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August 8, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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August 8, 1901

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? ,ii~ Tvr- ..... SAGUACHE CRESCENT. Enta~d at the ~to~ at ~aeh,,.C~ t, rtransmi~ionthrough the mallsass~ona-e-- l-class mawr. OSCAR D. BRYAN. Editor. TtlU.BSDA :Y, .,i UG. 8, 1901. Deuver has another official scandal. It is charged that cou~ officials attempted to bride the jury in the case of Ander- son, on trial for shooting Ben?its and Tammen of the Post, into bringing in a verdict of guilty. Cupid Thomas, police judge, is also said to be implicated. A representative of the OngSCENT spent a couple of days in Bonanza since our last issue. He found the camp in fairly ; good shape. There is no boom on yet a~ number of men are working on the var- ious propertim and considerable ore is being taken out, The Copper Star mill is running regularly and the situation is not nearly so Dad ae is reported by some ,,knooker~~' The Monte Vista papers have finally decided to raise the price of subscription and in this move they are acting wisely. With an enormous advance in all classes of paper and many articles of living com- pared with a few years ago, there is every reason why the cost of publishing a newspaper should be advanced. Now, if the Monte Vmta papers are wise, they will advance advertising aud job rates to a point demauaed by the advances re- eently made in cost of material, and thus place their plants in a position to earn the profit to which they are justly enti- tled. The newspaper man is too often his own worst enemy and the sheriff generally gets his plant before he finds it out.--Prospector. How Would This ltemed Work? Hot weather hysteria and the inter- change of conflicting aft]davits in the Anderson case seem to have put the Rocky Mountain News into a frame of mind, mdeed,as is shown by a frantic ed- itorial in yesterday's issue of that sheet from which we cull the following gem: *There have been grounds to fear that jury fixing has flourished in the past. Tbe Anderson case m but an outrageous. ly aggravated repetition of what others have before encountered." Surely, surely, this calls for legal ac- tion of some sort. Now, if "Perplexity" would only write a letter to the News asking the editor's opinion com:erning a suit for infringement of patent against the alleged culprits in the Anderson case, perhaps the whole qusetmn might be settled by competent judicial mquiry. We don't like to interfere in a family quarrel where all the participants are fusionists of the first water, but this sug- gestion eta way out of the diff]culty asses so easy and flttmg that we cannot refrain from making it for the benefit of our friends, the enemy.--Republican. Our Assessment. Until tbe railway assessment is made and our county assessment is passed up- on by the state board of assessors we cannot definitely tell what Saguache county will total under the new revenue, but we are permitted to make some ex- tracts from the rolls which will give our readers a very good idea of the extent of the increase: Lands and improvements are valued at $1,190,709; and tow, property is plac- e! at $172,220. Merchandise stocks, 87~205. There are 5,424 horses and mules valued at $97,098. We have 25,731 cattle of a value ot $393,198 and 36,118 sheep worth $63,248. The items of moneys and credits amounts to $65,614; carriages and vehi. clan $26,620; tools and machinery, $75,717. The roll without railway property amounts to $2,290,608 which ie about $800,000 more than last year, and the chances are good for our total assessment to run over the $3,000,000 mark. Only a Mask. Many are not being benefitted by the summer vacation as they should be. Now, notwithstanding much outdoor life they are little, tf any stronger than they were. The tan on their faces is darker and makes them look heHlthier, but it is only a mask. They are still nervous easily tired, upset, by trifle, and they do not eat nor sleep well. What they need is what tones the nerves, perfects digm- ties, creates appetite and makes sleep refreshing, Hnd tbat is Hood's Sarsapa- rilla. Pupils and teachers generally will find the chief purpose of the vacation best subserved by this great medicine which, as we know, "builds up the whole system." O. O. T~ylor Whislda, ItOw la l~nlar/tY. Its as beneficial In summer a$ in winter. If you are weak or run down, It will build you up, Send for free sample. SCOTT & BOWI~E, Chemists, 409"4z5 Pearl Street, New York, 5o. and gt.oo; all druggists. Eruptions, cuts, burns, scalds and sores of all kinds quickly healed by DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. Certain cure for piles. Beware of counterfeits. Be sure you get the original--DeWitt's. Sa- guache Pharmacy. Tablets and box papers at twoest prices at CRESCENT Off]CO. J. W. Kennedy, an organizer for the Woodmen of the World, was iv town a couple of days the first of the week. Mr. Kennedy was trying to infuse a little life into the camp here and has prevailed on several members to attend the district meeting at Alamoaa to be held tomorrow. Mayor Quiuu and Gee. H. Johnson g't ! L spent several days recently st the Adams v hot springs north of town and report as having had a very nice time. The genial manager, J. T. Stewart, entertains his guegta in first class style. The waters are very healing and the baths most in- vigoratlng.--Miner: To Save Her Child. From frightful disfigurement Mrs. Nannie Galleger, of La Grange, applied Bucklen's Arnica Salve to great sores on ~er head and face, and writes its quick cure exceeded all her hopes. It works wenders in sores, bruises, skin eruptions, cuts burns, scalds and piles. Cure guar- anteed by Lord & Wilcox, druggists, Crestone, Colo. A Round Robin Remedy. When a doctor of 30 years' practice encounters a new experience, it must be worth relating. This is from a phy- sician on Lafayette avenue who has fought disease for the period named. "I saw him get gingerly out of a wag- on in front of the office. He then left the team with his daughter, ignored the bell and pounded lustily on the door. I answered in person because I thought he and my office glrl might get into an argument, far he looked Just like a man who would insist upon seeing the 'dec' at once. "'Doe,' he began without other pre- liminary, Tee been a-takin truck fur six months, and blamed if I hain't worse'n I was at the beglnnln.' A "'What's the matter with you?' "'Stomach's all out o' whack. Regu- lhr riot down there all the time and me a-dosin in the remerdy after each meal and at early bedtime.' "'What are you taking?' "'Here it is, dec, and I got a lot left yet. My first wlfe uster buy it in the bulk 'cause it came cheaper.' " 'But this Is for the lungs.' "'B'pose I don't know that? Course it's fur the lungs. That's what was the matter with her. I don't care if It was fur the liver. It's got ter go to the stomach first, hain't it? And the stom- ach and the lungs hain't so darned far apart but what helps one helps the other gad what glts to one glts to the other.' "--Detroit Free Press. An Expelled M. P.'e Prayer. During the first half of the eight- eenth century one of the members for a southern constituency was expelled from the house of commons for forgery and indeed endured the purgatory of standing in the pillory for a day. He was a man of unctuous piety, and his career in many respects resembled that of Jabez Balfour in later days. After his death the following prayer was found in his own handwriting among his papers.' I "O Lord, thou knowest that I have nine houses in the city of London and that I have lately purchased an estate In fee simple in the county of Essex. I beseech thee to preserve the two coun- ties of Middlesex and Essex from fire and earthquake, and as I have a mort- gage In Herefordshire I beg of thee to have an eye of compassion also on that county, and for the rest of the counties thou mayest deal with them as thou art pleased. Give a prosperous voyage to the Mermaid, because I have not in- sured her, and enable the bank to meet their bllls."--St. James Gazette. Steam and Battleship. A whole fleet in the days of Nelson could be built and fitted out at little more than the cost of a single ironclad. The coal expended on a single cruise would pay for the refitting of his whole battle line, while the immense shells re- quired to make any impression on the modern armor plate cost more than his whole armament. But the modern llne of battle ship could neither be built, armed nor fought without the use of steam, and its evolution may be said to have commenced wlth the first applica- tion of the steam engine to navigation. --London Standard. Warned. Once when Mrs. Ke,dal was taking the role of Galatea in Dublin she had an amusing experience. Pygmalion, it will be remembered, bad a Jealous wife, During the temporary absence of that lady Galatea was about to throw herself into the arms of Pygma- lion when nn old dame In the audience cried warningly: "Don't do it, darllntl His wife's Just gone out. and share It'll be like her to be llstenin at the key- bole." The Oihep WaF. He--Bertha, 1 am going to ask you a question, a ,luestion which will have a lasting effect upon my life as you an- swer It. Bertha, dear, will you be a sister to me? 8he--Charley, I can't do that, but 1 will be your wife.--Boston Transcript. More Approprisie. Barber (absently)--Shampoo, sir? Customer (with shining bald pate)-- No: shlne.--Puck. O A m'Z' O :I~L "e ~.. Bemth' ~~8ught Some Reasons Why You Should imbt on Having EUREKA HARNESS OIL Unequaled by any other. Renders hard leather soft. t~" specially prepared. ;~eeps out water. A heavy bodied oil. HARNESS ~.n excellent preservative. educes cost of your harness. Never burns the leather ; its I='fhciency is increased. ~ecures best service. ~titches kept from breaking. [s sold in all Lcalities Manufactured by Standard 01! Company. Miss Thais McMullin, who has been visiting friends in this place for the past two weeks, returned to ber home in Bo- nanza on Friday of last week. Mrs. J. M. Ellis and Miss Halcyon Ellis, who have been stopping at Park- ville for three months, returned home last Thursday--Miss Hally having closed her term of school. Rev. A. B. Davidson of Malta Bend, Missouri, spent from Friday till Monday here as the guest of his cousm, John W. Davidson. He had been to California to attend the Christian Endeavor conven- tion and stopped off here ou his return home. What most people Want is something mild and gentle, when in need of a sic. Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets ill[ the bill to a dot. They are easy to take and pleasant in effect. Fm sale by Saguache Pharmacy. O. o. Taylor Whiskies, are guaranteed pure. Send the Crescent to Your Frieod,~ WORTHY SUCCESSOIt. "Sotnethlng New Under The Sun." All Doctors have tried to cure CA- TARRH by the use of powders, acid gas- es, inhalers and drugs in paste form. Their powdersdry up the mucuous mem- branes causmg them to crack open and bleed. The powerful acids used In the inhalers have entirely eaten away the same membranes that their makers have aimed to cure while pastes and olaf- menus cannot reach the disease. An old and experienced practitioner who has for many years made a close study and specialty of the treatment of CATARRH, has at last perfected a treatment which when faithfully used, not only relieves at once but permanently cures CATARH by removing the cause, stopping discharges and curing all in- flammation. It is the only remedy known to science that actually reaches the af- flicted parts. This wonderful remedy is known as "Seuffiels",the Guaranteed Ca- tarrh Cure and is sold at the extremely low price of one dollar, each package containing internal and external medi- cine sufficient for a full month's treat- ment and everything necessary to its per- fect use. "Snuffles" is the only perfect catarrh cure ever made and is now recognized as the only safe and positive cure for that annoying and disgusting disease. It cures all mflammation quickly and perma- nently and is also wonderfully quick to relieve hay fever or cold in the head. Catarrh, when neglected often leads to consumption Snuffles wilt save you if you use it at once. It is no ordinary remedy, but a complete treatment which is posi- tively guaranteed to cure catarrh in any form or stage if used according to the di- rections which a(:company each package. Don't delay but send for it at once, and write full particulars as to your condi- tions, and you will receive special ad- vice from the discoverer of this wonder- full remedy regarding your case without cost to you beyond the regular price of "Snuffles" the Guaranteed Catarrh Cure. Sent prepaid to any address in the t~nited States or Canada on receipt of one dollar. Address dept. E 786 Edwin B. Giles & Co., 2330 and 23,32 Market St. Philadelphia. Pa. This signature is on every box of the genuine Laxative Brom0-Quinine Tabl~. the ~emedy that cure8 a ~old In one day WANTED--Capable, reliable person in every county to represent large company nf solid finan- cial reputation, $93~ salary per year, pa~able weekly, $3 per day absolutely sure and all expen- ses, straight, boaalid~, defimte salary, no com- mission, salary paid each Saturday and expense money advanced each week. STANDAItD HOUSE, ~3A. DEARBON ~T., CHICAGO. STATEMENT Of the conditio~ of the Saguache Court ty Bank, located at Saguaehe, Colorado, at the close of business Monday, July 1st 1901: RESOURCES: Phonograph Concert At your home. Get tip a parly. Prices reasonable. Royal Hubbell. ]VIayer House Sold. We are informed that Mr. L. P. Ham- mond has purchased the Leopold Mayer residence on east San Juan avenue. This is a commodious residence with four lots ! of ground and has been occupied by Mr. Hammond since the arrival of his family iu Saguache. Iden's teams took Charley Creger's household goods to Villa Grove on Fri- day of last week. "fo Cure a Cold in One Day. Take Laxative Bromo Qumine Tab- lets All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. Green's signature is on each box. 25c. Mark Biedell passed through town on Monday bound for Del Norse. He will make a trip to Silverton before return- ing to Bonanza. Mrs. C. C. Ware aDd children returned from Villa Grove yesterday morni,~g after a pleasant two weeks visit with her sister at that place.--Mail. Word was received yesterday from Messrs. Tarbell and Lawrence to the ef- fect that they were delayed in their re- turn home by a washout on the railway at Chamita, New Mexico. Grant Bros. of Cripple Creek have leased the Worth property on Clover creek in the Alder district and expect to do considerable development work in the near future.--Mail. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schaefer went to Denver Wednesday where they expect to reside for a time at least. Mr. Schaefer's mother went along on her wsy to her home in Philadelphia, Pa.-Press. James White Bryantsville, Ind., says DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve healed run- ni,,g sores on both legs. He had suffered 6 years. Doctors failed to help him. Get DeWitt's. Accept no immitations. Sa- guache Pharmacy. The D. & R. G. announced Wednes- day the resumption of train connection at Alamosa, restoring practl "ally the for- mer good mail service enjoyed prior io 21st of July pleasing chronic as welt as spasmodic kickers.--Hooper Tribune. G. O. Taylor Whiskies, are deetdedly flna C~ A ~ ~J~ O ~L 3: ~.. WANTED--Capable, re]iablo person m every county to represent large company of sold finan- cial reputation, $936 salary per 5ear, payable weekly. $3 per day absolutely Sure and all expen- ses, straight, bonafide, definite salary, no com- i mission, s.dary paid each Saturday and expense money advanced each week, I~TANDARD HOUSE, 334 DEARBON aT. CHICAGO. SENT FREE FISHER'S Uterine Tonic Knowledge ~i The Great Female Remedy positively [~. ~ cures all female complaints; 1 monlh's ~., ~ treatment $1; 6 months' treatment $5. ~ MRS. SADIE M FISHER, SUITR aS, $OS ~ ~ 16TII ST., DESV~, COLO. Also for ~nle ~~[]~.by All Dtmggists. Send for free ~ample ~#~r and literature, worthits weight in g,Od, "a'~W : ~" mailed anywhere on ~equest, postpaid. Notice for Publication. U. S. Land Office, Dcl Norte, Colo. ) July 16, 1901. Notlcels bereby given that the follownlg named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the clerk of the district court, at Saguache, Colo- rado, on August 2L 1901, vlz; John Paul 8leon who made homestead en- try No. 2706 for the north west ~4, scc. 26, twp. 44, N R 10 E. He names the following witnesses to prove his co~tinuon~ residence upon and cultiva- tion of said land viz: F. M. Davis. Mirage, Colo., Wlllla,n Eaton O. A. Wales, H. C. Frazec, all of MoWat, Co o, JAn. H. BAXT~H. Register. Agistor's Sale. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will ou Mouday, August 19, 1901 at 1 o'clock p. m. of said d.ty. offer for sale the lollowlng de. scribed stock for the purpose ot paying stable and pasture bills at ti~e Pioneer stable, in Villa Grove, Colorado. One dark brown mare 3 white feetand strip In face about 1'2 years old. Cue bay mare white leet and white strip In face about 9 years old. Ooc bay mare 4 white Ieet, white strip in lace, 10 years ohi. One bay ,nurc 3 white feet, ~lar in forehead, while strip on nose, 10)'ears old. One brown lnat'e 1 white' hind loot and str,p in thee. 7 years ohi. One bay gelding, 3 while feet. and strip in lace 6 years old, all branded J U (with tally bar across U) and J U. Dated August 7, 1901. VRA~K P. HALL. I have bees Inakhlg I)l~ots and shoes for a good nn|n~" ~eal~ ttlitJ Jt [8 i'(,Hs~)nai)]o Iosnl~- i~o,~e tnat t am a lodge of these articles, l bare ,'one]isled In c;trl'y a lille of Loans and dmcounts ........ $141,898 Overdrafts ................... 321 Bank building, safe deposit 2,2OO vaults, furniture & fixtures Due from National and State Banks ....................... 1,359 74 Cash and Cash Items ......... 10,520 67 ~156,300 46 LIABILITIES: Capital stock ................ $ 30,000 00 Undivided Profits ............ 2,093 44 Due Depositors .............. 12,,207 02 $156,300 46 I, Charles Tarbell, Cashier of the above nam'ed Bank, do solemnly swear thatthe foregoing statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. ~HARLES TARBELL, Cashier. State of Colorado, County of Saguacho --as: Subscribed and sworn to before me this 8th da~'of July A. D. 190L [Seal] WiLLIA~ F. BOYD, ~otary Public, Beets and Shoes 00 for ladies, men and children and a portion of the goods are now open for inspection. I have no besltatlon in saying that I caa give you Better Values for your money than any other house in the valley. Let me show you these goods. Birt Clare, Saguache, Colo. I vote for ....................................... for MAID OF HONOR to represent Saguache County at the Festival of Mountain and Plain, at Denver, Oct. l, 2 and 3, 190t. Nafn .......................................... Real¬ ................................ SAGUACHE CRESCENT COUPON. LIGHT DRAFT EASY RUNNING Smooth, noiseless, durable Binders and Mowers ai, e what you are after. You have all of these qualities iu the ~hamp|oII. For sale by I(;KE$ CO,, cnter, Colo. N. B,--Long time., easy terms, and low rate of interest. .... i II III Best of Job Printing at this office. YOU ARE INVITED to visit The Bccklcy Packint Hou ,D and inspect our complste lines of Grcoeriss," Gtassware, Enameledware, Harness and Saddle~. Our Grocery Department is larger than it hsa ever been before. Don't forget that we have a nice line of up-to- date style of wash goods. Fur.iturc, ! have lust received a new lot of furnltnre. Bed. steads, tables, center and extension, chairs, mattresses, etc, Do not send away for furniture before you see my line. Am still selling hardware at bedrock prkes. ELLA HOWARD at the old Fullerton stan& 1RocM? t ountain %imitcb Only ONE Night Out COLORADO to GYICAGO 0nly TWO Nights Out COLORADO to BUFFALO NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA_ LV. Denver ............... ':*0 p.m. Dally. t CHEAP EXCURSION RATES Lv. Colorado Springs... 1:30 p.m. Daily. Ar. Chicago ........ 6,58 p.m. ~e,t.ay.$ ALL SEASON. For Rates, Reservations and Literature, address W. H. FIRTH, Gen'l Agt., 800 17th ~t~,.I~nve~.,- JOH~ SEBASTIAn, G. P, A., Chicago. E, W. THOMPSOn, A, O. P.'A., Tol~ks-