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August 15, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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August 15, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. VOL. XXI. NO. 33. SAGUACttE, COLORADO, THURSDAY, AUGUST 15, 1901. WHOLE NUMBER 1073. i Our s~ialtleJ this week are Boots and Shoes Hats and Gaas. Shirt waists, summer wrappers and ladies straw hats we are closing out at l~s than ~st. Bargains in many o.th~ gee&. SAH FEAST, MOFFAT, LAWRENCE & WILLIAMS DUNN BLOCK, SAGUACHE, COLOI~ADO, Have just opened as complete a stock of My Hair II Ill "I had a very severe.sickness that took off allmy hair. I pur- chased a bottle of Ayer'a Hair Vigor and it brought all my hair back again." ...... W. D. Qulnn, Marseines, hi. One thing is certain,--- Ayer's Hair Vigor makes the hair grow. This is because it is a hair food. It feeds the hair and the hair grows, that's all there is to it. It stops, fallihg of the hair, too, and al, restores color tO ways gray hair. $1.00 s boile. All dm|t~a If your drugl~lst cannot supply you, send us one dollar aria we wiU expreu you a bottle. Be sure and give the name of your nearest express office. Address, J. C. AYER CO., Lowell, Mass. IIII II ...... RESERVOIR'8 FIRST VI()II.ML m~ Orva Phillips Drowned tn the 8tats Re- ervolr Thurda~' Afternoon--Five Boy GENERAL HARDWAREI """- mile from this place was the scene of a As can be found in the San Luis Valley. This stock is new throughout, was selected by an experienced Hardware man and was bought at prices which will permit its being sold rigbt. Anything kept in a well-appointed Hardware Stock can be bought of us. We molieit your trade. B,ugg ie s and Wagons I-'have at my place in the town of MeSaS a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Binding Twine, 0il, Etc. I have a bargain to offer in Buggies and W agone which I buy in car load lots and can make you better paices than you can get any where piss in the valley. Call and examine my stock and get my prices before buying elsewhere. JOH:N HOLCOMB. MOFFAT, COLO. ..... n II|. t i P. M. JONI~, ~411mt~ 8asusehe, Colo. FURNISH YOUR HOME FREE[ | some. nlnstrated e~tmo~mI READ TIIE LETTERS I N~t~whsg be~tltlful P.rs'I from our" ptttgon# and i mJ~s .~ve,~v? f.or mlllnl$I be eonvlne~l that you 1 ~la'B.map~ welpve~eaenl sredestlngw|th atlior- 1 ~aT~.t~_ ?f ?.box o~ ~E~_~_I oughly re-liable souse. I or DO~$I OI l'l~nmc ~flelr i [] i'l" "l'[l ['-I/-I''Y'/ om~mtprsmiumlnthemarket. Iatmp$, Bra~let~,l I .\ M~l~@' ]JL\~ ]-~-\/ Gla~wars, 0palwars. Knives, Ro~tmtlns Pan~ Ca~I ll~ /~'~ ~[~/ /"~\ I .bl~p.~\ /'Platesnndothsr beautiful pre~ents, ro am l I A,~--.~.,ll~ ~ " .~.I- L.,L: "~.I the agent who sell only ~t boxes of 8cap i ! I mL'~ ~!~kY ".~/oi._v ~_~J~ W@ sire a-&OdPfem Dinner ~t--not a ~ I _ ~ SOlid trace-l, iln SlZ~ 11o1 Imny n~, Diff- mll~l~ll~J~[tl nluffrot~ vv v ' . ~ter set. We t~lso gl Conches, itoekers, ! ~[ | |l I m vetI much pleassd wtth my dish*e, and Dinins Room Chairs. Center Tables~ ~l[ Y tJ1 val~ups~on~rord#r~n. Ir~AW ~ Curtaimt, Watches. Knives ann Wmm,,~ 1 Miss LULU B Forks, Oranitware, Sewing Machine, ~l NsLOa'VD.LI, Omto. Mnieallmgruments.Ete. Ifc~hipt~- a~'mm"]l~l , OeodJ n~lved taodsF. My_ eu~mmsrJ ~ all fro'rod w.o allow s very liberal com.mi~ ~+~8~1 ~eknl~lampeh4~b~ore. Wlil~ndsnoeh*r.orger ?re waow XOu lo %s~s~,m~./n2vm~,II ~l IMl~l THB PEOPLR'S NATIONAL FAMILY NP.WSPAPliR The state reservoir situated about a fatal accident on Thursday afternoon of last week. Orva Phillips, ~he adopted son of Mayor John Lawrence, in com- pany with Glenn Wllhams, Wilson Wil- liams, Bric~ Mack and Willie Hammond had brought to the reservoir au old fiat bottomed boat, made some years ago by James Buchanan, and had patched it up. The boat leaked badly and was not a very safe thing for boys unaccustomed to the use of boats to fool with. They d~d not have any oars and to propel it used two pieces of six inch boards and two long poles. ,The first trip only four of the boys were in the boat--the Hammond boy not going. The second time they all got in. By this time the boat was getting badly water logged and when about half way acrem the pond they discovered that the boat was sinking. Then all jumped out. The two Williams boys and Willie Ham- mond could swim and they pulled out for the west end of the reservoir, where the water was shallow. Brice Mack could not swim but he held on to the piec~ of board he had been using as an oar and tt was sufficient to support him and kept his head out of water. He was in the water for about half an hour and was brought to shore by Messrs. Lockett and Sehonberg, who swam out to him. The alarm was given in town by Glenn Williams, who, as soon as~he found that Orva had sunk, jumped on a horse and immediately notified Mr. Lawrence aud others. Ina very few moment~ a hun- dred people were on the spot. The boys had all removed their clothes before getting into the boat and to this fact the other four no doubt owe their lives. There has not bean any water in the reservoir until very recently.Several NEW- 0RK TR1 Pnbli~l Monday, ! Wednesday .and Frlo] U~y. is In reatitya nne, fresh, eve~.other-day D~, $ivlna the ]at-) eat news on days of is- sue, and ooverins news ' of ths other- thz~e.. I~ : contains all important foreign cable news whioh appears in THE DAILY TRIBUNE of ume date, al~o De mestio and Foreiw 0orre~p?ndenee, 8hot 8torim. Elepnt Halt tone Illustratlon~ EW- 0RK Published on Thurs- day, and known for nearly sixty years in every part of the Unit- ed States as a National Family Newraper of the nighest cla~s, for farmers and villagers. It contains all the most important g e n e r a 1 new of THE DALLY TRIBUNE up to hour going to press, an Asrxcultural Depart- mess of the highest or- der, has entertaining reading for every member of the famhy, old and young, Market Report~ which a,e ac- Humorous Items, In s do.trial informatio~ WEEKLY | F~hion Notes, Agrt | l[1fl~TllrllTY I[Y oult~al Matters an( eeptedesaothority by I WH'H'K/ V ..Compreh.enslv?andr~ farmers and country merchants, nnd is clean, up to date, in- terestina and instruct- | : Regular Subscription iveRe~ular subscription l| .][ ,,][,U j., j~ ~D I~HM~ weprie' St" per year..hlrn!sh i> wlth TRIBUNE ) p~ce, ~1.00 per year. We rurnih it with 'x'~tls unms~'x ~or THE CREI~ENT for 8~1.~0 per year. $2.00 per y~u'. nd all orders to The Crescent, Saguache., THEAKOUND 0F SWAT HE CALLED FOR THE MOON, BUT IT DID NOT COME DOWN. ~kn Experiment Which Opened Ills ]~yes to the Difference Ret~'een the Theory and thc Prnctlee of Thlnlgs nnd Incidentally Shorteno, q[ Him Grand Secretary. [Copyright, 19~0, by C. B. Lewis.] One day, as the akound of Swat had returned from a trip around town, dur- ing which thousands of his subjects had knelt to do him homage, he called for his grand secretary and said: "Remshen, I'm a good deal of a fel- ler, ain't I ?" "You are, 0 heaven born!" was the Teply. "Would you call me the biggest thing on earth ?" "Truly, but you are!" "While I'm around on this earth there can be no other boss, eh, Rem- shen T' "All other things are but a fly on a bull wheel compared to your extra highness." "But how about the heavens, Rem- siren?" continued the akound after chuckling his satisfaction. "I mn sat- isfied that I boss the earth, even to the mountains and rivers thereof, but I'm not exactly clear as to the sun, moon and stars Don't they come under my rule as well?" "Post not remember, 0 mighty ruler, that your title is Akound the ~lghty, CRIED OUT FOR THE MOON TO TAKE A DROP, boss of the earth and owner of all the planets above? Your humble slave as- sures you that the sun, moon and every star will hustle to do your bidding." "Thanks, Remshen. I must be a daisy for sure. Not being clear on the subject, I haven't given much atten- tion to celestial matters, but now I think I'll give them a whirl. If a fel- ler is going to be boss at all, he might as well be a boss on wheels." "That is true, O akound, and when you get ready to command the moon to come off her perch I will issue procla. matlon and gather the people." Old Remshen was a fawning syco- phant on skates. He had a good thing and wanted to keep it. He had said the same fulsome words to his master a hundred times over, but nothing had come of it except to make his position more solid. A day or two after the above conversation and while he was going around the palace with a molas- sea grin on his face the bell jingled, and he was called into the presence of his master. "By the way, Remshen, do you re- cloud bursts have occurred on the water shed to the northwest during the past two weeks and the reservoir had filled up so that in some places it was from ten to twelve feet deep. The water was very muddy and also very cold and this member our little conversation the oth- made it impossible for any one to stay in er day?" queried the akound. "Can a slave forget his master's it for any great length of time. The discharge pipes were opened and iu the evening the water had been lower- edso that the pond could be waded. About 10:30o'cicok at nigbt tbe body was found by Ira Colvin and Sterling Hedges. It was lying under about/hree feet of water. Orva Phillips was born in Sa~uache 14 years ago May llth. His father is dead but his mother--Mrs. Lussey--two brothers and two sisters live at Silverton. Mrs. Humphrey Fullerton of this place is another sister. The family at Silver. I tou were wired the news of his death. Orva Phillips was taken when but a small child by Mr. and Mrs. John Law- rence and they were to him all that nat- ural parents could be. They were great= [ ly attached to him and his tlagm death affected them very much. Mrs. Law. fence required the attentions of a physi- i oian and Mr. Lawrence staid at the rea- l erroir until the body was recovered. The funeral occurred last Saturday I afternoon at 2 o'clock. Don't be satisfied with temporary re lief from indigestion. Kodol Dyspepsia , Cure permanently and completely re- moves lhis complaint. It relieves per-i manenHy because it allows the tired stomach perfect rest. Dieting won't rest i the stomach. Nature receives supplies from the food we eat. The sensible way to help the stomach is to use Kodol Dys- pepsia Cure, which digests what you eat and can't help but do you" good. Sa- guaehe Pharmacl, words?" asked Remshen as he lifted his hands in protest. "I've been thiuklng, l'm a heap of a feller, and you know it, and I know it, bnt there may be a man or two on the outside who differs with us. I want to do something big to knock 'era all out." "Will it please thee to behead a thou- sand men 7" "Well, yes, it would, but as it is just about tax time we'd better leave their heads ou their shoulders nntil they have paid in the sugar. I think I'll go for the moon, Remshen. She'll be full tonight, and I'll order her to come down to earth." "But, O ruler, she might be damaged in the fall," protested Remshen, begin- ning to quake with fear. 'Tll look out for that. We'll spread a feather bed for her to light on. Just issue a proclamation for the people to gather on the east side of my palace at 10 o'clock tonight." "The moon, O ruler, Is sometimes ob- stinate," suggested Remshen as he felt a pain. "She has even been known to disobey mighty potentates." "But she'll tumble for me, or I'll know the reason why! Is it not in my title that I am owner of all the planets above? Get along, old boy, and issue that proclamation. When my subjects discover that I can wallop old Luna around at will, there'll be no more kicking about high taxes." Old Remshen was boxed up and couldn't say another word. He went away and Issued his proclamation and then beseeched the grave of his father, the bones of his mother and his lucky Jtnrs to ~end a dark night to knock the ~srl~0~t On th0 hea~, ~ Wa~ 10al~, mg mnous wilco night came and the old York state cheese arose In all her glory. Everybody In town was out, and the odds were five to one that the akound would win. At the hour named he appeared on the steps of his palace aud lifted his hands and cried out for the moon to take a drop. It was a dead failure. He cried out again and again, but the moon continued her gait. "Remshen." said the boss of earth when he realized that he was knocked out, "dismiss the populace and come with me." The populace went away with thell tongues in their cheeks, and when th~ akound had reached his library he said: "How L~ this, Remshen? Why didn't the moon come down?" "O ruler," replied the old sycophant as his heart tunked his ribs, "there is a difference between theory and fact." "I see. Theoretically I am owner of the planets, Practically I am an ass. I ought to imve got ou to this, but being o busy It never occurred to me. Rem- shen, old boy, come out in the back yard with me." "O mighty ruler, but what would you ?" "I'm going to give auother illustra- tion of theorY versus fact. Theoretically you are my grand secretary and one of the most eminent men in the kingdom. As a matter of fact you are a head shorter, and your bones will go to en- rich my gooseberry bushes!" M. QVA~). Astounded the .~.dltor. Editor S. A. Brown~[~ Bennettsville, S. C., was once immensely surprised. "Through long suffering from dyspep. sis," he writes, "my wife was greatly run down. She had no strength or wgor and suffered great distress from her stomach, but she tried Electric Bitters which helped her at once, and, after using four bottles, she ie entirely well can eatanything. Its a grand tonic, and its gentle laxative qualities are splendid for torpid liver." For indigestion, loss of appetite, stomach and liver troubles its a positive, guaranteed cure. Only 50 cents at Lord & Wilcex's drug store, Crestone, Colo. IV[aid of Honor. Two years ago a fine piano was given to a lucky maid of honor. This year the main prize will be a diamond ring, The following letter is explanatory: "A. T. Lewis & Son have sent the fol- lowing letter to the board. "John McNamara, secretary, Dear Sir. The firm of A. T. Lewis & Son takes pleasure in offering to the board of direc- tion of the festival of mountain and plain a solitaire diamond ring, valued at ~250, to be awarded by lot to one of the duly elected maids of honor attending the fes- tival of 1901. The manner of making the award is delegated to the board of direction, with the request that it may be pleased to undertake the same in such manner as it may deem just and equita- ble. Very respectfully, A.T. L~:wm." The board of directors bae determined what the manner of allotment shall be. Numbers from cheap, corresponding with the number of maids in attendauce, shall be placed in sealed envelopes in a receptacle and each maid will draw an envelope. Then, and not before, a set of envelopes containing corresponding num- bers to the former total shall be placed in a receptacle and one envelope shall be drawn, by a child chosen for the purpose The number contained iu the envelope so chosen shall be the winning number and the holder shall have the ring. Two years ago the Dearer :Zusie company gave a $~50 piano, which was alloted in the same way. The J. Stevens Arms & Tool company of Ghicopee Falls, Mass., are offering to d~stribute the sum of $500 to the 60 young persons sending them before Oc- tober 1. the 60 best targets made with Stevens rifles. The prizes range from $50 to $5. Send them 10 centsin stamps and state the calibre of your rifle and they will marl 12 official targets and con- ditions of tho contest. Wanted to fill files of magazines of the S. C. H.S. McGlures. 1895, Dec.; 1893, Jan. and Nov; 1897, Mar. and April; 1898, April and May; 1899; Jan. and Feb.; all of 1900 sad 1901; North American R~view, 1898, Jan., Oct., Nov. and Dec.; all since that date; Munsey, 1888, Feb., August and Dec.; all since that date; American Review of Reviews, 1898, Apr., May, Agust and November; all since that date. Any or all of the above or any other magazines will be thankfully received and due credit given. Notify or send to John B. Morgan. If you have rooms to rent to pupils or wish to board pupils, please notify Prin. J. B. Morgan or Mr. i almer. There are a number who must be provided for in this way. Royal Hubbell the photographer is~o- ing to Alamosa soon. Those who know what good pictures are would do well to aujppl,y themselves while he is here, SAGUACIIE CRESCENT FOR)~,RLY SAOUAOHX DIU/OO]UkT. OSCAR D. BRYAN, PROPRIETOI~ AND EDITOR. "ublished at.Saguache, Colo.),,every Thursday. (m ponticat questions it wxu aavocata the interests of the Repubhcan party. It~ chief axm will be to advance the ms. Serial interests of this @aunty. S, ubsorlptlon. - $2.00 a Your. Well Machine. H. O. Miller, who has the contract for sinking the stats artesian well at this place, offers for sale the machine used here at a big bargain. Mr. Miller is the patentee and maker of these machines and will give any one bed rook prme. The machine can be seen in operation near this place. Call on or address. H. O. Miller, Saguaehe, Colo. Grand Army at Cleveland. The Burlington route announces a rate of $36.90, less than one fare from Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver, and inter. mediate p,Ants, to Cleveland, Ohig, and return. The rate from other points in Colorado will be one fare added to the nearest point from which the $36.90 rate applies. All agents will be instructed to sell through tickets on September 7th to 10th iuclusive, routed via the Burlington if so desired by the purchaser. These tmkets will be limited to September 15 with privilege, of extension to leave Clevelaud as late ss October 8th. No other line can offer a cheaper rate or bet- ter service. One can ]eave. Denver on the Burlington's famous Chicago special at 4 p. m. and reach Cleveland the sec- ond morning at 7.40, the only change of cars being at Chicago. This service is available to every one, whether Pullman. berths are desired or not, for the latest pattern reclining chair cars, in which seats are free are carried on this train, in addition to Pullman sleepers and bur. let library observation car. Mea[s are sorved to all in dining cars on the popu- lar plan of "pay only for what you get" whether only 25 cents' worth or more. These dining oars are not expeoted to realize a profit, but are in operation for the convenience of the traveling publio, which accounts for the excellence of the service. No where in the world oan one get so much for so little money. If you contemplate a trip to the east why not join "the old guard" and radiate from Cleveland to }our further destina- tion, The annual encampment of the G. A. R. will soon be a matter of history, and as this one promises to eclipse all others in point of lavish hospitality, it is w~ll worth a visit. Why not go and take the Burliugton~ It costs no more than say other line. With reference to berths and other information, a letter addressed to Gee. W. Vallery, general agent, Den- ver, will elicit prompt attention. ~rhat a Tale It TO/IS. If that mirror of yours shows a wretch- ed, sallow complexion, a jaundiced /ook, moth patches and blotches on the skin, its liver trouble, but Dr. King's New Life Pills regulate the liver, purify the blood, give clear skin, rosy cheeks, rich complexion. Only 25 centre at Lord & Wilcox's drug store, Crestone, Colo. We would ~rge upon our readers to "' lose no time in sending for a state fair -;. premium list if they possess anything of ' " uuusual merit that might interest thb ~ public. Thirteen thousaad dollars is to := be distributed in cash premiums and:di-~ ~! plomas will be awarded that will ever be held in high esteem. Again we would: : urge those of our readers who are inter. ested to write today for a premium list ' to Paul Wilson, secretary, Pueblo, Colo. It ls a Good Thing. We like to say a good word for any- thing that deserves it, so do not hesitate to endorse the Sterhng Remedy compa- ny, makers of the famous Cascarets. Within five years the sale of Cascarets has grown from a single box until last year it reached the enormous sale of over six million boxes. Wo mention thiswith pride because we have carried the adver- tising in the columns of this paper and it is only another proofthat the right kind of advertising behind an article with real merit like Cascarets brings success. All druggists report an enor- mous demand for Casearets that is stead- ily increasing. They are put up'An|con- venient form and the prices are 10c, 25o and a 50c box is enough for one month's treatment. We urge our friends who have the slightest liver or bowel trouble to give them a trial. q1~-4 Mr. Uh'ey aud wife from Saguaohe were visiting their son, Frank Ulrey this week.--Dispatoh. Harvester oi1~55 cents per gallon at Lawren~ce & Williams. Mrs. P~ttenger wdl take a few more pupils on piano and orgau, " "