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August 22, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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August 22, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. (Foa.tumLT SAOUAOHZ DIn[OOlt&T.} Entered at the post office at. E~guache, Cole., f r transmiMion throuah the m al~ as second-class matter. OSCAB D. BRYAN, Editor THUtIgDA :Y, A UG. :2"2, 1901. The way the state board of ammsecra lifted the valuation on railroad proper- ties is a caution. In 1900 the valuation was a trifle over $34,000,000 and this year they raised it to a little over $126,000,- 000. It is not to be expected that this raise will stand. Under the new law the railway companies can take an appeal to tha state board of equalization. This they will do,and if the new law is upheld by the supreme court they will then make their can before the board. In it's death struggle the democratic party of Archulete county costs the state a cool $7,003. At the lest county election the republ4eans carried the county by small majorities. The town of Edith went almost solidly republican and in or- der to seat their men the democrats sought to throw the precinct out and to this end contested the election on the grounds that Edith was in New Mexico. There was no question as to the state boundary line but the democrats created the question by hiring a surveyor to make a survey of the line. After consid- erable maneuvering the surveyor set Edith over in New Mexico. When the ]ate lamented 13th conglomeration met it appropriated $7,000 to have the state line surveyed. The surveyors have been at work along the line for some timeand have probably made sure that none ,,f the $7,000can get away and they find that Edith is in Colorado. They admit that the old corner stones are correct. Attorney C. A. Johnson was one of the principal disturbers and it ia needless to say that Charley has ~wo brothers on the surveyor's pay roll.--L~dger. The names of Gee. Gilpin and Gee. John Evans have been mentioned in connection with the hall of fame at the St. Louis expceition. The selection of Gee. Gilpin is all right, but without at- tempting to detract from thedistinguish- ed services rendered the state by Gee. Evans, we have another name to propose in his stead. It is that of Gen. W.J. Palmer. The projector and builder of the Rio Grands system, the founder and pro motar of Colorado Springs, the Rio Grands Western, etc. He has done in- finitely more for the state than the other gentleman. But whether he is honored in this manner or not the rasults of his life work stands as a monument. His re. cent generous gift of over a million dol- lars to the old employee of the Rio Grands Western stands without paral. lel in the west and now he gives to Colo- rado Springs the magnificent park site known as Austin's Bluffs. In many re- spects Palmer and Gilpin were alike. They both law far into the future with i prophetic eye. Gilpin's Alaskan railway i which twenty-five years ago seemed so visionary ie now looked upon, in the light i of later developments, as being alto- gether feesabis. Gen. Palmer'a original Rio Grande railway plans embraced a line to the city of Mexico, as well as the system he built. Others forestalled him on the route to Mexico, but at the time he formulated these plans they seemed chimerical in the extreme. Gilpin and Palmer should represent Colorado in the hall of fame. Go to P. M. Jones & Co'e. for lumber. To Save Her Child. From frightful disfigurement Mrs. Nannie Galleger, of La Grange, applied Bucklen's Arnica Salve to great sores on her head and face, and writes its quick cure exceeded all her hopes. It works wanders in sores, bruises, skin eruptions, cuts burns, scalds and piles. Cure guar- anteed by Lord & Wilcox, druggists, Crestone, COlo. Some very rich ore was displayed at the First National bank a few days since which wee taken from one of the proper- ties in the Alder district. The quality is such as to stir up a renewed activity in all mining interests, and there is an increased scramble for new locations by prospectors. The Alder district is forg- ing to the front as one ot the most sub- stential in the state.--Mail. The San Isabel Mining Co., operating 4 miles north of Crestone, held their an. nual meeting at Colorado Springs last week and elected a new net of officers. It is esid theq~ will be a general change of management and it is intimated ths~ a great deal of development work will be started at once. Go to Jones' for flour, feed, groceries and provisions. DON'T WAIT. Ifyou knew how SCOTI"S EMULSION would build you increase your weight, weak throat put you in con. dition next winter, you would begin to take it now. Send for free sample, and try it. SCOTT & BOWNE.Chemlete. 4o9~t5 Pearl Street, NewYork. f~. and$z.oo; all drugglstJ. I I Letter From Miss Mc.'~ullln. U. S. A. Transport Thomas, July 29. I am thoroughly enjoying my first sea voyage and trust it will not be the last. I find that my ideas concerning a ship were very erroneous. They set the table just as we do and the dishes are not fas- tened in any way. Our chairs are sta- tionary. The dining room is called the saloon and is kept so clean. The electric fans have been running for three days now. You should see how things shine all over the ship, I appreciate the mean- ing of the word ship-shape now. The brass is cleaned every day and the floors washed, then once a week even the ceil- ings are washed. Men spend their entire time cleaning. Readiuf ie our principal amusement but the evenings we spend walking the decks or sitting by the rail. All of the teachers had to be vaccinat- ed, it was either vaccination or return, some made a great fuss about it, i heard one man recounting his troubles, he said he thought it was had enough to be sea sick, home sick, love sick without being vaccination sick. We have a merry crowd. There is to be a dance tonight, but several are going to watch from the rigging which means we will be at the stern. The dance will be on the forward deck, we have so much music. Understand we remain in Honolulu till Friday, we reach there Wednesday morning about sunrise. We are now 250 miles and it is 5:55 p. m. We had a beautiful sunset, the ocean was very smooth and there were just clouds enough to off color, the ocean has been very quiet but the second day the waves splashed on the upper deck, the captain said that even the sea we are in now would seem rough in comparison after leaving Honolulu but it does not seem possible. People are beginning to put on their linen and white, the officers have a white uniform which is very oe- comming. We are going to publish a paper in Honolulu which will give the names of the passengers, incidents of the voyage and other matters of interest. All are beginning to plau on their via- "it in Honolulu, the Harvard boys want to'play the Yale boys a game of base ball and arrangements are being made for the game Thursday afternoon, the places of interest are posted in the saloon so we will have an idea of what to expect. Honolulu, Aug. 2, 1901 We reached Honolulu at 3 o'clock a. m. Wednesday, but did not land till 9 as we had to wait for inspection. Was very much interested in the natives, they have intelligent faces but the dress of the women detracts, ] have fallen in love with the city as it is beautiful, the foli- age is gorgeous every tree has a flower, have seen palms, bananas, bread fruit, lemons, etc. growing in the door yards. The climate is flue, there has been a fresh breeze all the time, the Americans look natural, some have fine rubber tire carriages and put on much style. Wednesday evening we went to the Pacific Heights, an electric line the only one here runs to the top a distance of two and a half miles, had a splendid view of the city which was well lighted with electric lights. Thursday evening we attended a re- ception held on board the ship where we met the governor, the superior tendaut and others of note. We listened to the Hawaian band, the music is beautiful, two ladies sang solos, their voices are sweet though not strong. We sail tomorrow at 12, we expected to eail today but could not get ready, may be delayed till Sunday. The government is treating us fine and we appreciate it very much. Our trip will be fine, we are going from here to Guam where we expect to stay a day, maybe two or three, then to the south- ern most island of the Philippines, (but i do not stop) and through the straits to Manila. We will not reach Manila much before September let. For the "Boys. James Camper wants to buy all the old copper, zinc and rubber he can get. He will pay 5 cents a pound for copper, and one cent and a half for old rubber. I sell gunny sacks four cents each. I pay 12 cents a dozen for beer bottles. M. S. Denton, watch, clock and gen- eral repairing, next door to CREgC~ENT office, Saguache. The Drouth in Iowa, Thomas Stodghill, cue of the principal owners of the Salida telephone system, is in Salida the guest of his brother, G. F. Stodghill, general manager of the com- pany. Mr. Stodgbill's hornets in Ottum. ~.~ V Jlaakes short oa s. ! / XLI2 that runs on wheels. Sold Everywhere. Male by" wrANDARD OIL CO, j~ [ li John A. Stephens says the rains have helped the Upper l~aguache ranchmen more than they expected. He has just cut an 80 acre meadow which three weeks ago would not have paid for cut. ting, and got a good crop off it. The meadows cut a few weeks ago have also grown up again rapidly and assures good pasture for the fall and winter. The mitlock is improving daily. Tablets and box papers at lwoest prices at CRESCENT office We notice in an exchange the an- nouncement that the family of our for mar townsman, Joe Hamer, of Walsen- burg, has been increased, a girl was borni to them on them on the 12th. Lots are selling very cheap in Ham- mond's addition. You can double your money on them inside a year. O. O. Taylor Whiskies, grow ta popularity. To Stockmen. Desiring to gather in all reversed L horses this fall or as many as possible before Sept. lat, I will pay $1 per head to persons finding them who will drive in, notify me at once and keep in pas- ture until I van send for them. Mrs. Jason B. Hall. .4. WORTHY SUCCE.%~OR. "~omething Now Under The Sun." All Doctors have tried to cure CA- TARRH by the use of powders, acid gas- es, inhalers and drugs in paste form. Their powders c~ry up the mucuous mere. branee causing them to crack open and bleed. The powerful acids used In the inhalers have entirely eaten away the same membranes that their makers have aimed to cure while pastes and oint- ments cannot reach the disease. An old and experienced practitioner who has for many years made a close study and specialty of the treatment of CATARRH, has at last perfected a treatment which when faithfully used, not only relieves at once but permanently cures CATARH by removing the cause, stopping discharges and curing all in- flammation. It is the only remedy known to science that actually reaches the af- flicted parts. This wonderful remedy is known as "Snufflels",the Guaranteed Ca- tarrh Cure and is sold at the extremely low price of one dollar, each package containing internal and external medi- cine sufliclent for a full month's treat- ! meat and everything necensary to its per- fect use. "Snuffles" is the only perfect catarrh cure ever made and is now recogmzed as the only safe and positive cure for that annoying and disgusting disease. It cures all inflammation quickly and perma- nently and is also wonderfully quick to relieve hay fever or cold in the head. Catarrh, when neglected often leads to consumption Snuffles will save you if you use it at once. It is no ordinary remedy, but a complete treatment which is posi- tively gU/trantecd to cure catarrh in any form or stage if used according to the di- r ecfllons which accompany each package. D~n't delay but send for it at once, and write full particulars as to your condi- To Cure a Cold In One Day. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab- lets All dru~gints refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on each box. 25c. Carl Marold went to Bonanza on Moad:ly with a casket and hearse to superintend the burial ,,f a ehlhl of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kinter. We did not learn i the particulars regarding the dealh. 1Cute r Notice. All water users of water district No. 26 are hereby notified to place 19eke on their head gates and turn the keys over to the water commissioner or bin deputy. Argo Taylor, Com. Dist. No. 26. Good cook and heating stoves for sale. Enquire at P. M. Jones'. I have been making boots and Mines for a good many years and it is reasonable to sup. i pose taut I am a judge of these arlielcs, I have concluded to carry a line of Boots and Shoes I vote for ....................................... for MAID OF HONOR to represent Sagua~he County at the F~stlva[ of Mountain and Plain, at Denver, Oct. l, 2 and 3, gg0t. N~ tett test totttttott6t t#tt tet~toe00o ott~tt t~ Residence ................................ SAGUACHE CRESCENT COUPON. LIGHT DRAFT for ladies, men and children and a portion of the goods are now open for inspection. I have no hesitation in saying that I can give you Better Values for yoUr money than any other house in the valley. Let me show you these goods. Birt Clare, EASY RUNNING For sale by Smooth, noiseless, durable Binders and Mowers are what you are after. You have all of these qualities in the (~h0111~|011, IKE$ C0,, Center, Colo. Saguache, Colo. SENT FREE N. B.--Long time., easy terms, and low rate of intt2at. Best of Job Pr!nting at this office. YOU AI E INVlI [D to visit FISHER'S Kn^w,_~__ Uterine Tonic u Jc;u~; ~ The Great Female Remedy positively caresaU femaleeomplaints; 1 month',~ tre&tment Sl; S mo~ths' treatment $:,. HRS. SADIE M. FISHER, SUITIg ~8, ~{'8 10TH S~., DEltTER, COLO. Also for sale .by AU Druggists. Send for free sample and literature, worth i ts weight in go!d, ~10d anywhere OU Iequest~ postpaid. Public Land Sale. U, S. Land Office at DoI Norte, Colo., Aug. 12~ 1901. t Notic~ is hereby glVeu that in pursuance of nstructions from th~ commissioner of the ~eneral land offiCe, under auti~orit.y vested in tm by sections 2455 U. S. revenue'statutes, as amended by the net of congress approved Feb- ruary 25, 1895 we will proceed to offer at pub. lic sale on the 28rd day of Sept. 1901 next, at tide office, the following tracts of land, to-wit: Southwest .~4 northeast ~4 and soutlmast ~A northwest ~ sectlou 3L townslllp 44 N. R. 10 east, and lot No. 2, and west lot No. 7 In sac. 3, township 43, N. R. 10 east, N. M. M. Ahy and all persons elalndng adversely the above described lands are advised to file their claims in this office on or before the day above designated for tile commencement of said sale otPerwlse their rights will be forfeited. JA8. H. BAX'PF~R, Register, PERCY [-~onKrRK, Receiver. Notice for Publication. U. 8. Land Office, Del Norte, Colo. ) July 16, 1901. Notice is hereby give~ that the following named settler has filed notie~ of hls intention to make final proof In support of his claim, ] and that satd proof will he made before the clerk of the district court, at Saguache, Cole- i rado, on Augnst 24, 1901, vlz; John Paul Simon who made homestead en- try No. 2706 for the north west ~A, aec. ~, twp. ! 44, N R 10 E. He names the following witnesses tt, prove his continuous residence Upon and cultlva- tiou of said land vlz: F. M. Davis, Mirage Colt)., William Eato~), O. A. Wa es, H. C. Frazce, all of Moflitt, Colo. JAe. H. BAXTER, Reciter. Trustee's Sale. Default ha ring beell made In the payment :of that certain bond for eleven hundred dollars fill00), secured by a trust deed froln Edwin D. ulen and Harriet C. Bulen, his wife to F. F. Mead, trustee, for the use of the Mead Bond and Trust Company, recorded Ju the records ofSaguachecounty, Colorado, in book M, at page512, aud the said Edwio D. Btzlcn having died, and the said bond having bees allowed as a claim against his estate In the sun) of twelve imndred ami thirty-nine dollars and Lions, and you will re(~lve special ad- vice from the discoverer of this wonder-, full remedy regarding your case without C~., ...... t. ..... ,~ *~ ...... t .... ;.~ ~ ninety-two cents ($1239 92) on the fifth day el . . ~ . ~ . . ~ ' JUly, 1~, anu salu Claltn nelng Still n ) al(t "Snumes'" the t~uaranteeo t~amrrn uure. and the said F. F. Mead imving removed fPom .;A ,,~ ~., ~AA.~ ;~ tt.~land beLng now absent from the couuty of . . Arapah e, In the st~te of Colorado aud the 0"nlted States or Canada on receipt of [ undersigned, Eugene Williams. sheriff of the one dollar. Addraes dept. E 786 :Edwin county of Sagaaehe in tim state of Colorado, g;t t~;lan ~ ('~ c~.'~."4~ and )-q-q~ Mortrat. ~t~ [ having become successor in trust under and ~r~:. ~ ~_~ .'~'~=~ ................... { by virtue of the terms of said trust deed. J~ H llLttlt)| ~llltL .us. ~LaiS stgaature is on every box of the genuine xative Bromo-Quinine ~abi.~ the remedy that eure~ a eels fn one ds.y Now, therefore, I, the undersigned, Eugene Wi]llams, successor tn trust an aioresaid, lu pursuance o~ ihe power in me vested by the terms of said trust deed, will on Monday tl~e 30th day of September, A. D. 1901 at the hem" often o'clock a. re. at the front door of the county court house tn Saguaelle In the COUnty of Saguache, itl the state of Colorado, sell the premises described to sahi deed of trust, to- wit: The southwest quarter of the northwest quarler and the nortl~ half of tbe southwest quarter aud tl~e southeast quarter ot the southwest quarter of section 83, township 44, north of range Scast N. M. M., coutatning one hundred sixty (160) acres government survey, nlore cr less, together with all thc right, titlenl,dinterestofthe maid Edwin D. BulenandHartietC. Bulen, llts wife at the time ofexecultng said deed uf trust In the Bulen ditehes, nnmber8 one and two, lnclu.I- ing with said ]aod, all dlLelL iFFigal, illg, reser- voir and water rights there.h) l)cr(ainlng or |tl WANTED--Capable, reliable person in every county to represent large company.of solid finan- cial reputation, $936 salary per year, payable weekly, ~ per day absolutely suro and all expen- ses, straiaht, boaafld~, definite salary, no com- mission, salary paid each Saturda and ~xpense money advanced each week. 8TANDABD HOUSE, 834, D~ARBON ST.. CHICAGO. The Bccklcy Packint House ,# and in,pact our complete linm of Groceries,..! :-i / Glassware, Enameledwars, Harnem lmd Saddles, ........... Our Grocery Department is larger tha~ it has : ever been before. Don't forget that we have a nice line of up4~o~ - date Styles of .wash good~ i ..... / Furniture. I have lust received a new 10t of furnltere Bed= steads, tables, center and extension, cbalrs, mattresses, etc, Do not send away For fnrnlture before you see my line. Am still sellln hardware at bedrock prices, ELLh HOWARD at th~ oM Fttllertoi~ staa& 6 lacY way belonging wiloti~er represented hy wa, lows, and be sa~,s they all nearly ~ shares r,f capital stock In nny ditch company. or by actual ~waersl}ipin any dit,:)ws, canals melted from heat this summer. Natural- Mining Application. or reservoirs or i.tm','st t[lel'Cjlt, (,r bv n,~o. ]v he likes this bra~in~ m,mm~ ~l~m~*~ .... tracts or leases wltl~ any tllir~l par~y, el" which - ~ e, ............... No ~. MIneralStnveyNo. 14719. ~wereh-ld,)rc:,ntro:led at the dat, e ol'Aald of Colorado. He eay~ that the injury to " Land Office t~l NorSe Col- ~ trust deed by tim said E,iwlu D. Bulen orHar- ~Au 8'1~1."' ~ rtetC. Bu[en, his wif,~, In eonneellon there- the corn cro throu hour the drouth g t ~ e P g ...... ' ' w th. or which sh ce th n, have been acquired _~.. . L , .... .~ .... ~otlee m uereuy given that hi pursuance of [ by the said Edwin D. Bnlen or Harriet (3. Bul- OlSLrlC$ nab r~een OVer esulmatoo ano ~na5 the act of congress approved May 10, 1572, E. C. I en his wife and used in connection wifl~ enid ......................th~t will h~ ~ fair nrnn~.. 'Ph~_~_ e-~rrn'~ ....anfEverly,. whose post office address is Cochetopa, [ land, for the purpoae of paying said bond and Colorado, on behalf of nimself and his co-own- [ interest and the expenses of this trust fared worst and pasture is very short, era, A. G. Perry. G. E. Perr.v~ C. L. Perry and ] ~,,a~.,~ W,T.~,U~ W.L. Perry has made applleatlo~ for patent .................. The damage to the agrioultural interests for 15001ine~tr feet upon the Union Bell lode Sheriffot the county of Saguache, in tile was -reat but there will be almost an [ bearing golu and Miner, being 36i feet N 71" 11; [ state of Colorado. Successor in trust. '. [ W and 1136 feet S 71" 11' E from mouth of dis- I average yield of all cereals.--Record. ] eovery cut thereon, with sm'fa~.e.ground 300 feet wide situated in Cocnetopa mlnlng district, Sa- Executor'~ Notice Bu- a lo~oud's addi guacfle couuty, Colorado, and described by the ......... " I official plat and field notes on file In this office tion and build a home Move into town [ as follows, to-wit: Estate of Win. Wittmayer, deceased. Beginning at cor N~.I whence tl~e W ~ cor sac the undersigned, having been appointed and get the benefit of Saguache'e eplen- 14 twp 45 ~ R 3 E N M P M bears S 86" 28' 40~ W executrix of tile last will and testament of Wih ~526.19 feet, thence N 1" 12' E 19.2 feet to cor No. did schools. ] 2, sur No. 9711 Silver Plume lode. 3~$.4 feet to ... . , _ = . ~ .... , ,.. [ eor No 1said snrvey No. 9711, 314.7 feet to cor we are lazormed that ~. A. torts 111~- [ No. 2, thence S 7l" 11' E 1,500 feet to cot No. 3, .............. I ti)ence S 1" 12' W 314.7 feet to eor No. 4, thence ~10 boy IS qu]r,e RICK ancI ins case IS alag. [ N ~1o 11' W l~)feet to cur No. 1, the place of nosed as diphtheria I beginning, containing 10.329acres and formlnga I portion of the E otsec 14 twp 45 N It 3 E NM ..... ! P M. 8aid location l)eiug recorded in book 63, ~ ~ ~ O ~ I" ~ [ pag~ 66 of the Saguache county, Colo., records. It-----t- .'[~l(indYnll Ilavatlw~ltnll~nt |No known adJo)niug clahns except the one --~a,.~ ~ ....... ~ "'~'" [ above mentloaeu. ~I~ ~ .~ ~ [ JAn. H. BAXTER, Register. # ~/~ J rll,.t rub ~us. ~, last o~t u, liam Wlttmnyer, late of ;he cauoty of Sa- gaache and state of Colorado, deceased here- by gives notice that abe will appear beiore the probate court of Sagnache county, at the court house in 8aguachs. at the ~eptember term, on the 4th Monday iu September, next, at which thne all persons having claims agalnst said estate are uotlfled and requested to atteud for tile purpose of having the same adjusted. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make hnmedlate payment to the undersign- ed. Dated this 21st day of August, A. D. 1901. JoszyJ~z~ WZTTMAX~, Executrix. tl ountain.. %imitcb Only ONE Night Out 00LORADO to CHICAGO Only TWO Nights Out COLORADO to BUFFALO NEW YORK and PH]:LA_DELPHLA_ ,~v. Ve..er ............... 1,~0 p.,,. ~,.,~. 2 CHEAP FICUR$10N RATi~ Lv. Colorado Springs... 1:30.p.m. Daily. Ar. Chicago ....... 0 :S$ p.m. Next Day. Atl. eEA$0 . For Rates, Reservations and Literature, address W. H. 1BTH, Gen'l Ant., 800 17th St., Denvar. JOHN SEBASTIAN, G. P. A., Chicago. E, W. THOMPSON, A~ G, P. A~, Topeka,