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The Saguache Crescent
Saguache , Colorado
August 8, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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August 8, 1901

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I IIII inV .................... II I I I I ......... II II IIII The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of ~, and has been made under his per= sonal supervision since its infancy. Allow no one to deceive you in this. All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes are but Ex- periments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Children--Experience against Experiment. What is CASTORIA Csstoria is a substitute for Castor Off, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Harmless and Pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea an4 Win4 Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea--The Mother's Friend. a=.ul.= CASTORIA A wA s Tho Kind You Have Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years. TklU eUN'fAUR OOMeltNV, TT MUnR&Y s'rRE/;'T. Nl[W ~'ORK OITY, Stops the Cough and Works Off the Cold. Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets cure a cold in one day. No cure, no pay. Pries 25 can ts. Collected HIS Money and nenles Him Hellef. Boyle & Tomkins, contractors of Cres- tone, Colo., may be prosecuted by Labor Commissioner James T. Smith for ob- taining money under false pretenses. A good deal is being saia just now about the use of shoddy and cotton as substitutes for wool and this has been as one explanation of the decline m prices. A~ a matter of fact the use of shoddy in Englana, as statistics, show, is several times greater than iu the United States. The increase in the use of cotton for wool is going on all over the world. The consumption per capita of wool by the people of the United States, according to i the secretary of the national association They are also liable for action being[of wool manufacturers, has fallen from brought against them under the precis- 19.07 pounds in 1890 to 6 pounds in 1900. ions of the employers' liability bill. If [ --Field and Farm__ any suits are brought, they will grow out][ Mrs. S. H. Allport,~ ..... Johnstown, Pa., of the injuries received by an Italian named Nick Picconi, now at St. An- Isays, "Our little girl almost strangled to thony'a hospital, this city, who, while i" death with croup. The doctors said she working for the above named firm, sus- could not live but she was instantly re- tained a broken arm and leg, besides lieved by One Minute Cough Cure. Sa- other injuries, guache Pharmacy. After he was hurt, while unloading a Large numbers of cattle have been go- car of dirt for Boyle & Tomkins, Picconi ing te eastern points for the past three was cent to the hospital. The firm wrote weeks. Ohio, Illil,ois and Indiana are to the sister superior, asking for rates by taking more stockers and feeders than the week, saying it would be responsible ever before. Order buyers and shippers for one week's board, possibly two. have been taking a great many fat cattle According to information received out of Kansas City and Chicago and yesterday by Commissioner Smith, the shipments have been large to the east- firm has been in the habit of collecting ern seaboard poihts. The railroads are $1 a month from the men working for taxed to the utmost to furnish sufficient them for a hospital fund, the understand- cars to transport everything offered.-- ing being that if a man was injured the Field and Farm. firm was to care for him, in lieu of his monthly payment, until he was able to John Lawrence and Charles Tarbell leave the hospital. If the company has on Sunday left for a trip to Santa Fe. collected that money, and now refuses to They have had this visit iu contempla- care for Plcconi, Commissioner Smith tlon for about two years and at last got will prosecute them for obtaining money off. They expect to return today. under false pretenses.--Times. ~ THE HOMLE GOLD CURE. P.T. Thomas, Sumterville, Ala, "I .~ Was sHiVering from dyspepsia when I An Ingenious Treatment by which Drunk commenced taking Kedol Dyspepsia ards are Being Cured D~iiy in Cure. I took several bottles and can di- spite of Themselves. gent anything." Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is It is now generally known and under- the only preparation containing all the stood that drunkenness is a disease and natural digestive fluids. It gives weak not weakness. A body filled with poison, stomachs entire rest, restoring their nat- and nerves completely shattered by per- I ural condition. Saguache Pharmacy. iodical or constant ~se of intoxicating liquors requires an anhdoto capable off Hero is a morsel of truth from an ob- neutralizing and eradicating this poison and destroying the craving for intoxi- serving exchange: "A preacher once cants. S,afferers may now cure themsel- said? 'You editors dare not tell the ves athome without publicity or leas of trutb, if you did you could not live. Your time from business by this wonderful newspapers would be a failure.' The edi- Home Gold Cure which has been per- fasted after many years of close study tot replied. 'You are right, and the rain and treatment of inebriates. The faithful later who at all times tells the baretruth use according to directions of this won- about members dead or alive will not derful discovery is positively guaranteed occupy the pulpit more than one Sun- to cure the most obstinate case no mat. ter how hard a drinker. Our records day, and will find it necessary to leave show the marvelous transformation of town in a hurry. The press and the thousands of drunkards into sober, in- pulpit go hand in hand with the white- dustrious and upright men. wash brush and kind words magnifying Wives cure your husbandsI Children little virtues into big ones.' And as the cure your fathers! This remedy is m no sense a nostrum but m a spemtie for this minister went went looking thoughtful, i disease only, and is.so skillfully devised the editor turned to his work telling and prepared that it is thoroughly solu- ..... about the surpassing beauty of the ble and pleasant to the taste, so that it can be given in a cup of tea or coffee : bride, when in fact she was as ugly as without the knowledgeOf thepersen tak- ~V ~mud fence." lug it. Thousands of drunkards have = cured themselves with this priceless rem- ~ Grass cattle are starting in on all the edy, and as many more have been cured markets now and by next week the run ~nd made temperate men by having the "Cure" administered by loving friends will be on in earnest. Fine ranges are and relatives without their knowledge in responsible for this and the excellent coffee or tea and believe today that they grass is sending cattle on this year earl- discontinued drinking of their own free ier than usual. The quality is improv- will. Do not wait. Do not be deluded ing, but it is a mistake to crowd the by apparent and misleading "improve- ment." Drive out the disease atenee and markets just now because of the great for all time. The Home Gold Cure is overplus created by the drouth iu the sold at the extremely low price of one corn country. Kansas city last week dollar, thus placing within reach of received over 76,000 head and the excess everybody a treatment more effectual than othj~rs costing $~5 to $50. Fnll di- al Chicsgo for the week was 34,000 head. rections accompany each package. Spec- The Bloom cattle company is now round- lal advice by skilled physicians when re- ing up and will begin shipping m a week quested without extra charge. Sent pre- or so. Other outfits are at work on the paid to any part of the world on receipt of one dollar. Address Dept. E 786 Ed- round up in Montana and some of them ward B. Giles & Co., 2330 to 2332 Mar- have ordered cars for the 7th inst.-- ket St. Philadelphia, Pa. All correspon- Field and Farm. donee strictly' confidential. 0. ~eTl0r W'abklej used ~ 0dti~l Jug,J, Box papers at the O~.so~T oRi0e. Teachers' Examinattou. The regular August teachers' examina- tion will be held at the county high school building in Satz,mch~, Au_,st 16 and 17, 1901, beginning promptly at 9 o'clock. A fee of $1 is no~ rcquir~,d I,y law of each applicant for a teacher's cer- tificate. John I. Palmer, County Supt. In cases of cough or croup give the little one One Minute Cough Cure. Then rest easy and have no fear. The child will be all right it, a little while. It never fails. Pleasant to take, always safe, sure and almost instantaneous in effect. Sa- gauche Pharmacy. Francisco Water Spent. Friday evening of last week a water spout struck the Cochran ranch, on Francisco creek, and damaged crops, fences, etc, to the extent of about $500. Slight damage is reported on some of the ranches immediately below lhe Coch- ran ranch. Mr. Cochran says the flood just about destroyed this season's crop.- Prospector. Patrons of the Amerman House speak very favorably of its new management. The table is ~ood, the beds excellent and the attention given guests all that could be desired. Note and reccipt books and short form bills of sale at this office. O. 0. Taylor Whiskies, of superior excellence WANTED-ACTIVE MAN OF GOOD CItAR- actor to deliver and c,dlcet in ('ol,,rad,, for old established manufacturing wlmlesale house. ~900 a year, sure pay. Honesty rn,,re than exper. ~nce reqnired. Our reference, any bank in any fity. Enclose self addressed stamped envelope. ktanufaeturers, Third Floor. ~34 Doarbon st. Chicago. Admtmstrator's Nottc~. State of Colorado, Saguache counl y- ss, Whereas by virtue of an order of the county courtofSaguaclm county, staee of Colorado, sitUngin probate on the29th day of July A. D. 19(}1, file nndersJgned was d|rected to sell certain real estate belonging ~o the estate of Charles R. Romer, deceased, to pay debts of said estate. Now, therefore, notice is hereby given that I wtlloflbr at public sale at the front door of ! the court house In the town of" Saguache, Colo- rado. on Friday, September 12, A. D. 1901, at thehourof2oclock p. m. of said (lay, the following described real estate, to-wit: Lots seven and eight in block A U and lot twelve in block A, town of Bonanza City, Saguaehe county, Colorado. Said sale is made subject to the approval of the county court. PAUL WID~AYER, Administrator of the estate of Charles R. Romer, deceased. Notice of Final Settlement. In the matter of the estate of Charles R. Romer. deceased. Notice is hereby givcn that on Monday the 80Hi day of Seplember, A. D. 1901, being one of the regular days of ti~c September term of the COunty court of Saguache county, in the state of Colorado I Paul Widmayer, administrator of said estate, will appear before the Judge of said court, present my final settlement Re-such administrator, pray the approval of the same, and will then apply to be discharged as such administrator. At which time and place any person in Interest may appear amt present cb- lections to the same, if any there be. Dated at Saguache, Colorado, August 6, 1901. PAUL "~V IDMAYER. Administrator of the estate of Charles R. Romer, deceased. Executor's Notice. Estate of Dacro Herbert Dunn, deceased. The undersigned, having been appolnied executor of the lust wtl! and testament of 1)a- cre Herbert Dunn, late of the county of Su- guacbe and state of Colorado, deceased, here- by gives notice that he will appear before the ~robate court of Saguache county, at the court ousc in Ssguache at the August term, on the last Monday in August next, at wi~ich time all ~ersons having claims agahist said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having the same adjusted. Allper- sons Indebted to said estate are requested to make Immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this 18th day of July, 1901. ISAAC W. SCHIFFER~ Execut. W. E. Cox, Alamosa, attorney for the Exec- utor. Have You Books or Maga- zines to Bind? We do law, Hedleal, Library, ALL KINDS OF BOOKBINDING Books bound in every conceivable style. Old books rebound. Art and film bindings. Blank book makers. Hall Williams, 1441 Curtis St. Denver, Cole, CLA RENCE HERSEY. Assayer anti Chemist, [Established 1879] Leadville, - Colorado. ~amI~le~ by Mail or ~xpr0=.~ l".eoeiv0 Prompt Attention. WANTED--ACTIVE MAN OF GOOD CHAR- actor m deliver and collect in Colorado for old established manufacturing wholesale house. $900 a year, sure pa:~. Honesty more than ex. patience required. Our reference, any bank in any clay. Enclose self addressed stamped eno velope. Mauufacturcrs, rhird Floor, 384 Dearbon st. Chicago. ....... ELY'S ~REAM BAL1M[ fS a poa|flveeure. 2kpply Into the nostrils. Ills quickly absorbed. 50 eent~ at Druegtstler by mail ; samples 10c. by mall. ~GL]~ D~OT~, ~e Wa~a ~t,~ ~Tow ~ork titS, Summer Closing. Commencing June ist and continuing until September 1st the store of the Got their & '['arbell Mercanlile company will c'o.~'e promptly at 7 o'clock each evening Saturday nights excepted. We are taking orders for copper plate engraving. A full line of samples of latest styles may be seen at this office. Prices are the same as charged for same class ef work iu Denver. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure Digests what you eat. This prel)ara!if)u contains all of the dtgestanls a~d digests all kinds oi %od It ~_tves inst~nt~ relief and never' fails' to c~re. It allow~ you to eat all i the food you want, The mos~ sensitive i stomach~ can ~ake it By Jtsuse many thousands of dyspeptics have been i cured after everything else failed. It is unequ:tlled for all stomach trouble& it can't help hut do ~ou good ~eparcd only by E. Q. DE~VITT & C.o.,_Chlcag ~iie $1. bottle contazns~i times the t~c. s~z~ TO CHICAGO The l~eliable lo~lte Palace Sleeping Cars and Dining Cars. Chair Cars Free, ALL Owned and Operated by CIHCAGO, MILWAUKEE & St. PAUL RAILWAY. For furthe reformation address J. E. PRESTON, Commercial Agent, 1029 Seventeenth St. Denver. Colorado. Th0 Illinois gantral R R Omaha, Nob. St. Paul, Minn. Minneapolis. Kansas City, Mo. Memphis, Te nn. Nashvll e, Tenn. Louisville, Ky. New Orleans, La. ~ EFFICIENTLY SERVES h VAST TERRITORY ~/ by through set- ~x~ vice to and from ~ ~te,:: following tit- Ghlongo, Ill. St. Louis, Me. Peoria, III Evansville, lad Cincinnati, O. Atlanta, Ca. Jacksonville, Fia Vicksburg, Miss. Weekly through service between Chicago and between Cincinnati AND THE PACIFIC COAST. Connections at the,e terminals for the EAST, SOUTH, WEST, NORTH Fast and H~ndoomely Equipped Steam- Heated Trains--Dining Cars--lluffet-Li- bvary Cars--Sleeping Cars--Free Re- clining Chair Cars. Particulars of agents of the Illinois Central and conuecting lines, A. H. HANSON, Gen'l Pass'r Ag,.nt, CHICAGO. JAMES CULTON. Commercial Agent 805 17th Street. Denver. PHONE 1125. Colorado Short Line. Missouri Padfic Ry The People's Choice, Through without change DENVER, COLORADO SPRINfiS and PUEBLO TO KANSAS CITY and ST, LOUIS, Direct Route To The Hot Springs 0f Arkans . Free Reclining Chair Cars. Elegant Pullman Palace Buffet Sleepers. Government Fast Mail Route East and West. See your nearest ticket agent or write C, A, TRIPP, G, W. F. & P. Agt., Denver, Colo. JUSI R ECElVED Tht largest and best line--for tht~ climate-- of ~Idren~ ~ and]'boys cotton jcncy underwear ever shown in this market, Beautiful styles of Ladies mercerized bla~k satteen underskirts at $1~50, $2.00 and $;3.00. Come in and examln our bargain court- tar of chfld~m and misses shoes at $I.00 and $1.25. Only thrte silk waists and two silk under- skirts Idt. Will make price right to clos~ them out. The fiotthcl Tarbell Mercantile Co. From a Denver Divine. "I want to tell you of the great pleasure which we have enjoyed in our trip across the continent this week via the Burlington as far as Chicago. We have realized afresh the superb qualities of that favorite highway of travel." Burlington trains leave Denver for Omaha and Chicago at 4 p. m. and 10 p. m. daily, Kansas City and St. Louis, at 2:3~ p. m. and 10.p.m. Tickets at Oflicm ot Conneotins IAnm. Ticket Office, 1039 Seventeenth St. G. W. VALLERY, General Agent, D~rvr~. ' U ~' ~ II [ I .... ...... IJ II I I III I III I ill( "[fllll i The Denver and Rio 6rondo R, R. T IE POPULAR LINE TO Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Cripple Creek, Leadville, Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Grand Junction. Salt Lake City, Ogden, Butte, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Reaches all the principal towns and mining camps In Colo., Utah and New Mexico. THE TOURISTS FAVORITE ROUTE TO ALL MOUNTAIN RESORTS. THROUGH SLEEPING GAITS BETWEEN DENVER AND Cripple Creek Grand Junctlon *Portland Leadville Salt Lake City San Franei~eo Glenwood Springs Ogden Los Angeles CHICAGO AND ST. LOUIS. DINING C_A_RS SERVICE ~. LA CART]v~ " ON ALL THROUGH TRA1NS. " S. K. HOOPER, GI P. &T. A., Denver, THE PIONEER TABLE Villa Grove, Colo. Having leased the old Pioneer 8table at Yilla Grove (being the one used by H. Braham and sacceuora ass stage barn) to be used as a BvetT, I feed and ~le stable, I solicit a part of the public ] patronage, and aludl strive by strict attention to I bueine~ mad with good rip and harne~ to merit ] the came. F, P, BALL Nanater,