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September 27, 1906     The Saguache Crescent
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September 27, 1906

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8AGUACHE CRESCENT (~LT BAenA~B D~O~BAT.) (]F4tabliJhed 1~0) LUDWICK & BRYAN Editnrs. OFFICIAL PAPER, SAQUACHE COUNTY. Publhthed every Thumday mornig by THE CRESCENT PRINTING COMPANY, At 8salsoke, the county moat of J~4ua~h oouatT, iIa the famous thin Lain Valley of Colorado. t;a~ered st t.No post olea at [~l@eaol~ ~lo. sde, as ~o~d-ciam mail mstt4r. mub~ription RSt~ 8.00 Per annum. advarti~ t~tm mad k~nown mt appltostl*n. To O1w Sublcrlk~rs. ]~tek of' onr sub.fibers will nd th date to whlsh his or her subscription is paid, ss shown by our books, printed on the paper, or the wrap- per. foliowiug the namc of the sub~riber. If there is any mistake in the dat~ we would be ple~ed to have oar attention called to the fast. kddres8 811 Oommunlcations to THE ORESO~I~r, ~ohs, Colo. Sept. 27, 1906. The Next Oovernor. In persuading Dr. Henry A.~Buchtel to accept the Republicau nomination for governor, the committee on filling cacao. ties have rendered a service, not only to the Republican party, but to the whole state. Men of his calibre and attain- meats rarely outer actively into politics. ! He is not only a sohoolar and au educe-i for, and a high minded Christian gentle- man, he is also a goad nitizen, a good "mixer," a good campaigner, a good all- around man--one who will appeal to the, minds and hearts of the people as an ideal executive. Daring the last campaign Dr. B~ohtel wee one of the most effective speakers on the stump. Hiaargumentative power, his readiness, bin fund of humor and anne. dote, his command of language, found a ready response wherever he went. In this campaign he will take the stump actively, and will be his own best vote- getter. If, as is alleged by the Democratic pa- pers, Dr. Buchtel is a friend of William G. Evans, through his connection with the Denver University, that is fortunate for Mr. Evans. Dr. Buchtel is too big a man to be used by any other man. When elet~ted, he himeslf will be the governor, and it is needless to say that his admin- istration will be clean and honorable,and above suspicion of any underhand con- nection with corporation or any other undue influence. The committee considered carefully the names of a number of goodmen who were suggested, any one of whom would have made an excellent candidate, but in their judgment Dr. Buchtel combined more elements of strength than any other man, and we have no doubt their judg- ment will be endorsed by a large major- ity of their fellow citizens. With him at the head of the ticket, and the other ex. cellent nominees for all the rest of the offices, victory in November is as certain as anything in politico can be. The News o'n Bechtel. The day following thn selection of Dr. Harry A. Buohtel for Republican nomi- nee for governor, the Denver ~ews, Sen- ator Patterson's paper, had this to say concerning him: "Dr. Buchtel is one of the beet known educators of thecountry. He is a man possessed of executive abil- ity and has gained success in his work. Dr. Buehtel is the son of a distinguished family of that name in Ohio. His ances- tors were history makers and the Buoh. tels of Ohio have been factors in both political and educational advancement of the Buckeye state since eany days. He was born in Akron in the year 1847. In his youth the family moved to South Bend, Indtana~ where he was reared. He was educated at De Pauw universitT, Greencastle~ Ind., being graduated from that institution in the year 1872." lion. Dan S. Jones for State Senator Hen. Dan S. Jones of Saguache noun. ty was nominated for state senator by theRepublicans of the 15th district, at Monte Vista l~t Saturday. Mr. Jones had no opposition;and t~eived the nom- ination by acclamation. A better man for the place, or a stronger candidate could not have been named. On the 6th of November ~ext ~aguache county will show it4 approval of his. candidacy by rolling up a vote for him that will eaton. iah every one. Some time age we pro- dieted his nomination; now we" predint his ele~tinu by a good round majority. __L . _. Is Attending to Bnsiaess. State Auditor Bent made a somewhat novel announcement the other day. During the present administration the collections of state revenue have been increased so much that all thi, year's bills will be paid and there will be enough in the treasury to pay off the old warrants which have coma down from the days when Governor Thomas put in his time hustling for the saunter- ship. Bent is looking after the stain's interests in a faithful and able manner. -Prowero ~ount~ News. Colorado politics iq beginning to re- semble that of New York. Mark Twain says that he approves of the new method of spelling. It didn't come soon enough to get Josh Billing's approval. Now that W. J, Bryan is becoming rested from his tour of the world, a tour of the states is the next in order. Judge [Jindeey, who failed to get the nomination for Governor of Colorado on the Democratic ticket is an independent candidate; and his thousands of D~mo- crat friends will have an opportunity to vote for him, notwithstanding. The Magazine number of the Pu,~blo Chieftain is all that the management claims for it. It is neat, newsy and at- tractive; and the small cost for which it is given to ti~e public will certainly co- ours for it a largo circulation. President Oiaz in his message to the Mexican Congress, September 16~b, de- clares that ~he Gold Standard has been a great success in that country. The Financial Policy of the R~publioan par ty, which Hen. W. J, Bryan condemned as ruious, has not only proved to be sun ceesfnl in this country, bur, fo our neighbor on the South, as well, Another attempt it) secure the passage of a bill to create a [)~,i)artment of Minesand Mining whose head hall be a member of the President's cabinet will be made at the next session of congress. The agitation for such a department is gaining, and the feeling that this great industry has not recieved, at the hands of the Federal Government attention commensurate with its importance, is growi0g. The united effort of all who are engaged in the mining industry would have much weight in securing the needed legislation; and miners, op- erators and Ire'motors should j, in in a determined, honest effort to secure the. passage of such a bill. TO Stop Wild-Cat Mining. A bill providing for the punishment of all mining fakirs and promoters of ille- gitimate mining enterprises will be drafted by the American Mining con- gross at its annual session which will be held in Denver, October 16th to 19th inclusive. A committee composed of the best talent in the United States has been appointed to prepare and submit to the Mining congrem a draft of such a bill. This committee comprises two United 8tates~senator~, Robt. M. La Pollette, Win, and Fred T. Dubois, Ida- ho; oneoougres~man, Eben W. Martin, South Dakota and the governors of two states, Gen. O. Pardee, California; and Joe. W. Folk, Missouri. Four are attor- neys and all from mining states of prom- mencc. California has already adopted a law which has worked! an almost complete riddsnc~ from that state of spurious m~ing stock and that lecherous para- site on the mining induetry~the fake promoter. It is probable that the pro- posed legislation which will be submit- ted to the state legislatures this winter will be fashioned after the California law. which provides' that any person who slmll undertake to soil or assent to the publication, privately or publicly, of a fraudulently exaggerated report tending to give any person or the public gener- ally the idea of a zreater valse or less apparent va|ue or market value than such stock may really possess, with the intention of defrauding any person or the public, "shall be deemed guilty of a felony, and on conviction shall be pun- ished by imprisonment in state pi'ison, or a county j,il, not exceeding two years or by fine not exceeding five thousand dollar~, or both. The efforts of the American Mining congress to protect the investor against mining frauds by furnishing information as to the true conditions at the mine has made more apparent the necessity of legislation to suppr~s this evil, and it ts hoped that all serious mining men will take au active interest and communicate with the secretary, to the end that the matter may receive the most intelligent consideration at the coming annual meeting. The Mining congress never was in as strong a position to combat this evil, and the assistance of every mining man is needed to make its work more effective. Steps will also be taken at thisrseseiOn for the creation of mine drainage dis- triers similar to public improvement dis- tricts in cities, and for the creation of a department of Mines and Mining as a separate executive department of the national government. Sick Headache. This disease is caused by a derange- ment of the atomeoh. Take a dose of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tab- leta to correct this disorder and the sick headache will disappear. For sale by all druggists. ~ .&&.. e1"~ O ~. "r ~,. .... Nature's Way Is Best. The function strengthening and r, issue building plan of treating clwouic, ling(;r- ing andobstina.te cases of disease as pur- sued by Dr. P~erce, is following after Nature's plan of restoring health. He uses natural remedies, that ts extracts from native medicinal roots, prepared by processes wrought out bv the expenditure of much time an~l money, without the use of alcohol, and by sklllful combination in Just the right proportions. Notice for I'ubl,cation. U. S. r,and Office at Del Nortc, I~Ol". Sept. 10, 1~8. ( Notice is hereby siven that the following nam- ed settler has filed notice of his intention to make flnal five ~ear pro~f in supp,,rt (,f his claim, acd that said proof wilt be made befl~re the clerk of the district court at Saguache. ('olo. ,n October 19, 190~, wz: Gust Johnson Sherman, wlmmadc h,,m. entry No. 310~, N~,v,.mher 17, i 1899, for the uw~a sac S, twv 4.~ N, t~, 8 E N ~1 P M He names ~he following witn~s.~s to prove his Desert l.a.d, Fi ! PROFESSIONAL U. ~. Land Office, l~e~ No~ice i8 hereby givea ~hgt At~ S~gu:~che, C.l~,rad,,. has filerl noti~ to make pro-f on }fi~ desert land for ti~e e% e,~i ar,d ,,!~ ~eL~ aeeti(m 7, 45N, Range SEN M P M, beh~re the clerk of the district smart at S~gaache, ('olorado~ ou Fri- day, the lgth ,lay of October, 7906. H~ names th~ fiSh,wing witnesses to prove the complete irriga?i(m and rec]amati,,i~ of said land: ~J, E.| Wel'l~r, Gnstav,. Johlls~ll,~n(irew F,,rhes, J,,hn W. Johns~,n, all ,,f Sag~ac|le, /',oh~rado. L~ F~drhanks, Register. S~)p~ 13 Oct 18. Used as ingredients of Dr. Pierce's. Golden Medical Discovery, Black Cherry- coutinuous resid,u~ce ,q,,n and co!tivati~,n of bark, Queen's root, Golden Seal root, said ]and viz: Aug.s~J,~hnson, Andrew For|w~, Bloodroot aud Stone root, specially exert h,hn W. J, hnsm~, ( . F. Isbarg all or Sa~uaehe, their influence in cases of lung, bronchial Colt~rado. and throat troubles, and this "DIscOv- L~.g FAtRaANKS, Register. ~Y" is, therefore, a sovereign remedy Sept 13 Oct 11. for bronchitis, laryngitis, chronic coughs, catarrh and kindred ailment, s. The above native roots also have the strongest possible endorsement fromth,, , IS JiLL ff COST YOU leading medical writers, of all the several schools of practice, for the cure not only /~ ~E~\ ~ ~ ~~to write for our big F!H::E I~ICYCLE catalogue of the diseases named above but also for BtCk'CLES, TII~ES a~tdSUNDI~IE8 at PRICES .~ ~ ~ ~l~ ~m=mi~showing the mo~t co',:~plete li~e of hlgh-grade Indigestion, torpor of liver, or bilious. ~ ~ ~ I BELOWaP.yotherma~ufacturerordea,erinthcworld. hess. obstlnatc constipation, kidney and i ~\ |~ ~" ~@ ~OT~r~ ~K~__~fO~E::am~yaT,,~, wherebladderlocatEd.trubles and catarrh, no matter ~ |~ !~ ||~ or on a,~ ~ind ef ~'ms, unti! you have received our complete Free ~at~-' You don't have ~ take Dr. Pierco's ~L [/~ ~. ~1~ loguos illustrating aud de~cribi~g every kind of high-grade and low-grade say-so alone as to this; what he claims |l rill ~, |lJ'~]~, bicycles, oldpatterns and latest models, and learn o four remarkable ]LOW for his "Discovery ', is backed np by the ~ ~lP~Jl~ [ ]PRICES andwonderful new offers made possible by selling from factory writings of the most eminent men in the i ~l~ ] direct to rider with no middlemen's prvfits. medical p rbfession. A request by 9ostal !R. ~ I~VE SHIP ~N A PP~OV.~L will:out a cent ffz~osz?, :Pay the ]Freight and card or letter, addressed to Dr. R. V. ] i ~-~l~ i allow 10 Days ~'ree Tr, aland make other liberal terms which no other ~ [~[~[ [ house in the world wilI do. You will learn everything and get much valu- Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y., for a little book l ~ ~ ~ ,abieinformatiou by simply writing us a postal. of extracts from eminent medical au- ! ~ [~[~ ~ % We.need a ~e~ A~o~f in every town and can offer an opportunity thorities endorsing the ingredients of his i ~ ~ ~ ~ _ _ I[ to ma~e money to suitable young men who apply at once. medicines, will bring a little book fre~i that is worthy of your attention if: ] ~$8.60 PUNCTUREPROOF kX needing a good, safe, reliable remedy of: m known composition for the cure of almost R~ ~lap Pp[oo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~1 ~ v any old chronic, or lingering malady, i $8]q ~0 per pair. V~ mR ~ U ~;~-~~'- m~P-"~AIRm~ Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con- ' 0 Intpodaoo ~ ~~-~C~" ~_ ettpation. One little "Pellet" is a gentle WO Will ~oll I ~ NAILS, TACKS ~~~~t laxative, and two a mild cathartic, i ~ OR GLASS ou a Satanic ~ WOWT LET ~~~l] The most valuable book for both men W:]~lp f@r' O'nly ~OUT THE AIR ~= ~i] and women is Dr. Plercc's tCAaH WiTH OaDR $4.a5) K-~~~=~~'~NBI~/ lpq~'~ uommon Sense Medical Ad- | ~ A splendid 100~-page NO MORI: TEOUBLE FR0~ PUNCTURES. ~ ~= ~ 117] 1 |1~o,~.~ volume, with eugraving~ Result of x5 year~ experience in tire , ~ ~V/ | ~ ~w~_ and colored plates. A copy, making. No dan~er from THORNS. CAC- ~ ~ ..................... ~ . ~Orl~e ~te gnl0K ~DDOr I;re~u It~ll~%| ~.:1 paper-covered, will be sent TU.S, PINS, NAILS: TA.CKS. or ~~r~r,,e~a | ~,j,| m~p-[ tO anyone sending 21 cents ~ermus punctures, ~ll~e mtenuona~ tmuc cuts~,"-also rim strfn "H" I I ( in one-cent stamps, to pay be vulcanized like any other tire ~t~nvg.~T~ L II ~ ,~, I the cost of mailing on~y, to " . t e will outlast any other Two Hundred Th0u~md pairs new in actua| ~ma ~ O~,t~ASa~Y~cthne~ ~ 'M~.J y.Dr" R.V. Pierce, Buffalo, N.Cloth.bound, 31 stamps.. Seventy.five Thousand pairs sold last year. m ~X~ f~iiSf~rS,- ........ I Dff~!l~l'l~lh Made iu all sizes. It ia lively and easy riding, very durable and lined inside with a sp~isl quality of rubber, which never becomes porous and which closes up small punctures Pike Centennial at ~lorsdo Springs without lk)wing the air to escape. We have hundreds of letters from satisfied customers stating that their tires have ouly been pumped up once or twice in a whole season. They weigh no more than this week. Immense crowds are in at- i an ordinary tire, the puncture remsting qualities being given by several layers of thin, specially tendsnce. Today ia Pike's day; tomor- i prepa redfa~ri.conihetread. That "Holding Back" sensatmu commonly felt when rlding on asphaR or soft roaus m overcome hy the patent "Basket Weave" tread which prevents all air from being row Colorado day; and ~aturday Centen- i squeezed out betweec the tire and thc road thus overcoming all suction. The regular price of these tires is $8.5o per pair, but for advertising purposes we are makins( a special factory price to the rider nial day. ~ of only 4[4.8o per pair. Aii orders shipped-same day letter is reeezved. We ship C.O;D. on approval, You do not pay a cent until you have examined and found them strictly as represented. We will allow a e~sh discount of 5per cent (thereby making the price ~$4.5 5 per pair.) if you send Chambar|atn's Cough Remedy One of toe Best ! FULL CASH WITH ORDER and enclose this advertisement. We will also send. one nickel On the Markt0 ] plated bra~ hand pump and two Sampson metal puncture closers on full paid orders (these metal plln~re closers to be u~ed in cage of intentional knifecuts or heavy gashes). Tires to m~ returned For many years Ghamb~r]ain's Cough at uu~ expense ~z tot any reason they are not satisfactory on examination. We are ~erfectly reliable and money sent to us is as safe as in a bank. Ask your Postmasterl Remedy bss constantly gained in favor [ ~anker. ~xpres$ or Freight Agent or the Editor of this paper about us. If you order pair ol and p~pnlarity until it is now on'e of th~ ! these t~es, you will find-that they will ride easier, run faster, wear better, last longer and leer Sner than any tire you have ever used or seen at any price. 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For sale by all druggists. ~o om~. ~ co~ xx o~ ~y. Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinins Tablets, Druggists refund moneyif it faila to cur, E. W. GI1OVE'S signature i8 on each box. L'Se, MEAD 'OYOLE OOMPANY, Dept. "dL" 0HIOAD0, ILL I =- I , I I I I II I II I "" ' ' Evary cold weakens the Lunge. lowers the Vita!i~y a~d makes the sy~tetn le~s ab'.e to wiLhsta.nd each ~uzceedmg co:/, t:~u~ paving the way for more sertous iseasea. CAN YOU AFFORD TO TAKE SUCH CHANCES ? Consumption, Coughs, Colds, ~ore Thromt, Asthma, Croup, Whooping Cough, Bronohitis~ Hoarsonoss, ~oro Lungs. EVERY MOTHER SHOULD KNOW THAT BALLARD'S HORE- HOUND SYRUP CONTAINS NO OPIATES, DOES NOT CONSTIPATE CHILDREN AND WILL .POSITIVELY CURE CROUP AND WHOOPING COUGH. IWI~. ~ALLllE LOCKSAR, ~oldtl~w~lt~, Tox., ~yst "We halve nsed |~allard'$ llorehonnd h~yrup in mF family for sover:tI ye~r~ sad it a/way~ gives satlaf~tctlon. X, Vhen the children had Croup and Whoon|i,g Cough |t itlwttys relieved them ~t ones, and I would not be without It in the house, as It Is the ItJ~ST ]~[EDICI.NI~ we know of." Best Remedy for Children. Every Bottle Guaranteed. THRglg 81ZI$J ~dSO, 600 and $1.O0. BALLARD SNOW LINIMENT CO., ST.LOUIS, HO. SOLD AND RECOMM[NDED BY THE SAGUACHE PHARMACY. !, A MONTH OF SUNDAES I You have read of our soda wa~er limerick? For the best two or four line limerick, sent to us on our soda water, we will give .. 2~ glasses of soda one day, or One ghtss of soda for 25 days, da or 12 sundaes on one day, '~ I or 1 sundae for 12 days, _ Send poem to Thurston's Drugstore, ~k SAGUACHE PHARMACY,) Cast Your Eye Over Our Line of Trout Supplies. Of cours~ our stock of Fishing Suppli~ is complete. We also carry a large and complete line of General Hard- ware., See us i{ you need any repairs or new machinery for the J~aying season. LAWRENCE & WILLIAMS, AfiUACHE, COLO[. WISCONSIN HARD. WOOD LANDS. If yon are looking for a New Home, write ns for maps and circulars describ- ing our Rush and Sawyer County ]ands- Board and railroad fares free to pnr- chasers of 80 sores or more, Arpin Hardwood Lumber Company, Grand Rapide, Wisconsin. LEOAL NOTICES. Notl'ee of Forfeiture. To Richard F. Uaffrcy, his he~rS or assisos: You arc hercbl notified that [ have expended during the years 1904 and 190.5 $100 in labor and improvemants upon the Michigan Cntral ~o. 2 mining claim situate in Blake Minion District, Saguaohe county, Colorado, (of which the loca- tion certificate m fouud on record in book 9~ paso 49 in the office of tha County Clerk and Re- corder of 8aauachc county, Colorado,) in order te hold said claim under the provisions of See. 2824 of the Revised Statutes of the U, S. rid the amendment thereto approved Jany. 22, 1880, con- cerning annual labor upon minion claims, being the amount requital to hold ~aid mining claim for the years ondins December 81, A. D. 190t and 905. And if within ninety days from the pubiS- cation of this notice you tail or refuse to con- tribute your portion of ~uch expenditure as to- owner, your inter~t in the said claim wdb be- come the properly of the sobscriber by the terms of said eection. Nell McGee. July 19--Oct 15 Notice of Application to Le~o 8tats L~t ads Office of tha 8tats Board of Lend Commissioners, Denver, Colorado, Sept. 15,1~6. Notion ia hereby given that The Colorado Val- ley Land Co. whose postofllce is DenvaL Coin. on ~aept. 12, 1906, made pplication No. 2882. to the State Board of Lend Commissioners to lease the following deseribed Internal Improvement landS, situate in Sa~uacbe count~, Colorado, to- wit~ SE~, of moo 2~, tWp 4~ North, R~se 8 ][~mt. No other appli0ation to ieeae the alive de- scribed premisei or objeations e~amnt thc above application will be oonsidet~t ePmr Oot. 17, Mark O, Wood,ft. Register State ~ Land Commi~ioners. _ - .......... :. -? :_ ,. Ferret t~aro l~ottee. To TOU~ Parko his heirs or assllms, You ors hereby notified, that w have Xl~nded during the years 190~ uad 19C6 four hundred ,dol- lars (8400) in labor aud imprnvment~ upon the Hnme Bun. St. Patrick and Uno mining claimu, situate in Music mining district, ~uoh Coanty. state Of Colorado, (uf which the lovati,,ncertifloate m found ou record in book gO, pages 294, ~ and ~'/ r~pectively ic ;ha ofl~cc of the 0onut4' clerk and recorder of 8a- guacho county, Colorado, ) in order to hold said claims under the provisions of ~entiou 2824~ of the revised statUt~ of the U. S. and the smandmnts thereto approved January ~. 1880. concerumg annual labor upon minion el~ima, betas the amount required to hold said minieg claims for the year endics Dec. SI, 1~5. And if within nioet~ days from the publication of this notice you fail or reface to contribute tour proportion of such expenditnm as so-owner your inter~t iu the aid claims will become the propert~ of tho subscribers by the ter~s of said section. T. J, Treadwll, U. !~. ~-ok, J. W. Vinton. W. A. Treadwell. AUS ~ Noy 1 J. TRACY MELVIN, M. Physician and Surgeon. Ofl~ce opposite Union Hall, San avenue. Examining Surgeon U. Pension Bureau. O. P. SHIPPEY, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. C~lls answered promptly, day or night. A. BREWER Undertaker. F ull nod complete stock always on hand 8AGUACHE, COLOR.~ Auctioneer, Will cry all sales of $1,000 and under for $10; over $1,000 one per cent Center, - - Colorado. .... NED LOCKETT -- Notary Publi ~' Saguache Abstract O~ce. J Q. HUN mO ON, " Civil and Mining Engineer. U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor. Victor, - - - Oolor~,dO, J. W. DAVIDSON, Attorney at Law, Will practice in all Courts, 1 14 New Pope Bldg, Pueblo, OOlO. JOHN Z..PALMEI~, A ttorney-at- Law ~ Saguache Colorado Will Practice in all Courts. GASH FOR YOUR FARM, BU~IN~ OR OTtIEl~ PI~OPERTY, WE CAN IT FOR YOU, no matter where it is or what it is worth. If you desire a quick sale send us description and price. If you want to buy any kind of property ,.nywhere, send for our monthly. It is free and contains s large list of desirabla properties in all parts of the country. O. A. W ILION, Rz~ Es'rx~z D~Fa% ~15 Kansas Avenue, Topeka, Kansas. W. F. BOYD, Notary Public. Saguaohe County Bank. Justice of the Peace and Notary Pubho. Villa C-~ow, Colorado. J. H. WILLIAMS """ County Judge ! Office, Lawrence & WiLliams' Hardware North Door Dunn's Block s. J. splay, U. S. Deputy MINERAL SURVEYOR. Patent Work A Specialty. SALIDA, COLe SAGUACHI COUNTY ABSTRACT COMPANY, Dealers In Sapacho County BFL gSTATE. CHOICE RANCHES For sale in the Best Portion of the San Luis Valley--the fa- mous gram field of CoI~- redo. Property rented for non.tee- ideate, taxes paid and insur- ance written. BAGUACHE, COLO. Pioneer Bank of ~gaeha Count. Orn~sed, May, 18~0. Incorporated, July, 18~t. CAPITAL STOCK, $~0,000.00. A C~n~al Banking Busi- n~ T~ansact~ D~zfts Insult on Pdndpal Cities of Europe. Safe Deposit Box~ for Rent. OFFICERS AND DIRECTOI~. iSAAC OO~THELF, Prmident. I.,]~OPOLD MAYEB, Yioe-Prm. CHARLEB TABBE/.J~ Cashier Wx. F. BOYD, Ant. C.~,dder. M&EK BIKDFA2D. COBKI~PONDENI~. Koant~ Bros., New Xork City. Fiat ~ational Bank, Denver, Colo. First Nat/urea Bank. Pueblo. Golo. Phone No, - ~ ~ e "