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November 1, 1900     The Saguache Crescent
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November 1, 1900

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ii i ii"i'" ( r i r ~rll. ,[|11 ~ n II The Kind You Have Ahvays Bought, and which has been in use for over 30 years) has borne the signature of ~.~ ~ and has bceu made under his per= ~~~,7~,z / sonal supcr~qsion since its inf'mcy. d,,, ~-~-~-~-, Allow no role to dcccive you in this. All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes arc but Ex- periments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Children--Experience against Experiment. What is CASTORIA Caatoria is a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is ]Iarinlcss and Pleasant. It contains neither Opium) ]Y[orphine nor other Narcotic substance. Its age is its guar',.ntce. Itdestroys Worms and uH~tys ]Peverisllncss. It cures Diarrh(e~L aml ~Vi~d Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Cons'.ipation and Flatulency. It assimilates tllc Food, regulates :he ~;tomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Tile Children's Panacea--The )Iothcr's Friend. o=Nu,N= CASTORIA A-w.vs The Kind You Have Always Bought in Use For Over 30 Years. THE OCNTAU~ COMPANY, ~rr MUMRAV STR~T, NCWVORK oily. II I I II I I i " During the time that Holbrook has been judge, court expenses in the various counties of the district have been very greatly reduced below what they were before, which is one of the reasons why tax payers are supporting him for re- election regardless of party. The people want anotheI six years of just such hon- est, economical and industrious adminis- tration of the office.--Alamosa Journal. It is well to know that DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve will heal a burn and stop the pain at once It will cure eczema and skin diseases and ugly wounds and sores. It is a certain cure for piles. Counterfmts may he offered you. See that you get the original DeWitt's Witch HazelSalve. Saguache Pharmacy. Nathan Ward, who has been visiting in Dakota, returned home on Sunday after an absence of six weeks. To the Deaf. A rich lady, cured of her deafness and noises in the head by Dr. Nicholson's Artificial Ear Drums, gave $10,000 to his institute, so that deaf people unable to prooure the eardrums may have them free. Address No. 4871 The Nicholson Institute, 780 Eighth Avenue, New York: O, O. Taylor Whiskies used by 0ritica~ juitges, We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Marold is improving. George Neidhardt was over from Cot- ton Creek on Monday. J. E. Ashley and Jud Keyes weredown 'from Bonanza last Saturday. Lem S. Loekett who recently got his i i ii ii i i ii k A Ranchma'n's Obserwctions. A bunch of keys has been found. The [ We are taking orders for copper plate WANTED--ACTIVE MAN OF GOOD CHAR- aeter to deliver and collect in Colorado for old I -- - I owner can have same on application. )t engraving. A full line of samples of established manufacturing wholesale hou)e. Regard n'Hm fem~nin~sileo't(ewofld, I, .' ......... $!~)0ayear, sure pay. Honesty more than ex- " " .... /la~es~ styles may ne seen a~ ~nls omce I'm free to aeknowlelt~e I'm I~ t Mr [sane Curt! elf is expected down .; .....'_ .1 ..........u .... a ...... permnce required. Our reference, any bank in " I " I P.,.w a.~ --~, ..,.~ .~ cua~g~u ~.r uamcanYvelope.Ciry,Manufacturers,Enclose self thirdaddressedFloor,StampedM4 Dearbonen- Jest whl) you mghteb)ssa~un(plycure fron Denveron Satul'day fw his usual t class of work in l)etlver, st. Chicago. l/l" a SlZill' '(=Ill lip I() il (tilt; fall trip. [ , Ain'texl)ertil'j('d'ain'~b'"l'slhvrerbred "l!he best n(ethod of cleansing the liver SENT FREE T! .... sandsure Trylnglt. s~ouk an' what ii~' of -.'rn bhier breed is the use of the famous little pills known Wifich f~m~ ,5, [ m et is a ~m(uh~e ii~)wer ~ FISHER'$ In order to prove the great merit of ImJ" which is a in..ld,~ ,,ver weed, as DeW:it's Little Early Risers. Easy ' al ~ Uterine ~onl= Knowledge Ely's Cream Bahn. the most effective cure But [ iun )l USln~ a C(Hl|)]e of eyes stuck to take. Never gripe. ~;IgUilCh(~ Phar- ~$~11~(~2 ~" curesThe Greatall femaleFenmlCeompIaints;Remedy positivelYl Ino;~th':~ for Catarrh and Cohl in Head, we have pro- lille my wo;i|h~r I)(,;it l';tce mary. ~ ~ treatment $1:6 months' treatm,,n( 8;. pared a generous trial size for 10 cente. ] ~ I~IRS. SADIE M. FISUER, S('lTe 2,~. S(:S Get it of your druggist or send 10 cents to ~ _ ~ 16Tn ST., I)ENVER, COLO. Also f(,r sale That seldom deceives ate i, sizi,) 'era up Herbert Belford, a brother (,f the Bel- .~.~'~l~by All I)ruggists. Se,,,lfo~ n(,o~.~,,,]~, ELY BROS., 56 Warren St., N. Y. City. an putt n' each one in her place, ford who spoke here ]a~tTllursdaynight, ~rI andliterature, worthitsw"i~rhtink"''ld, "a*~ -" P" ~lalled anywhere on toques(, postpaid. I suffered from catarrh of the worst kind An' I hive ohse, rved ou~.~ d pl )table fact spoke last night at Crestone in the in- ever since a be/, anl I never hoped for in the ranks ()' tilt; I)urt> out,s, viz: terest of the republican ticket, cure, hut V.ly',~ Cream F, alm seenm to do even that. M'my acquaintances have used You Cal)'t never tell when a gul IS dressed ........... W.F. BOYD, it with excellent results.--Oicar Ca(rum, up how touche t ~eerittertilereis. This is thesea~ou when mothers are alarmed on account o' croup. [t lsquick- 45 Warren Ave., Chicago)Ill. I've got a good chunk of a darter myself, ly cured by One Minute Cough Cure, Notary Public. Ely)s Cream Bahu is the acknowledged a bi, link~ g it ,) ti~( i m,,(, ~ ""' ~ ' ~ '~ ~ I which children like to t~ kc. S~guacim cure for catarrh and contains no cocaine, With promineol, I,'ints, sti,.kin' out here, ti vnarma'~" ~4'. Saguaeho County Bank. mercury nor any injnriou, drug. ]PNce, an' ttmre ~uu'd tb nk ~hat uo fixin .............. 50 cents. At druggists or by maiL coshl (:han~e; ] This office m rushed w(th el,-etion work As awk'ard an' CiUtt/~y as Billy be-dam, this week, In additmu with the wnrk afiggerthathas,?t),,g)'ace, e(,nnected wili~ theoflicial list, of Dotal- LAWRENCE & WILLIAMS An artists Hmt's Iooki:f 5)r nlodels, I nat:elm we are printing lhe official bal- guess,'d hardt> git ,' h)~t ,mlll,l,er to stay Sl,,',',." ,:t.,~-,V,,di.',. 8_A_~-U-.A_CH-Fq,, COT ,OB_Z~:DO, a while with s,)me cousins of her'n. Itavo just opened as complete a stock of An' when she (mUle bwk ~he wa~ plump When things are "the best" they be- as (l~t ull~, had gcac :s of ti.g~,er to cmn( "the best svlling." Abl'~ham ttare, - 6ENERAL HARDWARE . i a leading druggist, of B(,llvilb-, O. writes, An' sizm' iler np by the way she's rebuilt "Electric Bitters are (he be,~t s~lling hit by them uiotlcsts I sez to her Liz. ; ters I have handled m 20 years. You i You calf( )(ever tell when a ~al is dressed know why? Most (|iseas(>s begin in dis- ] up how much o' tile critter there is. orders of stomach, liver, kidneys, bowels, [ A height(it o' miue over there on ihe I blood and nerves. Electric Bitters tones rauge had a gal who wa~ t,mest i up the stomach, regulates *lie liver, kid- i'neys and h:)wels, purifies the blood and Imd thin r strengtlmns the nerve~, hence cures mul- She did't hilve any more uiell~ on imr j'lntslhan there was on th(~ p'iat titudes o[ maladies. It builds up theen- o'her chin! [tlr~ system. Puts new life and vigor lIer chist was ns fiat as au :rosin' board, into any weak, sic~lly, run down man or aml her shoulders was bent out o'! woman. Price 50 cents Sold by Lord & Wilcox, druggists. Crestone, Colo. Writing papers of all kinds at the CRESCI~I~T office. Line ol Wo[I ' form; Wcn't round so:t (,' lazy a doin" her work hke a heifer Ituuq)e,i nl) m a story They showed the a photig)af taken o' her when she'd bis at a sehot)l fnr a while Back there it( the s~ates, an' thc way she stacked up in th~ m~tber o' rigger an' style. Showed j~st what perfectio)) gal buildin' has reached by a(lressl(laker onto her biz - You can't never tell by the dress of a gal how mucil el a critter the~e is! foot smashed spent a few clays with rela- t It's alebbe uam)dest me casin' 'em up tires here, returning homo on Sunday. ~u the matter o' tlg~er an' face, ....................... An' some o' the beauties to hear me THE ;OPULAR LINE TO Millions Given Away. might kick till they joggled their S,l,,po out o. p,,ico. LEADVILLE, GLENWOOD SPRINGS It is certainly gratifying to the public [ An' mebbe there's jest a hull lot o' the, to know of one concern which is notI " ASPEN GRAND JUNCTION dears thats honestly wi at tl ey I ) afraid to be generous. The proprietors appear. AND O R I P P LE O R EE K of Dr. King's New Discovery for C'm~- But where [ was raised it's man nu~ur" sumptiou, cougi~s and eokl.~, have given I to doubt, 1 moved from MISsouryIf away over teu million trial boLtles andI out here. I Reaches all the principal town8 and rain, llave the satisfaction of knowing it has If '('hadn't 'a bin fur the way that they ;ngoampaNewin ColoradO,Mexico. Utah and cured thousands of hopeless eases. Asth- fixed my gal in presentable shape, ma, bronchitis, hi grippe and all throat, An' made up my neighbor's grown gal PASSES THROUGH chest and lung diseases are surely cured till sholooked more likeashean- SALT LAKE OITY gel than ape I yit might regard 'era as beauties all 'round, but somehow a doubt has ariz In my mind that you can't allue tell bY her dress how mush of the female there is. --James Barton Adams in Douver Post. EN ROUTE TO AND FROM PACIFIC COAST. filE TOURIST'S FAVORITE LIN[ TO ALL MOUNTAIN RESORTS. ill through trains equipped with Pullman Pala~ and Tourist Sleeping Car. For eiegantly illustrated descriptive books fre. Uf cost, address ~.T.JEFFERY, A.S. HUOHES, S.K. HOOPER, Pn~'t and 6en'l ~gr. ~ra$0 Manager, 6cn'l P. & T. t.~ DENVER. COLORADO. by it. Call on Lord & Wilcox, druggists, Crestone, Colo. and get a freo trial bot- tle. Regular size 50c and ~1. Every bot- tle guaranteed W. O. Jemison returned from his eo- journ in Embargo, and says the people of that promisising earop are looking for- ward to better times than ever now that the new firm have taken hold. Let the good work go on for the people of that camp are certainly deserving.--Sentinel. HEALTH FOB THE FAMILY. " I take pleaure In pra|e|pg ~o:Ir valuable, reu'~edy CASCARETB. and my whole famny received relief from tho first small box we tried. I certainly recommend CASCARETS for the cures they mako and trust they will find a, place in every home. Yours for s~ecess," Pl~zg Wl~.l;~, Jr., Palm {breve Ave.. KcKeesport, Pa, FOR OHILDREN. "I ehall never be without ~Ak~DAICET~. My ellildren ~re elw,~ye delighted when I gLve them a per tion of a tablet, ~nd cry for nlore. They &re the most ple&sant Ille(llciue I have ever tried. They have found a ~ermanent plaeo tn m~y homo." ]l~nS, JOU~[ ~'LAUSL) Boz f~, Michigan Glty, Ind. FOR PILES, " snffered the torture of the damned with protruding piles brough~ On by constipation with whiea 1 was afflicted for twenty years. I ran across your CASCARET~ in the town of Newell, Is., and never fonud auything tO equ&l them. To- day i am entirely free from ]piles and feel nke a new n~an." ~. tI KglTZ) ltll Jonee St., SiouxCity, Ia. FOR HEADAOHE. "Both my wife and my.elf have been using CASUARETS, ~nd they are the i)ost medicine we have ever bad In the house. La~tweek my wllo was frant(e with headache for two d~y.; =he tried come of your eAfq~'AaETS and they relieved-the pain In her head almo., Immediately. W both reeommend Case&rets." CUAS. STgDEFORD, P|ttlburgtl Safe d~ Deposit Co., Pittsburgh, Pa. FOR BAD BREATH "I have been rising ~A~CA- l~]~'i'~ and na a mild and effective laxattve tley are simply wouderful. My daughter and 1 were bothered with sick s om~eh and our breath was very bad. After taking St few (loses of Cuearet| we have improved won- derfuay. They are a great help in the family." WILHRLMIN~ NAOIL, lllf Riitenhoul~e St.) Clnshlaatl, Ohio, FOR PIMPLES " My wife had phnwles on }~er Caee) but ~he hae been taking CAS- CAI{gTS an4 they have all dieap- peured. I had been troubled with eol)stip~,tlon for seine time, but after taking the first Cascaret I bare had no trouble with this ailment. We eaanot spsak too highly of Oa~a. fete.)) FRED WARTMAN, 17011 Germantown Ave., ~44 Philadelphia, Pa. Louic out for thos0 new Oregon City woolen goods to arrive soon at Jenes'. HEALTH ANY BEAUTY. REGULATE THE 10 2S SO ALL DRUGGISTS. CAN DY CAYHARTig. Over 3,000,000 Boxes of Oasarets Sold Last Year! "I have gone 141: dnye at u time without movemcn't of th~ bo%vels. Chronic con'~;tiI)ati3n for acres ~gears 1)laced l:m in this t2rrible Collditlon [ did eve "yt!l 1~ I ]1 t~rcl of I))lt nev0r round allv rclicf l!IltU 1 began u~ing OASCAI~ETq. I ~.w have froln one to tllreopas::;n~c,~r~v.nl,,d if I was rteil 1 wollld trive riO0:00 for each movement; it is 8ilch a reli0f." AYL~R[t L. iIUNT. 1659 Ru~sen St., Detroit, l~lich. FOR BILIOUSNE$$s *~ I ha~e USe(] 5,our v~hable C2k~l/~l~.i~TI!~ ahd llnd them per- feet Couldn't do wiibeut them I h~ve u6Pd thcnl for ~OID0 tilnc IOl" nl. d(gestion ;%rid I)iltol~n~ ~ t3,nd 121~1 nov: COlllOlOt(']y ourcd. I~e('ol)l lilt ]~d t b,111 to every one, Once trio(I, VCtl wilt never be without tilem ill the'faro ily." EDW. A, blAltX, Albany, 24 Y. FOR WORMS "A tape worm eightcen feel lollg i~t IL'~bt C~lllU Oil tht, t-(:t,,~C eltcl my taking two CASCAIIE1S. This l am sure has caused my bad hea It h fcl the pwstthreo years. I nm [liil tn[c ing Casearets, tim on]y catharti( worthy of not:c0 by vendible pcoplo.) G]o.W. BowI.~s,/3&ira, Miss FOR DYSPEPSIA. ~'For ~lx ~ears I ~tVUS avie- tim of dyspeDsi~ in its worst form, I could eat nothin~ but milk toasl and d.t times my ~t0mach ~vouid no retain and dig'cst evea lhat. Las March I began taking CASC ~ltET~ and since titan I :lave ~c~(lily Ira proved, until 1 a,n as well as 1 ever was in my lifo." DAVID H. ~URPH~f, Newark, O. FOR LAZY LIVER. Unerring is the judgment of the people, aM the people like Cascarets. The sale this year will be ~)OOO)OOO boxes. Nothing succeeds like success and Cascarets are successful, because, First, They are so good that they outsell all other laxatives.' Their tremendous sale proves their merit, aud their meriL explains their trcmen(lous sale; Second, Cascarets are the pioneer people's price preparation~ten cents a box, and more health in a ten cent box t)f Cascarets than any ~5c bottle of pills in the world. Third, Cascarcts bring results--healthy, natural action of liver and bowels--neveic fail. The manufacturers guarantee a cure or refund purchase money. Foul~h, Cascarets arc successful because they deserve it. If your druggist don't sell Cascarets, he's be:find the age. In that case order direct from us by mail post free. Address ST~LI~O REd,PIt CO~PA~, Chicago or New York. As can be found in the San Luis Valley. this stock is new throughout, was selected by an experienced Hardware mau anrl was bought at prices which will permit its beiug sold right. Anything kept in a well-appointed Hardware Stock ean be bought of us. We solicit your trade. Not too hot. INottoo cold. It's too hot. It's too cold. Please open the ventilator. Please shut that door. You don't hear remarks like these on Burlington trains. Burlington trains are neither too hot nor too cold--they are just right. All Burlington sleepers, all Bffrlington dining cars are provided with themometera. The average t.emperaturo of Burlington cars is 70--not too hot--not too cold. Just right. t~urlinuton trains leave Denver at 4, p. m. and 10 p, m. for Omaha, C1)leago, Kausas City and St. Louis. Train for Black Hills, Montana and Puget Sound leaves Denver 1L:30 p. m, Tickets at Offices of Connecting Lines, Ticket Office, 1039 Seventeenth St. G. W. VALLERY, General Agent, DZI~VER. I The Gotthelf & Mayer Mercantile Company, General :;chand se TWO DOLLARS FOR O E! Strange as it may seem we are doing this on our bargain counter. Men's California flannel under- wear, worth $2, now $1. Men's California flannel over- shirts, worth $2, now $1. Evmthing in Men's and Boys' "[ have been troubled a ifleeal deal with a torpid liver, whic]l pro- duees coustipatien. I found CASCA- RETS to be an you cl&iln for(hem and sccllred Such relief the first tr a that I purchased another supply and was completely cured. I shaU only 1--__J--- " b0 too glad to recommel~d Cascarets ...... er the o,portnotty ,. pr.,Ua~g n.nd o.n.~ nn thlR "'.O,od.,, _ , ...... ....... counter go at ~/nsquenanna Ave.)I -- v Phll~elphll% PI~. I ust ..... . 1~ FOR BAO elm. IJ halt price. A grea many o ner "CA~eARI~T8 do all elalmed I forthemand ale a truly wonderfnl [~ .~,-. .. .i medicine. I ha'vO often ~vb,hed for a " q~ ~'~ "~ ~'- ~ ~-. s L. __ --s .... 1 at l medicine pl ..... nt to take anO at UIl/ll~t Will FI~ ~/f)~O.fl ,.th.ofouodit ........... asnali Since taking th2,n my blood ha8 been purifledandm~, .... plexionhasim,price and less proved wonder.~ully and I feel much better in every way." M~d~. S&LI~IE E. SKLLARSt Luttrell, Tenn. We are showing the Iargest and most complete line of Men% Boys'and Children's clothing ever opened in the VaIIey which were bought direct from the muanu{acturcr, Men's suits {rein $6.00 to $20.00, s is the tablet, always stamped "CCC" ~ "q~When dealers try to substi / , ~ , ) [D0n t take a substitute I Get what you ask fol! ~ make more m0ney out of you. Don t let them I, J