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September 5, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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September 5, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. V0L. XXI. NO. 36. SAGUACHE, COLORADO, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1901. WHOLE NUMBER 1076. i i i i i i i u ilil ii ,111 I Our spr~ialti~ this wczk ~e Boots and Shoes Hats and Caps. Sh/rt wa~ summer wrappen and L~ies straw hats we are closlng out at 1¢.~ than cost. Bargalr~ in manT other goo&. SAH FEAST, MOFFATs LAWRENCE & WILLIAMS DUNN BLOCK9 8.A.(~'O'.A.CZ--T.'m, CO T_,O t:~.A.I)C) , Have just opened as complete a stock of GENERAL HARDWARE As can be found in the San Luis Valley. This stock is new throughout, was selected by an experienced Hardware man and was bought at prices which will permit its being sold right. Anything kept in a well-appointed Hardware Stock can be bought of us. We solicit your trade. ml.i I ii i • i i,i Buggies and Wagons I.'have at my place in the town of Moffat a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Binding Twine, Oil, Etc. ! I have a bargain to offer in Buggies and W agone which I buy in i car load lots and can make you better paices than you can get any where else xn the valley. Call and examine my stock and get my prices before buying elsewhere. JOHN HOLCOMB. MOFFAT, COLO. i i i ii WITHIN THE REACH P. M. JONE~ ~lent, 8aguaehe, Colo. l , l ,ill II fill I l I ' 11 ' THH PBOPLES NATIONAL FAMILY HHW PAPER, Published on Thurs- day. and known for ed~ .... The Month__of the Lobella. ; Another }'roof That It Pays. SAGUACHE CRESCENT Ha(f Sic _,,introduced What pays?.Why, odvertising in this • . i FOR~RL~ 5AGUAO~3~ D~OOBAT. -- rrom America into medical practice in paper. We are just in receipt of a letter --- England the plants wbich have since today from tbe makers of Cascarets, call- 0~CAR D. ]~I~AI'I, .......... been named after him. He was physi- ing attention to the fact that within five PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. " I first used Ayer's Sarsaparilla clan and herbalist to James I, and the years the sales have grown from nothing rublisbed at,Saguache, C.olo.~ perry Thursday. un political questions iz wxu a~vooate the in the fall of 1848. Since then I Indian tobacco, the little plant which to six million boxes last year. We are interstate of the Repubhcan pm'ty. Its have taken it every spring as a the Indians regarded as a specific for pleased, more than pleased to learn this chief aim will be to advance the ma- terial interests of this eountT. blood - purifyi n g and nerve- nearly all the ills of flesh, was probably because we have carried the advertising Subocrlvtton, strengthening medicine." - $2.00 a Year. S. T. Jones, Wichita, Kans, received by this Flemish man from during that time and it goes to show if ...... France, where it had been intro~oed by i you have an article of real merit like the Jesuit missionaries. Since that day Cascarets, advertise it properly and lib. Crestone Camp. If you feel run down, it has been more or less known to the erally and let all the people know about are easily tired, if your regular practice, and afterwards to the it, it is sure to bring big results. Toour The Sunbeam will commence shipping nerves are weak and your schoolof medicine known as the Them- readers who have never tried this fa- ore next week and from now on a car blood is thin, then begin sonian, that believed that "herbs grow incus remedy, we most respectfully urge once a week. The ore is getting better upward and keep men from their graves, a trial because in this busy, every day with every foot of work and will soon tO take the good old stand- while the minerals are from the earth life of ours, we all need something now call for another shift of men. ard fa m fly medicine, and carry men into their graves." The and then to help nature and there is no Hopkins and Walling are busy sorting Ay Immense use of Indian tobacco, or lobel- better medicine in the world than Caeca-! and sacking ore at the Concordia and er's Sarsaparilla. , ia infiatta by Indian doctors is now so- rets to stimulate the liver and bowels will have two car loads ready to send It's a regular nerve conned for by the fact that the Indian gently and naturally into healthy action, out by the middle of next week. This lifter, a perfect blood medicine men often measured the efli. will prove to be the richest in the die. cacy of their medicine by the violence of My stock of wall paper will be at trier when properly worked, without a builder, a-e~,. Alldrm~(~. itseffect. Indian tobacco is known now Denton's, nextdoor to CR~SC~Z~T office, doubt. If the Conoordia mine waslo. i Also book~ of fancy samples and low cated in the Cripple Creek district it Ask your doctor what he thinks of &yer's • tO be a dangerous narcotic poison, from prices, 25 per cent off of regular price, i would today Lie sh ipping from two to 8ag~almHn~ He knowl all about this grand • oldfamnymedieine, l¢oUowhllad~ceend n which death frequently results in em- we will be satisfied, m J.C.,Ik1~ROO.,]5owell, Maes. Ipirie practice. Like all the lobolia faro- Will do painting or papering as usual, three cars of high grade ore daily. It , •, ,, , ,, , n _ ily, this plant should be used only by CLYDE ~VELoH. takes miners to get out Ore and this prop- . , , physicians who understand its effects. Run Out of Camp. erty should put on a force at once. Ho~-Hair Snekes. It is too powerful an emetic and too dis- -~ A letter this week from Near and Ber- tressing and hazardous an herb for fam- I Victor, Cote. Aug. 31.--Jack Robinson ryman, who are working a lease on Oct. Rile ssz it's so, an' Silo he knows; ily use. Yet this dangerous herb, poe- the man who was kidnaped from the ton creek, nine miles north of Crestone, Fer be knows ev'ry thing, erasing a poison akin in its effects to to- Findlay mine at an early hour this morn- say they have cut a good vein of ore that Why Silo he growed th' apple tree bacco, was familiarly used a few score of ing and who was supposed to have been Bro. Near says "it looks good to him." Down where us fellers swtng~ ago in the family. No species of foully dealt with, has turned up aliveand The boys are putting in some hard work He says he 'members jes' ez well, the lobelia should be used in family reed. unhurt. He sent a courier from some and in the end will be rewarded by open. More'n twenty years ago cme, as all possess narcotic powers, point outside of Victor for his personal ing a good, paying miue. He dug a hole an put it in, though none are so powerful as lobelia i belongings, saying he was bound for B.F. Allen, who is working a lease on An' he jes' knowed 'twould grow. infiatta. The beautiful cardinal flower Florehce, where his adopted father, Dr. the grant, has ten ton of ore that he will Au' Sile sez 'at he knows it's true; lobelia cardinalis, blooms in August, Rambo hess. The Findlay mineisat In- load and ship today. throwing up its flaming trusses of scar- dependence and Robinson and Steve His gran'pap top him so; TheSan Isabel put a shift of men to Ho's seen it, too, joe' heaps o' times-- let flowers by the borders of inland ponds Moore have been employed in the mine work Monday and will soon be able to Onct not so long ago. and streams. It was early named by the as ore sorters. Th' hess-hairs must be long an white French Jesuit missionaries after the Shortly after midnight this morning commence drifting on their vein. Ter make th' be~tes' ones. chief dignitary of the church under the four masked men entered and with drawn The Cleveland has increased their force Y'u put 'era in th' bar'l where pontificate. Lobelia syphilitics, or revolvers demanded they accompany of miners and are now working in good Th' raisin' water runs. "great blue lobelia," like the cardinal them. Moore was released near the Lil- ore. They will soon begin to build a was also used by the Indians in medi- lie mine and told to "hitthehigh places" wagon road, then look out for the Cleve- An' shore ez fate, Rile says it's true, clue. Both of these species of lobelia and keep his mouth shut under penalty land as Manager Gee. Johnson is no Nine days is all it takeg have proved utterly valueless for the of another visit, hand for foolishness when the time ar- A-soakin' in that bar'l thar purposes for which they were once laud- On the way out of camp Robinson of- rives. The Cleveland will soon show her To make them hose-hairs snakesl ed.--N. Y. Tribune. fered resistance but was beaten rote sub- oolors.--Miner. m~ Si]e eez that's lots o' crank idees; missiom. A never failing cure for cuts, burns, He's hearn folks tell jes' loads; Many physicians are now prescribing Robinson is somewhat outspoken and scalds, ulcers, wounds and sores is De- But two things shore is hoes-hair snakes Kodol Dyspepsia Cure regularly having is credited with having made indiscreet Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. A most sooth- An' gittin' warts from toads, found that it is the best prescription remarks concerning certain members of ing healing remedy for all skin afiRe- -Truman Robert Andrewsin FrankLes. they cau write because it istheone prep- the miner's union. He made known his tions. Accept only the genuine. Sa- lies Popular Monthly for August. aration which contains the elements nec- intention to join the organization, how- guache Pharmacy. essary to digest not only some kinds of ever, so his experience is not ge~,erally _~~ Gee. W. Lane, Pewamo, Mich. writes: food but all kinds and it therefore cures attributed to non.morn bership. ~, 0. Taylor W~tsHss treed b~ odtt0al jaJ~, "Your Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is the best indigestion and dyspepsia no matter 9- remedy for indigestion and stomach what its cause. Saguache Pharmacy. Sid Darling, 1012 Howard st, Port Ha- The schools of SaYuaohe--both graded i trouble that I ever used. For years I ron, Mich. writes: "I have tried many and high--start out this year with a suffered from dyspepsia, at times corn- Jury l)rawn, pills and laxatives but DaWitt's Little much larger enrollment than ever before. Early Risers are far the best pills I have In the high school the 9th grade has . pelling me to stay in bed and causing The following gentlemen have been ever used." They never gripe. Sa- double the number entered last year and me untold agony. I am completely cured drawn for the venire for the October by Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. In reoom, term of the district court and are being guache Pharmacy. the gain is entirely from districts out- mending it to my friends who suffer from summoned by Sheriff Williams; win Good Times Continue? side of Saguaehe. We are expecting a ___ splendid record to be made in theschoola indigestion I always offer io pay for it if W.A. Johnson, Saguache. i it fails. Thus far I have never paid." Sa- It has been thought in many quarters this year and have good reason to be- Ous Johnson, Russell Spring& that the extraordinary period of trust- lieve that before the school year closes guache Pharmacy. Tom Purvis, La Garita Farm. L forming, company.promoting, and gen- the Saguache county high school will be A Work for Prospectors. W.R. Page, Forty-one Country. • Frank Collins, Veteran. oral business expansion through which on the accredited list of schools whose We have just received a copy of a book Fritz Youch, Liberty. we have been passing for several years graduates are admitted to tbe state uni- which will be a boon to many a pros- A.J. Willoughby, Bonanza. must end in a crash of proportions suit- versity. One of the faculty of that in- prefer. It is entitled "Field Book of Pete Sheridan, Center. ed to the unprecedented magnitude of stitution recently examined into the Practical Mineralogy" and its compula- Dan Sullivan, Lower Saguache. the new financial and industrial opera- work being done here and expressed tion is the work G. W. Miller, a promi- A.M. Coolbroth, La Garita. tions. This, of course, does not neces- himself as highly pleasect and stated that Rant mining and civil engineer of Butte, Hiram lliner, Forty-one Country. sarily follow. As we have remarked in he has no doubt the school would be reo. Montana. In its 200 pages are embremed Dave Glasgow, Alder. previous discussions of the business out- ognized. information gleaned froha a liOrary of J.M. Stumpf, Alder. look, the amalgamation of capital and in. Catholic Church Notice. works on mineralogy. It is so arranged George Burch, Upper Saguache. dustry may prove to give greater eteadi- writers is eliminated and the subjects Crescencio Torres, La Garita. hess. There must, of course, be local on the Wednesday following the second are handled in such a manner that any- W.C. MoDonough, Coohetopa. speculative collapses, as for example, in Sunday in, each month, and at Saguache one can fully understand it. John Mahoney, Parkville. the oil-land craze of the southwest, and on the Thursday following and will Part i deals with ore deposits, faults B. Kra~hhm'r. Cotton Creek. in the premature overdevelopment of celebrate ~nass at each place. theories of vein filling, etc. Fred Jeep, Lower Saguache. some forms of industry. Thus, although Father Good. Part 2 gives complete instructions gel J.H. Parker, Orestone. the progress in the manufacture of ear- making gold, silver, lead and copper as- Gee. Reed, Crestone. ious kinds of self-propelling vehicles has Win. F. Boyd, assistant oa~hler of the been amazing, and their use is becoming Saguache county bank, has been ap- blowSays' cyanidepipe analysisand chlorinatiOnaud qualitativePr°cesseS'tests. H.J°hnc. Amsler,Albertson,COttOnveteran.Creek. quite common, it is possible that the p0ivted administrator of the estate of Part 3 deals with aeterminative rain- Q further march of invention may prove Jacob M. Schuckers. So farms can be eralogy, physical properties of mineral, Norris Silver, North Stratford, N. H. disastrous to a portion of the large ag- learned Mr. Schuckers N, ft no heirs. He and a most exhaustive set of tables giv- "I purchased a bottle of One Minute gragate of capital tbat has already gone claimed Lancaster, Penn. as hie home ing the composition, lustre, color, hard- Oough Cure when suffering with acough into automobile manufacture. It may but he had not lived there since tha war. ness. streak, fracture and cleavage, ten- doctors told me was incurable. One bet- be well at this point to call attention to In ease no heirs appear the small prop- aeity, crystalization, fusibility and gray- fie relieved me, the second and third al- a very valuable illustrated article that erty left by him will go to the state. ity of more than 300 minerals, most cured. Today I am a well man. we present in this number on the mak- Notice. Part 4 ie devoted to a description of Saguache Pharmacy." ing of automobiles in the United States. rocks and naming of rocks and a glee .... Generally speaking, the business of the I have a nice lot of cucumbers to put asry of mining terms. WiId Horse WtlI be Richest Shipper. country seems to be upon a firm basis, up for pickels that I put up in salt at 20 mud the continuance of such industrial cents per gallon. If you want any send The book is of suitable size for the pocket and is well bound in flexible It is thought by the officers of the activity as may afford employment to all xn your orders at once. Also have a fine Published Mondjt~, leather. It sells for $1.50 aud orders sent Consolidated Mines company, which able-bodied workers seems to be fairly[ lot of beans to put up same as cucum- Wednesday and Fri- OWn8 the Wild Horse mine where the asaured.--From "The Progress of the bers at 10 cents per gallon. Seven miles fresh,day" is m ~umlR,a,Ue,every.other.day .,.onvarlyeixty~ years inpart of the Unit- thet° this office willpublisher,, be filled direct from i great strike was made a short time ago, World," in the American Monthly 1%. south of Saguache. J. M. Bechtel. Dsi]y, giving the ]at- " ltatesemaNational that by another month the mine will be view of Reviews for September. eat news on days of is- " Family Newspaper of Gee. W. McAfee and John Welch came I one of the richest shippers in the camp, • sue. and covcring news the nighest class, for .................. Only a short time n(~w to vote for maid of the other three. It farmers and villagers, down from Crested Butte last evening. I so far as the average value of the ore sent B.W. Pursell, Kintersvillo, Pa. says he of honor. If you are intending to vote It contains all the most YORK contains all important . foreign cable news importantgen eral N. KeRsey and wife, of Kansas City and out is concerned. A production of be- suffered 25)-ears with piles and could you should attend to it at once. But whiC[~DAiLyappearsTRiBuNEinTHEof ~| II,(K~/~I~ ]7 TRIBUNEnews of THEup DAILYto hour Miss Joule Welch of Denver are visiting tween 60 and 90 tons daily is being main- obtain no relief until DeWitt's Witch few ballots have been sent in and but lemae date, also Do- [ I~JJLLJ~ of ~[oina to preSS, an at ~ho mill ou Brush creek. Mrs. Kceney tained, all of which averages above $100 Hazel Salve eJected a permanent cure. little interest has been mauifelted in the mesti~ and Foreign I Agrxoultural Depart- TRI Correspondence, Short] merit of the highest or- is a sister nf Mrs. W. A. Welch and MIss in gold to the ton. The production Fri- Counterfeits are worthless. Saguache matter, lStories.Eleg~nt Half- I der, hem entertaining Welch is a couein.--Republiean, day was 90 tons of an estimated value of Pharmacy. -~ " " toneIllustrations, I reading for every HumorouS Items, In-[ member of the family, $12,000, and the ore a sum. In the sixth The county court on Tu~day trans- duatried information, I '~[1[T1"] 1"llfT"T ~T old and young, Market Word from Denver this week says that level the ore has been developed for 60 Well Machine. acted but little business..There was a Femhion Notes, A~ri- I I/I/HH KI .¥ Revort~which are ac- e~tural Matter and [ IIJ[2L/EkL/L | qr'u~rs-u~vy,r ~ry oeptedem authority by it is very doubtful if the doctors will be foot and found bi,, all the way and sto~ ~ . . .. hearin in several robat cases and sev ;i Comprehemsxve and re- I ! WgKK/ V farme~ an9 oount.~ _t.,_ to save H H rice's e-^ His m-n .... " " ~, ._ r~ H O Miller, who has the con~rac~ zor . g . . p st.. - mercnan~s ano xs aux~ x~ ~,v tt~ In is o rleu liable Finanoial and I • ww J.~lHllJ J, ,, • • • g now ar on from a urlft run as " " . ...... erai cases se~ [or nearing later in the clean up to date. in- • , • . sinking the sm~e artesian well at tnls i M~rket revorta. I teresting and instruct- frmnds hope the reports without fouu- the bottom of the fifth level wlnze.--Ga- . ........ term. ice datmn and tbat he will ret place, o~ers [or sale me machine uses Relular subscription [ :!. • ' " urn with his zettee .... | ~PDTDIIMD pri.,,l.~per,.. I?] TRHH eight fully restored.--Miner. " ......... here at a big bargain. Mr. Miller is.the County Supt. Palmer arrived home ii We furnish it withi JL]LI.JL~L~U~.ll] We furnish it wxth patentee and maker of these machines ~J,~][~UJ,]I~ ........ ~n Lr " ~ " Messrs• Keyes and Dean, of Bonanza, last Saturday from a visit to the school ill THE CRESCENT for I :~ $~.~0 per ye~. I ~0~P~'~~a~.~'" Miss Angle Rowe has been visiting were in town on Monday. and will give any one bed rock price, on the Coohetopa. | I her cousin, Hiram Van Tassel, and faro- ~ The machine can be seen in operation ~== D~--,.I *~11 A.~I,.~.,.. &,-~ "IPI~,~ P~,,~a~4. ~.~ev..,~e*l,~n ilyon the Ooohetopa this week.--Gunni- Note and receipt books and short form near thisplaoe. Call on or address. Harvesteroil-55 cents per gaUon at iI