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Saguache , Colorado
September 27, 1906     The Saguache Crescent
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September 27, 1906

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i iii i i i ll i ii i IINm I III I|1 I I SAGUACHE CRESCENT. Oecker's Letter. No other American city that I know gives such an impression of boundless activity, such a stir of enterprise and noise, such a determination to grow and be big as Seattle. As a busioess city, it is the boa ing business heart of an em- pire, a great railroad center, " with that greatness but half achieved. Tile fact Is, every city on the coast has made up its mind, firmly if not quietly, to bec,,ma the metropolis of the west. Here in the northwest o,e encounters the living rep- resentaOon of the strenuous life. Hero men work together, iu a way unknown anywbere else. Here the chamber-f commerce is seen i, its True glory, it en- gages itse}f in gathering plums. A plum in the western sense, is a new railroad, a new coaling station, a uew manufacturing plant. It falls to the most energetic shaking, and then there are numberless lesser organizations to advance orieutal trade, to secure wheat shipments, to boom the mines of a cer- tain couuty, or to kill jack rabbits. An eastern village may continue a century Without b~iug stirred, with a moment of crowd enthusiasm, but the people of tbe northwest tow,s are constantly ricing and doimz things, sometimes amusing, sometimes serio,~a, always interesting. No western city of importauce is now without its Elks' home, often sue of the finest buildings iu town, where the Elks resort for flair mystic and hilarious rites. Your neighbor in the ear or ie the ho- tel lobby, is much more likely to speak to ~ou than he would be in the east, "Ri,]e anywhere iiJ the eoantry and every ~au you meet will salute you, and if you give him half a chance, he will stop, "throw one.lag over the pommel of his saddle and swap lies. Iu the northwest everythiug seems to have happened with- in the last ten years. Events which would be of epoell making importance in may well be appliet to them--a sort of brisk, actiw, youthfulness. A western town of five (,r ten thousand, not t)nly makes more noise, but does more bunt- heSS than an easlern city of several times the size. One i~ liable t- over estimate western populati,m, but when one g-ts aeq~miuted with these smaller cities, lhere seems a sort of conspiracy to keep him so busy lhat he will bane no o|,|~r tunity oP correcting bin early impres- sinns. Two things the visitor is sure of, immense basic resources and a superb activity of growth. ~That he soes today will be different and better tomorrow~ and he can only faintly forshadow the ullimate greatness of the country• In no part of the entire United States Ass the federal government such large interests as iu the northwest, for it con- trols, not only the area of the forest re- serve, but vast tracts of laud as yet un- claimed by settlers, and immense Indian and military reservations• The United States still owns or controls three- fourths of the entire territory of the five northwestern states, the habitable parts of which are larg,~ and fertile enough to support an immense population, the de- velopment thus far having barely begun. At noon, April the fifteenth, the sal- mon fishing season opened ou the Colu m- bia river. At this hour two thousand netamadooftwine from the finest of Irish flax, aud costing from $300 to $400 each, were lowered by four thousand sturdy fishermen. The salmon season is of three months duration. During this time two men will average twenty fish weighing three hundred pounds each day, for which the canneries pay them about $'20. The great salmon fishing fleet of the Columbia river carries nearly five thousand souls. The deeds of these sturdy Scandinavian fishermen, the acts which they are daily called upon to per. form, are as brave as the bravest. Yet what bird sings of the romance of the gillnet? What poet would thick of glorifying the story of canned salmon? A. DEGKER. Lam~Back. any country at any time, have here This is au ailment for which Cham- crowded one upon another in rapid suc- berlain's Pain Balm has proven especial- ees~ion. It would not be easy to imagine two regions in the same zone more dif- ly valuable. In almost every instance it affords prompt and permanent relief.Mr. forest in character than the low, rainy, Luke La Grange of Orange, Mich., says heavily forested, richly productive coast regions of Oregon and Washington, and of it: "After using a plaster and other • . remedies for throe weeks for a bad lame the high arid or semi arid plains lyn)g back, I purchased a botlle of Chamber- only a few miles to the eastward on the lain's Pain Balm aml two applioations effe~4ed a cure." For sale by all drug- gists. ~other side of the Cascade mountams. Hero on the coast are the greatest and ~ost valuable forests on the continent, if not in the world, and apparently in- One may travel for deya through the primitive forests and see ~ut th~ slightest evidoaoa of man. So is the timber that an entire log- crew wil! work for weeks on a few acres of laud. A logging crow consists of thirty-five this includes the foreman and two They will cut and skid 45,000 logs every working day in the The scale of wages is from $2 to per day, the average $2.25 and board. woodsman is far better off financial- [Y and physically than nine-tenths of the who spend their lives in the con- atmosphere of store and office. A1- ~aost all the great cities of the North Paoiflo coast owe their prosperity, if not CASTOR I A ~or In~n~ and Oh~lr~u. The gind You Have Always Bought their foundation-to the lumber industry. Gompared with the arid regions the Coastal strip is not a great cattle coun- try, though it is building up a consider- spry n(,to sisned by the ~aid Francis M. Hiner able dairy interest. Hop sulfurs on a andpa?ablotothoorderofJames W. Westlake large scale is also assuming great impor- January first, 1903, toselher with interest there- iagton fruit has a reputation only second or legal Ashier i~e declared a violation of any of tO that of California. It is a region also the covenants in said deed of trust contained and has elected to advertise enid premises for Of almost unbounded agricultural ad- mfls and demands such sale it shall and may ha Vantage. The meadow-like valleys of lnwf~, for the said public trustee of Saguacha the streams, having already reached a county to sell and disposa of said premieres aud state of cultivation. The Wills- alltheintsrestofthesaidFraucia M. Hiner his heirs or assigns therein at pubhc auction at the valley of Oregon is not only. the prmelpal froa~ door of the eOuntl/court house in cultivated region of the far westt the to~n of Saguachc, in the county of ~Saguache hut it is one of the most beautiful agri- and state of Coh,rado, to the higlmat bidder for c~h, after having given four week's notice of valleys in all America. Today the time and place of such sale in a weekllr news s run each side of the Willamette p~per published in said Saguaehe county~ Cole- and the valley supports a score of' redo, Aud. whoress, default has been made in the tif0i towns, pal~mento~ enid note aud the interest thereon The Spokane country has become one and thetax~ legally assessed against ~aid prom- fou~ of the greatest wheat states, pro- iaas and the holders of said legal indebtednmm 4ucing twenty:three:and a half bushels haredeclaredaviolatioa o~ the oovsnaut~ in One finds i~ difficult to tell of said deed of trust and have filed a written de- ® tauee; Oregon being the greatest pro- ducat of all th) s~,ate', aud Oregon and Washington together, shipped more than half the American orop. Both the states Sre also taking an important par~ in the development of the ,row Ameriuan beet a~gar industry a~d Oregon and Wash- Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills Cure [-]eadache - Almost instantly, and leave no bad effect~ They also relieve every other pain, Neural- gi~ Rheumatic Pain, Sciatica, Backache. Stomach ache. Ague Pains, Pain~ from in- iury, Bearing-down pains, Indigestion, Diz- ziness, Nervousness and Sleeplessness Prevent AINAches By taking one or two Dr ,Miles' Anti-Pain Pills when you feel an attack coming on. You not only avoid '~lYeriug, bnt the weak- ening influence of pain ,tl)on the system If nervous, irritable and cannot sleep, take a tablet on retitin~ or when you awaken. This sootbi.~ /~tluence upon the nerves brings refreshinc slc,el)' 2q doses 2~ cent~ Never sold in blllkJ Ncw Under New Manag,~ment. Cuisine House Thoroughly Renovated and Refurn;shed Throughout. Americ ~n Plan $2.00 per day; European Plan 75c aud up. Steam Heat with Haths. Gas and Electric Lights. STOCKMEN'S HEh DQUARTE~S. LOUIS LIVE STOCK QUt)'rh i I(:,)NS RE(:EIVED DALLY. L1VE STOCK A(IENCY IN HirlEL. Your Patronage Solicited, Hotel, ith Annex, I~uropcan or Amc_____rlcan Plan, Opposite Union Depot, Pueblo, Colorado, a.d Service Equal to he Best. Ref arn~sh, Thro hou )pean Pla~ '5c au, ap. .nd ~lectri Lights KA~ CI'IY and ST Thos, {;rowe, Proprietor. COLONIST RATES TO CALIFORNIA AND T~ i~TO1RTHWEST Very Low Rates will be in effect to all Pacific Coast points from Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and all Main Line points, August 27th to October 31st To San Francisco ................................... $25.00 To Los Angeles ..................................... $25.00 To Portland ........................................ $25.00 To Spokane ........................................ $22.50 To Butte ........................................ :..$22.00 A Daily Line of Pullman Tourist Cars is operated between Denver and San Francisco Denver and Los Angeles Denver and Portland Liberal stopovers on Colonist tickets. For full information regarding train serviez.~ Pullman Rcserva- tlons, etc., etc., call on THE :RIO GRANDE AGENT .,~ i i i i I nares I ! Via the Rock Island Dates--August 23~ 24 and 25. Rate--One fare plus $2.00. (Minimunl $18.15.) To-- Chicago, $80.65. St, Lmfis, $~5.65. Kansas City, $18.15. S. Paul, ~28.05. Memphis, $30.65. and many other points in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin Iowa, Minnes,)La, Missouri, Ka~)sas and Nebraska. O. W, MARTIN, General Agent Rock Island Lines, 80O 17th St. Denver, Colorado. SPECIAL EXCURSIOH ~IqOTICE OF TRUSTEE'8 SALE. Notme is hereby given that wher--s on the SlstNCW Livery Feed and Sale RATES EAST day of December, A. D. 1898, Francis M. Hiuer by his certain deed of trust recorded in b~ok 77 at page 152of the records of Saguache county, ,,~. Colorado. conve~ed to the public trustee of Ss- .aachocoon ',""°r"°' ,be State Lines ed land and water rights, situated in the said +.,+.oo..,,.,+, YIA Taeuortheast qu,r~er of section numbered to BONANZA and ORIENT twm.ty.slght, in township forty-one, north of range t0n, east of th~ New Mexico principal meridian together with all water right~ and p[ivilege~ thereon and therewith. ~y Intrustt. se+ur.+ths paymeutofonepromie-~gsat l~*~kSO~I"J~ P'C~ Hi550URI PACIFIC,,., CHAS A. POTTS, Proprietor. Through Standard PutIman Sleeping earn on and, VILLA GROVE COLORADO. Where--,it is providediu ~aid ds~d of trnst, " " " Through Tourist Pullman Sleeping cars that in ease d~fault is made m ths payment of said u-to or the interest thsroon, or in the pal- __ ~,~" ....... Throuah.. Free [~,eclining Chair cars meat of the tax'~s on said property, then upon ~lm~.=--=%~r~-..="~-~--~?--~'~"~'r~% S~ notice and demand in writing filed with the un. All cars kept fresh and cool by electric fans dersiguadpubiietraatee, filed by the bsne.- CALIFORNIA ciary hersuador or ths legal holder of ths in. Write us and we will take pleasure in furnishing detailed information, debtedness s~cured thereby that such beneficiary BEST TRAIN SCHEDULES, etc. and its Famous ~rinter Resorts best reached via H.c. Pos~, a.H. ~x~m~, a~,, General Western Freight & Pam~. Agt. Traveling Pass. Age. 1700 Stout Street, Denver, Colo. Los Angeles. ~ San Bcmardlno, Rivcnide, ~ Ontario, Catalina, Pomona, Long Beaeh~ San Pedro. IN ALL THE WORLD NO TRIP LIKE THIS. Superb Dining Car Service-Free Reclining Chair Car On All Through Trains. +i~ii;i:il the~it h out in some dW°nders of theeg re esbaring the en'c°astal northwest, mandsaid nremisaswith thSasandersi~nadin said deedt°of trust provadvsrtisu andidad.satt The San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake operates Now therefore, I, Samuel Jewell, under and daily palatiaI trains betwo'.n Utah points and !thusiasm of the American of pug: by~4rtueof thewiUssilall of thef°reg°tUaahove dsscribadp°we' iu prsmiseame vsstedat Southern Calilornla and is shortest ~bY 500 miles. ~Ound. Every citizen poses~aes an ~r~ publieanctionto thahighest bidder for ~h ia Ask any Colorado agent or write to F~traordinary knowledge of hlS,?~tY~. ~i: handatthaprincipai front door