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October 3, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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October 3, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT (Established 1880) Published every Thursday by THE CRESCENT PRINTING COMPANY, At Saguache, the County Seat of 8a- guaohe County, in the famous San Luia Valley of Colorado. LEE FAIRBANKS, Editor. U. G. ROCKWELL, Auistent. ~b~ription Rat~ ~.00 per annum. Adverflliua rat~ made known on application, A~ all Communications to THE CRESCENT, Halpxarhe, Colo. OCTOBER 3. i90i. ANNOUNCEMENT. As stated in these columlas last week on October let I became the owner and pubhsher of the Cl~SCV.NT. As the end of my second term as County Clerk and Recorder of Saguache county was draw. lag near, and being dmirous of continu- ing my residence in tha town where my home im located, among the people who have been my Imoial and business aseo. ciatae for the past fourteen years, and feeling that having held public off]co would not ineapaciate me from again conducting a private buainms, I began looking around for some occupation to take up when I leave the court house in January next. Now I find myself en-i gaffed moner than I expected, and I con- sider myself fortunate in being able to become the owner and proprietor of the buainmm of my choice. Although I have not been engaged in the newspaper bust- nine for the past sixteen yearn, yet it ht a businw that I learned and followed for several years in my younger days, and one that ia hardly forgotten after once well learned. I have faith in the enterpri~ and in my ability to succor- fully conduct it. In becoming the publisher of the CztmcZnT I do so with a full knowledge that I will need to exert my b~t efforts to keep the paper up to the high stand- ard it has attained among the country nawapapem of the state under the very able management of my predecessor, Mr. O. D. Bryan, who is both a good printer and an experienced newspaper man. But like many others I "know how a newl- paper abould be run." The policy of the paper will not be materially changed, for the preeant at latmt. It will continue to be Republican in polities, but its chief aim will be, first --to provide an income for its publisher and throe connected with the paper am workare, and to give the news of the town and county. And, mocond--to ad- vance in avery way potable all public and private enterprimm that will be of benefit to the town, county or state. We have under consideration plans for ira-i proving the paper, which we trust when i put into effect, will be pleasing and i profitable to both the publisher and the pstronm of the paper. We will try to run a newspaper that will be of some lntermt to every rmidant of the county, and we hope, in tiros, to reach the majority of t~e homm, and be read by a majorty of the I~ople of the county. Mr. U. G. Boekwali will be connected with the paper am auiltant, and he will have charge of the advertising, jobbing and subscription departments. We trust the paper wild continue to receive in all its departments the very liberal patro- nag it hem been given in the past. We will endeavor to give satisfaction to all our petrona LEE FAIBB,tNgS. Will Net !~ a Candidate. I whth to announce to my friends that after mature deliberation I have decided not to be a candidate for any off]c, this fall. T.M. Lyons. amsa~in of Prea|- dent McKinley, is sentenced to die in the electric chair, during the week be- ginning October 28. Many oounl~y conventions have already been held throughout the state, and from the reports it is plain to be seen that the Republicans are harmonious and confident. The Democrats divided in all thln~ except "no fusion," and the Populult8 are--wall, it appears that they are so Joar~ there are hardly enough to hold convention or to fill the oflto~. In the cram of Robert Cain, tried at Gunniaon lut week and found guilty of murder in the fire degree, the jury vot- ed on ha menenos to be imposed, eleven voting for a death sentence and one for life imprioonment, and the one holding out until heswung the jury. Adherentm of the death penalty will endeavor to have the law amanded by the next legia. latura, m that it will be imposmble for km than three members of a jury to prevent a ~nten0e o! d#ath. POLITICAL OUTLOOK. As Viewed By One On The 0utside--- Some Probable Candidates-- Two, or Three, Tickets? Matters politically appear to be much quieter than they generally are at this ~ason of the year. The conventions i have been sailed for a later date, and the campaign will necessarily be short. The Republicans are not saying much, but they appear to carry an air of cent. dance. They are probably wondering what the other partl~ are going to do regarding fusion. The Democratic and Populist leaders mutt have had some scheme in view when they called their conventions for the same day, but we will probably not I know what it is until after the convan. ties. When approached regarding their plansthey do not know what will be ~ done, and their answers give one the ira. presmon that they are "all at sea." Of course several names of prosper- tive candidates have been mentioned among all parties, but not many of them will have a "walk.away" in the conven. tachs. For County Judge, O. D. Bryan, the present incumbent, seems to be the only candidate for the nomination on the Re- publican ticket, and no opposing candi- date has as yet appeared in the other parties. The present County Clerk, Lee Fair- banks, will not be a can~ildate before the convention for the third term, as he stated during the last campaign and many times since. The candidates men- atoned for the Republican nomination are Dallas Stubbs, Of Ssguaebe, and John W. Cook, of Crestone. Robert Buckley, of the 41 country, it is said, would like the nomination on the Demo- cratic ticket, and there appears to be r,o caLdidate for the position on the Popu- list ticket. It is generally conceded that Samuel Jewell, the present iucambent, will re- calve the nomination for Treasurer in the Republican convention without op- i position. Several names have been men- tioned for the position in the other par- ties, but at present it looks as though they will have hard work to get a can- didat~ to make the race. For Sheriff, Eugene Williams, the present ineumbenl, will wobably be nominated by the Republicans without opposition. "Dick" Mooney, of Cres- tone, and Robert Monteith, of Lower Sa- guache, will be candidates before the conventions to be held on the 12th. T, M. Alexander, the present Assessor and E. H~ Underhill, of Cr~stone, will try for the nomination for that office in the Republican convention. T. M. Lyons is mentioned a~ a candidate in the Popu- let convention. County Superiutendeut J. I. Palmer will probably be nominated for a second term, and W. E. Gardner, of Bonanza and Wm. Whatan, of Russell Springs, viii be candidates before the Republi- can convention for that office. For Commissioner from Distriut No. 2 John Smith, of Veteran, is a Republican candidate, and J. D. Hess, of Locket, is mentioned as a candidate on the Demo- cratic ticket. The off]cos of Caroaor aud Surveyor are not being mentioned, probaby for the reason that they pay so small a salary. Aa to whether there will be three tickets in the field, or but two, we will not hazard a guess at the present time. r ' . r '"r r COURT HOUSE ITEMS. The county judge is doing a rushing buaineu these days. John I. Palmer is assisting in the coun- ty treasurer's office this week. The county clerk is now dividing his time between the court house and the [ CR2eCENT office. The October term of the District Court will begin on the 4th Monday, the 28th. Sheriff Williams is summoning jurors for the October term of the District Court. The county clerk's o~ce has issued two marriage licenses during the past week. Lute Kellogg to Clarabell Medley Bryant, and James B. Fulleron to Stella O'Brien. The commissioners as a county board of equalization are going over the as- sessment turned in by Assessor Alexan- der. It is probable that no material chang~ will be made unless it may be in raising the valuation on land which hM very good water right and in lowering ! other and poorer land ~, correspond. The registration books for the fall election will be mailed to the several boards of registry throughout the coun- ty the first of next week. DEEDS F:LED FOR RECORD. Sept. 26--Alsop W. D. Dodge to D. I. Whiteman, M.D. E.P. Clark to M. Mc- Farland W.D. Chas. S. Clark, to M. McFarland W.D. E.W. Garreteon to F. W. Tupper W. D. Sept. 27--L. D. Vaughn to Smith Payne M. D. S. W. Venal to W. 8. Brewater W. D. Sept. 28 ~U. 8. to A. Shellabarger R. R.--gept. 30. O. C. White to John Stewart et al M.D.R.M. Edwards to P. M. Jones W. D. U. S. to Thus. M. Bowen R.R. P.M. Jones to John Lawrence W. D. Oct. let !--R. L. Walton to O. D. Bement W. D. in. 8. to Thee. Clark patent. Art squares in smyrna and ingrain up to 4~x 5 yards in size, at prices that range as high as $20.00, cannot be dupli- cated elsewhere for the price. Ootthelf & Tarbell Mere. Co, HIOH SCHOOL NOTES. The baskets are up and the girls are putting in good time practicing. The Del Norte foot ball teaal will play the S. C. H. S. next Saturd,y. C,)m,~ out and see the game it wilt be a hot one. Anna Ham is now quite bus),, She attends school one half day, assists the town school and acts as librarian. The following books have been pre sented to the library since last issue. Stanlay in Africa and The Fair God [-Iilda Fairbanks. Ramona and Words. worth's Poem.% Mr. and Mrs. Beery. Ray Slane has given us au Indian ar- row point for our cabinet. Mr. Palmer is giving gratuitously two periods per week to laboratory physics. Harry Underbill, Frank Kcough and Howard Allen spent Sunday at home in Crestoue. Every tardy and every half day absent lowers the class standing for the month. Parents,do not allow your children to be tardy or absent, it diseouragaa them and lower~ the standing of the school. Library cards have been seat out this week. All who have not received them may do so by oallin~ on the principal or libarian. A few of the later books in the library. Alice of Old Vincennes ................. Thompson Janice Meredith ............................. Ford Vm Criucis .............................. Crawford Red l~ock ................................... P a~e Richard Carrel .......................... Chum Mll Eben Holden ........................... Bachelter Visits of EHzabeth ........................... Glyn Hugh Wynne ............................ Mitchell Tarry Thow Till i Come .................... Crole The Crisis ............................... Churchill The [-lelmet of Navarre ................... Runkle The Choir Invisible ......................... Alley QDuo Vadis ........................... 8mnkiewmz avid Harum ............................ Wescotl (~himes From a Jester's Bells ............ Burdett e Isabel Carnaby ............................ Fowler Prince of India ........................... Wallae~ Westward He ............................ Kingslel When Knighthood Was in Flower ...... Caskode~ Romoaa .................................. Jacksox Fair God .................................. Wallace Names of those who have already joiu- ed the library association: Dr. Melvin i J. B. Morgan, J. R. Morgan, Dallas Stubba, Perry Alien, Mrs. W. F. Boyd, F. W. Hoddlng, Alex Harenc, J. L Pal- mer, Frank Pittenger, W. C. Locket, S. Jewell, J. W. Davidson, Eugene Wil. Llama, E. O. Butler, Lee Fairbanks, B. P. Stubbs, Blanche A~hley, Frank Carl- son, Harry Tazbell, Mike White, J. W. Beery, O. D. Bryan, ella A. Profltti, Mrs. H. B. Means, Carl Nehla, D. S. Jones, Dr. Locket, Dacre Dana, Mrs. Lyons, W. E. Gardner, Shipment of Lambs, Samuel Jewell and Juan Chavcs ex- pect to start tomorrow for Omaha with a shipment of 1050 fat lamb~. They are to be loaded at Monte Visit, and will make three broad guage oar loads, one oar load belonging to John Lawrence and two oars to Mr. Jewell. The shipment will be billed to Chicago, but will proba- bly be sold at Omaha if the prices are found satisfactory, They will unload at Roswell, near Colorado Springs and graze for one day and will also stay one day in Denver, and the lambs ought to be in good condition whoa they reach Omaha. The increared demand for axminater and smyrna rugs has induced us to carry an assortment equal to any city stock, at prices ranging from $L25 to $15.00. Gotthelf & Tarbell Mere. Co. Mr. Cooper has been called upon by the Grand Lodge to institute a lodge of Masons at Crestone and expects to visit that place in a few daya.--Caudle. DeWitt'a Little Early Risers never dis- appoint. Th,y are safe, prompt, gentle, effective in removing all impurities from the liver and bowels. Small and easy to take. Never gripe or distress. Sa. guache Pharmacy. 'You Can LeadaHorsc to water but you can'~ make him drink. You can't make him ear either. You can stuff food in- to a thin man's stomach but that doesn't make him use it. Scott's Emulsion can make him use it. How? By mak- ing him hungry, of course. Scott's Emulsion makes a thin bodyhungryallover. Thought a thin body was naturally hun- gry didn't you ? Well it isn't. A thin body is asleep~not working--gone on a strike. It doesn't try to use it's food. Scott's Emulsion wakes it up--puts it to work again making new flesh, That's the way to get fat. Send for free sample. SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemlst~. 4o9 Pearl St., N. V $o~ sad $~.co; all druggists. Catarrh Cannot be Cured with LOCAL APPLICATIONS. as they cannot reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh m a blood or constitutional dtsease~ and m order to cure it you must take internal remedies. H~l's Ca- tarrh Cure is taken iuternally, and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces. Hall's Ca tarrh (;are is not a quack medicine. It wa~ pre- scribed by one of the best physicians in this country for Fears, and is a regular proscription. It is comuos~l of the best tonics known, ecru blued with the be~t blood pcrifiers, acting di- rectly on the mucous surfaces. The perfect combination of the two iogredientS ie what prO- duces such wonderful results in curing Catarrh. 8end for testimonials, fre~. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O. Bold by druggists, pries 750. Hadl'e Family PLUs are the beet. - f ~ iii | I Tha~ col(~ ~ee~]n~ may ])~q 0~-oi~z(~(~ ~)y I:~~~q~~~~~~~~t buying your underwear of us. [~adies], ,/i ,tieNtlON! ! gents and ehildrens in all wool, |'loeced I~ and ribbe(l, uniou suits and seporatogar- meuts. Largest stock, lowest prices. Gotthelf & 'J).rb~ll Merc. Co. Many resident of the town and county who are not subscribers to the CRESCENT / ~ to the fact that we carry I ]g will be favored with samp!o copies of,.. ,- -- [~ linatock a complete line of I ! afraid the paper frequently. Do not be . [~ [ ST. CLAIR RANGES and I 1 .oo i will not be asked to pay until yo'l be- come a subscriber. But we want youto f then decide to have it sent regularly. We will try to have something of interest tel ] TION, ~ASH, DOORS, and I i every subscriber in each issue of the pa- .% I To the Is&as of Saguarhe coun- I* ] PAINT, OIL and VARNISH. I tY" ~atVnwprvparvdt takeli Ihc NCW Store i your measure for a tailor made suit. Our sampIes of goods and fashion plates are here, Come in and vx- I }.$ J.J. Keller. i /" .2 Gotthelf & Tarbell Mere. Co. 44~*#,~~,#,4~~~,~~4~~H~, Notice of Application to Lease State Lands. Office of the State Board of Land Commissioners. Denver, Colo. Sept. 80, 1~)1. Nolice is hereby given that Munro Bros,, whoa,~, poxtot~ee address Is Saguaehe, (?olo,, on Sept, 17, lIDt, made applic~)tioD No, 1729 t,~ the slate board of land cornrnisMoners to lea~e the followingde~cllhed ~ehool lands, situale lu Saguaehe county, Colo., LO-Wlt: NW ~4, NW sec. 16, twp. 45, N. R, 6 E. ]No other applications to lease the above de- scribed 4)rentises or objections a~ainst the above appl|eation will t)e considered a[Ler the last publlcalion hereof. Date of last publication Oct. 26. 1~)1. Jolm T Joyce, Register State Board Land Commissioners. [ Notice of Application to Lease State Lands. Office of the N,ate Board Land Commissioner. Denver, Colo., Sept,. 30, 1901. Notice is hereby given that A. W. Dallman, whose ~ostofflce address is Center, Colo., on Sept.. 10, 1901, made applleal, lon No. 1705 to the i state board of lalld cnmmissloners to leuse tbe following deserlbed Int. Imp. lands, situate In Saguache county, Colo.. to-wit: NW ~4 sac. 6, twp. 41, N. R. 8 E. | No other applie~ttiuns tu lease the above de- scribed premises or ohJeetiohs ngaius~ the above applientinn will be considered after the lust publicattou hereof. Date of last publication Oct. 26, 1~1. .Iohu T. Joyce, Register 8tats Board Land Commissioners. Mining Application. No. "o05. Mllteral Sur vey No. 14719. Land Office 1)el Norte~ Co!o. i Ang 8, 1901, ( Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of the act of congress alqU'oved May 10. 1872, E. C. Ew~rly, whose post office addt'ess is Coehetopa, Colorado, on bebalf nf Itlmself and his co-own- ers, A. G. Perry. G, E. J)crry, C. L. Ferry attd W. L. Perry, has made application for I~ateut for V~(} linear feet upon the Union Be:ll h)de, bearin~ golu and silver, being 36t feet ~ 71" 11' W and 11:30 feet S 71" 11' E from monlh of dis- eovery cut thereon w|th surface ground 300 Ieet wide, situated in Coclmtopa nflnin~ district, 8a- guaehe county, (o[orado, and described bY the official phtt and field notes on tile in this 'ofllce as follows, to-wit: Beginniaga~ cot No.1 whence the W cot sec 14:twp45NR3ENMt, M bears S 80. 28' 40. W 3526.19 feet, 1hence N 1" 12' E/9.2 feet to cor No. 2, sur No. 9711 Salver l'lnme lode. 3o9.4 feet to nor No 1 said survey No. 9711, 314.7 feet to nor No. 2, thence 8 71" 11' E 1500 feet to cor No. 3, thence S 1 12' W 314.7 feet to cot' No. 4, thence N71"11'W 15c0feettocor No. 1, the place of )eginning, containing 10.329 acres and forming a )ortion of the E ~ ofsec 14 twp 45 N R 3 E N M P M. Said location being recorded in book 68, ~Age66ot~ the Saguaelm connty Colo,. records. o known adjoining ehtlms except the one above mentioned. JAS. It. BAXTER, Register. First pub Aug. 22, last Oct 2L A WORTHY SUCCESSOR. "Something New Under The Sun." All Doutors have tried to cure CA- TARRH by the use of powders, acid gas- es, inhalers and drugs in paste form, Their powders dry up the muouous mem- branes causing them to crack open and bleed. The powerful acids used in the inhalers have eatrely eaten away the same membranes that their makers have aimed to cure while pastes and oint- ments cannot reach the disease. An old and experienced praotitioner who has for many years made a close study and specialty of the treatment of CATARRH, has at last perfected a I treatment which when faithfully used, i ant only relieves at once but permanently cures OAI'ARH by removing the cause, stopping discharges and curing all in- flammation. It is the only remedy known to science that actually reaches the af- flicted parts. This wonder[u[ remedy is known as "Snufflels",the Gaaranteed Ca- tarrh Cure and is sold at the extremely low price of one dollar, each package containing internal and external medi- cine suflic!ent for a full month's treat- ment and everything necessary to its per- fect use. "Snuffles" is the only perfect catarrh cure ever made and is now recognized aa the only safe and positive cure for that annoying and disgusting disease. It cures all Inflammation quickly and perma- nently and is also wonderfully quick to relieve hay fever or cold in the head. 0atarrh, when ne~:leeted often leads to consumption Snuffles will ~avo you if you use it at ouce. It is no ordinary remedy, but a complete tr,.atment which ie posi- tively guaranteed to cure catarrh in any form or stage if used according to thedi- rootone which accompany each package. Don't delay but se~d for it at once, aud write full particulars as to your condi- t/one, and you will reee~vo special ad- vice from the discoverer of this wonder- full remedy regarding your case without cost to you beyond the regular price of Snuffles the Guaranteed Catarrh Cure. Sent prepaid to any address in the United Stat~ or Canada on receipt of one dollar. Addro~ dept. E 786 Edwin B. Giles & Co., 2380 and 2332 Market St. I Philadelphia. Pa, CLARENCE HERSEY, ssay r anti h mist, [Eemb]ishod 1879J Leadville, - Colorado. Samples by Marl or V, xpress Receive Pr0m~t Attenti0a. Best of Job Printing at this office. lath of the Family fer y0u, Can ~lve the d~ubl knit Knee fer the Children, and the Ladles and 6ents NOSE are egally u teed, ach pair purchased makes y0u an IRON CLAD FRIEND to the IRON CLAD NOSIERY, Special Cut Price Sale at ICK[$ 0 CO., Center, Colo. Percales, regular 15 ca. values .............. 9 cts. per yd. Lazes Silks, regular ~0 rt. v~dues ........... 5 cts. per yd. 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