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The Saguache Crescent
Saguache , Colorado
October 9, 1919     The Saguache Crescent
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October 9, 1919

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SAGU&CHE CREBCENT. F erJonea Syrup i ,#off er First, last and all the time we maintain the quality! Its excellence cannot be duplicated. It's wholesome, economical and delicious. Nature helps us. The cane is grown under our supervision from seed chosen under directiou of our own agricultural experts. By an exclusive of manufacture we keep the purity and goodness which come from the sweet juices of the gor~hum. We include sugar syrup with an addition of corn syrup to prevent fermentation. BLEND SYRUP ,~nd ham for our new FREE Rsclp~ Book. ]None senoine wltlhout tbhl a~t'smtm~c Tllli POSY 8COW SYSU@ SOeGHOll CO. lillliliitlleli II Usl G~liClllll [ ,I I I i I L- motorized your own farm. I n s t ruction eight Town ................................ Sta/e ................... Address 2430 O Sit., Lincoln Auto and Tractor School, Lincoln CONDUCTOR HAD HAD ENOUGH PECULIAR "G00D-LUCK" SIGN Little Controversy With Passenger Filled Wash White With Joy, but Became a Trifle Personal and He Shut It Off. "Fare, please !" "My nloney is in the hox." "Nix on that stuff. You went right by." "Bet your life I did. I been wattln' two hours for it chance to get inside." "Forget it. Pay your fare and cut out the bulL" ('Get off 3'our foot, I dug up once," "Where'd you get on?" "Water street." "Yes, you did. What happened at River street just uow?" "Well, at ]liver street, for one thing, a woman handed you a quarter and you bluffed her out of the change; at Hill street four people got on and you rang np three fares; at Prairie street, when you changed that $5 gold- piece--" At this point the conductor decided he had enough. "Move on!" he shouted. "There's plenty of rooni up front. Don't be })lockin' the gangway."--San Francisco Chronicle. In Bad With the Boss. I was rehiting to nly boss and sev- eral other of the office employees nly experience iu writing to a young man vfliolU I hail never met, having found his qddress on an egg while working in a grocery store several years ago. I eniphalically ex(qaimed that ",s ~oon as he infornled me lie had red llair I quit corresponding with hiul, :is I hate red hah'. I had forgotten nly 0ass had red hair, and 3"Oll cau Iulflg- lae my enlhLiri'flSSl,Lelit ;ifter that ex- clamation, for lie was one of the most interested listeners.--Chicago Tribune. An Unforeseen Calamity. 'Tin never going to return fl lost article to anyone again," said a Kiln- s'is City alan the other dity. "Why?" we asked. "Well, this fellow advertised a re- ward for the retttrn of his dog, and no questions :lsked. And then when I took the dog and went lip and rang the bell his wife answered the door."-- Kansas City Star. The Difference. "It is a far cry." "What is?" "From a real cocktail to near-beer." There Are People Who Would Hardly See It That Way. Carl EnliI Junck, the Chicago nlil- lionaire inlpo,'ter, said ,it a sanger- lest : "Only nil h]cural)le ol)timist like nly W'ish Vehite could regard (]ornlany's future as proniising and hopeful. "I nlet Wa~li the other day with a big raw gash In his forehead. " 'What does that gash mean, Washington?' I asked. "'What does it niean?' grinned Wash. 'Why, Mr. Junck, it means good luck, dat's what it means. I prayed de Lawd last night to ginlme a good-hick sigu and de lust l~'ing dis mawnin' when I opened de staMe do', de mule Lazarus up wid his hoof and fetch me a kick in de face. Dar's luck fo' you, Mr. Junck--a hess shoe In yo' face hero' bre~lkfast. Golly, hut I hopes de luck keel,s lip de same fo' de rest o' de year.' " On Thin Ice. Out West one dark, cohl Decemher evening I lost nly way to canlp after hunting in a large forest. As there was no farlnhouse or other shelter within many miles, I dec,tied to pass the night in the open. After h)oking around 'l while I se- lected what I thought 1o lie a ravine running through ,he uudel'l)rush of the woods and started to gather wood for a th'e, which I put around nle to keep wamn on all sides and to keep tile coyotes off. A.~ heavy snow was ell 11110 grollnd I deeLLled it a NILug place, qnd sO(ill fell asleep. Eilrly the next n/liming I nwoke to helir a stl'lillgr, e, I)uhhliLLg .~ound al|(l to fln(I myself, to my great aston- ishment, infl)e(hled deelllY in the ice eoverin~ a small, hlstily tlowing creek. --Chicago Tribune. Fashion's Fuzzes. "Do you think side whiskers will ever come into fashion agidn?" "They're in fashion now," said Mr. ]tufnek. "The girls are wearln' 'era over their eqrs." Sudden Rise in Oil. Bix--So your friend became wealthy through a sudden upward movement in oil. Wilat oil stock ,lid lie buy? Dlx--He didn't buy any. A rich old aunt still-ted a fire with a can of it. A Drink That:s ParC of the MealI housekeepir 4. A health builde xased insIead of coffee. No Raiso irt Price Two sizes usually sold at 15 ~ 25 Msde by Posture Cereal Company 8attic CreeJ% Michigan. TROOPS GUARD STRIKE DISTRICT REGULARS READY TO AID MAINTAINING ORDER AT GARY. IN STATE TROOPS CALLED INDIANA HARBOR UNDER GUARD OF FOUR COMPANIES, IS REPORT. Western NewsPaper Union News Service. Gary, hal., Oct. (;.--Three hundred state troops lmve been I~rought to (;a/'y following dlstuI'|Lilnces. ()he inltii is rel)orte(I shol. Slriking steel work- ers art! swil L'illillg llL(~ St l'ee[s lLltd Io.OtLsands of ilnion t)ickcts are tic*live. ( lUiil'ilsnlen ]LIIVe heel, ' st lltioned throughout the city lit poinls wh(q'4? Irouble is likely h) occur. An attempt by pickets Io force ,ILl elIIrlLLL('t~ 10 |he ~ltlilericillL Sheet and Tin l'hLle nlllls was hh)cked hy troops. hLdilLnil lliLrllor, ILLd.--FoIIL" COILI- liiLllies of hI(IiLLLLii ILilliOLLiil gII;LriI~;ILWIL iLl'rived hel'e iiIHI I)t'g;ILL imlroling the slreets. The IL'oOl)S W(q'i~ c:illed OIL| following rioliLlg nnLoILg strikiLig slel,I Wol:keL'~ iLt tilLi'y, llLll., whtq'e lilt liO- lice locked lip thirl.vq~LiO llei'soli~ ;Iflt'r forty OL" fifty had IIOPLI iLLjiiL'ed. Six hundL'ed OLlitthly~s of Ihe ILihill(l Steol t'Onllilill.V, iLillt'li('iL(llqil, JiltVi! i'tqLtl'LIOd Io WoI'k ill iL body. (till'y, ]LId.--4IIIL'\"~, sli'l~'t ~ were i'rowded ILILd JILl! PLItiL'e ,'ily Was over- ILung wllh n sl)h'ii (if unresl following lhe riolhig \vhh'h hL'!~lle oil[ lhe other flight, with ils llil'tqL,t'of reclLLTence. At night flill lh) 1LlilililtLneLl had renchod (hiry, lhough elcvtql conl- pHliies had liioldlizcd lit East l'hicLigo, hid., and follr of lhe coinpliliies hiid heen sent 1o ]ndianll liarbor. The ~lii'y clHnpflny lif siltlO nfilitia WllS uot called oul, lllitilgIl liley Wet'e notified to hold |helLl~elves ill readi- ness for active dul.%'. No li'oops will I)e hronght to tlllry ullless lhey lire requeslPil lly Mayor tlodges or Sheriff Biirne.,4, ~tt(ljiltant (leneral ltlirry B. Sniiih of indiana has IlnnouiLced. In eonini,iiid of lhe t:rool)S at Eii~t Chicago and Indianll ltarhor, lhe adjuhinl generiii sahl hlw- lessness Woilhl lie ILrt~veiiled lilid ail perslins and 1woperly gi'ceLl litt~oiille l)rotection, e'en if it were lieCeSsllry to call for regular LLl'lny Iroolls, which he said Secrehlry of Wur Baker h:Hl 1)rolliiscd hiul. "I will have sufficient forces Io l)reserve order ill the ('ILhlLILei region," ~llid lhe i/djulant gcnei'al. "'l have or- ders fronl (;oYel'iior (ioodL'h'h lO pro- lect workers w]iO LLI;ly deML'e l(I go 1o work, their lives liiili honivs, to pro- tei.t lhe ilLdllstrili] phlili.~ of ihis ~el'- tion, lind ;ihove a]l, Io |ieei~ lIPiice. If neceSs~lry, I ciin elili o1/I every linit of sluit~ ll'l)oli.~ ill ]ndhlll:i." Peru President's Term Five Years. lAca, l'tq'u.---I'residelit Angust(~ l.e- gllill will he In'ochlinLed (.otl,~litnlionl41 i)resideLit ()ct. 12 for a perilld of five Velirs, ilisleilll (if l't)lll', ii~ fixed llnder lhe old constilutioLi, lie was iLLfi'n'Liled officililly hy lhe coiLgrtmMoLilil t'l)ni- iilisMon, l)r. Augti~ttl ])/il'iiLill, ilwiicr of tho newspliiLer, 1AL PreLiZO, who w~i.~ ari'ested here Sept. 11, chni'ged wilh (>()n~pirilcy ,iTiliiLst PL'esidelit l.eguia, ~ailelt for Piinilina li.~ ii I~i)lili('lil refuge where lie will llrollLihly reliuiin. Turkish Cabinet Quits. COl~.sitintinttlfl(, ---ThP resiglLilih)n (if the Turklsh cal)inel, helidt'd hy Dil- niad FPrrid PaMili, grilild vizier find nlinlstPr (if foi'eigii affilh's, lias been LiCCepted hy ihe sulli,n. City Employ~s Get Raise. New York.--])ecision t,I gl'it lit a ,~elLel'al increase 1o all oily onlllloyes re(,eiving $1,,qO0 or iess it 3'Pltr xva~ reached tit n 1LLetqiLIg ,)f the eonlnlittPP )lL finiince iin(I hlldTel of iln' board (if %'l]iiry of $70,- i)00 l)er year, lhe li~i'eeniei!l diiling fi'lini AllI~ILst I, iLccordilig Io an official Mlitenielit issued here. Storm Destroys Cotton. l|ouslon, Texas.---A ioss of 10tl,0011 hah, s in unI)icked (,ottoi, wiis cause(1 by lhe li'olliclil storin lhlit swept the glLIf coast of Texlts, liccordinl~ Io a re- port issued hy F. N. Gray, Texlls (,at- ion crop specialist of the Bureau of Estinmtes. Investigate Cost of Wool. Alhuquerque, N. M.--The U'nited ShLIeS tariff board is luaking an in- vestigation to detcrnihLe, the cost of wool ill tile growers, so its lt) nnike tar- iff reconlnlen(llltions t(I Congress, ac- cording to II lnessage, received here by %VILlter M. ('onnell, pi-t,Mdent of the New Mexico Wool (;rowers' Assocla- lion. S. W. (htlbcrslm, cimirnlan el' the lariff board, is condln'ting the in- quiry. He will be in Albuquerque Oct. ]7 and 18 to confer wiih leading sheep- nlen of the state regarding the matter. Papa's Foolishness. "The troulfle wiih uiy father," said one youth t(i aILolher, 'qs ilmt he has n() idoli ~)f lhP Vilhle of lnoney." "l)o )'(111 iiLtqili lhlil lie.'s li sl)eLId- lhrift?" nskt,d ilie oilier. "No, Lil)t at Jill. Qliit the reverse. lie i)uls Jill ~iis iilonl,y iiwlly, Lind (toe~ iiot .~eolil io h:ive tho ~l~litPsl tlllllrel'iil- !ion (if all llie good ihiLigs he niight spend It ou." $100 Reward, $100 Catarrh is a local disease greatly lttflUo enced by con~titutional condition,,. It therefore reqLilr~B constitutional treat- ment. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICIN]~ Is taken internally and acts through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the Syo- tern. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINw, de~troys the foundation of the disease, gives the patient strength by improving .ne general health and assists nature in doing its work. $10000 for any case of Catarrh that HALL'S CATARR~ MEDICINE falle to cure. Druggists 75c. Testimonials free. . ft. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio. Rather Vague. "l 1rove a tiLL,, ~etter at li,lllle." "IriMi, 1.]ngliMi, (h)rdon or P vIin ni It.tic ".r, ']']Lo Iiilt'~t ihiii~ ;ill~,ilt eriL(,king lllif- (,"ilill:~ i~ iht, MiVLi~th it lilllS ililO ii feihiw's :1 rLn. /it w(inllln's i(IpiL of a fil.qcin|lting IILilli I~l ono wh(i keolLs hor guessing. "Bosker Time" Is Cheerful. The lernL II "hosker thne," which the Austrnlhins use io descrihe a cheerful leave, ('ILILleS home to Its hlrthDlaee, little IiIleL'ed. "Bosky," w':th n shiiihlr ineliniiig. WILS all ELLglish colh~qtihiti~llL in Ihe eiThlecnlii CelLiliry. And "hl)~- ky" I~ still current slaLig wilh us, ILnt ilill)13"ilig h)o gell+~l'lHJs use i)f Ihe WflLe ciLp. Thei'e is one l~hriise hi lhe book I)f SliilLg whh']l is dechledly ph'ashig, "Ausll'Lilhin grlp." h stLiint.~ for thiit he.~l i)f gL'eethigs, lhe lioiie.ut, hearly lim,d slilike.--IA~ndoiL ChL'onh.le. Important to Mothers Examine carefully every bottle of CASTO~tIA, that famous old remedy for Infants and children, and see that it Bears the Slguatui of In Use for Over 30 Years. Children Cry for FletcheI's Castoria Disgusted Gob. Molhcr--l)hl you wipe your feet, dear? Junh)r ~oh--Aw, whlil's lhe nso of hein' In lhe niivy if you hafla wipe yonr feet ?--Jndge. In the Museum. "Where's the l|ulnlin Fly?" "Ite can't perforni today. IIts wlfe'~ heen .~waitin~ hhu." Campanile to Be Freserved. The henutifnl i'aiLillalLilc of the {~/ini- bral cLilhedriil, wllh Olio of tls corner i'ohuiilLS li:Ldly liroiiched hy shells, coli- dOnLlied to dl,~lrllrlion I)3' ihe eLtgi- neering t'lll']L.'4 lif |he l,l'Lily ;IS ii nll~lLlL+'e tli lilllilic ~iifei3, x\'as Ill have hi'Pit hL'oilght d(i\',il by dyLililii|le. It was saved frolL) ILinnedilih, de~iLqlc:h)n hy lin ~qeXt,lilli-|iollr ilil**iwvnlJol~ on ilil~ lilirt lti' friends i)f arl. The I~iiliLtLiinite wiil ll(' iiii{etL tllIV