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August 7, 2014     The Saguache Crescent
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August 7, 2014

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Our 135th Year The aguaehe Crescent Saguachc Colorado 81149 Thursday: ........ ~" i ..... I "1 11111111 II It,- " -- Museum News Produce Abundant Museum Art Walk szmcT couRT SAGUACHE COUNTY, (continued from front page) at 4th Street Foods Photo Competition COLO P.O Box 197 statehood took a long time. It be- This is the season for fresh, io- It's time to show off your pho- Saguadm, CO 81149 gan in 1859, wheal Colorado voted cal produce at the 4th Street Food tog aphy skills and enter the Mu- 719 655 2522 creational Marijuana COMES TO THE SAN LUIS VALLEY Auti r 7, Ol4 County Committee Nomination Deadline on whether they wanted to be a Store, 404 4th St. in downtown Sag- scum's Art Walk Photo Competi- .Case 20HJA1 The Saguacha Ri'o Grande Farm territory or to try for statehood, uache, tion. There is no entry fee. There Division: 1 by Curtis English Service Agency (FSA) office re- The vote was 2,007 for territory mix, spinach, chard and kale, zuc- juvenil,es (age up to and including Nofi of Hearing It's July and as promised High mitosis f ,ar`mers, randmrs and other and 1,649 for statehood. As long Currently available are salad wilt beoone for adults and one for Valley Retail Cannabis 'has open- agrictdtm'al producers that the as it remained a territory, federal chini, yellow squash, green beans, 12 years old) which include the IN THE MATTER OF THE ed on Adult (21+) recreational U.S. Department of Agrictilture money took care of administering snap peas and tomatoes, all or- same categories listed below: PETITION OF: marijuana center in Moffat, Cola- (USDA) FSA County Committee the territory s govrnement. COla- ganically grown. Categories: rado in the former Scenic Station nomination process is underway. rado became a separate territory Our first case of Palisade pea- . HistoricaI Buildings Miguel and Maria Valadez building now the "Shirting Court- Friday, August 1, 2014 is the dead- line for eligible voters to nomin. in 1861. ches sold out in less than a d'ay, . Local/Cu,__rrent FOR THE ADOPTION OF A CIIILD try Station" on County Road T at ate hemselves or local producers Finally, on July 1, 1876, Cola- more are on the way, along . Landscapes To: Unknown Fatherof the Highway 17. rado voted 15,443 to 4,062 to ad< pt to serve on the FSA County Com- a state constitution propo ied by a with other Western Slope fruits . Wildlife Child S.E.V. At the intersection of Highway mittee. , and vegetables as available. Miscellaneous (portaits; i.e., Pursuant to 19- 206, C.R.S., 17 ,and County Road T (the turn constutitional convention to be- As always, the food store offers working cowboy or any topic not You are hereby notified that tim for Crestor ep, look for ,a white flag According to CED Kevin Reeves came a state. On August 1, 1876, local grass-fed baef, pork, lamb fitting into the above categories) above-nan ed Petitioner(s) has/ with a green cross flying right of Saguacbe, Rio Grande , Miner- President Ulysses Grant proclaim- ant bison, plus fresh eggs, paul- All photos must be taken in the have filed in this Court a veritied r ext to the new Shining Country al and Hinsdale County, the Coun- ed Colorado the 38th state, try, organic dairy products and a San Luis Valley, preferably Sag- Petition seeking to adapt a daild. Station building. Now open seven ty Committees play an important In 1876, the United States cole- Wide variety of grocery and snack uache County.If a plicabl , an Affidavit of days a week 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 role in the local implemerrtation brated its E0th birthday. This is items. Each person may enter no more Abandonment been filed al- p.m. and oversight of FSA programs, why Colorado is :known as th. Cen- A nonprofit project of Saguache than two photos in each category, lodging mat yOUohaVe abancfonect You are invited to make a little but the committee system is only teanial State. Works, the 4th Street Food Store Each entry must be suitably from- the enitd for a p ried of one year history in Moffat, Colorado! You as succss.e ul as the election pro- aims to support local food pro- ed or ma:tted. Include your name or mare and/or ,h,ave failed wita- can find ,a live `menu on the Weed cess. U.S.In FLAGthe Museum's" 38 STARSschool Room, ducers and to fresh, heal- and phone tin`tuber on the back of out ca,use to provide reasonable Maps App. under High Valley Re- "A successful election requires on display is an American flay thy food availabk, and affordable entry. , support for the 6aild for one year tail Cannabis or yot can 'Like' maximum participation from all 13 /2 feet by 7 feet. This flag was to area residents. band-sewn. It was displayed from Thanks to a generous grant from Entrif-"s should be turned in at or more. them on Facebook, plus you can etigible individuals," said CED the second story of a house in the the Saguache County Commis- the Museum no later than 4:00 You are fur er notified that nn call the stove at 719-480 7477. Reeves. Fast on patriotic days. The Max sioners, a 20% discount is offered p.m. l riday, August 15th. The Mu- adoption hearing is set on August In a tdition to cannabis, High CED Reeves clarifies that in scum is open every day 9:00 a.m: 28, 7,014, at ll:00 A M. in court Valley Retail Cannabis is offering each eotmty, a seat on the county Bilte Auxiliary 2039 of Veter to EBT users. ,n 4. n ---- location identified above, a full range of edibles, drinks, committee is currently open for arts of Foreign Wars presented this For more information, or to ...... You are furth,er notified that if concentrates and Vape Pens (i.s a Local Administrative Area ........ mitted ' ....... portable vaporizers) as well as (LAA). Descriptions of the LAA(S) flag to the Saguache County Mu- place a bulk order, please callthe ntrY ay memrmSpnotosmaYareDe suonUexl 0u , --'u fail. to. ....... scum because Colorado was the 655-0216. ....... or pac en--- at-m " Muse'" um prior .me t;ourt may terminate your pipes, papers and souvenirs, open for nominations are as fol- 38th state admitted to the Union h: I;roduc .. parental rights and grant the ad- and this flag contains 38 stars (It Fres e at to thaz.aay.. ...... Satur-'a- option as sought by me Petition- Since January I, 2014, Colorado lows: resident ,adults age 21 and older Saguache, Rio Grande, Mineral is my understanding that there are jungmg wm Degm u y, th u --'-'" have been able to purchase mari- and Hinsdale Couunties - LAA-I ' only two of these flags in exist- 4th St. Food Store Angust 16th at Noon at e M- Brandie Ta-lor scum and will continue through- Clerk SaYeth, juana like alcohol--except with basically north portion of Sag- - -- r , ....... cannabis the purchase is limited uache County currently being sere- once). The growing season is well un- out the following week. Vote s .... h to .... to an ounce, which is substantial ed by Terry Freel and LAA-6, BRIEF HISTORY OF COLORADO tier way, at least in local green will be able to view the p o s ................ ~"~"~ ...... and enough to cost you over $300, which is the NW portion of Rio Colorado is a land with a his- houses that supply the 4th Street and vote until 3:00 p.m. any ...... ,. carrying additional taxes as vat- Grande ,County currently being tory of cliff dwellers, gold mLrters, Food Store. August 22nd. . D,ISTRICT ..... COURT ed and pproved by voters under served by Carol Dove, first alter- railroad travelers and homestead- Thanks to Dwight Irwin, we al- The wm rs of each category o .... ....... ...... another Amendment 64. Non-residents viS- note. ors. so have a limited supply of fresh wm compete agams[ one iting Colorado can purchase up to Individuals elected to serve on The cliff dvcellers were Native Jerusalem artichokes, which are for an overall winner and runner- .... Americans known as the "ancient sweet-tasting tubers resembling UP P.O Box 197 ounce, but it is unlawful to county committees he,lp ensure ones." The Anasazi people lived ginger root and sometimes used i'Winners will be decided by a Saguache, CO 81149 transport across state lines. Pos- FSA agricultural programs ado- session rules are the same for quately serve the needs of local high on the mountainous stone as a substitute for potatoes. "Viewer's Choice" dacision. There Y1 685-2522 retail m'arijuana products includ- producers. Committees make de- plateaus of the Mesa in south t As always, 4th Street Foods of- will be ribbons for the first thro- Case Number: 2014JA2 Colorado until the late 1200s--. fers a wide variety of local, grass- ugh fourth places in each cote- ivision: 1 ing edibles. Only licensed retail cisions on county commoditiy price o . . marijuana stores may legally sell support loan eligibility, establish- It is a mystery as to what ha - fed meats, as well as organic g the day ef the Art Walk, Aug- Notice of Hearing r reational marijuana, merit af allotments and yields, con- period to these Feople, but some dairy products, fresh eggs, Valley High Valley e'aling currerttiy servation programs, disaster pro- beli e they left because of dro- potatoes and quinoa, ust 23rd, all the photos will be on N T I HE MATTER OF THE also operates two medical nmvi,- grams, employment and other is- Our grocery sel ztion continues display beginning at 9:00 a.m. at PETITION OF" ught and other extreme condi- to expand to meet customer de- the Hazard House ....... " ..... juana establishments. In Cres- sues important to the local agri- tions. "" " "o, ~-" - ......... b-- ~vnguet ,ann iviana vaia~ez tone, d,oavntown at 116 South Al- culture community. USDA is im- The Spanish and French explor- mand. New sections feature mul, tantrums can ve p c ea up y ed the area before the Unit-d tiple giuten-free options, personal their owners after 4:00 p.m. Sat- FOR TItE ADOPTION OF A CHILD4006.dar Streetin Alamosatheir phonethe storeiS 719-256-is lo- agramPlementingto encourage an eniaanCedgreateroutreaChpar. States combined it into the Cola- care items and natural cleaning urday, Augu 23rd at the Hazard To: Unknown Faliaer of the coted a:t 711 West Highway 160 ticipation in the county election redo Territory in 1861. products. Special requests and House or beginning the next day Child M.A.V. In 1858 gold was discovered and bulk orders are always welcome, at the Museum. Pursuant to 19-5-208, C.R.S., and t Ar phone is 719-206-3345. process by socially disadvantaged the population ,boomed. Also, the A nonprofit project of Saguache :: :: You are hereby notified that ttte Please contact the individual stores and minority producers. for summer ho s. "Representation on FSA County miners found otlmr profitable min- Works, supported by a generous yr.m a bove-named Petirtioner(s) has,/ Medical marijuana still requires Committees should be as diverse orals ,and continued to mine for grant from the Saguache County l ;wo it" u, have filed in this Court a verified as the agriculture ,! dustry z se , years. Even in late 1940s, Commissioners. the 4th Street Food rl 'a r H-" Petition seeking to adopt a c ild, a red card, which can only be oh-n ...... mountain streams in Ouray Court- Store aims to suppoz local food .i.U Wl| au If a plicable, an Affidavit of rained by Colorado residents with said CEa) tb ves. A County Com- a recommendation from a doctor mittee should mirror the demo- ty ran yellow bemuse of the tail- producers and to make fresh, heal- REMINI: EP - Contact Informa- Abandonment has ,been filed al- that a p tient suffers a debilitat- graphics of the communities it ings from the gold mills, thy food accessible and affordable tion: If you changed or add- lodging tnat you have abandoned l ailroads brought e en more to area residents, eda phone number or email ad- the child fo ?j, vOde 7al ne ye __ ing medical con.d=i:tion that may serves-we need & welcome ham- benefit from medical marijuana, frictions and voter participation settlers and travelers to Colorado. Located at 404 4th St. in down- dress, please notify the Town I-hll o move art . ea " For `more information about meal- Many stayed because of agricul- town Saguache, the food store is at 655-2232 so we know how to out cause m proviae reasonable icat marijuana and guidance on from all sectors of ttt agricul- ture community - men, women and ture and Colorado's physical beau- open seven days a week from 10:00 reach you in case of need. support for the ctaild for one year recreational use, please contact minorities from all walks of life." ty. a.m. to 4:00 p.m. weekdays and or more R/gM/NDER - YARD MAINTEN- . .. the Colorado 'Department of Pub- Nomination forms (FSA-669A) COOKBOOK .UI ,DATE from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 on are further notified that nn ANCE - OVERGROWTH : ...... lie alth and Enviroment or see and additional information can be The Museum s new Collectible weekends, kee ur mow, od anv adoptmn heanng is set on emgus p yo yard ____ ., . the Marijuana Enforcement Di- obtained from local FSA offices Cookery cookbook is in the hands alhyCho -- -i ............ tmr o- -28, 2014, at U-00 AM m the court weeas ttown, trope s " " " vision state government websites. y .... ^ ^l" -'s .... P'I^ *-kln location =dentified above, or USDA Service Centers or on- of the prin er. The Committ is He t cos a , = = == .... You can also contact High Val- line at w'aitlng on the proof. Once the .... , ......... ^- h^u, = You are turtlaer notified that if nt= t,= uv=s uwm v- v r .......... ley's Centers in Crestone, Moffat e ections. proof is received and approved, AT 4th ST. FOOD STORE der of the road and ditch area, you tan to appear mr saaa nearing, or Al masa. then the cookbook will be printed. Farm-fresh organic eggs, Gosar as well as the width of the me Court. may terminate your For more information on Coun- The Committee is hopeful that it sausage and tortillas from Center all.a way that touches your prop- Pm.'en.tal r ghts..and grant "" :: ty Committees and related eligibil- will be ready for sale by the Fall .are among the new local products erty line op ion as sougm me yeuuon- NORTHERN SAGUACItE COUNTY ity requirements, please contact Festival, if not before. There are now available at th 4th Street Tuis maintenance is required un- or(s).. .... FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT the Saguactm, Rio Grande, Rins- p oxim,ately 600 recipes in this Food Store. 2 (r.): "Every person being thek, Saguache Combined Monthly Meetings dale and Mineral Counties FSA at cookbook, plus helpful hints and Area residents are encouraged dex Ordinance 2006-6 Section 10-1- ranme aymr . 719-754-3400. tots of other information, to check out what is available at owner, occupant,an tenantarc or in con- ldUDllSktle0." .... =--AugUSt'/,, ...... ZUla The Northern Saguache County = -----for a Vi GIFT SHOP the 4th Street Food Store before trol of y lot or p el of land : Fire Protection Ddstrict will have Stop By sit New items from Mary Morfitt driving long disances to purchase within the Town, who permits or =: are in ttm Gift .Sho, p and they are products not found elsewhere in allows the growth, decay or pres- Birtha v= regular monthly meetings on ttte first Monday of each month Have you visited your Sagnache only $1.00 each:fruit sun cab- town. managers also are once of thistles, weeds or other uau # at 7:00 p.m. Toe final meeting County Museum yet lids season? chers" and gift toppers." more than willirtg to special order waste vegetation in excess of eight Jane Trujillo on Aug. 9th schedvJe is posted at the Sagua- Perhaps (as acting director) I There are new historical books your personal favorites, either in (8) inches in height on any Wilbur Lewis on Aug. 9m che Fire Station. The meetings may be partial, but I think it is in the Gift Shop: Kit Carson's small quantities or by the case raises or alleys, sidewalks and Kim McGregor zmmoas on Aug. 9 will be held at the Saguache Fire beautiful this year. Autobiography; Outlaw Women of at wholesale plus 10%. parking ar as appurtenant to the Sally Lowes on Aug. 9th Station w th the followiug exce In me yard, vce have new flags the American West (Bedside Book Located inside the Wdcome property, is guilty of creating, Ann Werner on Aug. lore tion: h,e August meeting will be and flagpole donated by the SVFD, of Bad Gifts); L eS, Legends and Center at 404 4th St., the store is continuing and suffering a nui- Jessica Veatch on Aug. 10th held ,at the Vitla Grove Firehouse, and landscaped by Ran Gilbert- Lore; Warriors, Widows and Or- phans; Colorado Mountain Women, open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. sance to exist."Sarah KeRn on AUg. lore date and time for the Budget son. Taere are new pots of bloom- ing flowers, donated and planted weekdays and from 10:00 a.m. to Property owners who do not Steve Hanson on AUg. lltll Meeting in October will be an- by Judy Bunker. Tales from .the Mining Camps; A 3:00 p.m. on weekends, maintain their yards will receive Earl on AU$ nounced. Bumpy Ride and Sisters in Sin. Supported by a Saguache County letters and will be cited into mun- Niet en on Aug. 14tin When you open the front door, General Order of Business Stop by the Mtmeum today and Sales Tax Grant, the 4th Street icipal court if they do not get the Tommy Maez on Aug. 15th your will be drawn to our pick up a new book! Food Store is a nonprofit project grass and v ceds on their property Raymond Vigil on Aug. 15th (Agenda) new Indian-Spanish ,room, beauti- Connie Rapalski of Saguache Works, in tmrtnership under control within the time 1. Call to Order fully renovated by Tony Fernan- " ::= :: with ScSEED, the San Luis Val- frame laid out in the letter. Anniversaries 2. Director Roll Call doz. MOUNTAIN VALLEY SCHOOL ley Local Foods Coalition and the The wetter weather this year 3. Approval of Agenda - Changes, We have many exhibits that have DISTRICT RE-1 Saguache County Department of means that weeds will be going Rick & Lyn Miles on Aug. 17th Actditions & Deletions been added to, with new labels BOARD OF EDUCATION Social Services. to seed earlier than usual, so it-- -- ........ 4. Introduction of Guests done by Sara Fernandaz in print -=tm' N"ti Approval of Minutes large enough for anyone's REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING Its goals are to support local is especially in~portant to keep Me ce . Reading and Approval of Bills (old or young). We ttave a eYesnew foods available and affordable to them cut back in order to keep all rehidents. Regular donations from spreading seeds to your Tim t oara at Directors at me 7. Presentationsmemorial exhibit honoring Otis Office of the Superintendent/ are made to the Saguaehe County neighbors properties. The Town Upper Gunnmon River Water Con- a. Financial Reports and Nell Albert, a new exhibit by Board Room food Bank. For more information, does appreciate your help with servancy Dmtrict will comluct a b. Others if present & needed Wilbur and Wilma Lewis on Os- or to participate in any way, call this matter. Thank you. regular board meeting on Man- 8. Firefignter Membership trich Farms and a new exhibit TUESDAY, AUGUST 12 - 6:00pm 65.%0216. Applications, resignations and by Bob Bunker with lots of info Call to Order REMINDER -- Cleaning Ditch day, August 25, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. Roll Call ---- -- ........ Areas: It is the responsibility of ta the offices, requests for etirement on Insulators. Saguache? prope y owners to keep the dit- Spencer, Suite B, Gunnison. 9. Fire Department ReportsWhen you come to our first pro- Pledge of Allegiance chos along their propod'ty clear The public IS encota-ag t to at- Crestone, Moffat, Saguache, gram, Sunday, Jnue 22nd (given From the July 3, 11190 Sagtmche of weeds and debris,w.nd me meetaug. Villa Crrove/Bonanza, District by Yvonne Morfitt and MVS kids) Audience Comments & Questions Meeting Debrief Adjotmnnent Rain Gauge Readers Needed Colorado State University is seeking volunteers in Saguache County to help measure local rain and mowfa]]. If you are interested in Colorado weather 0atterns and would like to learn more, please visit coco or call 970-491q!545 (Fort Collins r m-nber). The Conmml ty Collaborative Rain, Hall and Snow network (Co- CoRaI ) was started at CSU in 1998. There are now over 1000 vol- unteers in Colorado and nearly nationally, but hardly any here in . acho. Crescent: "Saguache is an ar- rangement of the Indian name given to the blue earth springs near the upper crossing. The Utes looked on spelling with something more than disapproval, but were great in pronunciation. 21aey pro- nounced Sagusche, Sawa vahepita. John Lawrence, Gay. Head and Gay. Gilpin, recognizing that it would make people extremely un- well to tackle such a barbed wire fence, concentrated tlm extension to Saguache which remains today. A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it. .--La Fontaine To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it. --- afuc[ou INFORMATION -- Saguache Rec- reation Board Sub-CommRtees: The Town Board is seeking citi- znes interested in serving on sub- committees under Saguache ttec- reation Board. The sub-committees are as follows: Youth/Adult Sport, Community Thanksgiving Dinner, trishnas Tree Lighting/Recap- tion and Quilters. Citizens have al- ready filled the following sub-com- mittees: Memorial Day Parade, Powwow and Fall Festival. If you are interested in serving on any of these sub-committees, please submit a letter of interest to the Town. Letters of interest are due by 4:00 p.m. on August 13, 2014. to the Town ~all at 504 San Juan Ave., P.O. Box 417, Sag- ~che, CO 81149. For more infor- znation call Town Hall at 655-2253, An a enem will be at (2def's Report =e ~iet's office prior m t~ I0. Old (Unfinished) Bus~ess meetlnR Watering Restrictions These restrictions will start on Sunday, June Ist through August 31st. No ,use of outside water from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Tuesdays thro- ugh Sunday. There will be no wa- tering allowed on Mondays. If you are a homeown and hire indl- viduals to maintain your yard, it is your responsibility to inform them of these restrictions. You can't get spoiled if you do your own ironing...-Meryl Streep we hope to greet you with music from our player piano which we 11. New Business recently received from the Sagua- 12. Citizen (Guest) Comments che Library. I have been told that 13. Executive Session (if needed) this is a concert-quality piano. 14. Rev eav of bills by all members On our Opening Day, I was aid- 15. Adjourn Ameri =: :gi can Le on Meeting American Legion Garcia Post Will meet on Saturday, August 16 at 9:00 a.m. at the Saguache Coun- ty Road and Bridge meeting Room. All members, would-be members and interested veterans are en- couraged to attend. Her face was her chaperone. --Rupert Hughes ed by volunteers from outside our regular staff. These included Kar- en Gasseling, Kate Vasha, COn- nie Rapalski and Henry Trujillo. (Not to mention our invaluable Mary Morfitt). I am grateful to these people and many more for their con- tributions to our great museum. SCM acting director, Dorraine Gasseling Men have been wise in different modes, but they have always laughed the same way. --Samuel Johnson