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September 12, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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September 12, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. VOL. XXI. NO. 37. SAGUACHE. COLORADO, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1901. WHOLE NUMBER 1077. Our si~ia|tia this w~ are Boots .and Shoes Hats and Ga0s, Shirt waists, summer wrappers and ladies straw hats we are -closing out at less than cost. Bargains in many other goods. SAM FEAST, MOFFAL LAWRENCE& WILLIAMS DUNN BLOCK, SAGUACHE, COLOI:~ADO, Have just opened as oomplete a stock of 6ENERAL HARDWARE " -~ ) As can be found in the San Lute Valley. .... , .. Tbla stock is new throughout, was selected by an experienced Hardware ...... man and-was.bought at prioes which will permit its being sold right. Anything kept in a well-appointed Hardware Stock can be bought of us. We solicit your Grade. i u " f i Buggies and Wagons I.'have at my place in the town of Moffat a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Binding Twine, 0il, Etc. I have a bargain to offer in Buggies and W agons which I buy in car load lots and can make you betterpaices than you can get any where else xn the valley, Call and examine my stock and get my prices before buying elsewhere. JOHN HOLCOMB, MOFFAT, COLO. WITHIN THE REACH t EVE RY ' OF ALL WE WILL FURNISH YOUR HOME FBEE[i ~Writs to.day for our hand. | mm ~e Illustrated catalogue I READ THE LETTERS I ~l~seewhgt.be~.utifulp.re'l from our patrons and i mnnas w~ g~ve Ior sellzngl t~ Fonvine~l that .n,* " o~ ........ v-- - - l 01~8q pl. "W ~givetgeseh| are dealing with a t]~or- I~r~nseer,or a nox OZ mOg oughly tellable house ,i- - - -.~ __ : . ~i. or bo~tts of r,,~,~o tha~l ' I - _ ~ _ - - -'e~ ~ - - - - choice of some of the hand- t ~- [ I ~ I t i I -~ ~ aom~t premiums in the market. LampS, Bracelets, I ] ..N,~'~' /~.ffi\~ ].~,~\I Glauware, Qjpalware. Knives, Roasting Pans, CakeI [ /~11~ Y~ff./ IP~I~\ I /A~\-I Platesandotner beautiful pre~ents. To ~m I I J.~g--,.~k ~ /~ " ~,LI (~'" -I I theagentwhoaensonly94boxeaof Soap /--~ I [J~ ~.~[ "~,~Ldv ~J We give a 6O-Plee~ Dinner ~et--not a J I to~'~et---buta besutifullydeeorated and ~I Ballrro VT .... gold traced, full size for ~amlly use Din- ,~II4Ii.I'q~I ., ~ -, ner~t. Wealsogive Couches I{ocker~ ~]~'~-| |I I em ~ much pleued 'with my dbhe), *nd Dinins Room Chairs Cente~ Tables' ~ o m~ ~HII gst up sn~Yh~r order seem:. ........... Lace Curtains, Watches, Knives an~ ~_~IfI FO , Graniteware. Sewing Machines, ~- I .............. Nx~oa~x, O-re.. Mmloatln~truments, Etc. ]foa~hlspre- ~I ~i~ to-day. M~ eustom*r~ Are all t e1~dwe IdIow a very liberal commi~- ~I Inill plmmd with their l*mp~, We have not seen ~on..wetrnstyou. Nomoneyrequlrea. |]~I II~III mob nleehtmpl here beret, will mad another order we arrow you lS days' time i a which I ~" I l~S lu t |sw ~ltyll. I am mote than pleued with the to dell.vet the goods and collect your ~IIIJJ'I SALVONA SOAP C0., aih and Locust Sis., ST. LOUIS, t40. THB PBOPLB'S NATIONAL FAMILY NEWSPAPER I I[I Mother __. I "My mother was troubled with consumption for many years. At last she was given up to die. Then she tried Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, and was speedily cured." D. P. Jolly, Avoca, N. Y. I No matter how hard your cough or how long you have had it, Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is the best thing you can take. It's too risky to wait until you have consump- tion. If you are coughing today, get a bo~tle of Cherry Pectoral at once. 't'hree si|es: .25c., .Me., $1. All drunisis. Consult your doctor. If he says take it, then do as he says. If he tells you not to take it, then don't take it. He knows. ~ve it with him. We are willing. J. C, AYER CO,, Lowell, Mass. Ill i Polly Root's Metamorphosis, There never was a surly girl 0nc hal! so sweet as she That httle malden of the ranch who played the duece With me, A Jolly, laughing, fnil of fun, mischievous pranky girl, The Jewel of the Membres range, a fair un- polished pearl, Her ripping laughter revelled up the bosom of the breeze, Her song sent silvery shivers through the whiskers of the trees, And every bird that heard her noise notes with Jealosy grew mute And wished the asthama would attaek the throat of Polly Root. Her eyes were bright and piercing as the optic of the skunk~ In their intoxicating light my soul went on a drunk, The sunlight loved to nestle In the meshes of her hair, The Junebugs loved to e~awl across her feet, so brown and bare. No untamed broncho on the range could give the maid the shake, And riding at full gallop she could rope a rat- tlesnake, And when itcame to sizooting no~ a shooter shot a shoot Sodeadly as tire shoots she shot that keen eyed Polly Root. At every daace sweet Polly Root was there with both her feet, And as a wall flower you can net she never warmed a seat, For every cowboy on the range was keen to get the chance, To tangle up their feet with hers and swing her in the dance, "All balance heifers to 3er stager' the fiddler he would roar, And Polly's pounding feet would raise big blisters on the floor~ Freigh~ Outfit Sold. Last Thursday the W. W. Idea freight outfit was sold to Callie Mack and Art Creger. Messrs. Mack & Oreger also'lease the California barn from Mr. Idea. We do not know what Mr. Iden'a plans are but are informed that he will move to som- point in the Arkansas val- ley, to a lower altitude, probably to Can- on City. For ;ale. W. W. Iden offers for sale the follow- ing articles, which may be seen at the California barn or his residence in Sa- guache. Prices will be made right as he does not want to move them: Two driving horses stogie or double, one, three inch lumber wa~on, one two seat carrmge, two buggies, two road carts, two sets double buggy harness, two sets single buggy harness, one Fair- banks scale, capacity 12,000 pounds, three heating stoves, household goods. Ledbetier Still Presiding Elder. The Denver conference of the Metho- dist Episcopal church, south, has just closed a session at LaVeta. Bishop Hen- drix announced the following appoint- ments for the new conference year: Denver district, Joseph Ledbetter pre- siding elder. Denver, St. Paul church, W. E. Ed- monson. Morrison Memorial, H. A. Wood. Colorado Springs, E. E. Carrington. Pueblo, Corona chapel, James Fisher. East Pueblo, W. T. McGann. Hoene and Aguilar, F. M. Roper. Trinidad. H. L. Jenkinson. La Veta district. John Woad, presid- ing elder.. La Veta Station, J. D. Wood. Walsenburg, A. R. Halton. Gardner, E. R. Cheneworth. Rye and Buelah, F. E. Taylor, Saguache, Charles E. Butler. Durango district, W. H. Howard, pre- siding elder. Durango Station, W. H. Howard. Farmington and Flora Vista, James A. Lewis. Mantes, To be supplied. Many physicians are now prescribing Kodol Dyspepsia Cure regularly having found that it is the best prescription they can write because it is the one prep- aration which contains the elements nec- essary to digest not only some kinds of food but all kinds and it therefore cures indigestion and dyspepsia no matter what its cause. Seguache Pharmacy. Bound Over. Tbe court of Judge Eubanks at Pon- cha Springs perhaps never presented a And at the call to "Grab an' swing" you'd or- more active scene than that of Wednes- terseen her scoot day when numberless witnesses and Into the arms set like a trap to catch sweet Polly Root. spectators were assembled to participate * * * * * * in and follow the proceedings of a case I see the cultivated flower quire ellen in the which is attracting general alton lion in toWU, The form once hid in calioo wrapped in a costly gown, The feet and ankles once so nude In boots and silken hose, And glasses held with golden chain astraddle of her nose. The face her cowboy hat once fanned, the face once walnut brown, Is now kept at low temperature by fan of fleecy down, And on the cards size carries in a silver case SO cute, In steel engraven letters Is the name Paulyna Ruytte. - James Barton ,~dams in Denver Poet. Gee. W. Lane, Pewamo, Mich. writes: "Your Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is the best remedy for indigestion and stomach trouble that I ever used. For years I suffered from dyspepsia, at times com- pelling me to stay in bed and causing -me untold agony. I am completely cured by Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. In recom- mending it to my friends who suffer from indigestion I always offer to pay for it if it fails. Thus far I have never paid." Sa- guache Pharmacy. We are pleased to learn that George D. Nickle is taging out some good ore in the old workings in the Esperanza mine at Biedell. The Esperanza is a pc- that section of the country. The case was styled the people vs Har- rison Hies and Herman Huddler, upon. the charge of killing and stealing a fine six-months old bull calf on August 29 last. The skeleton of this young mem- ber of the bovine famiiy, owned by Bar- nett Bro. was discovered but a few days ago hidden in a clump of bushes on the range several miles from Poncha by Sheldon Blanchard, and according to the testimony at the prehminary hearing in Jud~ Eubanks' court the meat had been taken from the body in a manner most m),~,h riv, Suspicio-~ at once pointed to Messrs. Hice and Huddler and they were ar- raigned to show cause[or the appearance of calf flesh found in their cabin. The testimony at this hearing was strongly against them and they were held to ap- pear at the next term of district court in the sum of $800 each. Persons who claim to know inside facts in the case preferred against these gen- tlemen say that the meat found in their cabin was a mountain sheep which Mr, Hice testifies to killing and for which he will pay the penalty. Attorneys Miller and Williams of this The Prevalence of Foxtail. Wild barley, [oxtail or squirrel tail grass is rapidly becoming one of the worst weeds in the irrigated portions of Colorado. It has a wonderful capacity for stooling, each spike containin~ from thirty-five to sixty seeds, a single plant having as many as for~y or more spikes. A single cluster of plants may mature from[lye hundred to three thousand seeds. Originally the plant secured on.ly in saline or alkali soil, hence its favorite starting place in a pasture is along a ditch, in a soaked meadow or at the edge of aslough or swamp where alkali is more or less abundant, but itseems to be able to locate and survive in almost any prairie soil. In nutritive elements the plant before blooming compares favorably with tim- othy, red clover and bhte stem. Its fault lies in that it roots out grasses in a whole field that are better and that the awns are exceedingly injurious to feeding ani- mals. This grass when found in hsy and allowed to ripen, if in any quantity, is very injurious The small awns seem to work into the jaws of animals and cause deep ulcerating sores which form under the tongue and lips. We have seen a large number of animals affected and by examination have found the awns imbed- ded deep into the flesh, where they had remained for three months or more. We have seen lips completely eaten through and tongues eaten almost off by the spiculm of the grass. The awned heads break up when taken into the mouth, stick to the mucous membrane, then pierce it. More awns are added and those already present are pushed deep into the flesh Ulcerations of the jaw- bones and teeth result and what is sup- posed to be lumpy jaw sometimes occurs. Horses suffer fully as much as cattle,and sheep worse, as the awns are caught in the Wool about the eyes, sometimes iv the eyeball itself and thus may cause to- tal blindness. Another fault with [oxtail is that it is quite likely to spread the various kinds of rust injurious to stock. This is a sufficiently heavy indictment of this plant to induce every farmer to regard it as his enemy.~Field and Farm. Sid Darling, 1012 Howard st, Port Hu- ron, Mich writes: "I have tried many pills and laxatives but DeWitt's Little Early Risers are far the best pills I have ever used." They never gripe. Sa- guache Pharmacy. My stock of wall paper will be at Denton's, next door to CR~SCEtCT office. Also books of fancy samples and low prices, 25 per cent off of regular price. Will do painting or papering as usual. CLYDE WELCH. -o The varieties of grass that possess the property of curing on the ground are in- jured but little if any by frost, These ~rasses are at their heat during the late summer and early autumn months, after the curing has taken place. Stockmen on the range always figure on getting their best gains during this season. As we all know, the range grasses when green and luxuriant in the early part of the grazing season do not fatten stock so well as after they become dry and cured. The feeding value of the cured grass is always injured by heavy or continuous rains, such as we have been having the past month, but it is still not too late for the presen growth to cure in good con- dition. A comparatively dry autum is most favorable for grazing on the range. --Field and Farm B. W. Pursell, Kintersville, Pm says he suffered 25 years with pdes and could obtain no relief until DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salye effected a permanent cure. Counterfeits are worthless. Ssguache Pharmacy. We can grow tomatoes in Saguaohe, and they will ripen, too. Jason Jaques has been bringing them into town the past week and they were flue ones. Of course the plants must b.e set out early and carefully guarded until the spring frosts are over, but they yield well and i cnliar property in one respect, it being city appeared for the prosecution and the price they bring will pay for the (..: :~' '~: ~'~ ~L ' ": " " " the only vein in the west where native Judge Hollenback for the defendants.-- trouble. 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T e o , Mr. Mark Sevmn-- Mn ,)~,~ o,,,~ ..~ ~ .... a. l ,J ~T^n~ ; ~o~t~h~~l .... i~n~ia~ll{~lleager~~ Bledell, closed it down for years, onlyre- S~ev~i'ed-f;~ends"a('La Cygne, Kas.,:nh.and~ ... j xutt ~~}~ ce:iy;e2!r~gk~r:~-ecde-eparted for ~i!i~!iho~e]}"at~d2::vl~w'ShG:inl~ i~:hr:ii!i' and ! mn Correspondence, Short | ..... ment of the highest or- their old home 'l. uesday evening at Deb ....... _ " i Walsenbu rg. ! TK/- . ~ i ~tot~[uEI~anliHonal~,[ ' i . , rde~lih~a~ ~ter~vienin,g ta, Iowa, where they will spend the next Superintendent Palmer visited the[ John H, Hol0omb Moffat. | - Hnmor.ou? I tems,.ln,[ ~ mumbo!of the.ram.flY, six weeks v,si~lng relatives and friends Veteran school last Thursday. . : := ~, ..... |