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September 12, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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September 12, 1901

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W The Denver Times ,oo ioa a o oou. oo an order for 150,000 Japanese fans to worth of horses the past year and have help cool its patrons next summer. While helped advance the price of horses very the heat of 1901 was still turned on, materially, iV. A. Bronangh will go into ........................... : ::: :::: ~:: .... General Passenger Agent Francis sat ui) the country next week to look for some ~'HE 1EADINO PIPER OF DENVER--FIrst in Local and Firstnights bui!ding sentences that would good animals.--Journal. read well in the heat of 1902, and in- We are taking orders for copper plate in Telegraphin New C~mplete Harl~et Reports. Bright-eide]~tally start the re,d~r fo~ some re- eat, Newsier and Cl~ncst-Pr|nts sor~ "best reached," ere, T|,o advertis- en~raving. A full line of samples of latest styles may be seen at this office. ing matter decided upon, metal base ALL THE NEWS ALL THE TIMEs electrotypes are made in Omaha, and Prices are the same as eharged for same class of work in Denver. , , shipped to Japan. There the ads prepar- Note 8ubsoription Rates. ed in Omaha are printed on Japanese fan o o Kodol SUBSCRIPTION PRICES IN ADVANCE: bamboo, shaped in the form of fans. By Daily and Sunday, one week ................. $ .15 the time the fans arrive in this count.ry Daily and flunday, one month ................. 05 another summer has rolled around and Daily and Sunday, by mail, one year ......... 7.80 the demand for the familiar Burlington Dally, exeeptSunday, bymail, oneyear ..... 5.80 fanshas sgain commenced. The price~lm w~ vk ;~ ~ ~ ~,~ Cure -~ Sunday Times, by mail, one year ............. 2.00 of thA fans delivered in Omaha, Chicago, ~ y ~ ~ ~ p ~ | ~ Denver We~klyTime~-Snn, oneyear ......... 1.00 and St. Louis, is about a cent and a h,lf ,p~ce. Digests wha't you eat. ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS, Patrons of the Amerman House speak This preparation contains all of the whether concerning advertisemente, subBsrlp* tines or news, to T]:I.E TIMES, 1448 Curtis street, very favorably of its new management, digestants a::d digesus all kinds ol food. It gives In~tant, relief and never Denver, Colo. Remit by express money order, The table is good, the beds excellent fails to cure. It allows you to eat all drafts, postofllee order or registered letter, and the attention given guests all that the food you want, The most sensitive could be desired, stomachs can take it. :By its use many .... thousands of dyspeptics have been The C~n[ury ~llra| ~81| Box frc{~ w|lh 8|| $11b$cr|p~0n$ Ben T. Brooks returned Wednesday cured after everything else failed. It paid In advance for one year to The Dally Times, Send [or from the San Luis valley where he en- lsunequ~dledforallstomach troubles. sample copies. We want live a~cnts in every town. ~oyed a few days' dm, k h,mt with Ber~ It can't help Alexander, eldest son of the assessor of but do you good THE DENVER TIMES Sagoache county. He reports a delight- ~=reparedonly by E.C. DEWI,T&Co.,ChicagC " ' ' 2, ful outing, though but a days good shoot- ,~ho $1. bottle contains2~A timesthe0t~. Slz~ ! ing.--Salida Mail. Meat Prices r0 cmc,G0 G. O. Tsxlor Whiskies, of superior excellence i iii 1 I WANTED-ACTIVE MAN OF GOOD CHAR- Tile Reliable I~oute . attar to deliver and collect in Colorado for old / establiahed manufacturing wholesale house. Until further noti~ we will soil the best of meats at the f,1-1$900ayear, snrepay. Honesty m.rethanexper. "~" ivnce required. Our reference, any bank in any lowing prices~ I city. Enclose eeit addressed stamped envelope. Manufacturers, Third Floor. 334 Dearbon st. Chicago. Loin Steaks 12 1-2 cents per pound. Round Steaks I0 cents per pound. Administrator's Notice. Shoulder Steaks 8 cunts per pound, state of Colorado, S~gtzache court y-ss. Whereas by virtue of an order of th~:~ cou~dy COtlrt ot'Saguztche connty, slate of Colorado, [ Boiling Meats 7 cents per pound. Mttlng In probate on the 29th day of July A. I D. 1901, tile undersigned was dil'ee~ed 1o sell certain real estate bclnnglng to the eslate ell Chilries I~. Ronlel', deceased, to p,y dcbt$ eli Palace Sleeping Oars The Bccklcy Packin House e Now, therefore, notice is hereby give,, that I and Dining Cars. i will offer at. public sale at, the front door of ] tile coal t |louse |n lhe town of Sagtlaehe, Coil)- I rado. onF,'lday, S~otemberl3, A. D. 1901, aLI Chair Cars Free. thehourof2n'eloel{ p. m. of said day. the following described rqal estate, to-wit: ] 1 - Lots seven and eight in block A U and lot I 8t~ps the Cough and Works Off the Cold. Seal's idea of the popularity of Cole- twelve in block A. town of l~o~anza City, ] ALL [ rude as a summer resort may he gained Saguaehe county, Colorado. Sail ~ale is made Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets cure from the report of the baggagemaster at subject to theapproval of the county court. ] Owne~ and Operated by I~AUL V~r IDMAYER' I ' v r a cold in one day. No cure, no pay. l the union depot, Den e . During July, Administrator of the estate of Charles R. iCIHCA~O~ I~IILW'AUKEE Price 25 cents. 1 1.00,830 and during August 103,568 Romer, deceased. & St. PAUL RAILWAY. ........... I pmcas of baggage were handled, most of For furthe reformation address i High School Notes. i them belonging to tourists. The August Notice of Final Settlement. i The followin- encouragin- letter was ~ report shows an increase of 13,980 pieces J.E. PRESTON, St. recently receiv:d from Mik:White:over August 1900, and g~ves" to August In the matter of the estate of Charles R. . Commercial Agent, 1029 Seventeenth "Yours of the 29 ult received In re- 1901, the record of being the mouth of Romer.NoticedeCeased.ls hereby given that on Monday the i Denver, Colorado. M.a ~^ ,~^ ~:.^. ,.~:.'~ ~;~. .... " ...... [ heaviest travel ever recorded in Colorado 80th day of September, A. D. 1901, being one el I , .................... , ...... ,, ...... On August21, 1901, 37,169 t,ckets had tlae regular days of the Sept, mb,-r term of the Th~ Illinois Central R R organizing, you can consider me a mem-: . county court of Saguache county, in the stale I of Coh)rado, [ Paul Widnmyer, admi~}ist ruler i ber and I will hand you the $2 when I been deposited with the joint agencies o[ said estate, will appear b(,fo~e lhe judge oft ~ am in Saguaehe, which will be the 14 at Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo said court, present my finalsettlement as such [ admlni.~trator, pray the al)proval of the same, , ~ ~ EFFICIEI~ITLY inst. I hope you will succeed in your an increase of 6,891 tickets over the cor- and will then apply to be discharged as such i administrator. At which time and place any ~ SERVES undertaking because I think it the best responding period of last year. oerson in interest may appear and presentob- i jeet|ons tO the same, if any there be. I~ ~g t ~ A VAST move you could make for the benefit of Don't wait until you become chronic- Dated at 8aguaehe, Colorado, August 6, 1901. ] ~TER R IT 0 RY the S. O. H. S. as well as the public, ally constipated but take DoWitt's Lit- P~UL \V~D.~XVm~. Adminisu'ator of tim estate of Charles R. ~/ b7 through ser- Yours respect. Mike White. tie Early Risers now and then. They Romer, deceased. We are indebted to Mrs. Jake Hender- wilt keep your liver and" bowels in good ~. ~'~ / vice to ana from ~.~ the following tit- Boa of Alder for some specimens of tur- order. Easy to take. Safe pills. Sa- Administrator's Notice. ~ f zes: quois and mica and to Mrs. Ed Funk of guache Pharmacy. Omaha, Nob. [ Chicago, Ill. Go~het~pa for excellent specimens of John Lawrence and John Winkle re- Estate of Jacob M. Schuekers, deceased. St. Paul, Minn. St. Louis, Me. agatized wood. The undersigned having been appointed ad- Minneapolis. ] Peoria, Ill turned a few days ago from a trip to Sky minlstrator of the estate of Jacob M. Bchuck- Kansas City, Mo.I ~vansvllle, lad ers. late of the county of Saguaehe and state Mrs. W. F. Boyd has presented the li- City, where Mr. Lawrence went to look oI Colorado, deceased, hereby glvesnotieethat Mefl3phi$, "t~ nn. [ Cincinnati, O. brary the following recent publications: after some mining claims he owns. he will appear befnre tile connty court of Sa- Nashvil e, Tenn. [ Atlanta, Ca. Quo Vadis, David Harum, The Choir In- ~uaehe county, at the courthouse inSvguache Louisville, Ky. / Jacksonville, Flu t theSeptembe~ term for probate business, visible, When Knighthood was in Flower Miss Angle Rowe was made happy ~)nlhefltthMonday (being the 30th day)of NOW Orleafls, La.t ~icksDIJrg, M[$$. September next. at wbieh time all persons hay- Weekly through service between Chicago and Alice of Old Vincennes. Sunday by the arrival of her sister, Geor- ing claims against said estate are notified and Tom Atwood sent in about 50 pounds gia, who will be with her Ihis winter and requested to attend for the purpose of having and between Cincinnati the same adjusted. All persons indebted to Of specimens for our cabinet, attend school here.--Tribune, said estate are requested to make immediate AND THE PACIFIC COAST, . payment to the undersigned. Mrs. Doyle has given the library a Gee. W. Welch, employed by Mauer & Dated this 2nd day of September, A. D. 1901. Connections at these terminals for the %Vm. F. BOYD, as Administrator. history of Ireland and anumber of mag-Knoll, above Crested Batte, was killed EAST, SOUTH, WEST,NORTH, azinee. yesterday Dy the bursting of an emery Dan S. Jones, Mike White, Olla Prof- wheeL--Tribune. Have You Books or Mugs- Fast and Handsomely Eqnipped Steam- fit, Blanche Ashley, Perry Allen and Carl Heated Trains--Dining Cars--Buffet-Li- Nehls are country friends who have THE .oM~ .o~. ~,,~ zincs to Bind? brary Ce.rs--Sleep|ng Cars--Free Re- joined the library association. . __ ellntng Chair Cars. The library will be ready for opening An Ingenious Treatment by which Drunk We do Particulars of agents o~ the Iliinois Central ards are ]Being Cured Daily in tbe first of October. Hurry up and get spite of Themselves. l~W, Hedical, Library, and eoooeetiog i~nes. in on the ground floor. The members already enrolled and the encouraging It is now generally known and under- ALL KINDS OF BOOKBINDING, ~ ~O~ ~H,~o words received are beyond our expecta- stood that drunkenness is a disease and JAMES CULTON, Commercial Agent, tines. Help us and yourselves by send. not weakness. A body filled with poison, Books bound in every conceivable 805 17th Street. Denver. and nerves completely shattered by per- style. 01d books rebound. Art and PHONE 112.5. ing in names at once. Fee $2. iodical or constant use of intoxicating The following pupils have enrolled this liquors requires an antidote capable of fine bindings. Blank book makers. week George McClure, of Lower Sa- neutralizing and eradicating this poison Colora~(]o Short and destroying the craving for intoxi- guach$,MaudIckes, of Center, Howard cants. Sufferers may nowcure themsel- Hall 0 Williams Allen, Frank Keough and James Cloud ve~ at home w~thout publicity or loss of I Lille. of Crestone. time from business by this wonderful Home Gold Cure which has been per- 1441 Curtis St. D~nver, Colo. Afoot bail team has been organized fected after many y~ars of close stud, Hiss0uri with Elmer Davison, pres., Hugh Wil- and treatment of inebriates. The fatthful liams, sac. Challenges bane been receiv- use according to d,rections of thls won- CLA RENCE HERSEY, ed from Alamosa and Salida. derful discovery is positively guaranteed -- to cure the most obstinate case no o., Assaysr and chemistPacific Ryl Henry Braydon, Harris, N. O. says, "I ter how hard a drinker. Our records show the marvelous transformation of ! took medicine 20 yearn for asthma but thousands of drunkards into sober, in- [Established 1879] one bottle of One Minute Cough Cure dustrious and upright men. Leadville, Colorado. did me more good than any thing else Wives cure your husbandsl Children during that time. Best Cough Cure." 8a- cure your fathersl This remedy is m no Sampl0s by Mail or ~xpres.~ RecdveThe People's Choice, guaehe Pharmacy. sense a nostrum but m a spemfic for this disease only, and is so skillfully devised Prompt Attention. There ought to be cheap meat in Na- and prepared that it is thoroughly solu- Through without change ble and pteasaut to the taste, so that zt WANTED--ACTIVE MAN OF GOOD CHAR- DENVER, COLOR~D0 SPRIN6$ gaucho and plenty of it as there are now can be given in a cup of tea or coffee actor to deliver and collect in Colorado for old three shops in operation. Two new ones wzthout the knowledge of tbeperson tak- established manufacturing wholesale house, and PUEBLO opened thi~ week. George Sherman has lag it. Thousands of drunkards have $900. a year, sure pay. Honesty more than ex- soured the Mrs. Daniels building next cured themselves with this priceless rein- perlence required. Our reference, any bank in any city. Enclose self addressed stamped en- TO edy, and as many more have been cured velope. Manufacturers, third Floor, 884 Dearbon door south of the drug store and Edgar and made temperate men by having the st. Chicago. K~[~S~$ CITY and ST. LOUIS. Jones has fitted up the room just east of "Gure" administered by loving friends the Jones store as a market, and relahves without their knowledge in coffee or tea and believe today thatthey Aakyour CATARRH Direc~ Route To Sheriff Williams returned Monday dmcontinued drinking of their own free Druggist ill onotwait sot he deiu ed ,o,.,en0ro The Hot Springs of Arkansas night from a trip to Ohio City, Gunni- by apparent and misleading 'hmprove- Ion county. He arrested a man named ment." Drive out the disease atones and tO CENT ~:"~,~_~_BAL~..~ Frank McDonald who in charged with for alltime. The Home Gold Cure m TRIAL 81ZE. F~~] C~-~am ~[ t~;~ Free Rechning Chair Oarso stealing a team of horace from a man dollar,Sld at thethusextremelyplacing lOWwithinpriCereachOfO.eof EIT's ~' '.~":'"~:~'~:ll Elegant Pullman Palace Buffet S]eepers. named Rudolph Frey, wholives at Span- everybody a treatment more effectual contains no coc, ine, ~ /-z~'3~'&t~ ish creek, than others costing $2-5 to $50. Full di- mercary nor any other ~ ~ ~" ~ Government Fast Mail Route East ~ rections accompany each package. Spat. injurious drug. ~ Lee Fairbanks last week purchased ml advice by skilled physicians when re- Itis quicklyAbsorbcd. ~.~,~J~ and West. the 20 foot strip of ground between the quested without extra charge. Sent pre- Gives ltelMf at once. ~'~k~.~#y~ two Beckley buildings on 4th street from paid to any part of the world on receipt their opensNasal Passages.and cleanses~| ~ I1~ H ~'~ See your nearest ticket agent or write Johnny O'Neil. There are several good of one dollar. Address Dept. E 786 Ed- Allays Inflammation. vv~ "~ sSnm~r-a~ ward B. Giles & Co., 0-.?30 to 2332 Mar- Heals and Protect, the ~embrane. Restore, the 6S A,TRIPP, rooms on the rear pnrtion of this land ket St. Philadelphia, Pa. All correspon- Senses of Taste and SmeU. Full 81~e~0c. ; Trial and these are being fitted up for offices, den0e strictly" confidential, ~ize 10c. ; at Drnggists or by mall. G. W, F. & P, Agt., Denver, Colo. For the next 30 days will have a SPE- f, IAL SALE as 01- lOWS: 100 suits mens clothing at 20 psr cent less than regular pries. 50 pieces dress goods thrown on the counter at from 20 to 50 per former prices. Just tbe goods for school dresi~es. .~-.-~ cent less tban 47 pair boys and girls shoes--former price $150, $l.75 and $2.00--now to be sold for $1.00 and $1.25. 300 odd pieces of dishes, glassware, o)d lamps, milk crocks, pie plates, dish wash- ers, etc., etc. The 6otthelr Tarbell Hcrcantile Co, The Ladles' " Favorite, There are three things abnut the Burlington's Chicago Special which commend it to the favorable attention of woman travelers. One is the siz~ of the toilet rooms in the sleeping cars-- they are nearly twice as large as the generality of such apartments. Another is the practice in vogu$ on Burlington dining cars of presenting lady patrons with flowers. The third feature is that sleeping-ear porters are under instructions to ask lady passengem, within ten minutes of the train's departure from Denver, whether or not they want pillows. The Chicago Special 'leaves Denver at 4 p. m. for Oma- ha and Chicago. St. Louts Special loaves at 2:35 p. m. Tickets at Offices of Connecting IAnes. Ticket Office, 1039 Seventeenth St. G. W. VALLERY, General Agent, D~.~v~.~. I The Denver and Rio 6rande R, R, THE POPULAR LINE TO Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Cripple Creek, Leadville, Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Grand Junction. Salt Lake City, Ogden, Butte, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Reaches all the principal towns and mmmg camps in Colo., Utah and New Mexico. THE TOURISTS FAVORITE ROUTE TO ALL MOUNTAIN RESORTS. THROUGH SLEEPING GAgS BETWEEN DENVER AND Cripple Creek Grand Jnnction, Portland Leadville 8air Lake City ~n Francisco ~' Los AI~geles . Glenwood Springs Ogden CHICAGO AND ST. LOUIS, DINING CARS,. SERVICE A LA CART/~ ON ALL TI~ROUGH TRAINS. S. K. t-IOOPER, G. P. &.T~ A,, Denver, THE PIONEER STABLE Villa Grove, Colo. Having leased the old Pioneer Stable at Yilla Grove (being the one u~d by H. Brabam and succe~ors as a stage barn) to be used a~ a livery, feed and sale stable, I solicit a part of the public )atronage, and shall strive by strict attention to business and with good rigs and herno~ to merit the same. F, P, HALL, Hanallcr,