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The Saguache Crescent
Saguache , Colorado
September 26, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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September 26, 1901

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It was apparent, he said, that without the buttonhole the button would be unable to perform its function, and henc~ it was plain that the button pre- ceded the buttonhole and that the latter was invented in order that the button might be of service to mankind. It should be clear to everybody that had it not been for the button, the buttonhole would never have been thought of. Its existence necesearilly presupposed the existenc~ of the button. The lawver for the other side was equally positive in the stand he had been ! employed to take. He averred that the buttonhole reached the button, that, in fach the button was merely an after-i thought. He said that, as everyone[ knew, the buttonhole can be employed without the button, as witness Farmer Jone˘, who invariably uses a nail or silo. ~rof wood instead of the conventional button, whereas it was impossible to ~eetive use of the button with. ma~tl~i~sid and assistance of the but- f~ Hence it was shown beyond p@f~/ature that the buttonhole was o~ge~terimportanca than the •button, a~drtt was natural to infer that the but- tonhole was first invented, and that the button came later simply a, an ornament or at least, as an improvement upon the nail, ~liver or other instrumentality wherewith the buttonhole was made to preform its duty. To show the relative value ot the buttovhole and the button, he said, take this simple example: When a button comes off, the buttonhole can still be made serviceable, but if the but- tonhole is split open, the button is of no use whatever. With this the learned counsel rested his ca,e, although ha claimed that he had not axhauatad the .ubject. When the court came in after races,, the learned judge promptly decided the cue in favor of the buttonhole--clearly a just decision, although it was whisper- ed abont the court house that the deci- sion might have been different, hut for the fact that while changing his linen between adjournment and reassembling of the court his honor dropped his col- lar button and perhaps might never have found it had he not stepped upon it. But of course, this suggestion came from the partisans of the button, and may fairly be referred to their disappoint- ment and chagrin.--Boston Evening Transcript. Henry Braydon, Harris, N. C. says, "I took mtKlioine 20 years for astbma but one bottle of One Minute Cough Cure did me more good than any thing else during that time. Be~t Cough Cure." Sa- gu~he PbarmacT. Patrons of the Amerman House speak very favgrably of its new management. .The table is good, the beds excellent and the attention given guests all that could be desired. We shall have reason to hail it as a wholesome sign o[ the times when Amer- ican youth cease to be indifferent to pol- itics. A country in which any man, however obscure his origin, may through determination to overcome obstacles, and fine strength of character, arrive at the highest distinctions in the gift of the re- public, ought to stimulate young men to splendid endeavor and rich achievement. One regrets to observe an aversion on the part of many men to study political economy, and a singular lack of respon- sibility in wielding that power of the unit, which is so tremendous a force in l our national life.--The Ladies' Home Journal for October. Homer Weimer has sold out his inter- eat in the barber shop to O. B. Mac~ who will now run the shop alone. We l understand that Homer goes to Denver the first of the week and that he will iu I all probability remain there. Don't wait until you become chronic- ally constipated hut take DeWitt'e Lit- tleEarly Risers now and then. They will keep ),our liver and bowels in good order. Easy to take. Safe pills. Sa- guache Pharmacy. THE HOME GOLD CURE. .~ An Ingenious Treatment by which Drunk ards are Being Cured Daily in Spite of Themselves. It is now generally known and under- stood that drunkenness is a disease and not weakness. A body filled with poisou, and nerves compJetely shattered by per- iodical or constant use of intoxicating liquors requires an anhdote capable of neutralizing and eradicativ~ this poison and destroying the craving for intoxi- cants. S'.lfferers may now cure themsel- ve~ at home without publicity or loss of time from business by this wonderful theme Gold Cure which has been per- fected after many years of close study and treatment of inebriates. The fmthful use according to dtreotions of thin won- derful discovery is positively guaranteed to cur~ the most obstinate case no mat- ter bow bard a drinker. Our records show the marvelous transformation of thousands of drunkards into sober, in- dustrious and upright men. Wives cure your husbandsl Children cure your fathersl This remedy i, m no sense a nostrum but ts a specific for this disease only, and is so skillfully devised and prepared that it is thoroughly solu- ble and pleasant to the taste, so that It can be green in a cup of tea or coffee without the knowledge of theperson tak- mg it. Thousands of drunkards have cured themselves with this priceless rem- edy, and as many more have been cured and made temperate men by having the "Cure" administered by loving friends and relatives without their knowledge in coffee or tea and believe today that they d|scontinued drmking of their own free will. Do not wait. Do not be deluded by apparent and misteadmg 'qmprove. meat." Drive out the disease atones and for all time. The Home Gold Cure m sold at the extremely low price of one dollar, thus placing within roach of everybody a treatment more effectual than others costing $'2-5 to $50. Full di- rections accompany each package. Spec- ial advice by skilled physicians when re- quested without extra charge. Sent pre- paid to any part +~f the world on receipt of one dollar. Address Dept. E 786 Ed- ward B. Giles & Co., 2330 to 2332 Mar- ket St. Philadelphia, Pa. All correspon- deu~ stxiotl y,confidential, Goat, are great leaders and even pro- tectors of sheep and are often used for this purpose on the ranges of New Mex- ico. A shepherd in Valencia c,,uety who happened to be away from the hem. camp had the misfortune to 1, se his dog through the attack of a m.,ntain hen and to break his leg the same day. Had the dog Leon alive he could have sent it to the home range to summoo assistance. As it was, he had to see the sheep wan- der away while he dragged himself to the place where his provisions were stor- ed and waited for such help as chance might bring. Five days later the sheep led by some corporal goats, appeared at the home ranch, eighty milvs away. They had crossed two mountain ranges by a path of their own finding and out of a flock of 1,900 sheep only seven were miss- ing. There was of course much good luck in this, for a dash of timber wolves among them would not only have meant the killing of many sheep on the spot but would have scattered the rest of the flock far and wide. The marvel was the intelligence of the goats in returning by an unfamiliar path to the place where they had been bred acd the implicit faith of the sheep io the leadership. The arrival of the sheep at the home ranch led to the seudiog cue of a searching party for the shepherd.--Field and Farm. Brains and great executive ability are The shadow social at the county high school last Friday night was well attend- ed and as usual there was lots of fnn. The affair netted over $40, more than sufficient for the purpose for which it was Ileld. im We are taking orders for copper plate engraving. A full line of samples of latest styles may be seen at this office. Prices are the same as charged for same class of work in Denver. Kodol IDyspepsia Cure Digests wha~ you eat. This preparation contain~ all of the digestants and digesLs all kinds of food. It givesinstant, relief and never fails to cure. It allows you to eat all the food you want, The most sensitive stomachs can take it, By itsuse many thousands of dyspeptics have been cured after everything else failed. It ts unequalled for all stomach trouble~ It oan't help but do you good ~p ared. only by E. O. D~.Xy.IT~ & Co.;Ohic, ad~fl he $1. bottle contalns:˘~ t z rues ~ne are. u~ potent factors in a man's success, out without the firmest and most thoroughly I I~ "o-', tu CHICAGO grounded principles of cardinal they are fl~ctors w~ich cannot make for The l=~eliable l~ol~t(: success. It is the combination of great ability and sterliug integrity that places I men in control of largo inten~sts andI keeps them there.--Octuber Ladies' Home Journal. Norris Silver, North Stratford, N. IL 1 "I purchased a bottle (,f One Minute[ Cough Cure when suffering with a cough doctors told me was incurable. One bet tie relieved me, the second and third al- most cured. Today I am a well man. Saguache Pharmacy." Wm. Werner last week purchased tile W. W. Iden livery stock, G. O. Taylor Whiskies, of superior excellence n i WANTED-ACTIVE MAN OF GOOD CHAR- actor to deliver and coUect in Colorado for old established manufacturing wholesale house. $900 a year sure pay. Honesty more than exper. 1%nce required. Our reference, any bank in any city. Enclose self .a~]dreesed stamped envelope. Mauufacturer~, Thzrd Floor. ZM Dearbon at. Chicago. Notice of Final Settlement. In Ihe matter of the estate of Charles R. Romer. deceased. Palace Sleeping Cars and Dining Cars. Chair Cars Free. ALL Owned and Operated by CIHCAGO, MILWAUKEE & St. PAUL RAILWAY. For furthe information address J. E. PRESTON, Commercial Agent, 10~9 Seventeenth St. Denver. Colorado. Notice is hereby given that on Monday the I - -- -- 80tll day ol'~eptemaer, A. D. 1901, belog one ,)I [m~. nil..;, a..+~. I n n tlle regular days of the Septembcr term of tim "l'lllJ /llllllll~ I:P. IIII'~Ii I~ M countycourL Ol'Saguache county,in toe state I J~U IIIII|UIt} UUlltlttl It, It, of Colorado, I Paul Widmayer, administrator ' of said e~tate, will appeal• before tim judge ,,f -- ~ ............ said ,curl;, present n,y final seLtlemen~ as sucl~ .~ ~ ~ p'~ EFFICIEP4TLY admhdstrator, pray the approval of tile same, ~%'~ ~ /61~_N SERVES and will then apply to be ulscharged as such /~'~ ~ ~%'~,\ adlninlstrator, At whlch time and place any [~ ~ ~ ~ . ~,.~ uersou In interest may appeal' and present oh- ..,~ ~ ~.~",N,~ A VA~I Jeetlons to the same, it any tilers be. - ~ ~ :~ ~m~.,.~ ~ I " ~ ~" u llSix ix iUlXI Dated at 8aguaelle, Colorado, A gust 6, liD1. ~ ~ PAUI ~ ID~AyER ~-~ +" " • ~ ~ [~ ~ / by through set- Administrator of the estate of Charles tL \ ~'~ ~ *˘~ / vice to and from Router, deceased. "N~ ~ ~ies:~ the following 0iL- AdmlnlMrator'$ Notice. Estate of Jacob M. Sclnmkers, deceased. Tile undersigned having been appointed ad- ministrator of the estate of Jacob M. Schucl˘- ere. late ot the county of 8aguacl~e and state el Colorado, deceased, hereby gives notice that he wIU appear before tile county COUl'~ of ~t- ~uache county, at the courtllouse la 8aguaehe at tile Septembel terln for probat~ bnsiness, outheUlth Monday (being, tile 30tit day)of September next. at which time all persons hav- ing elaitns against said estate are notified and requested to atteud for the purpose ofhavit,g the same adjusted. All persons Indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to tile undersigned. Dated thls 2ud day of September, A. D. 190i. Wm. F. BOYD, as Administrator. Have You Books or Male- fines to Bind7 We do taw, Hcdlcal, Library, ALL KINDS OF BOOKBINDING, Books,bound in every conceivable style. Old books rebound. Art and fine bindings. Blank book makers. Hall Williams, 1441 Curtis St. Denver, Colo. CLA RENCE HERSEY. Assayer ana Ohamiat, [Established 1879] Leadville, Colorado. 8~mpl~ by Mail or ~xl~res~ R00eive Prompt Att0nti0n. WANTED--A(YrIVE MAN OF GOOD CHAR- acter to deliver and collect in Colorado for old established manufacturing wholesale house. $900 a year, cure pay. Honesty more than ex- perience required. Oor reference, any bank in any city. Enclose self addressed stamped en- velope. Manufacturers. third Floor, 884 Dasrbon st. Chicago. • Omaha, Nob. ) Chicago, Ill. St. Paul, Minn. / St. Louis, Me. Minneapolis.t Peoria, Ill Kansas City, Me. Evansville, lad Memphis, T(nn. / Cincinnati, O. Nashvll e, Tenn. [ At'ants, Ca. Louisville, Ky. t Jacksonville, Fla New Orleans, La,} Vicksburg, Miss. Weekly, through service between Ctdeago and between Cincinnati ANO THE PACIFIO COAST. Connections at these terminals for the EAST, SOUTH, WEST, NORTH, Fast and Handsomely Equipped Steam- Heated Trains--Dining Cars--Buff'el-Li- brary Care--Sleeping Cars--Free Re- cllnlnff Chair Care. Particulars of agents o~ the Illinois Central and conueetieg lines. A. IT. HANSON, Gen'l Pass'r Agent, CHICAGO. JAMES CULTON. Commercial Agent, 805 17th Street. Denver. PHONE 1125. Colorado Short Line. Hissouri Pacilic Ry[ The People's Choice, Through without change DENVER, COLORADO SPRIN6S and PUEBLO TO KANSAS CITY and ST. LOUIS. Direct Route To The Hot Springs of Arkansas, Free Rechniug Chair' Cars. Elegant Pullman Palace Buffet Sleepers. Government Fas* Mail Route East and West. + " " See your nearest ticket agent or write C, A. TRIPP, G, W, F, & P, Agt,, Denver, 0olo, New floods Arrivin Outing FlanneLs. F1ann˘letts for Wrappers. Ginghams. Picrctines Pcrcaks. Calicos. all the Time, Oil Cloth Patterns for under stoves. Off Cloth Brass Binding. Blankets. Tickings etc. The flne.s~+ Hne of Axminster and Smyrna Rugs ever shown in Saguache from $1.25 up to $20.00. Lamps from 50 cents to $20.00 each. These goods are all in now. The baIance of stock wilI be in ibis wo:k. The 60tthel 8 Tarbell Mercantile C0. The Ladles' Favorite. There are three things about the Burlington's Chicago Special which commend it to the favorable attention of woman travelers. One is the siz~ of the toilet rooms in the sleeping cars-- they are nearly twice as large as the generality of such apartments. Another is the practice iu vogue on Burlington dining. cars of presenting lady patrons with flowers. The third feature is that sleeping-car porters are under instructions to ask lady passengers, within ten minutes of the train's departure from Denver, whether or not they want pillows. Tbe Chicago Special leaves Denver at 4 p. m. for Oma. ha and Chicago. St. LOUl~ Special leaves at 2:35 p. m. Ticket~ at Offices of Connecting Lines. Ticket Office, 10.39 Seventeenth St. G. W. VALLERY, General Agent, DENVER. , , , =, , , L,,I,, • r . _ . IIII IIIJ __ The Denver and Rio 6rends R, R, THE POPULARLINE TO :: Colorado Spring~, Pueblo, Cripple Creek, Leadville, Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Grand Junction. Salt Lake City, Ogden, Butte, " Por~{ind, Tacoma,-, Seattle, t San Francisco, Los Angeles. Reaches all the principal towns and mmmg camps in Col0., Utah and New Mexico. THE TOURISTS FAVORITE• ROUTE TO ALL MOUNTAIN RESORTS. THROUGH SLEEPING OARS BETWEEN DENVER AND Crlpple Creek Grand Junction Portland Leadville Salt Lake City San Frallclseo Gleuwood Springs Ogden Los Angeles CIIICAGO AND ST. LOUIS. DINING C_ RS SERVICE & L& CARTJ~ ON ALL THROUGH TRAINS. S. K. HOOPEI:t, G. P. & T. A., Denver,=+ -:~ THE PIONEER STABLE Villa Grove, Colo. Having leased the old Pioneer Stable at Villa Grove (being the one used by H. Braham and eaeee~sors as a stage barn) to be used as a livery,+ feed had sale stable, I solicit a part of the public patronage, and shall strive by strict attention to business and with good rigs and harnem to merit tho same. F. P, HALL, Manager.