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August 29, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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August 29, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. VOL. XXI. NO. :45. "' I Im'11'l [" I " " " I " " ' r "" I I I SAGUACHE, COLORADO, THURSDAY, AUGUST 29, 1901. WHOLE NUMBER 1075. ................ Our spedalties this week are Boots and Shoes Hats and CaDs, Shirt waists, summer wrappers and ladies straw hats we are closing out at less than cost. Bargains in many other goods. SAM FEAST, MOFFAT, LAWRENCE & WILLIAMS DUNN BLOCK, S_A.G:Lr COLO: .A.:DO, Have just opened as complete a stock of 6ENERAL HARDWARE .............. li ................... . As can be found in the San Luis Valley, Thin stock is new throughout, was selected by an experienced Hardware man and was bought at prices which will permit its being sold right. Any'thing kept in a well-appointed Hardware Stock can be bought of us, We solicit your trade. Buggies and Wagons T_'have at my place in the ~own of MeSaS a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Binding Twine, Oil, Etc. I have a bargain to offer in Buggies and W agone which I buy in car load lots and can make you better paices than you can get any where else in the valley. Call and examine my stock and get my prices before buying elsewhere. JOHN HOLCOMB. MOFFAT, COLO. WITHIN THE REACH EVE RY ~" OF ALL "q~~ ~1~ ~~ FU.LLY WARRANTED ILLINOIS SEWING MACHINE EO R~:I[L P. M. JONES, Agent, Saguache, Colo. YOUR HOME , FREEI I ~. our Soap|..~Ve.givetoeaeh| arc dealing with a thor- , purehserot a DOX of flOg oughly reliable house. or bottle of Perfume thelrl choice of some of the hand- I somest premiums in the market. Lamps, Bracelets, i Glassware, Opalwar. Knives, Roasting Pan~ Cake i Plate and other beautiful presents. To ~ i thagentwhosellsordy24 boxier Soap I i we give a SO.Piece Dinner Set--not a a i toy set--but a beautifUlly decorated and ~ i " BalsTOT VT gold traced, full size for family use, Din- ~1~ i , nerds. Wealaoglve Couches lfockers []l~N | ~i 1 am wry much pleased with my dishel and Dlnin~ Room Chairs nent=~- T=bl~o' ~m c, s m m will l~t up anolher order soon urtaln .... _ Lace C S, Wate'bes. Knives an~ L.]~i ml=| LULL BEgAW " Forks, Graniteware, Sewing Machines, ~'- i , . NBLONVlLL~. Onto. Musical Instruments, Etc. if cash is pro- ~i Good0 t~lv~l to-day. My customers are all fer~d we allow a very liberal commie- ~i will pimmd with their lam~: We have not $~n sign. Wetr~styon. Nomoneyrsquired. [~ "~i ~ah aJ~ laml~ hem be~'. ~Jll ~md another order We allow you 15 days' time in which ~ ~ ~ |~i la ~w days. I am liner* than plea~d with the to deliver the goods and collect ~oUr ~_11 ~.~ff i J ~' maadoBa. Mrs. AGNES HITCHINGS. mo~ey before paying US. Don't demy. "~]1~"i ......... SALYONA. SOAP CO. ~aih and Locust Sts., ST. LOUIS, htO. THB PROPLB'8 BATIONAL FAMILY NtiWSPAPE8, Published Monda:~, Wednesday and Fry day, is m reahtya flue, fresh, every-other-day Daily, giving the lat- est news on days of i~ sue. and covering news of the other three. It YORK contains all important foreign cable news which appe,rs in THEYORK DAILY TRIBUNE of same date, al~o Do- t meetie and Foreign t TRI Corr,pondenee, Short ] Stories. E!~'ant Half- tone Illustrations, Humorous Items, In-I '""0 /EEKLY Fashion ~qotes, Agri- l WEEKLY Comprehensive and re- [ liable Financial and[ Market reports. l~lar subscription TRIBUNE price, $1.50 per year...,, TRIBUNE , THE OR~CENT for Published on Thurs- day, and known for nearly sixty years in every part of the Unit- o# States aea National Family Newsvaper of the nighest class, for farmers and villagers. It contains all the most importantg e n e r a 1 news of THE DAILY TRIBUNE up to hour of going to press, an Agricultural Depart- ment of the highest or- der, has entertaining reading for every member of the family, old and young, Market Reports which a'e ac- cepted as authority by farmers and country merchants~ and i clean, up to date, in- teresting and instruct- ive. Regular subscription price, $1.00 per year. We furnish it with THE CRESCENT for $2.00 per year. 6end all orders to The Crescent, Saguache., Gray Hair II II I II "I have used Ayer's HsirVigor for over thirty years. It has kept my scalp free from dandruff and has prevented my hair from turn- ing gray."-- Mrs. F. A. Souls, Billings, Mont. II There is this peculiar thing about Ayer's Hair Vigor--it is a hair food, not a dye. Your hair does not suddenly turn black, look dead and lifeless. But graduallythe old~olor comes back,--all the rich, dark color it used to have. The hair stops falling, too. $I.~ a Imltle. All dru|gists. If your druggist cannot supply you, send us one dollar an(/we will express you a bottle. Be sure and give the name of your nearest express office. Address, J. C. AYER CO., Lowell, Mass. _ _ [ __ .... _ i i Veteran 9chool Closes. The summer term of the Veteran sclmol closed on the i~th. A program had been arranged, the musical part by Mrs. Slote, who very kindly assisted in its rendition. The Veteran people were out in full force and Mrs. Dr. Werner and Mrs. Hall from the Worrier neighbor hood."The Alphabetic Band," an exercise written for the occasion, was quite well presented by the little folks marching in quite a soldierly manner under their captain's orders. THE ALI'HEBTIC BAND. A. I am the leading letter, here I stand The captain of the Alphebe~lc Band, I am beloved, I'm found In every heart; I'm useful too, I aid in every art I make you artless, sometimes artful too, But which It Is will all depend on you, Without me you would dwell in endless nlght, For neither lamps nor candles there could be, Nor any day to shed a cheering light, Nor polar star to guide the ships at sea, i will not boast but this i'll say, You can't but see your need of me, Then pay all due respect to A, The captain of this company. Elvlra Esplnosa. B. I leo rank high with the baud, The honored second place Is mine, At A's right hand, I proudly stand-- My eousla D is down the line, I'm not a honey bee it's true My work Is too make words for you, And sinee I do my work right well, As every printed page can tell, i hope you'll pay respect to B, The second in this company. JosepMne Albm'tson. C. I'm a small little letter but, ah reel What would you do without a C. You'd have no cake at Cristmastide, :Nor car nor cart in which to ride. Placida Torres. D, I am a useful letter too And do so much to pleasure you, Without the help of letter D, Weddings and dances could not be. Adolphe Torres. E. O[ right I should stand next to A, For I am a vowel too, I have as many sounds and make As many words ior you, Without me you could have no ease, The ladies you could never please, NO voice, rio nlusic could you hear, For without E, you'd have no ear No car to hear, no tongue to talk, And worse, no lees with which to walk. Harry Roberts. F. i'm only F, 1 will nnt boast, i know I am not used tile most, i will not bomst of rank or birth, But this I will maintain, I make you words of noblest worth As I can make quite plain, To make you fine, to make you lair My lettei's imlp I lend, I'm found in faith, in father too, And without me you'd have uo friend, With faith, friends aml friendship ilown EacI~ one would live for self alone. Leonar:t Slote. G. I'm crooked, twisted, useful G, Without me folks could not agree, The teamster needs me, day or night, I turn his horses to the right, I'm never with the sad or bad, But always with the good and glad tlumbert Espinosa. tt. I anl as useful aS an A, Or as that bragging E, Without H you could liars no hey, Then where would all your cattle be? WHhout me you'd have no hm'rah! On Independenec day, And household cheer, and cheese and ham, You'd lack as well as h'~y Genevieve Alberton. I. 1 sin a vowel and, Oh my! Wimt would you do without an eye. Felix Torres. J. I'm J, renlember but for me Justice and ,iudgment could not be, No June would deck with flowers the plain No July sun would ripen grain, No jokes your trouble would beguile No jollity would make you smile, Oh think, how dark this world would be Without the ~oy you are to met May Daisy, K. I am not used in many words Like E and I and A, But Just think what a glorious thing It is to be O K. Roy Phys. L. I'm heard In every wild bird's thrill, And in tile flow of every rill, I call in every schooLday bell, I sigh In every funeral knell. James Alberton. M. M3 name is hi, my brother :N Is standing here by me We're in the middle of the row Which suits us to a T, The printer rates his work by me In spite of wind or weather And In his columns N and I Arc always Sound togctller. Ruby Slots. N. I much reemilio sister M, But please remember, I am N, When wicked men your steps entice In sinful ways to go Without the help of letter N, You never could say :No. Roy Werner. O. i float, iu each boat, O n the bosom of ocean I roll round in each wheel Without me there's no nloti,)n My brother and I, In the moon sit together, And we hide in your boots, We are both fond of leather. Rt~dolph Faeehlnettl. p. I much resemble cousin D, But please remember I am P, And If to learn you are inclined Your P's and (4's be sure o mind. Oertruido Torres. Q .... I keep the best. of company, A queen Is always found with me. &nna lleruard R. I flow in every rill I shine in every star I run In every race I ride in every ear I'm in the good right arm That guards you safe from harm I'm here and there, I'm near and far Vehat would you do without an R, Besle Smith. 8. Although I'm crooked as a snake Pray have no fear of me, I am as useful as an eye Wlthout my help you could not s(~e, Nor sit, nor stand, nor sow, nor sing :Nor see, nor smell, the flowers of spring I~or sun, nor 811o wer the fields would bless Then friends be good to crooked S. Isabel Navln. T. I am a good and useful letter I'm always found in best and better. Elene Tortes. U. :No one can find a more wonderful letter I don't care where he seeks, i stand for everybody, Except the one who speaks. Pearl Smith. V. i'm letter V and this I'll say I vur in every vane I'm heard In every voice, I flow in every vein, Without the vein for life's red flow, What would become of life below. Marie Navin, ~'. Because they called me W, You might suppose that I am two, Why this was done, when I'm but one, Nobody knows beneath the sun. Frank Slote. X. I'm X, the saw buck letter As you can plainly see It's seldom that you need an X, But when you do, take me. Charley Albertson. Y. I'~n standing between X and Z, Please call out Y, when you want me. Frank Bernard, Z. I'm the last loller. I am Z Good fviel.d~ please clear tile track for me. Remicino Esplnosa. Astounded the Editor. Editor S. A. Brown of Bonnettsville, S. C., was once immensely surprised "Through long suffering from dyspep- sia," he writes, "my wife wee greatly run down. She had no strength or vigor lad suffered great distress from her stomach, but she tried Electric Bitters which helped her at once, and, after using four bottles, she is entirely well can eat anything. Its~'a grand tonic, and its gentle laxative qualities are splendid for torpid liver." For indigestion, loss of appetite, stomach and "liver troubles its a positive, guaranteed cure. Only 50 cents at Lord & Wilccx's drug store, Crestone, Colo. My stock of wall paper will be at CRESCENT Denton's, next door to office. Also books of fancy samples and low prices, 25 per cent off of regular price. Will do painting or papering as usual. CLYDE WELCH. P.T. Thomas, Sumterville, Aid., "I was suffering from dyspepsia when I commenced taking Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. I took several bottles and can di: :gest anything." Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is the only preparation containing all the natural digestive fluids. It gives weak stomachs entire rest, restoring their nat, ural condition. Saguacho Pharmacy. Note and receipt books and short forrr bills of sale at this office, Fl-onl T. l~I. Alexander. Prospect, Pa., Aug. 19, ]901. Friend Bryan:--I write you a synopsis of the crop conditions of the several states through which I passed since leaving Colorado. In Kansas from the west line of the state to Dodge City, pastures Crops and stock look well. From Dodge almost to Emporia they have very poor pasture and crops. (Wheat excepted, they had a good crop of wheat all over the state.) Corn will scarcely make fod- der. I dropped off at Emporia and went down into Coffoy Co. I found pastures in fine condition there, the country looked as fresh and green as in May. Corn not fired badly. Will make abundance of good feed, but very little corn, as the tassel was killed by the excessive heat as soon as it came out a nd before the pol- len appeared. I stayed i- Coffey Co. about a week and saw quite a good deal of the country. The farmers there will have plenty of food, and some to spare. If the weather permits 90 per cent of the corn will be cut for fodder. One firm in Burlington has sold throe car loads of corn binders. As an example of the in- tentions of the farmers, on my place there is usually from 120 to 140 acres of corn grown each year, from 20 to 30 acres are usually cut for fodder. This year 130 acres will be cut. After leaving Coffey Co. for the east from Ealporia to Kansas City the crops are very spotted. Some fields look fairly well while others won't make fodder. taken all together, from information ob- tained from all sources, and with con- tinued favorable weather, Kansas will have about 40 per cent of a corn crop. Missouri, well I don't like to say any- thing about Missouri in regard to the drouth, as they are very touchy on that subject. If Kansas had caught it a lit. tie worse than Missouri, they wouldn't have cared, but as it is the other way they are not in the proper frame of mind to discuss the subject. The statistician who said that the drouth had damaged the state $100,000,000 ought to have went them $50,000,000 better. Southern Illinois, along the Vandalia line via Terre Haste to Indianapolis, Ind., is yet suffering for rain. Corn en- tirely ruined, scarcely worth cutting for fodder; pastures brown and bare. From Indianapolis to Columbus, Ohio, pasture better; corn crop fair; some good corn. Raining hard at Pittsburgh, Pa.; crops and pastures looking fine hero, saw the best corn hero of any place on my trip, and the finest fields of buckwheat I eve? ! saw. I haven't been able to quit the wooden legs yet. Respectfully yours, T. M. ALEXANDER. Don't bo satisfied with temporary re- lief from indigestion. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure permanently and completely re- moves this complaint. It relieves per- manently because it allows the tired stomach perfect rest. Dieting won't rest the stomach. Nature receives supphos from the food we eat. The sensible way to help the stomach is to use Kodol Dys- pepsia Cure, which digests what you eat and can't help but do you good. Sa- guache Pharmacy. **Swh~min' Time." Coin' ill swimmin'? Well you bet, Ain't been in this season yet, Maw, sha said, l'd ketch a cold; Paw, well, he' a-growls' (lid, Plum forgettin' how it felt, When a fclh,w's like to melt, Just to shed ida tie'e and get Clear all over cold un' wet. Coin' in swimmin'? Well, I guess, Maw I coaxed till she said yes; Paw, to him I didn't go-- Like as not he'd tell nle "No!" Seems just like he never eould Bin a boy hisself an' stood Waitln' for iris dad to say: "Yes, my son," then run away. (~:o|n' 11! swtnnniD,~ Iel[ows, say? Water's jtlst as warm today, Spine, whose dad(lies treat them right, Went this morning, slay all t,ight. G()tn~ to get a llckin' sure, One at least an' maybe more, It it's twenty, i won't kick; Goin' in swhnmin.' let him lick! --From Syracuse Post-Standard. What a Tale it Tells. If that mirror of yours shows a wretch- ed, sallow complex!on, a jaundiced look, moth patches and blotches on the skin, its liver trouble, but Dr. King's New !Lifo Pills regulate the liver, purify the blood, give clear skin, rosy cheeks, rich complexion. Only '25 cents at Lord & i Wiloox's drug store, Crestone, Colo. ! ~Velt Maeh.ine. H. O. Miller, who has the contract for' sinking the state artesian well at this place, offers for sale the machine used hero at a big bargain. Mr. Miller is the ~ateht.~e and maker of those machines ~:nd~will give any one bed reek price. The machine can bo seeu in operation near this place. Call o~ or address. H. O. Miller, 8agua~he, Cole, SAGUACHE CRESCENT FORMERLY SAOUAOH]g DE~(X~AT. OSCAR D. BRYAN, PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. ' ublished at Saguache, Colo, evex'T Thursday. Ov political questions it will advocate the interests of the Repubhcan party. Its chief aim will be to &dvanOe tho ma- terial intereets Of this oounty. Subsorlptlon, - $2,00 a Year. Took a Shot at Mexican Pete. Walsenburg, Colo. Aug. 26"Mexican Pete Everett, the alleged prize fighter, came near having his career cut short hero by a bullet Saturday afternoon. Of late Everett has been hanging around Charlis Mazzone's saloon, much to the annoyaucs of the proprietor. Saturday noon the would-be "pug" was ordered out of the place. Everett complied un- der protest. During the afternoon Everett returned to the saloon and immediately started a row with Mazzono. The saloon keeper struck at Everett with a revolver, but the latter executed a sidestep and beat a hasty retreat for the door. Mazzone took a shot at the fleeing Mexican and missed his head by only a few inches. The bullet passed thr,~ugh the panel of the door and imbedded itself in a wall not four inches from the spot where Mazzone's little son was sitting. It is said that Everett is s~ill hot footing for the hills.--Post. Catholic Church Notice. I will be at the plaza westof Saguache on the Wednesday following the second Sunday in each month, and at Saguache ca the Thursday following and will celebrate mass at each place. Father Good. Then and Now. In days long ago (in the six- ties you know) when Grandm a went walking s h e held h e r s kirts so. What would she say if she saw gi r I s today with s kirts c lurched so Sigh t- lythe y a 1 l 10o k th is way. --Loveland Reporter. Grand Army at Cleveland. The Burlington route announces a rate )f $36.90, less than one fare from Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver, and Inter- mediate puints, to Cleyelapd, Ohio, and return. Thorate from other points in Colorado will be one fare added to the nearest point from which the ~6.00 rate applies. All agents will be instructed to sell through tickets on September 7th to 10th inclusive, routed via the Burlington if so desired by the purchaser. These tmkets wilbbe limited to September 15 with privilege of extension to leave Cleveland as late as Octob0r 8~h~ No other line can offsr a nheapor rate or bet- tot service. One can leave De~er on the Burlington's famous Chicago special at 4 p. m. and reach Cleveland the sec- ond morning at 7.40, the only~ cl~apge of cars being at Chicago. This sgryi~e is available to evory one, whether pullman berths are desired or not, for the |~test pattern reclining chair cars, in which seats are free are carried on this ~ain, in addition to Pullman sleepers and buf- fet library observation car. Meals: are served to all in dicing cars on the popu- lar plan of "pay only for what you get" whether only 25 cents' ~orth or more. These dining cars are not expected to Teatize a profit, bu-t are in operation for the convenience of the traveling public, which accounts for: the excellence 0f the service. No where in the wor|d can one get so much for su little.money. If yoff contemplato'a trip .to the east why not join %he 01d guard"and radiate from Cleveland to ~our further deatma- lion. The annua! 'ehcampment of tho G. A. 14. will soon be smatter of history, and as.thin 0he} prQmi~es to .lipse all othor~ ia 1)0int of l~V]~h ho s~!ta'iity, ~lt is well worth a visit. Whynot go and take the Burlington? It costs uo more than any other line, With reference: to berths and other information, a lettt~ addressed to Gee. W. V~li~ry, general agent, Den- ver, will dl~cit prompt attention. The Gottholf & No]and= outfit are branding this week. : .... Harvester oil--55 cents per gallon at Lawrence & Williams.