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September 5, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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September 5, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. (FORMERLY SAOUAOHZ D~MOORAT.) Entered at the post ot~ee at Saguaehe, Colo,. f r transmi~,Bion through the mails as mmond-calas~ m attar. O~CAR D. BR~.'AN, Editor. THUfiSDAY, SEPt: 5, 1901. Ouly about two months now until election. No calls made yet for conven- tions. 11 looks as though the campaign would be a chert and warm one. POPULIS.'H['S DE&TH KNELL SURE- LY SOUNDED. Poor old populism l Its death knell hM been sounded by its own peculiar or- gan. It lived and throve on pessimism and calamity.howling and it flourished when the nation was in the depths of downcastnesa. It started to retrograde when pr0sperity'a irresistable progress began again. It has run down hill and down at the heel from week to week and month to month. It has been tottering on the verge'of the grave ever since last fall. Now its end is in sight. The former grand organ of populism in its leading editorial Sunday belabored eastern pessimism iu the liveliest fashion. It declared that men and women of means who had thriven because of the opportunities that America had afforded them should be heartily ashamed of themselves for their pessimistic tenden- cies. It avowed the most cheerful con- fidence in the great and glorious future of the United States and it roasted all easterners who could not see anything good in this land. From roasting eastern pessimists to or- preying disgust over Colorado calamity howlers is a mighty small step at best. The calamity howlers of Colorado have boon the populism who could see nothing good in state or nation except the offices to which they aspired. The denuncia- tion of their eastern brethren iu pessim- ism is only an easy way of letting them down easy. Prepare, therefore, to shed tears, if tears you have, for departed populism. It never served any useful purpose, ex- cept as a means to permit a few to get lucrative offices and as a vent for wild howls by the disgruntled and the dis- appointed. Soon it will be consigued to the political graveyard in which green- backism hse long moldered and to which free silver coinage was hurried by Towne and Vest and McLaurin and Hill and Tammany last summer. Resquiescat in peace, populism I--Denver Times. It's up to Judge Mulnns Now. The leading article in yesterday's News evidently written by the chief editor himself, certainly went to the limit, and beyond, in its frenzied denunciation of Judge Mullahs' cour~ in the embracery oases, and if it does not constitute con- tempt of court then indeed the court thus a~ailed must be beneath contempt. Of course political considerations may prevent contempt proceedings, for the editor of the News and the judge attack- ed, together with all the other principals and seconds in the Anderson case and the embracery cues, belong to the fusion party which has inflicted so many other shams and disgraces on Colorado, but the decent and orderly administration of justice should rise superior to partisan politic,. However, fusionists are too queer for our comprehension and we will not venture to guess what steps, if any Judge Mullins may take to protect the character and dignity of the court over which he presides against the frantic as- persions of the News. Less than a year ago the News gave the voters of this community every pos- sible assurance that Judge Mullins was thoroughly honest and competent, well versed in the law, and far fitter than any republican for the district bench, four months ago the editor of the News had such confidence that Judge Mullins would obey his wishes that he sued the How To Gain Flesh Persons have been known to gain a pound a day by taking an ounce of SCOTT'S E~UL- SION. It is strange, but it often happens. Somehow the ounce produces the pound; it ~en~ to start the digestive machinery going prop- erly, so that the patient is able to digest and absorb his ordinary food, which he could not do be- fore, and that Is the way the gain is made. A certain amount of flesh is necessary for health; if you have not got jt you can get it by taking $olrs [mulsion You will find it lud as mdul in rammer at in winkr, and if you are thriving upot~ it don't dop ~ the wcatheJ is warm .,toe. and $I.oo, ell druggists. I}COTT ~ 90WNt~t Chsmbts, New Ycr!;, Republican's president and editor on criminal information for libel, without asking for a grand jury in that case, and, when he found that he was beaten to death in the suit, he sent word to the judge to discharge the trial jury at the earliest possible opportunity if any dis- agreement should appear, in order to save him from the humiliation which would follow our acquittal. We ~el'e trium- )hantly acquitted, nevertheless, and the e.litor of the News has been correspond- ] ingly unhappy ever since. I Not being either a bar association or aI supreme court the Republican does notI pretend to know whether Judge Mullins I erred in any of his rulings in the recent embracery cases or not, but we submit On Jellies preserves and pickles, spread ] a thin coating of relined I PARAFFINE WAX directionain each pound package Sol d everrwhere. STANDARD elk CO, that if he acted withiu the law heshould I not permit the assailants of his judicial I character to escape punishment for con- I tempt of court, while if he willfully ig- [ herod or violated the law he should suf- l for the consequences. The editor of the News is a member of Hammond's acidities is nicely located. the bar, hence an officer of the court, You can buy lots cheap there. Title per- and ha cannot plead ignorance of the law feet. See L. P. Hammond, owner. as a defense of his assault upon the in- Word has been received by the county tegrity of the ....... curt'--l~P.Ubltcan" judge that Chris Frey has been formally Does Disappearance Mean Desertion el~ [ discharged from the state insane asylum. Foul Play. He has been out of the in,titution on Is it death or desertion? That is the question that Mrs. J. W. Oakley, a bride of only a few weeks, is asking herself in her deep despair as she )atiently waits in her loneliness while the days come and go for two weary weeks. It was a beautiful morning just a little over two weeks ago when her husband took her to the home of her sis- ter in Arensdale and left her there while he took a short trip to Colorado Springs. That afternoon clouds gathered in the sky and a great rain fell The clouds cleared away from the heavens, the rain ceased to fall, but there are still clouds gathered in the lonely woman's life. parole since February. Fritz Youch and wife of Liberty spent Tuesda) in town on their way to Pagosa Springs where the], will remain a month or more taking baths and enjoying the pleasures of that famous resort.--Press. O. O. Taylor Whiskies~ grow In popularity. A WORTHY SUCCESSOB. "~olnething New Under The Sun." All Doctors have tried to cure CA- TARRH by the use of powders, acid gas- es, inhalers and drugs m paste form. Their powdersdry up the mueuous mere- Her husband left her while they were I branes causing them to crack open and :- *h .... f r led life I bleed. The powerful acids used m the lu ~ e noneymoon perlo(l 0 ma r , . ....... Imhalers have entirely eaten away the ann ne has omappearea, no one Knows ] same membranes that their makers have where. The last remark that he made aimed to cure while pastes and olnt- that anyone knows of was just as he was ments cannot reach the disease. An leaving Colorado Springs as the clouds old and experienced practitioner .. . . . ~. , I WhO has mr man)" years maoe a close were gacaermg mr a storm xuen ne re " I study and specialty of the treatment of marked: "I wonder if I can get back be- CATARRH, has at last perfected a fore the storm " [ treatment which when faithfully used, U ............. ! not only relieves at once but permanently p until yes~eraay tile Sll~UaHon 118(1 ~--,tl ..... ' aI " i , ,, , ,, .. ,.. [cures uA tAInt-1 ny removing ~ne cause, neon caretuuy conoeama from tne publiC, .... [stopping discharges and curing all in- but the frequent inquiries for the missing flammation. It is the only remedy known man led to several conjectures and a few I to sci_ence that.actually reaches the af- flitted parts This wonaertuL remeay is of the particulars qradually leaked out.. ,,;4 ~ , ,, ...... m. - . I Known as ~numels ,t, ne tJuaranl:eed wa- l'ne true facts of the story wereobtatned I tarrh Cure and is sold at the extremely low price of one dollar, each package containing internal and external medi- cine sufficient for a full month's treat- ment and everything necessary to its per- fect use. "Snuffles" is the only perfect catarrh cure ever made and is now recognized as the only safe and positive cure for that annoying and disgusting disease. It cures all inflammation quickly and perma- nently and is also wonderfully quick to relieve hay fever or cold in the head. Catarrh, when neglected often leads to consumption Snuffles will save you if you use it at once. It is no ordinary remedy, but a complete treatment which is posi- tively guaranteed to cure catarrh in any form or stage if used according to the di- rectlnns which accompany each package. Don't delay but send for it at once, and write full particulars as to your condi- tions, and you will recewe special ad- vice from the discoverer of this wonder- full remedy regarding your case without cost to you beyond the regular price of "Snuffles" the Guaranteed Catarrh Cure. Sent prepaid t~ any address in the Catted States or Canada on receipt of one dollar. Address dept. E 786 Edwin B. Giles & Co., 2330 and 2~2 Market St. Philadelphia. Pa. yesterday in an interview with the par- ties concerned. It was not until a few months ago that pretty Anna Berry met James Oakley. It was through the influence of old friends that the two were brought together Capt. Rogers of Manitou and James Oak- lay, who is a G. A. R. man, had been old war comrades and had served together in many a conflict where bullets flew thick and fast. Miss Berry is a niece of the old captain, and had visited him at the Sunny Side many different occasions. It happened also that the old comrades had been separated for many years and only last spring were they together. Their re-union was a joyful one and it was made more so for the old soldier because it was then he met Miss Berry for the first tim~. A mutual affection sprang up between the two, and as Oak- lay represented himself to be worth con- siderable money and as all concerned were willing and happy to see a union formed out of this romantic meeting, the marriage was duly announced and came off with more than the usual style at the Sunny Side only a few weeks ago. It seemed so bright for the happy pair that no thought of disaster was ever dreamed of by them. A nice residence had been commenced iu Arensdale and would soon be completed and it would not be long until they would be in their new home. But it was not long after their mar- riage, said the bride, until he became sullen and despondent, and had little to say concerning himself or his affairs~ He looked allthe time like one who had some great trouble hanging over him and as the days passed he grew more and more reticent about his affairs until his foung bride began to worry about him and wonder what could be the matter. Especially was this true on the last day they were together. He got up unus- ually early that morning and straighten- ed up the affairs around their little cot- tage in Colorado City and hitched up his horse to his buggy. Then he took his wife to the home of her sister, who lives in Arensdale and left her there while he made a trip to Colorado Springs. All day long she waited for his return, and all through days and nights since then she has heen listening for his footfall on the steps outside, vainly |loping for his return. But he has not returned, and no one knows of his whereahouts. The last time he was seen was when he left the Ken- tucky livery the day of his disappearance just before a storm. He also stopped at the Citizen's bank in Colorado City on the way over to cash a check for a small amount. While Oakley may have met with foul play, it is generally believed that he has deserted his bride. But however this may be, his wife is still faithful to him and will believe no harm of him. As the days come and go she sits at the window and watches and ! waita.--Colorado Springs Gazette Sep- tember 1st. ~ .A. ~il "JL~ O :lFL T .A.. Bs~s the ,,9 The Kind You Have Alway~ Bought This signature is on every box of the genuine Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets the remedy that cures a cold in one d~ To Curo a ('o141 In One Day. Take Laxative Bromo Qulnim~ Tab- lets All druggists refund the nl,mey if it. fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on ~ach box. 25c. Saguache Prol)erty 7oh1 Co St. l'aol Mcn. C. R Gehl, b L May anll Otto Tau- bert of St. Paul, MinD, haw~ bought the! Evening Star mine at Aider, Saguache county, and are developing it. with three shifts. The deal is a cash one, and while the consideration m not known itis large. This claim is conceded to be the best in the district. The vein is twenty-seven feet wide betweeu walls and shows good values in silver, lead and some gold. It has a tunnel iu 300 feet, which is run on the vein the entire length. The company are erecting good, substantial buildings and will install a first class steam plant at once The property belonged to the Hugo Gold Mining company of Colorado Springe, and the deal was put through by W. It. Covey of Whitehorn, Colo.-- Denver News. O, 0. Taylor Whiskies, geea, pure, an~ old. l~or the ltays. James Camper wants to buy all the old copper and rubber he can get. He will pay 5 cents a pound for copper, and one cent and a half for old rubber. I buy gunny sacks. I pay 12 cents a dozen for beer bottles. Vinegar 5 cents per beer bottle full. Mrs. David, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Williams, for tLe past month, left yesterday morn- ing for her home in Globe, Arizona. She was accompanied by her sister, Miss Ma- bel Williams, who will spend the coming year with her. Jute Lawrence o~enter arrived yes- terday and will hold down cases on this paper while Clarence Shaw takes a lay off of two weeks at his llome in Monte Vista.--Eagle. Another new house is going up in the east part of town. Mr. Throuburg is building on the lots opposite George Mc- Gehee's. Word has been r~ceived here that Ray. Butler of Walsenbu rg, has been assigned to the charge of the Methodist church, south, in this place. Ct .~. ~ ~L'~ O ~1. "1" .~.. SE1NT FREE ~t FISHER'S utor'.. To.to Knowledge ~S~I~ The Great Female Rcmedy positively l~-- d~" cures aU female complaints; 1 mon,h'~ ~ treatment $1; 6 months' treatment $5, ~ MRS. SADIE hi. FlSItER, St:ITS :~8, Sag ~.~ __~ 16Tn ST., DENVER, COLO. AIso |'or sale ~'~by All Druggists. Send for free ,ampl~ ~fl~" and literature, worth i ts weight in gold, "e~ .2P" mailed anywhere on request, postpaid. Publlc I.Lnd Sale. U. S. Land 0trice at Do1 NerVe, Colo., Aug. 12, 1901. Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of Instructions fl'Onl thP comnlissloner nf the ~eneral ]and office, under authority vested ltl im by sections 2455 U. S. revenue ~tatutes, as amended by tile act of congress approved Feb- ruary 26, 1895, we will proceed to otter at pub. lic sale on the 23rd day of Sept. 1901 next at this ()ffice, the fo lowing ~.racts of land, to-wit; Southwest ~/i northeast ~4 and southeast uorlhwest ~4 see(ion 34. township 44 N. R. 10 east, and lot No. 2. and west ~ 10t No. 7 in see. 3, township 43, N. R. 10 east, N, M. 5I. Ahy and all persons clain)lng adversely the above described lands are advised to file (heir claims In this office ou or before the day above designated for the commeneemeut of said s01e otl,erwise their rights will be forfeited. JAS. H. BAXTER, Register PERCY HOBI(IHK, Receiver. Trustee's Sale. Default having been made in the payment of that certain bond for eleveu hundred dollars ($1100), secured by a lrrUSt deed from Edwin D. Bulen and Harriet C. Buleo his wife to F. F. Mead, trustee, for tile use of t le Mead Boud and 'l'rustColnp~tny, recorded ill tile records of Saguaehe county, I'.olorado, In book 54 at WANTED--Capable, reliable person in every page 512, and the said Edwin D. Bulen having couuty to represent large company of solid finan- died, aod the said bond havhlg b4.ea allowed clal reputation, $939 salary per year, payable as a chdm against his estate Ju the SUln ot weekly, $3 per day absolutely sure aud all expert- twetve humh'ed and thirty-nine dollars and sen, straight, boaafi(i~, definite salary, no eom- uinety-Lwoeents (~1289.92) on theiitth day of mission, salary paid eaeh Saturday and expense July, 1895, slid said claim being still unpaid money advanced each week STANDARD and tile said F. F. Mead llavlng rcm0ved from HOUSE, 33t, DEARnON ST., CHICAGO. and being now absent from the county of Al'apailoe, in the state of Colorado, and tile undersigned, Eugene Williams. sherlffof the ...... I counly ufSaguache, in the slate of Colorado, Notice o! 2~pl)llCatloo to Lcase Slate Lands via nle 8 t in ru 1 ' ~ I lie g beeo aeeesso" ' t st n lder aud t te Boaz I1 of L OlUl z by "~ II rue of the terms of s rid trust deed Office of the S a " antic t Is- ' ' ' '~ " =l.,n~r- Now lherefore f the unde'sigued En.,ene ..... Willia'.q'ls, Stlcces~'or ill trust as ai0r'esal~ IU -- ] pursuance el lhe power Ill ale vested by the Denver, Colo.Aug. 2~i, 1901. terms of said trust deed, will on Monday the N,~tt,.~ is h~a,~ahv ~iven thai #' Wr ci;,rk 80th day of September A. D. 1901 al the hour I of ten o clock t m at tie I out door of 1 le whose pcst.ntnce address s tie)per t'o o on , ~ .... " .~ttlt~ 90 1Qel ~c~',d~ o,~n out ~,~ -~)~ ' 1R51 t~'~ ha county court house in Sagm e : n tile connty ofSigutche luthestaleotColoutdo sell the s ate board of land c )Ill 1 .ssioners to lease the ~ ; " ' " "' 'premlsesdeserlbedlnsaid deed of trust, to- tollowi,lg described Iut. Imp. lands, situate m : ~. ~. ., ~a~rua "1 e county Co credo to wi ",vii: ilia SOlltll~,es$ quarter of tl e 1 ortnwe8t ~7~ ._~ ~ ~',, , ' ~, ~ quarter and the north i)alf of the soathwest ~;~ .4 o~A sectlon,lx,.lWp. 41,~ 1 10 east quarter and t ~e s(utheast quarter ot tile "*'%~/~'lz'N{';~sec'~!nJ;'~''twp'4t'~nttl~ " . , . 11 (ast~sonthwestqua~terofsec.hm 33 towlsh p 4~- W /lO 1~ 4SC([( t[i [~tp 41~ x~llet~t - , . ~ d . north of range 8 e.a~st N. M ~.'[ coat.lining No other applleathms to h-ase tile above de" one hundred sixty (160) seres gov4qnment scribed premises or objettions aguinsL the above *,pl)lleatiou will be considered alter the last pub ic ~tiou I)ereof Dale ot last publication Sol)t 19, 1901. JouN T. JOYCE. Reglsler State l:h,ard l,and Cl~nlnlJsslon4,rs. l~,lln lng Al, plicat leo. No. b65. Mtnertll Sw vey No. 1719. Lalld Office l)el Norte, '.'o'.o. i Aug 8, 1901. ( Notieels hercbygiven lhat ill pursllaace uf the act of enugress apl)roved M;ty 10. 1872, E. C. Ew!rly, W]lOSe past office address Is (~Oe]letopa, Coh)rado, ou behalf nf l)inlself and his co-own- ers, A. (i. ]'erry. (L E. l'erry, C. L. ferry at)it W. L. Perry, has nntde applieati(m for palenJ for hS00 linear feet upon the Uldon Bell h)de bearing gels and silver, belug 36[ feet N 71" 11 W and 1136 feet S 71" 11r E from mouth of dis- covery cat thereou, with surface grouud 300 feet wide, situated ill Cochetopa mining district. Sa- guache eouuly, (olorado, aud described by t e ufllcial phlt aud field notes on tile tn thls "office as Ioltows, to-wit : Beginuhlg at eor N~.I whence the W ~:i COl' sex: r. e 14twp4aN R3EN M t'MbearsS8o* 28' 40" W 3526.19 loot, thence N 1" 12' E 19.2 feet to col' No. 2 sur No. 9711 Silver l'huue lode 31)9.4 fcet to eor ~No 1 sa ( survey No. 9711, 314.7 feet to eor No. 2, t]leuce S 71" 11' E 1.500 feet to cor No. 3, thence. S 1 12' W 314.7 Ieet tu col' No. 4, thence t i N 71' 11' W 15,:0 feet to cot No. 1, tile I),~ec of I)egiltl)illg, 0ontaitdng 11).;129aeres and fortuJllglt purtiou of the E !~ olsee II twp 45 N l,' 3 E N M l' M. Said [oe'ttion being recorded iu i)ook 63, pag,~ 66 of the Sagl ache co! ntv, (]() o., "(cor [s No kuown adJoiuiug elallns'exeellt the cue above mentioned. JAS, ]t, BAXTER, Register. Yh'st puD Aug, '~2, las~ Oct ~, survey, more cr less, Io~clil(q' Witll all the right, title n i:d inlervst