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September 26, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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September 26, 1901

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ii i ii i nlilln n lq n ~'- ..... l .......... i i n n li mum i I i i ii m SAGUACHE CRESCENT. (1oPJa~.Lv S~UAamK n~OCmAT.l Entered at the p~t office at t~guaehe, C(,lo.. f r tranomi~ion through the marls as second-cla~ matter. OmUAB D. BRYAn. Editor. THURSDAY, SEPT. ~6, 1901. ANNOUNCEMENT. With this imue my connection with the SAGUAOma CRESCENT ceases, as, on Tnmday of next week, the paper passes into the hands of Mr. LeeFairbanks. All aocounta due on subscription are the prolmrty of Mr. Fairbanks and should I~t paid to him. Accounts due on adver- tising and job work up to October first should be paid to the undersigned. In securing my connection with the Cn~ZNT I desire to return to the pan- pie of Saguache and Saguaehe county, my sincere thanks for the generous pat. ronage they have accorded me during the pastseven years. I shall still re- main a ruido'nt of Saguache. having other interesta here, and will be found ever willing to do aught in my power to advance the intereJts of the town and county. In turning the paper over to Mr. Fairbanks it ie not nee~sary for me to asy that it has passed into good hands. He has bsen a rmident of Saguacbe for a good many yearn, and he has made an enviable record during the past four years es county clerk of this county. He ha the requisite knowledge of the news- paper busineu to assure that under his management the Cnr.sc~N:r will continue to be one of the leading papers of the San Lure valley. I trust that the patrons of the CRZS- c~.Nzwill bestow upon him that full measure of patronage and support which hu b~n so freely extended to me. Ro- el~mffully yours, O. D. BRYAN. J. R. Hicks-of Sargen~ has been ap- pointed as precinct committeeman for the republican party in the place of Pat O'Fallon, who hM removed to Gunnison county. Law Fairbanke, county clerk of Sa- guache county, has purchased the Sa- guache Creaoont. As Mr. Fairbanlm is an experienced newspaper man the pres- ent high standard of the paper will un- doubtadly be continued.--Graphic. Oscar D. Bryan has run the Saguache Crescent for about five years and ia now able to retire from the newspaper field with sufficient wealth that he can de- vote all his time to mining. Most news- paper men do not prosper so well. Here is hoping he strikes it rich.--Coarier. Mr. I.~ Fairbanks has purchased the Ssguaohe Crescent and will take charge of the ease Oct. 1st. Mr. Bryan, who has had charge of the Crescent for years, has made a good paper and to him the Miner wishes the best of luck in what- ever he may attempt, to Mr. Fairbanka the right hand of fellowship.--Miner. I.~ Fairbanks, county clerk of Sa- guaohe county, has purchased from Edi- tor O. D. Bryan the newspaper plant, good will end delinquent subscrpiion list of the Saguache Crescent. The Cras- ce~ has always been a first class coun- try paper, exploiting the good of Sa- gauche county and has been a prominent fa0tor in the upbuilding of that county. Aa Mr. Fairbanks is an old newspaper man, and also county clerk, he should by combining the two, make ample coin to supply his every need. Here's success, brother, and may you live long and hold the county clerkship many moous.--Ala. mesa Journal. Let it Alone. Scott's Emulsion is not a good medicine for fat folks. We have never tried giving it to a real fat person. We don't dare. You see Scott's Emul- sion builds new flesh. Fat people don't want it. Strong people don't need it. But ff you are thin Scott's Emulsion is the medicine for you. It doesn't tire you out. There is no strain. The work is all natural and easy. You just take the medicine and that's all there is to it. The next thing you know you feel better~you eat better ---and you weigh more. It is ~ quiet worker. Send for free sample. ~d~O~ ~ BOWNI~, Ch...mi~,rs. ,:~) |' ',earl ,'~t., N. V, la*dmd ~taot aii &ul~i~, Over-Work Weakens Your Kidneys. Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood, All the blood in your body passes through tour kidneys once every three minutes. . ~ ,-~lt ~ The kidneys are your ~4,~-~ ~ blood purifiers, they fil- ~~fl) ter out lhe waste or ~Vi~)'~"i~hii~)~).~.'~// impurities in the blood, ~I If they arc sick or out Ihl~. ~.._~.~ ~ of order, they fail to do )F)~.~'~ e)'A~ ) their work. ~ ~ Pains, achesandrheu- [ L.J[ ~ ~ matism come from ex- ,~ -- -~r]"~a" tess of uric acid in the --.----,---'O blood, due to neglected kidney trouble. Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady heart beats, and makes one feel as though they had heart trouble, because the heart is over-working in pumping thick, kidney- poisoned blood through veins and arteries. It used to be considered that only urinary troubles were to be traced to the kidneys, but now modern sctence proves that nearly all constitutional diseases have their begin- ning in kidney trouble. If you are sick you can make no mistake by first doctoring your kidneys The mild and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is soon realized. It stands the highest for its wonderful cures of the most distressing cases and Is sold on its merits by all druggists In fifty- cent and one-dollar siz- es. You may hays a sample bottle by mail Homo of s.a~r,-Root. free, also pamphlet telling you how to find out if you have kidney or bladder trouble Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmex &: Co., Binghamton, N. Y. APPEALS TO CI,A~$ PREJUI)ICE. To what extent license of speech, an uncensored press and increasingly fre- quent and insistent appeals to class prejudice in tills country have contribu- ted to the creation in recent years of such unnatural villians as the assailant of President McKinley can not, of course be definitely measured. It is unques- tionable, however, that a widespread ef- fort to represent men in aothority as owing their positions to the use of men ey, as standing only for the moneyed classes, and as the would-be, if not the actual, oppressors of the masses, is "di. rectly responsible for those uuwholesome and dangerous sentiments the fostering of which induces in men and women an uncontrollable desire to murder. Is it to he-wondered at, then, that this vicious seed has borne fruit--tllat here and there it has ripened into a murderer whosome- how fancies that he is a ptlbiic benefac- tor? Can men go on forever preaching that our country is essentially bad, and painting our governing officials as op- pressors, without a belief in their mis- representations taking firm root some- where? The wonder is that the evil consequences of this pernicious propa- ganda have not manifested themselves more frequently and more disastrously. --New York Commercial. RooasveIt and Irrigation. The reclaulation of the arid lands of the Transmissouri west is not a partisan question, having been indorsed by the platforms of both of Ihe great national political l, arties. In the obtaining of government aid for storage reservoirs the trouble will be to get congressmen, regardless of party division, to comply with their.platform pledges. In this view of the sitnation the position of ttte na- tional executive becomes a matter of prime importance, since very many con- gressmen are anxious to stand in with the policy of the administration. Presi- dent l~osevelt knows more about the Transmissouri regioo tban any other man who ever came to the presidential chair. His letter to the president of the national irrigation cougress, at, its ('hi- cage session, written November 1(3. 1900, just after his election to the vice presi- dency, was a vigorous and hearty in. dorsement of tim store ge reservoir move- ment and also of forest preservation. "I believe to the last point" he writes, "In the vital necessily of storing the floods and preserving the forests, espec. tally throughout the plains and [tacky mountain regions. Tile problem of the development of the gre~ter west is in large part a problem of irrigation. I earnestly believe in the national govern- went giviug generoas aid to the move- mont." It is not too much to expect thatin his first message to congress President Roosevelt will give his approval to a storage reservoir policy, and will lend the influence of bin administration to- wards the passage of such a measure. Eastern l~loney not :Needed. For the first time since the settlement of the agricultut'al west, eastern money is not needed to move the crops, and up to the close of last week only $50,000 in small government bills was withdrawn from Washington by western banks. This condition of affairs alleles that the west has money on hand, that the excellent crops of the past four yeala have left a large surplus in the banks, and that the dependent stage in the development of the west is over for all time. lt iaanoted gain to the west that money borrowed in the east on mort- gages has been paid off. This has stop- pod the drain of interest lnoney. The re- sult is large accumulatiou in the local banks, so that bank~ at such centers as Chicago, St. Louis, Omaha, Kansas City and Denver have little or nothing to do with the crop movement, and there is no longer a fall advance in interest rates to home dud outside customers. "Ten years ago" says Bonds dud Mort ga$~, a Chicago publioatiovl "the ~v0~t. ern farmers were glad to borrow money at almost double the rate of interest pre- vailiegin the east, and often b-rrow~rs were unahle t,* flay eitl~er interest or principal. Thousands of agriculturists h/s~ their all and thousands of eastern people of small mea.s l.st the savings of lifetime in the effort to capture the high r,tes , gored on prattle mortgages. Now the western tiller or the ~oil is ready to lend instead of harrow. He has paid his debls, improved his farm, pur- chased improved agriculturul implements and has a surplus in tha bauk. Instead of harvesting a crop mortgaged for seed and cultivation, he owns hls crop, and is in a position to hoht it for the most ad- vantageous prises." That Colorado lane exception to this welcome rule is shown by the case of a this year's settler in the Greeley potato district, who will pay for his farm outright from the proceeds of this season's crop. Those who go out of business because sh~p are low in price will find that in jumping out of the frying pan they have landed iu the fire. However, this seems to be quite .a common practice in air branches of the live stock business. It is really the time to buy, to btart into business. Prices fluctuate and will al- ways do so. Peter Cooper was right when he said that he who continues to buy when prices are high and sell when they are low will end in bankruptcy without fail--Field and Farm. Edgar No}and returned Tuesday from his trip to Oregon. He says he had a good time and saw a fine country, but he likes Colorado all right. Good Rules. The Alamosa school board have adopt- ed the following rules: Any parent or guardian feeling aggriev- ed by the action of any teacher, shall give the information to the president of the board, or they must see the principal out of school hours, in no case will they be allowed to disturb the school. They must supply the necessary text books, or certify to the president or the principal that they are financially unable to do so. They must make provision for the pu- pips prompt and regular attendance. Pupils must be prompt and regular and diligent in their school work Every pupil absent or tardy shall bring to his or her teacher a written ex- cuse from their parents or guardian. Three unexcused absences shall lay the pupil liable to suspension, subject to tha approval of the board. Two tardy marks shall be equialent to one day's absence and shall be treated as such. Any pupil who shall on or around the school premises, use or write any pro fane or indecent language, or draw any obscene pictures or representation shall be liable to suspension, and. in extreme cases, to expulsion. The use of tobacco in any form i$ pro- hibited on the school grounds. Pupils shall not collect about the] school buildings before 8:30 in the morn- I ing, and shall go directly home when I dismissed. Pupils are expected to obey cheerfully all teachers of the school. To tim ladies o~'Saguache c.oun- iT. We are now prepared to tak~ your measure for a tailor made suit. Our samples of goods and fashion plates are here.. Come in and ex- amine.. Gottheff & Tarbdl Mere. Co. A WORTHY SUCCESSOR. "~omethh, g New Under Tlle SUil*" All Doctors have tried In cure CA- TARRH by the use of powders, acid gas- es, inhalers and drugs m paste form. Their powders dry up the mucuous mem- branes causmg them to crack open and bleed. The powerful acids used in the inhalers have entirely eaten away the same membranes that their makers have aimed to cure while pastes and oint- ments cannot reach the disease. An old and experienced practitioner who has for many years made a close study and specialty of the treatment of CATARRH, has at last perfected a treatment which when faithfully used, not only relieves at once but permanently cures CATARH by removing the cause, stopping discharges and curing all in- flammation. It is the only remedy known to science that actually reaches the af- flicted parts. This wonderful remedy is known as "Snufflols",the Gaaranteed Ca- tarrh Cure and is sold at the extremely low price of one dollar, each package containing internal and external medi- cine sufficient for a full month's treat- ment and everything necessary to its per- fect use. "Snuffles" is the only perfect catarrh cure ever made and is now recognized as the only safe and positive cure for that annoying and disgusting disease. It cures all inflammation quickly and perma- nently and is also wonderfully quick to relieve hay fever or cold in the head, Catarrh, when neglected often leads to consumption Snuffles will save you if you ,ise it at once, It is no ordinary remedy. but a complete treatment which is posi- tively guaranteed to cure catarrh in any form or stage if used according to thedi- rectlone which at:company each package. Don't delay but send for it at once, and write full particulars as to your condi- tions, and you will receive special ad- vice from the discoverer of this wonder- full remedy regarding your case without cost to you beyond the regular price of Snuff~es' the Guaranteed Catarrh Cure. Sent prepaid to any address in the United Stales or Canada on receipt of one dollar. Address dept. E 786 Edwin B. Giles & Co, 2330 and 2~32 Market St. Philadelphia. Pa. For a good clock or watch cheap go to Jon~'. Special Cut Prkc Sale at To Cure a Cold in One Day. Take Laxative Br0mo Quinine Tab- lets All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W, Crane's signature is on each box. 25c. Last Monday's Denver Po~t contained the startling announcement that the Denver & Rio Gramle is to standard gangs its tracks between La Veta andI Alamosa and that this, hangs will be or- dered at the coming treating of thei stockholders of the company. In view of the fact that this work was completed about 23 months ago and that since No- vember 15, 1899, standard guage tr,ins have run into Alamosa it looks as though the Post had been imposed upon. ]Equalization Notice. In accordance with secti(m 216. chap- tar 9~, session laws of the state of Colo- rado, 1901, I, Lee Fairbanks, county clerk in and for the county of Saguache and state of Colorado, do hereby give no- tice that the board of county commis- sioners of Saguache county, Colorado, m'ganized and sitting as a board of equal- ization for said county, will hold two regular meetings in the year 1901, at the office of the 0aunty clerk at the court house iv said county, as follows, to-wit: Commencing on Tuesday, the 1st day of October, being the first Tuesday io October, A, D. 1901, and continuing vet less than three nor more than ten con- secutive days. And on Tuesday the 15th day of October, being the third Tuesday in October, A. D. 1901, and continuing not less than two nor more than ten con- secutive days. It is provided in sec. 215, chapter 9~, session laws of 1901, as fol- lows: "The county commissiouers of each county shall constitute a board of equal. ization for the adjustment,and equaliza- tior~ of the assessment among thosoveral taxpayers of their respective couut~es." 'The hoard shaft notify the ~sse~sor to sui,ply say omissions in the assessln~.nt roll whinh may come to their notice. In case any material chango,~ .re made or dire ted by said board, iu the assessment of any person or persons, at said first meeting, the county clerk shall tm re,on as may be after the close of said meet- my, mail to each of such persons, pro- paymg the postage thereon, a notice of such change." * * * * "l'he board shall, at its second meet. in~t, sit to hear complaints, only from those dissatisfied with said changes, and to adjust the assessment so as to equal- ize the same among the several taxpay- ers of the county." Iu testimony whereof I do hereunto sign my name ann affix the seal of said county, at my office in the town of Sa- guache, this llth day of September, A. |CK[$ 0 CO., (;enter, 010, Percales, regular 15 ct. values .............. 9 cts. per yd. Luzon Silks, reguIar l0 ct. raises ........... 5 cts. per yd. Organdies, regular 20 ct. values ......... I2 1-2 cts. per yd. Anelegant line of 8 1-3 &6 1-4 et. Prims;...5 cts. l~y& These are only a few of the many bargains to be foond in our store. Our Glassware is going at a pri~ that will surprise you. Seeing is beIieveing. Come in. YOU ARE INVITED to visit The Bccklcy Packint House and inspect our complete lines of Groceries, Glassware, Enamelcdware, Harness and Saddles. Our Grocery Departmentis larger than it has ever been before. Don't forget that we have a nice line of up-to- date styles of wash goods. Furniture. i have lust received a new lot of furniture. Btwl= steads, tables, center and extension, chairs, mattr , etc. Do n0t send away for furniture before yen see my line. Am still selllnt hardware at b r0k prleeas ELLA HOWARD at the old Fulkrton stand. "lRoch ? di3ountain %imitcb Only ONE Night Out * m COLORADO to CttlOAGO Only TWO Nights Out COLORADO to BUFFALO NEW YO K and PHILADELPHI'A D. 1901 Lv. Denver. .............. l:~O:p.m. Daily. : CHEAP EXCIJRSiOI~ RATES Lee Fairbanks, County Clerk. Lv. Colo,'a(h) Sprh~gs...l:30p.m. D~ily. Ar. Chicag ........6:58 p.rn. l',;ext Day.~ ALL SEA$0H, O~~~~ For I{ates, RcservationsandLitoratuFe, addrossW. H. FI~TH, G~n'l Agt,, ~0 l~th 't., ~nv.r JOHN SEBASTIAN, G. P. A., Chicago. E.W. THOMPSON A.O.P. A,, Topeka. This signature is on every box of the genuine O.O. Taylor Whiskles~ grow In popularity. Laxative Brown-Quinine ~ahle~ On to P M. Jones *: Co:'~ for fresh the remedy that e~ a enid in one d~V fruits by the case, cheap. Private and ghronio Dheates of Men ( CONSULT _~e~sufferingfromevilef- [ For the Boys. Trustee's Sale. ~ feets of youthful indi~cr~ ~-5~-~.~ t!ons, eyphills, gonorrhc~a, I James Camper wants to buy all the ~-- "~)~ glect, stricture, sexual I Default having bees luad(, lit the payment of ~~ weakness, varicocele, un. [ old copper and rubber he can get. He tl~t certain bond for eleven hundred dollars ~ O._:~* "~. natural ~tischargcs, lost I will pay 5 cents a pound for copper, and ($1100), secured by a trust deed from Edwiu D. ~ ,~* :~.~] viLality, failing memory, [ Buten and Harriet (7. Buhm. hi~ wJfe tO F.F. | -~ ~ ~':.~ unfitness to marry, blood cent and a Mend. lrustee, forths use of the Mead Bond ~'~'~: :V s .in,kidneyorprivatcdis. lone half for old rubber. I aml Trust Company, recorded iu th,. rec,)rds ~i:t ~ eases, are spcodily cured. [ buy gunny sacks. I pay 12 cents a dozen ofsaguaclie courtly, t'olo,'ad., tn book 51, at ~~ DR. COOK has spent 80 [ " page 51% and the dah! Edwin 1). Bulen having dl~k~!A ~ :~ars o pcrsisteat study Ifr beer bottles. Vinegar 5 cents per died, and the Bald I)ond h;tving by( 11 allowed ~J ~(_\:.~ and exi/ericnco in his own [ beer bottle full. as a claim against his esta(c in the sum of ~i~i~,raetiee and among the / twelve hundred and (hlr(y-nme dollars and ~ ~-~'--" ~argcst Eastern hospilals / iuOC2~u,~ ~ uua~ a u ' , i, e ring thls class of dis- [ ninety-twonents !$1239.92 on Tt]e lJfth day of July, 1895, and sah| claim being still unpaid and the seld F. F. ~lead lmviog removed irom and hehlgnOW absent fro,I, tile connly of Arapahoe, luthest~tte ol Colora,hL ahd the uudersigned, Eugene Wi]]i~tms. sheriffof the eou,lly ofSaguach,% IU the slate Of Colorado, having become SUCCessor i~ trust under altd by v|rLue of the terms ofs~tld trust deed Now, therefore, l, lbe undersJgned. Eugene Wllllalns, successor in t,'USL as aforesaid ill pursuance el the power In Idle vested by the terms of said trust deed, will on Monday tim 30th day of September A. D. 1901, a~ the hour ol tell O cloek a. m. at the 1rout door of Ihe county court house In Saguache In tile COUnty (,fS~guaeile In the s le ( ] ~ , tat , of C,Iotado, sell the pren I.'es described lo said deed of trust, too wil: The souihwest qdarter of tt, e northwest quarterand the norlb halt' of lhe soathwest quarter all0 the southeast, quarter st the s(,nlh west qtta~ter of sectloo 38, tnwnshlp 44 north ofrange8east N. M. M.. contaiuing one hundred sixty (160) acres government survey, more or less, together with all the right, litleendi,,ler~st of the said Edwin I,. Buien and Hamlet C. Bu)en, his wife, at Ills thnoofexeeutlngsaid deed of trust in the Bulen ditches, numbers rote and two, inehld- lul~ with s~td leo,1, all ditch, irrigating, reser- you' and water rlghts thereto per(alnltlg or in any way belonging, whether represented by shares of capital stock in any ditch sampan.v, or hy acLual ownership it, any ,litches eanal~ ur reservoirs or l~itel'eSL tllereln, or by con. tracts or leases with any thir(l party, or which were h'dd el e,,atrotle, d I:tt the d:ttc of :~atd trust deed by the said Edwin I). Bulen ot'Har- rietC. Bulen, his wife, In connection there- u, ilh, or whlcu since then, have been acquired by the said Edwin D. Bulen or Ilarriet C. IqH- ell, his wife. and used i,l eo,,nectlou with said land. t.r the l)arpose el payln~ sahl bond ~nd iuterest and tile expense~ of this trust EUGENE ~rIL LIAMS. Sheriffof the county of Saguache, In the ~tate of Colorado, ~uc~saor la trust, i ceases and. wZl! guar:mtco you a permanent cure WANTED--Capable, reliable person in every moder, h" ~:;~{~. .I~o has e~red thousands who county to represent large company of eoILdfinan- thought~thei:c~.c~L,~pclese, Allleitersprlvato. cial re~hutation, $986 salary per year, payable ~Write for (!,:e~tion b :mk. Consultation frco. weekly. $3 per day absolutely sure and all expert. Medicines ~,:,~ f:c,o from observation, sea, straight, boaafidg, defimte salary, no corn- COOl{ I'10dic~.] 2in. :6~3 CurtlaSt. Denver,Col. mission, salary paid each Saturday and expends money advanced each week. STANDABD HOUSE, 8M, DzAmaOS ST.. CnloAoo. ~linlng Application. No. 565. Mineral 8in vey No. 14719. Land Oh'ice Del Norte, ~'o~o. Aug 8. 1901. Notice ts hereby given that in pursuatlee of the act of congress approved May 10. 1872, E. C. Evcrly, whose post office address is Cochet,,pa, Colorado, on hehalf of aimself and Ills co-own- el's, A. (L Pe~ ry. G. E. Perry, C. L. I'errv and W, f,. Perry, llas made application fur />atent for 1500linear feet n ion the Union Bell hide, bearlng gol(i au(I silver, helng 36~, feet N 71' 11' W and 1136 feet 8 71" 11' E from month of dis- covery cut thereon witl~ surface groaad 300 feet wide, sltaated la Cochetopa mining district, 8a- guache county, Cnlorado, and descrlbed by the official plat and field sates ou file in this office as follows, to-wit: Beglnninga~ car Ne.1 whence the W ~4 car sec 14twp45NR3ENM P M bears 8 86" 28' 40' W 8526.19 feet, tllence N 1' 12' E 19.2 feet te car No. [ 2 sar No. 9711 Sllver Plume lode. 3t$.4 feet to car No 1 said survey No. 9711, 314.7 feet to col' No.., the ~ce S 71" It' E lo60 feet to eor No. :L thence S 1 12' W 314 7 feet to eor No. ~, thence N 71" 11' W 15!;0 f,'et to ear No. 1 the place of beghmlng containing 10.329acres and farmings portion of the E ~ ,)teen 14 twp 45 N R 3 E N M [ P M. 8ahl location belug recnrded ill. book 68, pag~ 66 of the Sagu;tclle entmty Colo.. records. No known adj. nh;g claims except the one above mentioned. JAB. l~. BAXTER, Register. tr~t pub Aug, 22, las~ Oct ~. SENT FREE ~1~FISHER'S Uterlno Tonlo Knowledge ~IN The Great Female Remedy positively [~lg .1~ cares all female complaints; 1 month'~ ~, ~ truatment ~1; 6 months' treatment $3. ~V ~ MRS. 8ADIE M. FISHER, SUtTa ~, $0| ~_.~ _ __ ~'~ 18TH ST., D~NvRa, COLO. Also foe sale ~@.J~.l~by All Druggists. 8end for free sampl. ~ and literature, worth Its weight in go(d~ "~'~ P" iz~,lled ~here on request, postpaid. 1ExeeUtor~s Not|ca. Estate of Wm. Wlttmayer~ deceased. '~lle undersigned, h~Ving been appo|nted executrix of the last will and testament of Wil. llam Wittmayer, late of the cuunty of guache and state of Colorado, deceased, hers. by gives notice that she will appear belore the ~robate cour~ of Sagaaehe county, at the sours ouse in 8aguaehe. at the ~eptelaber lel'tn, oil I.hc 5th Monday tn ~eptember, next, at which time all persons haviug claims against said estate are nolifled and requested toatt~nd for the pttrpo~e of having the same adjusted. All persons Indebted to said estate are requested~ to make immediate payment to the undersign. ed. Dated this 21st day of August. A. D. 190L Jos]~P~INE ~VITI'MAYE]g/Exo0ut4rl~.