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The Saguache Crescent
Saguache , Colorado
August 9, 1906     The Saguache Crescent
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August 9, 1906

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.... :: :77 :i:~!~ .............. .......... jli CRESCENT. Another Interesting Letter. Kamehameha Day, .l nne ll. (From my study window.) celebration of W,sbiugton'a bi~ t h- was a decided ,uc(e~s arous- SOme ]title jeuhm~y am,ng a f#w and a few cl|ronie agitators and set oat to .utd,, it on J~me 11, one holidays. It was a typical June with fle~'v ,.tou.ts floating aimlessly aceomp'anied i)y "liquid sunshine" large crowd of all nationalities, natives gathered in front of ~ton Place, the queen's city resi- the early morning. Eqp~cially were hurrying here and there in the bright colors of the gala Yellow the royal color predominat- We early took our places at a window the queen's yard so as to none of thi~ unique celebration in great Kamehameha. Th~ and princess with their entertain- seated on the front lanai, or The Popes orchemra, the private one, was discoursing strains of llawaiian music and as no other people can, the sen- of the great Kametmmeha and The crowd c~ntinued to gather until sidewalks were crowded and the full of the "medley of nail,ms." A largo and beautiful silk Hawaiian was raised in tho qu,en's front yard a word and without a cheer crowd These people are loyal queen in a way but it is a loyalty thusiusm. It is too much like fur the b~zy, indifferent, d,m't cars to indulge in a cheer. Give him instrument and the hula dunce will laugh and scream till you hear him a mile,but the serious does *eel to him iu the least. He will onthusiustic citizen of the 8. but he will iaever cause serious i~ let alone by the agitator and demagogue. underthofl~ga~itfloatel to the had boon buried the guns and ~tauni,ion which were to be used in the q,men again on the throne. the street is Ceutral Union ia the tower of which spies were to watch the queen's movements those of her friends and followers. 'the broad approach to the house, queen had boon led to prison in the where she finally relinquished all to the throne. A little further the street is the armory where exciting scenes have taken place where the meeting was held that in the ovorthr, w. Verily we the very midst of old historical Pa.u riders, I00 sl, rong, ladies in very long flowing yellow di- skirts, rode in at the front gate at up to the lanai where the and pricess were seated. One of number made a abort speech in greeted the queen .with a "aloha" then passed on to dec- the tomb and statue of Kame- Then followed about fifty ca- women who gave a similar greeting. ) men took part in the parade and not the queen. Thus fell very this day in honor of the man whom in high esteem. It emphasized idea st lack of stability and same afternoon the queen and dressed in the holoku style were on the front lawn playiug croquet. of the queen's time i~ spent out of and while her face is getting old care worn, she is really much more and hopeful than could be ex- one who has lost so much. aRIEP GLIMPSE OF THINGS HAWAIIAN. i~ believed to have worked eastward from Alga Minor, ~rough India, Malay peninsula.and the birth Sea Islands. They drifted to these in canoes about the year 800. I, the Napoleon of the Pa- united all the tribes into one king- ~a in 1795. The united country ia the same age as the U. 8. ~twaiians discard the point~ of the" and say; "mauka" (toward the stains,) "makai" (toward the sea,) (toward the great sea beach,) iron', (toward the plantation by that East, west, north and south are seldom heard. Like the Emerald Isle, we have no and but few birds, none of beau- Plumage. This is one of the disap- athe "haole" (new comer.) clothing is white duck for and the holoku (mother hubbard) Most of the natives, Chinese Japanese discard shoes. native doctor or priest, l has a strong hold upon the people, who belong to the Christian He rules by tear and threats. !Master cast of a kahuna who is known have prayed thirty-two people to is on exhibition at the Bishop language contains 16,000 words Only twelve letters. Two consonants together. Each word and ,liable end in a vowell; as many ~ltve vowells are found incus word and Hawaii had no insects nor She has no carnivorous no minerals of any kind. tOols were made of stone, bones or Most of the native birds, animaD, flow. prs and trees are extinct. They have ~-iv,,,~ way t,, ~ho in,p,,r'el ,,t.~'~. II nolulu is aiJ,,u' 20 ,t ~:r. eu ,.,,r~tl ,4 tt,, ,qna or. Fr, ,. lh*, city I1,,. ~,,nti, era ~'ross i- pla,~Ay visib'- "n all il~ I,T i;!ia,ley. The -~mo, ic~o, the c, ml,olling p,,w,.r ha,~ a impul Oion of 7,200, ,.ne-two,~fiolh ,,f th~ t,,tM, l'hare ar,. tai,~,~ ,s ,na,,y P,,rtugn~se, lhr~ times as re,my :CI,i- l~ese, f.ur limos as maHy i~ntivos anti eight times as many J~paneao. The.lap- ar, ese e,,uld sweep the ~mericans into i theoce, nin[.ne rizht if they had ll,e inclination. NO reptiles, no frogs, no malaris, no burrieanos, no sandstorms, no wild beasts, n,, smmtroke,', no mad dogs, no tramps. Sea bathing every day' in the year, wonderful natural curiosities, rain with- out clouds, the rainbvW unexcelled both day and night. The people were never cannibals, at- though one ate Capt. Co,,k's h~art that had been hung up in a tree, by mistake, Many victims ~ere sacrificed to satisfy their gods and when new temples were dedicated, The "harking sands" upon the island of Kauai, when walked upon or rubbed hetween the hands, give off a sound lille the barking of a dog. CONTRADICTIONS, The occident vs the orient, a country of sanshine yet el,,uds are always vial. ble. Very dry in /,laces, yet in other places more than a hundred and fifty inches have fallen iu one year.- Sur- rounded by water ,,el the best fish are taken from ponds. A land of fruit with- out apples, ~ear~, peaches, plums and cherri,~s. Mush grows in the ground, lemons on vines, bread and muskmel. l,:,-, m tr,*.~. S,tutt, el in th~ tropics yet never hotter than 90 degrees, seldom that, Fh,wers w|th the appearance of leaves in bright colors. When the is{ands were discoverel by Captain uook, 1778, there were 350,000 people, on the arrival of the missionaries 1820, 150,000 romaine,l, and bY the last census the number was reduced to 25,- 000. The Dying Race may bo the Hawaiian as well as the American Indian. The natty, man cannot stan 1 the i,roads or civilization and its ao ~_ oompauying diseases and vinos "['heir I[ language is almost gone, their power i~ !,.] a thing of the past aud soon the typical I native will be known in history only' 1 [ Intermarriages between all races are]| common, many Chinese marry native i women. The sturdy, hard work ug aud I great memory of the Chinese co,nbined with the lazy, happy go-lucky, fun-!ov- ins Hawaiian makes a better citizen and more reliable one than a union of whites and native~. Thi~ is especially notic~ able in the school children. J. B. Morgan. Flied ['or Record. July23. E. O. Jones and wife tel Rachael E Glasgow, w d, 2i0 acres in 17- 4%9. 80 Wm. E Swentzel and wife to same acres in 17-47.9. July 25. The Saguacho CreamerY, cert of inter. Gee H. Curtis to Saguaohe Co Cream- ery, w d, tract of laud in nw~ ne~ 7-44-8, July26. Alice [~ Everett to Bruce Collins, qcd, lot 4, blk 93 Bonanza. Log C, bin lode Green Mt diet, It, H C l~ucas ~t al Ioeators. U S to Gee W Burd, pat sw~ 2742-9. July27. LillianO Bacon andGeo C Travis t- U G Honnell wd, 640 acres in 43-10 and 11 and 44-11. Mountain High lode Blake diet, Ic, by Charles Heft,nan et el. John E G ahem to Mrs A Noxon and John C. K,ng, fort notice, Buckhorn No. i and 2 lodes Madina dist. July 30. Ooppor King lode Manitou diet' lc, by Ous Nelson. Si~bscribe for THE ~NT' BUSINESS OR Or[ HER PROPERTY, WE CAN SEAL IT FOR YOU, no matter where it is or what, it~ is worth. If you desire a quick sale send, us description and price. 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