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September 27, 1906     The Saguache Crescent
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September 27, 1906

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Vindication. The old farmer was sitting on the fence clapping his fl'eckled hands with ~glee. "Why are you so happy?" asked the man who paints signs on barns. "Why, by gum, one of them thar pesky automobiles came rushing past :here and run over two of my game chickens." ~H'm! I'd think you'd be looking sour." "Not me, stranger. Them thar game ~birds had steel spurs on them and the ~way they pt, nctured up them tires was worth going a mile to see." City of Electricity., New york City consumes nearly 1,- 000,000,000 units of electricity per an- num, while London, with nearly double the population, consumes not more ithan onedottrth of that amount. The ,consumption per head of population in New York is stated to be 282 unit@, London. LEARN EXPt~llT $1tORTHAND Naw, quick method; $15 to $25 posi- tion guaranteed. Lesson free.' Perniu Business College, Denver. She Jilted him, but he could not Forget her; no, poor man, ,The gifts he'd made her he had bought On the installment plan. ASIA CIGARS iWl!l not make you nervous. Ask your dealer ~or The M. Hyman Cigar Co.. 810 17th Street, :Denver, Colo. Now some industrious scientist has idlscovered that the bed bug carries the germs of leprosy. Boil your bed :bugs. Write for cloth samples of my $10 Hand ~rallored Suits, made by I, lludi~, the little tailor, 15th and ~'urtls St,, Denver. While attempting to llft a stove t{ze FROM OTHER LANDS INTERESTING INFORMATION BY FOREIGN CORRESPONDENTS. LAUNDRIES IN FRANCE. Modern Washing Machines Unknown NPeripatetic Bath Tubs-- How Mosquitoes Choose Their Vic- tims-Dentistry in Brazil. Rhelms, France. The following describes the methods of performing laundry work in France,w and points out that American enter- prise properly directed might intro- duce refrigerators, washing machines, and other modern articles that are used in the United States: That a demand should be created in France for scores of articles of Ameri- can inventive genius and mechanical skill is reaso'nahle to suppose. For in- stance, the common household refrig- erator so universally used in the United States is unknown in France. Only the very wealthy families can afford the expensive refrigerators to be had. It is the same with water filters---the plain people do not use them, Washing machines and clothes wringers, such as are in common use In the United States, are not known here. In fact, the condition do not seem to be favorable for their intro- iii ii Denver Direct0ry i $28 C.O.D.I of the lavoirs publlques provided in every town and city. One of these establishments is owned by the city of Rheims and there are others conducted by individuals. The lavoir municipal accommodates about 300 washerwomen at one time, and the others from 20 to 50 each. For a short time only we offer this saddle. steel horn. double cinches, wool-lined 28- Inch slirts, 2 V~-Inch stirrup leathers steal leather - covered stir- cups, warranted in ev- ery respect, and equol; to saddles sold for $40 everywhere. Catalogue free. The Fred Nueile~ Saddle~lfarnessC~ 1413-1419 I~rin, er St.. l~nvee. Colo. s'r~ ltl~Atitb of wvory ~.nowa maws Jvvm,. of sLove, furnace or ranks. (t~. A. l'ullen 15~1 Lawrence. Denver. l-houe 72&. THE r,=ous L H. WILSON STOGI SABgLE$ ASK your dealer re( them. Take no other. BROWN PALACE HOTEL ,~,u~,, Fire.proof I~.urof~n Plan. St.50 and Upward. WAN I El)--Men to learn plumbtng trade. Colo- r tdo ~chool P. Ut;~iCtd J lumbing,1645-51 Arapa- h~ Street, Denver. Catalog free. AMERICAN HOUSE D,:.V~R. T,,-o blocks from union depot, The best $2 per day hotel In the ' West. American plan. Oxford Hotel Denver One block from Union Depot. Fireproof. C.H. MORSE. Mgr. DENVER BUSINESS UNIVERSITY. Wt~tt 37th and Bryant. Experienced teachers; individual instruction; fine equipment; com- plete, practical courses of ~tudy in bookkeep- Ing, shorthand, typewritin~, 1]3ngll.~h. etc, Quiet loeath)n; room~ and board in Uulvor- city building, PositAons secured. Catalog free. 306 Enterprise Blook, Denver, 20th year; oldest and newest; book- keeping, mhortlmnd, telegrnphy. ]Fall term opens September 4th. Cataloghe free. E. E. BURLINGAME & COs, ASSAY am.c,,0 CHEMICAL U/IIUIL LABORAI ORY ]~stabliehed t= Colorado.1866. Samples by mait or express will receive promut and careful ellen,ion IBMd $, ellv~s Dulliam Resned Melted and Assayed ou,. ~,.=l .Ulll.. o. ~u.c.Aezo G0ncentratlu Tests.-; Ib,. or car lees ~, Write for terms. |~6-1738 Lawrence ]St.. Denver. Colo. MAPS OF P, OLORhDO ~ul'---~7,~ap-'---: I udexe4, w i t h treatl~ on natu:al re~t~ll c:e ~, irene large Rc~td Map, foldS(l, tl. Wall Mi~p, ~2. SlX -foot Sectional Map. $10~ t,ovket Se~'tlooat vl ape. very a 'curate, any p~rt of the et~te, ill. So, dforc~ta o-.e. MSp~ and Blue ~nte made to'nra~', Cla O, MaD Co.. 775 15th l~trent. Denver. Colo. PIANOS AND ORGANS ~nd your name with this ad. for list Of flue bw- ~ias In pI~nos and orgau& ~rm from ~75up. OIgans /rom~15 to $25 up. rlayer Pianos, ('nn be played by anyoue, $450 Up.Instru- |n~ll~N~ sold on easy torms tosultbuyer. Victor talk. lag m~ttlne~ sold at fac- tory prices on easy terzn~. Write for eatal~gs of our different lnstrument~. THE KNIGHY- CAMPBELL 1M[Ib" ~lI C COMPANY, 16~5-31 ~l|fovnia St. Douve~. ~o|o. WlltITIt" rl YOUNG MEN II1 ~. U for the NkVY ages 17 to $5, must be able bodied, of good character and American citizens, either native boca, or naturalized. Ap- ply tO Navy Recruiting:Office. room 22 ]~o~r bhtlding. Denver, or room 416 ~bmtofl~tea builling, Pueblo. Colorado. Each woman has a stall, which is rent- ed, including water, ,at 5 centimes, or 1 cent per "hour. Here she lays the garments on a piece of wood, beats them with a clwb, the same as did the washerwomen of a century ago. In some cases she may scrub the clothes with ~tn ordinary scrub brush, using soap. Some of the municipal estab- lishments have large machines for washing and for drying, for which they charge the washerwomen a nom- inal price by the piece. They are run by steam or electric power, but are in h~e only in the larger cities. A rev- olution in laundry methods must take place before there can be a market in France for our washing machines. Several bathing establishments in Rheims, and this is true of other French cities, have portable bath tubs, which are placed on two-wheel vehi- cles provided with a large Iron boiler filled with hot water. As orders for baths to lie delivered at the doors of the residences are received the boilers are filled with hot water and the bath- laden vehicles, each pulled by v.wo men, start out for the delivery. The bath tub is filled with the hot water and carried into the residence, and while the family bath is going on the vehicle may fill another order, return- ing again for the tub, which is in reg- ular commission as a visitor to the residences throughout the city. The price of a delivered-at-your-residence bath in Rhelms is 30 cents, while at the establishment it costs 20 cents. Rheims has a public bath in connec- tion with the lavoirs publiques owned by the city, where the nominal charge of 4 cents is made for baths There is a section for people having maladies where sulphur baths are given at 6 cents each. There is a separate sec- tion o~] the same kind for women. J. MARTIN MILLER. "IAS'I'E OF MOSQUITOES. Frankfort, Germany. The following tells of the mosquito and the alleged preference of that san- gu~nary insect for colors and persons: It is stated that the mosquitoes are strongly influenced in choosing their victims by the color of their clothes. In 1841 Spence found that a loose fabric of white threads kept mosqui- to.~s away much more effectively than one of bLtck threads. Joly observ:.,d in Madagascar that mosquitoes pre~er to alight on black soil rather than on wftlte sandy soil, and rather on black shoes and clothes than on white. The nat!yes o;! Madagascar even suspend pisces of black fabric from the ceil- ings of their huts in order to attract the mosquitoes to it. Joly also found that light dogs were tormented less by mosquitoes than black ones. ne- gro~s more than Europeans. Similar obs,~rvatioas were made in India. The l~n~;lishmt;r., Nuttal and Shipley, found t hf~t Anopheles macullpennis preferred colors in this order: Dark blue, dark r[;d. b~own red, black, gray, olive gray, "v',olet green, light gray, pearl gray, bale graY, azure blue. ochre color, ~.hite, yellow. The malaria expert, '~aili-Valerio, director of the institute for experimental hygiene and parasit- ology at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, confirms these fasts in his -Manuel pour la lutte centre les mous~2,que~," Just published, as a result of his own experiments. He state~ that hi t;xperiments with the Ano- ohels3 m.~culipennis and Anophel~e bifurcatus, 119 settled down on dark From cover to cover without fee-qng' colors anti only 33 upon light ones. a, me bf the symptoms. S.niilar reaults were obtained with culex piptens and culex vexans; 340 Money refunded for eacit package of PUNAM FADELESS ])YES if unsatis- preferred dark and only 120 lighter factory. Ask your druggist. colors Thus the chaaces of the number of Some one says that the voice ot mosquitoes' bites may be decreased by conscience is but an in-voice. choosing light colors for our clothes, but they can not be avoided qptirely. The only certain protection is a veil of muslin gauze such as is worn by the Italian railroad watchmen and soldiers in the malarial zones. The most rational way is to wage war against the larvae and eggs of mosquitoes which they deposit in swamps and stagnant waters. This is best done by means of a thin coating with petroleum. This should be the work of the municipalities of the state. RICHARD GUENTHER. TRANS-SIBERIAN EXPRESS. . Vladivostok, Russia. Passenger servlee by the trans-~ibe- rtan route having been resumed, first by one weekly express, and, since July 6, by a s~eo~zd, travelers can now make the journey from Vladivostok to Moscow in eleven days and a half with only one change of cars--at Irkutsk. The trains leave Vladivostok on Mon- days and Fridays at 8:03 a. m., con- necting with the weekly mail steamers of the Russian East Asiatic com[;any from Japan and China. The rates from Vladivostok, in~lud- Ing cost of berths, are as follows: To Harbin, first-class, $22.21; second-class $13.87. To Irkutsk, first-class, $70.57; second-class, $44.88. To Moscow, first- class, $132.56; second-class, $86.91. To St. Petersburg, first-class, $138.42; ~'ee- end-class, $90.62. Only 54 pounds of baggage m~, be checked free of charge by eithez first or second-class passengers. For ex- cess baggage the charge is $1.38 #vr 9 pounds to Moscow, and $1.42 ix) St. Petersburg. Very large pieces ean be carried in the sleeping cars, pro':ided they are ,n the form of valises, etc.; and there are numerous racks in the corridors and elsewhere in which they can be kept out of the way. The bag gage of western-bound passenge:~ is examined at the station "Manchurda," and that of eastbound passengers at Pogranichnaya, or, if desired, at Vlad- ivostok. Hitherto these examinations have caused little inconvenience. R. S. GREI~I~. GERMAN MEAT FAMINE, Bramburg, Germany, The Statistical Correspondenc0 for Prussia publishes a report on the slaughtering of animals during the second quarter of the year 1906. The figures show plainly that the meat supply difficulty still exists. In the four years from 1901 to 1904 the total increase of calves and cattle raised in Prussia was only 56,367 head, which does not keep pace with the heavy increase of the population. The number of oxen and bulls raised in- creased only 0.9 per cent. Up to March 1 the deficit caused by the in- sufficient raising of stock could be cov- ered by the importation of cattle, but with the new tariff imposing much higher import duties this source for supplying the need is greatly re- stricted. The conditions are worse In the sup. ply of @ogs. In Prussia there were 62,409 fewer hogs slaughtered in the second quarter of 1906 than in the same quarter of 1905. The German empire at large has not yet published exact statistics for the same quarter but it is not expected that figures will show an improvement on those quoted by Prussia. It is a fact that while in the first quarter of the year 1905 3.- 924,280 hogs were officially inspected for slaughter in the German empire, in the same quarter of 1906 the figures dropped to 3,237,079. This would to indicate that the meat famine in Germany has not diminished. %VM. BARDEL. DENTISTRY IN BRAZIL. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil. In Rio de Janelro there are quite a large number of Brazilian dentists YOU CANNOT some of whom are prospering, and oth- er American dentists who have plenty of work at high prices, and while the cost of living and their expenses are very higlr, they have large incomes, all inflamed, ulcerated and c~tarrhal con- The advertised prices are 30 to 50 ditionsof the mucous membrane such as .milreis per hour ($I0 to $16 gold,) the nasalcatarrh,uterinecatarrhcaused hy feminine ills, ,;ore throat, sore actual charges being a little below mouth or inflamed eyes by simply these rates. These successful den- dosing thestomach. tiers, however,,are men of experience But you surely can cure these stubborn and attainments and would do well ;affections by localtreatmentwith anywhere. To secure a license one Paxtine ToiletAntiseptic must pass not only a Hgld technlca _ examination, but must read and write which destroys the diseasegerms~hecks Portuguese fluently. The Brazilians discharges, stops pain, and he~Is the who can slzpply first-class practice are inflammation and soreness. limited in number and the trade is Paxtine represents the most successful well coutrolled, so th~ iV would be local treatment for feminlne ills ever produced. Thousands of women testily difficult for new dentists to secure an to this fact, $o cents a~ druggists. opening. American dental supplies are popular and well represented her~. S~I'Id for Free Trial Box a. E. ANDRRIilOI~. ~J][~ R, P&~LTON ~ ~leollosb Me4Nb Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup. For ehiidl.en teetniltg, so|'teT~s the gtltll~, i cfluces ~n- flammatlon allays pain,cure~ wind colic. 25c a kettle. That things that are not so ill with you and me as they might have been is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life, and rest in un- visited tombs.--George Eliot. Defiance Starch is the latest inven- tion in that line and an improvement on all other makes; It is more eco- nomical, does better work, takes less time. Get it from any grocer. Passport Hard to Forge. When a traveler In China desires a passport the palm of his hand is cov- ered with fine oil paint and an impres- sion is taken on thin paper. This pa- per officially signed, constitutes his passport. By following the directions, which are plainly printed on each package of Defiance Starch, Men's Collars and Cuffs can be made just as stiff as de- aired, with either gloss or domestic finish. Try It, 16 oz. for !0c, sold b~ All good grocer~. This May Prove Useful. On retiring to rest, place a hand. kerchief under the pillow. On being awakened by smoke or cry of "Fire!" thrust it in the mouth and nostrils, and you can walk erect through very dense smoke. The nightly practice bf placing the article~will make you ~ess nervous in the hour of danger. Important to Mothers. ]~xamlne carefully every b~ttle of CASTO~A, a safe and sure remedy fer infants and children, and see that it Besre the Signature of In 'Use For Over 30 Years. ~b,~ ~ Yo~ Bare Always Bought. Dispensing with Waiters. Automatic cars have become so suc- cessful in Switzerland that a com- pany has been formed to supply the Swiss and their visitors with electric automatic restaurants, where, as if by magic, meals will be served by elec- tricity to all comers. The only thing necessary is to take your seat, glance over the bill of fare, place your money in the right slot, and the ma- chinery does the rest. Laundry Work at home wouTd bs ~uch more satisfactory if the right Starch were used. In order to get the desired stiffness, tt is usually neces- sary to use so much starch that the beauty and fineness of the fabric is hidden behind a paste of varying thickness, which not only destroys the appearance, but also affects the wear- Ing quality of the goods. Thls trouble can be entirely overcome by using De- fiance Starch. as it can he applied much more thinly because of its great- er strength then other makes. Hunters Mauled by Lioness. A fight between two hunters and an infuriated lioness is reported from British East Africa. Messrs. Lucas and Goldfinch left Nairobi on a shooting expedition, and when five miles from the town the lioness was observed. W'hile the men stood at the edge of the thicket the brute pounced on Mr. Goldfinch and threw him to the ground. It bit him on the thigh be- fore Mr. Lucas lodged a bullet in its neck. Maddened by the wound, the ani- mal turned its attention to Mr. Lucas, whose horse it felled and then pinned the rider to the ground, inflicting lac- erations on his face and biting his right arm. He was saved by Mr. Goldfinch, who, sitting up, rolled the lioness over with a well-aimed shot. The beast was about to spring on its victim again when another dis- charge from the same weapon proved [atal. The wounded men were taken back to town, where they received medical aid. Ti ed, Newous Mal~e Unhappy Homes--Their Condition Both Husbaxxd and Children--How of Mothers Have Been Saved From Prostration and Made Strong and WeLL A nervous, irritable mother, often on [ the verge of hysterics, is unfit to care [ for children ; it ruins a child's disposi- [ tion and reacts upon herself. The] trouble between children and their[ mothers too often is due to the fact[ that the mother has some female weak- ness, and she is entirely nnfit to bear the strain upon her nerves that govern- ing ehildren involves; it is impossible for her to do anything calmly. The ills of women act like a firehrand upon the nerves, consequently nine- tenths of the nervous prostration, ner- vous despondency~ " the blues," sleep- lessness, and nervous irritability of women arise from some derangement of the female organism. Do you experience fits of depression with restlessness, alternating with extreme irritability? Areyour spirits ! easily affected, so that one minute you i laugh, and the next minute you feel like crying ? Do you feel something llke a ball ris- ing iu your throat and threateniug to choke you ; all the senses perverted, morbidly sensitive to light and sound ; pain in the abdominal region, and between the shoulders; bearing-down pains ; nervous dyspepsia, and almost i continually cross and snappy ? If so, your nerves are in a ~hatteredI condition, and you are threatened withI nervous prostration. Proof is m6numental that nothing in the world is better for nervous prostra- tion than Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege- table Compound ; thousands and thou- sands of women can testify to this fact. Mrs. Chester Curry, Leader Ladies' Symphony Orchestra, 4~ toga Street, East BorOn, writes : Dear Mrs. Pinkham:-- ~ For trams nervousness and hysteria, by irregularities. I could neither nor sleep nights- I was ver~ and despondent. "Lydia E. Pinkham's Ve was recommended and remedy that helped I have provediu health until I am now well, Mrs. Charles F. Brown, Vice- dent of-the Mothers' Club, 21 Terrace, EIot Springs, Ark., Dear Mrs. Pinkham:-- "I dragged through nlne 3 able existence, worn out with vousness, until it seemed as fly. I then noticed a statement troubled as I was, and the wonderful she derived from Lydia E. Pin] table Compound. I decided to tr and at the end of ent womam My nervousness was all was no longer irritable, and my I~ in love with me all over again." Women should remember E. Pinkham's Vegetable Corn the medicine that holds the the greatest number of actual female ills, and take no substitute. ~ Free Advice to Women, Mrs. Pinkham, dau Lydia E. Pinkham, Ly all sick women to write to advice. Mrs. vise you wisely, and she will you nothing for her advice. Ask Nrs. pkkham's Advke--A Woman Best Understands a Woman's Th is Is What Gatches/Yie! m 150~.----One-Third MoI~ ~tar(;h. FULL POUND No premiums~ but one~ more starch than you get el other brands, Try it now~ for hot or cold starching it has ao equal and will not ~..ick to the/con, W. L. DOUCLA$ '3.50 &'3.OO Shoes Take The Right BEaT IN THE WORLD W.LDougtn $4 Gilt Edge vannotbe equalledatanl price To ,~hoe Dealers: W. L Douglu' Job- bing House ts the most complete in this country Serif.Cot Cata.h~ ICAGO 6REAT Unequalled ment on Foe l~t Q.P. pENSION W.hl auo.a.fully Prooeoute~ ate PHnetP~! Exnmlncr U. S. DEFIANOE --other starches only 12 011neea---SSUle ~DaFtANGK" |~ ~UPKRIOR