accordance with the provision of the statute in such case made and provided, and by ~rder of the Court duly made and en- tered, you are hereby notified that an instrument in writing purporting to be the last will and testament of the ~aid Simon P. Calvert deceased was 0resented to said Court for probate ,n the 29th day of July, A. D. 1924. by IVilliam F. Boyd residing at Saguache, ~aguache County in the State of ~olorado; that s~tid decedent was at the time of h'is decease, a resident of ~aguache. Saguache County, in the ~tate of Colorado; that the said de- 'edent according to the said alleged rill devised and bequeatdhed his )roperty in the words and figures "ollowing, to-wit: TEM III. I give, devise, and be- queath to my neighbor. Edgar B Noland. who has been my friend and adviser for many years, and whose ~:tmiiy~ have aided and comforted me at all times, ar~y portions of certain notes signed by The C'dver/ Cattle Company, by Edgar B. No- land, President. and E. Gordan Gottheif, Secretary and Treasurer, and payable to me which are un- lmid at my death. ITEM lV. Out of the rest, residue and remainder of my Esl~ate, real, Personal and mixed, and whereso- ever sttnate, of which I may die seized and possessed, or to which I may be entitled at the time of my decease. I give, devise and be- queath tr, my" aforesaid nel~'hbor. Edgar B. Noland, a three-fifths in- terest, a~d to my old and respected friel~, ~'illiam F. Boyd. who has been my business confidant and ad- viser for many years, a two-fifths interest, provided, however, that my said friend. William F. Boyd, is to ro~e1~'o not less th~n the ~snm of Five Thousand ($5000.00) Dollars tn ~oney, or value, as his share of my Estate. ITEM V. In case Edgar R. Noland predecease me. then. and in that event, 1 give, devise and bequeath his shares hereinabove presided, to his heirs. ITEM VI. In case ~rilliam F. Boydt predecease me, then, an_" ~n th~t~ event. I give, devise and bequeath~ his sh~tre hereinabove provided, to his heirs:' YOU ARE HEREI~Y NOTIFIED To be and appear before said Court at the County Court Room in the Court PIouee In Saguache, In the County of ~agunehe, and State of Colorado, on the 24th day ~.f September A. D. 1924, then and there, to attend the hearing )n the probate of said alleged last will and testament of the said Siman ~L Calvert deceased, and further to do ~tnd perform what shall then. by the said Coort. be recluired and adjudged. IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the ~eal of said Court. at my office in ~aguache, in said County, this 29th day of July, A. D. 1924. (SEAL) M, N. JORDAN, Judge and Acting Clerk. .IOHN I. PALMER. Attorney. First publication ffuly 31, 1924. Last publieatio~l August 28, 1924. LaFollette has requested his followers in the various states not to put state tickets in the field--just nominate presiden- tim electors. The Bank ol Molfat Is a Safe Place To Deposit Your Money You can always borrow money from us, if you have Proper Security. We do not handle speculative loans or permit overdrafts. We buy Uu S. Bonds, County and School. Warrants S. J. WEAVER, Cashier. 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