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August 9, 1906     The Saguache Crescent
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August 9, 1906

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eAGUACHE CRESCENT (Fonx~gLT ' SA~UAOH~ D~MO~BAT. ) (l~t~blished 1880) LUDWICK & BRYAN Editors. OFFICIAL PAPER, SAOUACIIE COUNTY. Published every Thursday morning by THE CRESCENT PRINTING COMPANY, At ~achc theoountyaeat of~tauscheoounty, In the famous ~ Luis Yailey of ( olorado. i~otered at the p(mt office at I~aguacha ~A,,- ado, a~eecond-claeF mail matter. 8ntmeription Rat~m $~.00 per annum. AdvertisinR rates made known on application. To Our Subscribers. Each of our eubscrtbere wilt tud the date to which his or her subecriptinn i$ paid, as shown by our books, printed on the paper, or the wrap- tmr, following the name of the subscriber. If there is any mistake in the date we would be plcaaed to have our atteataon called to the fact. hddrem all Gommunicatiouo to THE @P~SOENT, I~pmche, 13olo. August ~, t906. The Unremembered. We guard the quiet sleep Of those forever gone, And ~ae~ed memories keep As we fare on. Above uch narrow bed Sweet flowem are blooming yet-- Nay, it is not our deed That we forget! But oftentimes, aside, From living friends we turn, And tho~ affections hide For which they yearn. Llv~ by our own lives crossed Have all eiss above; And hearts that loved us most Need most our level --E~ene Dolsoa in Watson's magazine. The Trail of Life. The trail of life leads out and far away, We follow blindly for a httle day; And then our baffled brethren take it up, Till they too, drain the dark draught oi death's cup. The trail of life leads out and far away, A sip of sorrow and a gleam of ge~, A feast of love,~ome bitter brew of wrath, All follow blindl~ in the beaten path. --Robert I.~veman Wateen's magazius. After Mogg.--Whe? The announcement of Congressman Hogg that he will not be a candidate for re-nomination again comes ae a surprise to his many friends aud supportersia the ~cond district. It is true that a special to the Rocky News come weeks since, contained an intimation of such a decis- ion on the part of Mr. Hogg,but the peo- ple of Colorado are so in the habit of dis- counting all political announcements they read in the News, that no attention was paid to the matter,and it aroused no comment. If Mr. Hogg had not volun'- tartly withdrawn he would have been re-nominated by acclamation and his re- election would have foIR)wed with equal certainty. He ie a strong and able rep- resentative of Colorado's interests, and hie retiremeut will be sincerely regretted by his hosts of friends. The question of his successor will be one of the absorbing themes in the polit- ical life of Colorado from now until the convention is held. The district ia large and contains many men Of ability, well qualified to take up the work Mr. Hogg ie laying down. '].'here is one thing how- ever, that should be insisted upon and tenaciously demanded. The nomination must come to the Western slope. The claims of this section are too often ignor- ed but this is one time when the demand should be made so loud and insistent that it will be heeded. Among the many able and brainy men in western Colorado, who hy reason of ability and character may be considered in connection with this office, there is one who in the opinion of thin Miner stands pre-eminent. His life has heen spent on the Western elope and he is identified with all her interests. As a member of the national house of repre- sentatives he would be a credit to the elate and an honor to his district, Miner nominates Hen. Frank D. Oatlin Of Montroee.--Siiverton Weekly Miner. The news of Gongressmsn l{ogg'e re- fnul to accept a renomination was re- ceived by the Glt~E~T with surprise and regret. We have always admired his straight-forward and above-board methods. And in the matter of" vhoos. ing his.successor,, we believe like the Miner and many others that he should come from and be c|o~eiy in touch with the large rural portions of the state. As to J udge GaMin, he is such a man and has many friends in this section. 4 The Republicans of the fiKeenth sana- toria! districts are begin,dug to discuss the subject of a candidate for the cam- paign. The matter seems to be attract- ing general attention all over the dis. trier; and several names have been al- ready suggested. Each of the three counties seem to bays a man for that particular place. But as the present conditions exist the nomination is due to Saguaohe oouuty, from every point of view; and when the time rolls around for the delegates to meet in convention she will be there with her 0andidate, and she will be there to secure hie nomina- tion. FIADE FROFI NATIVE ROOTS. SAFE AND RELIABLE. That the roots of many native plants, growing wild in our American forests, possess remarkable properties for the cure of human maladies]s well proven. Even the untutored Indian had learned the curative value of some of these and taught the early settlers their uses. The Indlan never liked work so he wanted his squaw to get well as soon as possible that she might do the work and let him hunt. Therefore, he dug "papoose root" for her, for that was their great remecy mr ~e- male weaknesses. Dr. Pierce uses the same root--called Blue Cohosh~In his ,Favorite Prescription," skillfully com- bined with other agents that make It more effective than any other medicine in curing all the various weaknesses and painful derangements peculiar to women. Many afflicted women have been saved from, the operating table and the sur- geon s,knife by the timely use of Doctor Pierce s Favorite Prescription. Tender- ness over the lower pelvic region, with backache, spells of dizziness, faintness, bearing down pains or distress should not go unheeded. A cm.lrse of ,Favorite Pr~ scrlptlon" will wor~ marvclo, u_S _nenen~ In all such cases, and generally c,vcv permanent cure if persisted in for a rea- sonable length of .time. The ,]~avorltc Prescription" is a harmless agent, oemg wholly prepared from native medicinal roots, without a drop of alcohol in its make up, whereas all other medicines, put up for sale through druggists for woman's peculiar ailments, contain large quantities of spirituous liquors, which are very harmful, especially to delicate women,- ,,Favorite -Prescription" con- tains neither alcohol nor harmful habit- forming drugs. All its ingredients arc printedon each bottle wrapper. It Is a powerful invigorating tonic, imparting health and strength in particular to the or ans distinctly feminine. For weak ar~ sickly women, who are ~worn-out," or debilitated, especially mr women wno work in store, oflTcc, or schogl-rcom,.wh sit at the typewriter or sewing machine, or bear heavy household burdens, and for nursing mothers, Dr. Pterce'.s Favorite Prescrfptlon will prove a priceless oenen~ because of its "health- restoring and strength-giving power. For constipation, the true, scientific cure is Dr. Pierce's PlOas,.nt Pellets. Mild, harmless, yet sure. From Illinois, Elgin, Ill., July 16. To the unintiated nt t~ a curl,,u, aud remarkable feet that Elgin a little town in Illinois, virtually controls the price of butter for the world. Why this action of the Elgi. board of trade should have so much influence on the world's mar- ket will be understood when it ia stated that the Elgin district pr,)duces over 40,000,000 pounds of butter annually. Elgin butter and i~!gin condensed mi,k, are like watches kuown in every clime and every country on tht. globe. After viewing the district's ideal dairy farms, observing tim hundreds of thousands of cattle which dot every hillside, it is easy to understand why this section is able to produce the finest milk iu the world and consequently mal~e the butter which has become world rehearsed for its high standard of excellency. In traveling from Chicago to Joliet along the drainage canal, I was impress- ed not only with the greediness of the overgrown city aa it spread out for thir- ty miles marring the landscape of the western prairie, but with the artificial, unnatural channel, that after doing its work, and doing it well, is harnessed to great dynamos at Lookport forty miles west of Ohicego, and sends hundreds of eiectric horse power back to the city. But after all, its the greed of gain that has developed this great country, It is at this point that the government ,regu- lates the amount of water allowed Chi- cago for sewage purposes. Not all the people of Joliet are jolly or happy or even contented. It brings a tinge of sadness to visit the 1600 convicts working for the state at the prison. From Joliet I traveled north over an electric line to Aurora, Elgin and Rock- ford andit was along this live that I found the dairy interest at its best. The sanitary conditions which prevail in the Elgin district have attracted the atten- tion of dairy experts from coast to coast. Through this great dairy country not a bushel of grain nor apound of hay is shipped out by the farmers, but there is very much shipped in. Twenty-five car loads of condensed milk, bottled milk and cream, in fact nearly all the milk from thi~ point is shipped in bottles, it is not uncommon for one company here to ship an entire trainload of condensed milk to Japan. A stroll through the Elgin National Watch factory, where three thousand mac and women are employed, turning out 2600 watches per day, is full of in- terest. The help we found about evenly divided between the male and female, They work nine hours per day. The la- dies averaging from eight to ten dollars per week and the men average from $2,50 to~$3 per day. Two hundred and fifty men all skilled workmen are.employed, putting the watches together and ad- justing them Everything,s made by machinery. One machine will manu facturesixty wheels at a 0ime. It is operated by a lady who turns out 4000 wheels per day. One of the machines for the manufacture of the most deli0ate screws in a watch will turn out 5000 per day and there are five of these machines The balance wheel*passeeLthrough twen- ty differeut[hauda before it is completed. Fifty men are employed trimming hair springs and balance wheels, while twen- ty-five skilled ladies are employed simply i to balance or I~oiee the balance wheels. !It requires 250 hands to manufacture the dial alone, seven different sizes are made;one of|which is a twenty-four hour dial. More than twenty-five people are employed just workinglon the hands to a watoh. The factory is modern in every respect and one of.the~b~t of any kind in the west. The help employed ie above the average in inte|ligenoe. we wat0hgl the ~00 men ~d and women coming out,,f the immet)sc ] fact~)ry at the noon hour, and filling fif- teen st, oct cars, they lucked more like clerks comiug out of a sto~e than like people employed in a work shop. It is the shops as well as the ~dairy industry that has made the cnuutry wtmt it is. From Joliet to Rockford there are more bh,tu 5000 maaufacturiug.pi,nts employ- ing Over 40,000 people It is with much interest that I hues watched the method employed by these th,ifty t.ides iu ~ecurmg manufacturing plants. Elgin is noted as beiog s city of homes. There are many fine res,doncev, artistically built and surrounded with beautiful, attractive grounds, but what is even more es~entis! to a beautiful city i~ the fact that there ax'~ thou.-anda ,,f t,o,nea helongiug to the working and middle olasses, all neat and attract lye and allofthe builders seemingly had the artistiu and beautiful in view. The state property, the llhnois North era hospita~ for the insane, is Ideally In cared. The great slate farm extends from the river bank we~t to the hills which form a border line to the Fox river valley. The natural beauty everywhere evi. dent throughout this loualitj, is not laokiug hale, and the judicious expet~d. iture of tunney haa made the state prop= arty a place of surpassing b~auty. The buildings are large and artistic and the grounds are laid out to give tim unfort ut~utes there conllned, as much pleasure as possible. A~res and acres of velvety lawns, great shade trees, well kept walkt~, and drive.% tined ~ith tro~.s and flowers, qu~Ant aud artistic rus,iosummer houae~, puvrllions- and brldgee, gleet one cO every haud, All this hi'lugs sunshine i into the lives of the one thousand five[ hundred patients and adds in no emalil ! measure to the pleasure of citizens and i / visitors, as the grounds are opeu to the i pucdo at all times except ~undays. A. DEUKE~. For feltture Notice. To Ton~' Parko his i~eite ur tms~gu~ You are hereby notified that we have expended durius ti,e years 1905 and 1U06 four hundr,,d dot- I lars ($400) m laoor and nnprovemont~ upOa the llomo Run. St. Patrick and Use mining ctaime, sitaate in Music talcing uistrict, ~gueche county, elate of Colorado, (t,f ~hich the ioCatt.n certificate tS found un record In bo~,k 90, pages ~i, Z95 ami 2~7 re~pe~livei iu the office of the county Clerk and recurder of tSa- guacho 0ount~, Uolorado, ) ia order to hold said claims under the provi~ions uf sectiou '~Z~ of the revised statut~ of the U. b. and the amendments thereto approved January 2~, 1~0, conceruing aunuai labor Upon miniua claxms, betus the amoun~ required to hold Imid raisins claims for the }ear ending Dec, 8i, 1905. Aud if within ninot~ da~s from the publication of thisnotioe/ou fail or refuse to contribute your proportion of such elpcnditu,.e a~ oo-~wner your interest in the ~aid claims will become the property of the eub~crib~re by the terms of said section, T. J. TreadweLt, U. B. Cook, J. W. Vinton. W. A. Treadwcll. Aug 2 Nov 1 P/oUce for Publication. U. B. ~A~n Ol~tn~ ~T D~ Noa~, Co~o. t July ZT, 190~. ' Notice k hereby, given that the foBowimz nam- ed settler has flied notice of his intention to make final proof in sapport of hm claim, and that said proof w/it will be made before the re~- inter and receiver at Del Norte, Colorado, ou ~leptember 8, 1906, vim John W. Johnson who made home stead eatr/NO. ~99, for the se~ see 12, twp t~$ ~q, Ktmse '/E ~ M P M. Fle nam~m the foUowin~ witn~ to prove his continuous residence upon ~d cuitivanon uf said laud, vtzt Gnstave Johnaen, &ugus~ John- son, 8. P. Johnson, Carl F. Isbers ati ~f kit- auache, Colorado. FaStbacks, Beehtter. Aug 2,-80. ~ottee of Forfeiture, To Bichard F, Caffrcy, his belts or eatiSus~ ~ou are hereby notified that I have expended during the years l~t~ and 190~ St00 m labor and improvements upon the Michisan Central No. 2 mining claim situate in Blake Minin~ District, 8agtmche cuuaty, Colorado, (of which the locw ties certiiiuate ts round ca record in book ~t~ page 49 in the office of the County Clark and Re. 0order of ~guache county, Colormlo,) in order to hold caid ctaim under the prov|sio~ of he~. 2S2A of the Bevitmd t~tatutes of the U. B. and the amendment thereto approved Jany. gtt, t~0, con- cernms annual labor Upon mining claims, beina the amount required to hold ~U remiss claim for the years cn~tng DvCemb0r lit, A: D. 1~)~ and 1~5. And i[ wxthia ninety days from the pubh- cation of this notice you fail or refuse to con- tribute your portion of such expenaiture u oo- owner, yuuriutersat in the said claim will be* come the propert~ of the subscriber b]r the terms of said section. Nell MoOse. July 19--Oot 18 Notice for Publication. Department of tha/starter. U.t$. ~D O~no= a'r Din, -Noah,, CoLo., Jo~y 14, 1~6. } Notice Js hereby given that the foilowiug nam- ed settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim and that said proof will be made before the clerk of tae district ouurt at Ieaguaehe, bole. on .Auaust It;, 1906, viz: John Curtis who made homutcad entryNo. 8094, for the se~ ne~ and ne~ ee~ eec 8 and w~ sw~ 0ec 9 twp 45 bi R ~ N M p M. He names the followinff witness to prove hil continuous residence upon and cultivation of enid land,.vi=: Z, T. Glark, John Clin~ Jame~ ~lane, Thee. Roberts; all of Ba~aaohedJolo. FAIR]BANF*J$, Register. July 19 August 16. Desert Land, Final Proof--Notice for Pub- llontlon. U. 8. Lend omee, Del Norte, Cole July 21, 1~. | Notice is hereby siren that John W. Johnson of b~t~uaehe, Colorado, hu filed notice of inten. tion to make proof on hie desert land alalm No. 118, for thesw~andw~se~ seog, twp 45 N RanSe ~ E ~ M P M, balers.the register and re- caiver at D~J Nortv, Colorado, on Saturday, thS 8th day of I~eptember, 1906.. He aam~ the fol- lowing wimesaea to.prove the Complete irriga- tion and r~lamatioa of enid land; Gustave Johnson, August Johaaou, 8. P. John. son, Carl F. hbarg all of I~ohe, Colorado. L~ Fairba~k~ l~ter. Do Neglect a cold Weakens the Lungs. lowers the Vitality and makes the system less able to withstand each succeeding co~d. thus pavinff the way for more serious diseases. CAN YOU AFFORD TO TAKE SUCH CHANCES ? PROFESSIONAL J. TRACY MELVIN, Physician and Surgeon. Office opposke Union Hall Ss~ avenue. Examining Pension Bureau. O. P. SHIPPEY, M. Physician and Calls answered Saguach~ Consumption, Coughs, Colds, ~or@ Throat, Asthma, Croup, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis, Hoarsenoss, ~oro Lungs. EVERY MOTHER SHOULD KNOW THAT BALLARD'S HERE- HOUND SYRUP GONTAINS NO OPIATES, DOES NOT CONSTIPATE CHILDREN AND WILL POSITIVELY CURE CROUP AND WHOOPING COUGH. MRS. ~AI.LI--~ LOCKB~R, ~oldthw~lt~, ~ox., e~ys: '%Ve have used I~l|~rtl's llorehound Syrup in mF fanaUy for nevernl years, arul It a~:vuy~ givt,~ satisfaction. When the children had Group and %VhooD|nK Coughltahvaysrellcvedthemntonce*aod I wou!d notbe without it lu the holms, na itls the BJggT IffJ~DICINR we know of." Best Remedy for Children. Every Bottle Guaranteed. THREE ~IZE~: ~0, @00 and ~ 1.00. BALLARD SNOW LININENT CO., ST. LOUIS, He, SOLD AND REGOMMENDED BY THE=SAGUACHE PHARMACY. Save All Your Cream U. S. Cream Separator, A MONTH OF SUNDAES You have read of our soda water limerick? For the best two or four line limerick, sent to us on our soda water, we will give 28 glasses" of soda one day, or .~ One glass of soda for 25 da~s, Y or 12 sun(lass on one day, or 1 sundae lbr 12 days. Send poem to Thurston's Drugstore. Cast Your Eye Over Our Line of Trout Supplies. Of course our stock o Fishing Supplies is complete. We also cae~y a large and complete line of General Hard- ware. See us if you need any repairs or new machinerY for the haying season. LAWRENCE & WILLIAMS, SAOUACtiE, COL0 U~ our Coal Chute and not the window. The Ro~nim Wood, Coal and Vegetable Chute a usdul, durable and slmpI devil. Saves mon- ty, tim~ and troubk. Write for catalog. C~and Rapt& Foundry Co., GRAND RAPIDS, WISCONSIN. 5 COLONIST RATES TO CALIFORNIA and the NORTHWEST Deny= to San Francisco .................................. .$25.00 Dearer to Los An~eks ..................................... $25.00 Deny= to Portland ........... ........ ....... ...... ..... .$25.00 Denvcz to Spokane ......... - ...... ..... .. :... ....... : ...... $22.50 A Daily Ltn of Pullman Tourist Cars is operated tmtw~,n Denver and San Francisco Denver and Los Angiz~ Denver and Portland Liberal stopovers on Colonist tickets. For full information regarding train se2vicc,~ Pullman Re~rva- tions, etc., etc., call on THE RI0 GRANDE AGENT A, BREWER Undertaker. Full and complete stock on hand SAGUACHE, W. E. MANI~, Auctionee] Will cry all ames of $1,000 for $10; over $1,000 one per Ce~tter, NED LOCKETT Notary ,Saguache Abstract O[flce, J.G. Civil and Mining U. S. Deputy Mmeral Victor, - - J. W. DAVIDSON, Attorney at Will practice in all Courts. 1 14 New PoDs Bldg, PueblO, ( JOtI~V 1. , Saguache C, Will Practice in all CourtS. L ALIT OF If you nonLetnplate making tt wJ] terc~t~d in the validlLy .o[ cue, or rarest in an entitle, Call Ltud see or 1 mare a specialty st the l the/egaliLy ol wills. N. Q. TANQUARY, Attorney at', Uontlnental Bldg,, W. F. BOYD, Notary ~iaguache Count)' ~lank. A. H, ~0EWAOK]iMB~3~, Justice of the Peace and Notary Villa Grove, Colorado. J. H. WILLIAMS County .-7 Office, Lawrence.& Williams' North Door Dunn's S. J. SPRAY U. S. Deputy MINERAL SUI~ Patent A Specialty. SALIDA, SAGUACHE GOUNTY GOMFANY, Dealers In 8aguache BFAL EgTATI~. GHOIG~ ltAlq CHJ~t$ the Beet Portion San Luis * moue grain field of rado. Property rented for non-res- idents, taxes paid and inaur- ante written. SAGUACHE, '110 8aKUaC O GOUlItY Pioneer Bank of ~tguache Gomat~. Oraaniaed, May, l~SO. Incorporated, J uly, I~Z. CAPITAL STOCK, A General Banking B~" ncss Transacted. Issued on P~incipM Box= for Rent. OFFICER8 ~ND DIBtetY/OB~, tI~AAG ttO~L'ttELF, J~ceatdent. I.EOPOLD ~RA~E~, Vise.Prin. Wm. F. BOXD, M&KK BIJ~DKLd~ COBRI~PO~ DEaN B. Koantze Brca., New Xork Git, Fist Natiomd Bank, Denver, First ~atloUal Bank, Pueblo. JPho~s No. - =.