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October 17, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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October 17, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. VOL. XXI. NO. 2. SAGUACHE, COLORADO, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1901. WHOLE NUMBER 1082. THREE PARTIES HOLD CONVENTIONS. Democrats and Populists Fuse Against Republicans. HARMONY PREVAILED---GOOD MEN NOMINATED. The Democrats and Populists Met on Saturday--.Both Parties Anxious to Fuse... Republicans Met Monday and Put Up a Ticket to Win. A Short And Hot Fight Now On. DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION. The democrats having more delegates than the populists, and needing more space for the flights of oratory that were liable to soar forth from enthusiastic hearts and tongues, assembled in the court room, and were called to order by county chairman, Frank Brown. Judge Boles, of Crestone, was elected temporary chairman. In taking the chair he made a very nice little speech that was well received by the convention and spectators. Walter N. Ickes, of Center, was elected temporary secretary. On motion a committee on credentials consisting of John Lawrence, John E. Ashley, A. Sievert, W. H. Lillard and Hiram Hiner, was appointed by the chairi and a recess taken to give the committee time to make up its report. No contests came before the committee and it soon reported the delegates pres- ent entitled to sit and act in the conven- tion. The report of the committee was adopted. On motion the temporary or- ganization was made permanent. Someone now makes a motion that a committee on resolutions be appointed. Hen. John Lawrence says that a com- mittee on resolutions is not necessary in a democratic convention--that the prin. ciples of the democratic party do not need to be resoluted. This calls to his feet Joe D. O'Brien, of Grestone, who (akes issue with his venerable friend,and in a flowery speech convinces the dole- gates that it would not be a democratic donvention without a string of resolu- ti.'ons, and his motion that the chair ap. point a committee on resolutions and or- der of business carried with but one dis- senting vote. The chair appoints Joe D, O'Brien, J.W. Davidson, Tom Noland, J. M. Lawrence and J. W. Southey as such~icommittee, and another recess is taken; The committee reports the following resolutions, and they are unanimously adopted: The democrats of Saguache county, Colo., in convention assembled, at the court house in Sa- auache. Resolved, We the democrats of Saguache county are uualterably oppoeed to tbe principles adv~gtod by the adherents of the repubhcan party,'~md we pledge ourselves anew to the cause of Jeffersonian democracy, viz: Government for the p~le, :by the people, through the people. ;' We ~r~"Dpposed to the usurpation of the rights of the people by cliques, gangs, and the cohorts Of WalleYed: Lombard streets, and farther, we renew ohf'allegiance to the cause of the common people and their general good by using every ef- fort in our humble manner to effect the romeo. itlzation of silver once again within our land. We deeply deplore the action of an alien blood thirsty assassin, who ia the midst of our glor- ious republic and bythe malice engendered by his associations with undesirable alien anarchmim and cut-throats, laid our President, William Mc- Kinley, in the deep gloom of the tomb; and we earnestly advocate the suppression of anarchy and all its adherents within our land. We endorse the administration of Governor Jam~ B.: 0rman, as pure, broad and democratic. Wd are]ieartily in favor of creating harmon- ious feeling between the democrats and popu- listg, and unitius on principles for the common benefit of all the citizens of Saguache county. " Joe D. O'Brlen, Chairman. Convention now proceeds to make nominations, as per order of business re- ported by the committee and adopted by the convention. Tla e names of Richard Mconey of Cres- tone, and Robert Monteith, of Lower Sa- gugc~e, were proposed for sheriff and Mr, ~.onteith was nominated on the first ballot by a vote of 15 to 14. Robert Buckley, of the 41 country, was nominated for county clerk by acclama- tion. E. W. Garretson, of Crestone, and Dan Mahoney, of Kerber creek were nomi- nated for assessor, Mr. Garretson receiv- ing the endorsement of the convention by av0te of 20 to 9. Mr. O'Brien now proposes that in or- d~to carry out their promises to the po~ullstsl made in a caucus of the dole- gar~s qf thotwo conventions, a committee be appointed to confer with a like com- mittee from the populist convention, on the question of fusion After conmdera- :bl~taJk;[or and against the motion by the two orators of the convention, in which the chairman also takes some part, the order of business as adopted ia tempor~ril~ Suspended by a bare two- thirds majoritycand a conference com- :mittee coasmting of Joe D. O'Brien, John Lawrence and Then. Nolaud, was :appint.ed: : r Aftel;~.:~ejng:qii't some time the corn- !mitres returned and reported that they !were received with open arms by the ipopdi~gtconventiov, and that the popu- "liil~"~mmittee bad made a proposition ~!hat the candidates already nominated !by the democrats would be endorsed by their oo~en:tibn if they were allowed to .'name the candidates for treasurer, judge, superintendent and commissioner, who would be endorsed by the democrats The proposition was accepted, and the convention now proceeds to nominate the candidates proposed by the populists as follows: John L. Charles, of Grestone, was nom- inated for treasurer by acclamation. M. M. Sutley, of Center, was nominat- ed for commissioner without opposition. Likewise Birt Clare, of Saguache, for county judge. But when it came to superintendent the name of J. W. Beery was proposed in opposition to J. I. Palmer. Mr. Pal- mer was nominated by a decisive vote. Dr. J. W. Kiger, of Cotton Creek, was nominated for coroner, and W. H. Coch- ran Jr., of Crestone, for surveyor. This completed the ticket, and as it was getting dark and many of the dele- gates were tired, hungry and thirsty, the balance of the ousiness was soon dispos- ed of. Thee. Noland was elected chairman of the couuty central committee, aud J. W. Beery secretary. The county central committee was em- powered to fill any vacancies that might scour on the ticket. A vote of thanks was tendered Chair- man Boles, upon mention of the Sa- guache delegation, for his fair and im- partial rulings, and after appointing the precinct committeemen, the convention adjourned without any motion to that effect. PEOPLES PARTY CONVENTION. The populists met In the commission. era room, which was rather crowded, but still there was standing room. The dele- gates to this convention were not nearly so numerous as on former occasions. Many old members of the party were not in town, and many others were delegates in the democratic convention. The convention was called to order by county chairman T. M. Lyons. T.M. Lyons was elected temporary chairman and W. E. Tomlin temporary secretary. R. H. Jones, W. A. McEntyre and A. W. Dawson were appointed a committee on credentials. The committee did not have a big job and it soon reported that the delegates present were entitled to seats in the con- vention. The report showed that twelve pre. cincts out ~f twenty-three were repre- sented by twenty delegates. C. S. Coleman, H. (3. Lockett and P. A. Amiss were appointed a committee on order of business and resolutions. The committee reported and the re- port was accepted. We were unable to get the resolutions for publication, but the temporary or- ganization was made permanent. H. C. Lookett was appointed a com- mittee of one to visit the democratic con- vention and find out if they had filled all the places on the ticket. The order of business was suspended and T. M. Lyons was chosen chairman and J. I. Palmer secretary, of the coun. ty central committee. The precinct committeemen were also appointed at this time. A committee consisting of W. A. Mc- Entyre, R. F. Justin and W. E. Totally wa~ appointed to till vacancies. Up to this time everything seems to have been done backwards--got the cart before the horse--and a committee to fill vacancies before any nominations were made. They undoubtedly did not know where they were at until they had a con- ference with the democrats. On motion a committee consisting of W. A. McEntyre, H. C. Lockett and Gus Peteraon were appointed to confer with the democrats. This included one member of the famous fusion committee, and one mere ber who was in the conw.ntion was left off, The committee reported, but we have not the report, although it must have been favorable, as the convention im- mediately proceeds to the nominations, which were the same as those made by the democrats, all going through by ac- clamation, as follows: Robert Buckley for clerk. R,~bert Monteith for sheriff. E W. Garretson for assessor. J. I. Palmer for coonty supt. M. M. Sntb, y for commissioner. g. L. Charles for treasurer. J. W. Kiger for coroner. Will Ooohran for surveyor, Birt, Clare for county judge. The conference committee was now in atructed to notify the democratm con- vention that, their part iff the coctract had been fulfilled, and the conventiou adjourned. REPUBLICAN CONVENTION. The republicans met in thecourt room on Monday, at 2 o'clock p. m. The convention was called to order by county chairman, W. A. Johnson, and the call was read by secretary O. D. Bryan. John H. Williams was elected tempo- rary chairman and Lee Fairbanks tem- porary secretary. ! D.S. Jones, W. R. Donnell, James Slane, John Stow and J. M. White are appointed a committee on creden~ and ]~hey retired to a committee room to make up their report, the convention meanwhile taking a recess. The committee was out for some time, having found a contesting delegation from Crestone precinct. Both delega- tions presented their case to the com- mittee, and the delegation which was shown to have received the highest num- ber of votes at the primary election held in Crestone, was endorsed by the com- mittee. The committee reported and the report was adopted. Niucteen precincts were found to be represented, by forty-seven delegates, being nearly the same number as were in both the other conventions. Horace Means, I. M. Hanson and Chas Mills were appointed a committee on order of business and permanent organ- izatioa. The committee reported that they recommend the order of business to be as published in the call, and that the temporary organization be made perma- nent, and the report was adopted by the convention. The following nominations were now made by acclamation: O. D. Bryan for judge. John Smith for commissioner. Samuel Jewell for treasurer. John W. Cook for clerk. Eugene Williams for sheriff. T. M. Alexander for assessor. The names of W. E. Gardner and Wm. Wh~tten were placed in nomination for superintendent, and Mr. Gardner re- ceived the vote of a majority of the del- egates. , Mr. Whitten now moves that Gardner s nomination be made unani- mous, which was done. J. M. Cuenin was nominated for sur- veyor, and Dr. O. P. Shippe) for coroner. A committee ca resolutions was now appointed, as follows: O. P. Shippey, Then. H. Thompson, R. Z. Adams, R. H. Lampeon and E. O Cole. W. A. Johnson is elected chairman of the county central committee and O. D. Bryan secretary. The committee on resolutions reports as follows: Resolved, That we the republicans of ~aguacho county, in convention assem- 0led, do deeply deplore the tragic death of our beloved President, William Mc- Kinley. We condemn the spirit of an- archy, and its teachings, which inspired such a dastardly deed, and trust speedy measures will be taken to out al! such dangerous elemenls an( teachings. We have the greatest confdence in the ability and integrity of President Roose- velt, and we have im doubt but that he will follow the same wise and statesman- like administration of affairs of goveru- ment us mapped out by his predecessor. We believe that the present unsurpassed )rosperity of the whole country is due in a great measure to the wise manage. meat of the country on republican prin- ciples, and we ask the voters of Sa- guache county to so vote that this )rosperity may be continued. We cou- gratulate the republicans of the county on the harmony now existing in the p *r- ty, which undoubtedly presages victory at the polls next mouth. The report was unanimously adopted. The precinct committeemen were no~ appointed, and the convention adjourned. CONVENTION NOTES. The republican was the largest and most representative convention. ". Thos. Noland will make a pretty good stu mp speaker with a little more practice. The 41 country was given two places on the fusion ticket, and Crestone three. This was the largest republican con- vention held in this county since the slump, in 1893. After the conference committee was appointed no good democrat a~.ood any ihow [or a renomination. The Bull Hill orator and the Saguache ~er furnished mos~ of the oratory in the democratic convention. Col. Cole, of Sargents, was one dele- gate who has not boon soon in a republi- can convention for several years past. W. H. Cochran, an ox-Rio Grands county politician, attended the conven- tions, taking notes for the Crestone Eagle. J. L. Hurt, one old time populist lead- er, was absent from the convention this year, the first time since the party was started. One thing brought out very plainly was the fact that the republican conven- tion was far behind the democratic on oratory. The Crestone delegation in each con- vention voted as a unit on all questions, and they got everything they really PRECINCT CoM1Kt TTEE~N. No. 1 Villa Gr0ve-O. P. Shippoy. " 2 Cotton t;reek-Geo. Noidhardt. " 3 crestouo--(L D. ('()leman. " 4, Carnero -W. 1~. Garritsoa. '" 5 Lower 8aguach0--Horace Means. " 6 8sguache=-Lse Fairbanks. " 7 -'argents--John R. Hicks. " 8 Upper ~aguache-Zack ('lark. " 9 Coehempa~E. C. Everly. " 10 Biedell--Dacro Durm. 11 Bonanz,.--M. E Wilder, " 12 Alder--W: tt. Donnell. " 13 Purkville--T. H. Thompsom 14- Russell Springs--W. E. Whitten.. " 15 Haumm~--T. J. Qamn. 1~: Mi,ffat-C~,. H. llolcomb. " 17 Elkhorr~--Muuro Tomson. 18 veteran