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September 20, 1900     The Saguache Crescent
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September 20, 1900

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I I III II .......... 7r r~ I IIIII I I -- SAGUACHE CRESCENT. (FORXERLY SAOUAOHB D~OORAT.) I tered at the l~mt office at l~guache. (h,io.. f r t rausmil~,~ion throagh the marl s as seoon,t~,lat~ watT~r. OSCAR D. BItYAN, Editor. THUI$SDAY, SEPT. 20, 1900. REPiJBLCAN TICKET. For President, WILLIAM McKINLEY. Vice President, THEODORE ROOSEVELT. Judge of Supreme Conrt, GUSTAVE C. BARTELS, Denver. Governor, FRANK {3. GOUDY, Denver. Lieutenant Governor, PERCY S. RIDER, La Plata. Secretary of State, *JOSEPH W. MILSOM, Fremont. Treasurer, ORSON ADAMS, Mesa. Auditor, JAMES S. MURPHY, Teller. Attorney General, CHASE WITHROW, Gilpin. Superintendent Public Instruction, ~IRs. IONE T. HANNA, Denver. Regents of University, CHARLES R. DUDLEY, Denver. GEORGE N. McCLURE, Boulder. Presidential Electors, IRVING HOWBERT, El Paso. T. S. McMURRAY, Arapahos. THOMAS F. WALSH, Ouray. SIMON GUGGENHEIM, Pueblo. The enthusiasm manifested at the re- publican state convention on Monday and Tuesday reminds us most forcibly of the days of ten years ago when the party was in full power in this state. Ex-SenatorTom Bowen made his re- appearance in politics at Denver on Mon- day. He arose in the Pueblo delegation to second the nomination of Goudy and the crowd, recognizing him, called for him to take the platform. Judging by the number of prominent silver republicans who are track in the republican ranks this year it would seem that in the fusion deal the silver repub- licans got the best of the paps and dem- ocrats. If the number of votes they will be able to cast is any criterian they would be entitled to about one regent of the state university as their share of the ticket. i Just ss an indioatton of how much better times are now than four years ago wecaU attention to the fact that it is al- mint imposmble to get hired help. Three young Mexicans were offered $35 a montheach, with use of a cabin, to do come grubbing and they refused it; say- ing they had a job at $45 per month. A few years ago they" would have jumped at the $35 offer. The Denver Post in commenting on the fusion ticket admits that its person- nel is not what it should be--but claims that the end sought to be obtained justi- fies the means. We doubt this. A ticket so weak that its sponsors feel called upon to apologize for it will not appeal to the independent voter- and Colorado is full of that class. It looks now as though the success of the republican ticket is a~ur~l. The Denver Post warns the fusionists that no more "yellow dog" tickets will be tolerated by the voters. It says in the past the very worst class of treasury looters have slipped into office under sever of the fusion garment. The Post wlll please observe, after the numina. tions are all made, that the same pap- sucking gang is in the band wagon blow- ing its brains out all for the love of~sil- ver.~Gnnnison Tribune. In the nomination of Hen. Frank C. Goudy for governor the republicans be- yond all doubt named the slrongest man in the party. The demand for his nomi- natlon came from all portions of the state and Mr. Cranston, or Arapahos, re,plac- ing his name before the convention said he was not the choice of Arapahos coun- ty but of the entire state. It is conced- ed on all sides that Mr. Goudy will run far ahead of his ticket and the chances of his election are exceedingly good. It is beginning to dawn upon the vet- ere of this state that it is necessary to have behind a state ticzet a party that can be held responsible for the adminis- tration of tha offices. They are tired of fusion and just how tired the vote this fall will demonstrate. Colorado never does thing0 by halves. When they thought that by voting for Bryan they could secure the restoration of sliver, they went over in a body and rolled up a majority of nearly 135,000. Now that they realize that the demcorats have abandoned that i~ue and have set up a straw ilmue--iml~rialiam--and the honor 01 thk 0ountr,/lind its ~ ia Imp~ill~I! they will vote just as solidly against tl=e demo~r:~ttc candidate. Au~ther land- shde is due and we look for it this fall. A Shocki,tg Calamity "Lately befell a railroad laborer," writes Dr. A. Kellett, of Williford, Ark. "His foot was badly crushed, but Buck- len's Arnica Salve quickly cured him. It's simply womterful for burns, boils, piles and all skin eruptions. It's the ~,,rld's champion healer. Cure guaran- teed, 25 cents per box. Sold by Lord & Wilcox, Crestone, Colo. Fusion Market Day. "Great God, has it come to this~''- ?assionateJy asked Senator Teller yester- day addressing the democratic conven- tion. Yes, Senator TeLler, it has "come to this"--only this, and nothing more. The democrats must have the office ~f governor with unconditioned "authority to make something like 700 appoint- ments, each of which carries a salary." A salary! "Aye, there's the rub." If it were not for the salary the honor would be of not the slightest consequence. Principle is nothing. The welfare of the people is nothing. The good name of the state in the sisttrhood of states is nothing. It ie simply and solely "the 700 ap- pointments, each of which carries a sal- ary !" There, voters of Colorado, is the ani- mus, the inspiration of the men you sent to confer together and name the stand- ard bearers for your pIinciples. Men who have betrayed your trust and built their bargain on the basis of "the loaves and fishes" for themselves and their friends. The bargain ts made after wrangling that would disgrace anything on earth, but the men engaged in it, and your votes are the "chips" in the game. TheTimes may well quote the hac~- neved "I told you so." It has told you so many times. The declarations of yes- terday amount to a plea of guilty. How do you like the "ehoice" to which you are shut up?--Tunes. Have you a sense of fullness in the re- gion of your stomach after eating? If so you will be benefitted by using Chamber- lain's Stomach and Liver 'l.ablets. They also cure belching and sour stomach. They regulate the bowels too. Prme, 25 cents. Sold by Saguache Pharmacy. Best machine oil at lowest prices, the Gotthelf & Mayer Met. Co. A bargain is offered some one in an 18 volume Encyclopedm Dmtionary. Call at this office and examine it. A party of Alamosa gentlemen, includ ing Editor Newton of tbe Qourier and Dr. err, have been hunting o~t the Coch- e~pa the past week. Last Saturday a message was received here calling for Dr. Orr's return on account: of the ear- ions illness of one of his patients. The emergency ba~s sent by a church society to Kansas soldiers in the Phili- ppines contained among the necessities a box of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, the well known cure for piles, injuries and skin diseases. The ladies took care to obtain the original DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve knowing that all the coun- terfeits are worthless. Saguache Phar- macy. Tom Lyons returned lastSunday from Denver, Cripple Creek and other points in the state. RIO GRANDE 1%ATES. For authentic cases of charity, a rate of one-half standard rate may be made on applicatiou to General Passenger Agent, but in cases where towns, cities or counties pay for ticket no reduction: will be made. Sept. 26 to 28 annual convention W. C. T. U. at Pueblo. Rate of one and one-fifth fare on certificate plan. The Christian Endeavor convention meet~ in Denver this year, the date be ing October 4 to 7. $0TT'$ EMULSION OF COD-LIVER 0IL WITH HYPOPHOSPHITES ;hould always be kept in the house for the fol= lowing reasons: FIRST-- Because, if any member of the family has a hard cold, it will cure It. ~EOOND--Because, if the chil- dren are delicate and sickly, tt will make them strong and well. ~]~--Because, if the father or mother Is losing flesh and becom- ing thin and emaciated, It will build them up and give them flesh and strength. FOURTH--Because it is the standard remedy In all throat and lung affections. No household should be without it. It can be taken in summer as well as In winter. ~_, a~d Sx.ce, sll druggists. . B~TT & SOWNB, Ch,mim, at~ rm~ Some Reasons Why You Should lmist on Having EUREKA HARNESS OIL ~J nequaled by any other. ~enders hard leather soft. ~specially prepared. ~[,:eps out water. A heavy bodied oil. HARNESS ~n excellent preservative. ~educes cost of your harne~. ~l~ever burns the leather ; its I=fiiciency is increased. ~eeures best service. Stitches kept from breaking. OIL |s sold in all Localities Manufactured by ~tandard 0i! Co,npanr. For Sale. CRESTONE. Chapnla,1 has his new stable ill shape to a':co!':llu.,d;;te the public when in Crestotte. Gabe Haunlan and Billy Wilcox star~ed Mouday for Mount Blan(:o to do some assessment work aud will be gone about a month. Suc- cess to the boys. The people of Crestoue met at the school house last Saturday night to organize a ]iteraly club and the speaking and music was ex,el]ent and every one seemed to have a good finis. Miss Roberts, our school teacher is on the sick list with her throat aud Miss Rosa Cook is teaching in her place. Mrs. Underhi]l has been quite About forty head of horses, broken an3 unbroken, weighing from 1,000 to sick with typhoid fe~er this week. 1,200 pounds. Prices very reasonable Postmaster Crouch of Duncan and sohl only for eas~ or bankable note. has resigned and the postoffice has M ED WEANER. been discontinued. Hereafter Dim- Mr. Henry Ellsworth, a prominent can people will have to come to Chicago board of trade operator, is large- Crestone for their ulail. ly interested iu mining properties near Bonanza He spent several weeks s~ C.B. Eastulan has remoeed his their cainp this summer and was much grocery stock into the llOW t~ear- pleased with the outlook. In a private doll building and a re,taurant wiil letter to the writer he sa)s: "I be!love be put into the S nith buildiug by a in that territory and feel that it has a Mr. Johnson. great future in the way of mining ind~m- try. Friends of mine are now looking at M.M. grokaw will SOb,1 be ill his properties m Sagu;:che county and I new building which is one of the have no doubt they will buy. I~ so it best in town. will be to make a business of mining and J. W. Cook has his new $1,000 not selling out." residence at the corner of Golden Richard Roberts was down last Friday ave. and Cottonwood street nearly and Saturday from Cochetova. , completed. MINING APPLICATION. No. 545. Mineral Survey No. 13,91L U. S. Land Office at Del Norte, Colo., Aug. 28, 1900. Notice Is I~ereby given theft in pursuance el tile act of congress apt)roved May 10, 1872, Tile San Isabel Mi[,lng and Milling Company, whose postofflee address Is Crestone, Sagaacbe county Colorado, has nlade application Ibr a patent Ior 1491.04 linear feel oil tile Virginia lode, and 140L62 linear feet on the Mitchell lode, and 1417.88 linear leet on the America lode, each bearing tapper and gotd, aud ttie Virginia lode being 455.27 leer nortbcasterly and 10~5.77 feet southwesterly ITem the discov- ery eat thereon, with surface ground 300 feet in width; and the Mitchell lode being 949.18 feet easterly from discovery cut thereon, and 455.44 feet westerly from discovery cut thereou with surlaee ground 8off ~eet lu width; and the America lode being 1187.34 feet easterly and 230.64 test westerly from discovery cut ~hereon with surface ground 300 feet in width, and each and an situate in the Blake mining district, Saguache county, state of Colorad~ and de- scribed by the olllclal plat. herewith posted and by the field notes oa file in the oi~ice the reglsler of the Del Norte land Colorado, as follows, vlz: VIRGINIA LODE. Beginning at cor. No. 1, on lode of tlfls survey, a cedar post 4x4 inches x 5 leer long, set ;~0 Inches 1, the ground with mound of stone scribed 1-13914, wi~encc N E eor. sec. 2~,T 44 N 14 11 E of tim N M P M bears S. 54 23' Off" W, 1755.08 feet. A cedar tree 10 inches in diau,eter blazed and scribed B. T. 1-1;~914 bears S. 69" 23' E. 19.1 leer. A pin- ion tree 4 illCht's iU dianleter blazed and scrib- ed B. T. 1.13914 bears S. 70" 20' W 10.2 feel. Thence N. 88~ 28r E. 807.14 feet to cor. No 2. On line 4-5 America lode of n, ls survey, a cedar post 4x5 hmims x 5 leer long, set 24 ioches lu the ground with mound of stone scrlued 2- 1391t, whence a pi,,ion tree 8 inches in diame- ter bears S. 19' 48' E. 22.75 feel blazed and scrlb* ed B~ T. 2-13914, thence ,'3. 1U 20 W. 1491.0~t l~et to col'. No. 3. A cedar post 4x4 inches x 5 test long set 30 inchesln the ground with mound of stone ~erlbed 3-13914, wllence a pinion tree 10 lncl]es in diameter, blazed and scribed B. T. 8-13~14 bears N. 49: 0t' E. 15 feet, Sierra Blanca bears ~. 25 40' E. thence ~. 88 22' W. The San Luis Valley Lund and Minihg Co. have put in street signs and lamp posts at every street cross- ing and it is to be hoped that the lamps will soon be forthcoming. The populist pl'ecin~t caucus last Monday evening nominated officers as follows: For justice of the peace, long term, W. P. Hazard. Short term, John L. Charles, constable long term, Chas. Morgan. Short, term, E. H. Rice. There is nothing new in regard to rail road prospects. W. O. Hurt formerly proprietor of the Adams house at Moffat, con- templates moving his family here and going into business. The San Isahel company operat- ing four miles north of here have their machine drills ill and running smootllly~ and hope to have their tramway completed and the mill running in a couple of weeks more. Coleman & Quinn have conlplet- ed their contract to cut al~d deliver 3,000 cords of pinion wood to the San Luis Valley L. & M. Co. at their big mill on Spanish creek. road waR,)ns, carriages or buggies call on Lawrence & Williams. G. O_ Taylor Whiskies, good, pure, and old. VILLA GROVE ANO SAGUAC~E STAGE LINE. Carries mail, passengers and express. Leaves Villa Grove ........... 10:15 a.m. Arrives at S-~guach, .......... 1:45 p.m. Leaves Saguaehe ............. 2:45 p.m. Arrives at Villa Grove ........ 6:15 p.m. F. H. CARLSON, Proprietor. THE SAN LUIS HOTEL, VILLA GIIOYE, COLO. Good table, good beds. Rates reason- able. F. H. CAI{LSON, Proprietor. Frivate and Chronio Diseases of Men CONSULT Men suffering from evil ef- fects of youthful iudisere- ~-~ rices, syphilis, gonorrhcea~ [[ ~ Elect, stricture, sexual [ :~ weakness, varicocele, un- ~.,~k natural discharges, lost ~' ~ vitality, failing memory, ~L*~\~' unfitness to marry, blood, [~~ s kin, kidney or private dis-: ~?l easeS, are speedily cured, ,]1;~, ":~,.~']lk DR. COOK has spent 80 i~'~'