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November 1, 2007     The Saguache Crescent
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November 1, 2007

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t malITovmPapets ~26 California Ave $W ttl0, WA i Adventures i In Indh --. .= .--=:=. Churcl{ News UNITED METHODIST C'IH.ngCB - Pastor Jeff Rainwater By Victoria Woodard Sunday School 9-30 A.M. Patrick and I spent 12 days in " ST. AGNES CATHOL|(~ KatP.ataka (accent on the second CHURCH syllable), traveling almost the en- 505 Gunnison Ave ~tire length and breadth of theFr, Joseph Vigil state. Here the homes are stuc:Mass 11:00 A.M. Town Hall and pick up a request On Halloween morning between your neighbors, vided. Every family should bring your child attended Head Start form. Requests need to be com- 10:00 and 11:30, there will be ------ -- a dish to pass Jim Woodard has recovered suf- prior to May 2003, and you would. pleted by Thursday, November ghost, gobblin, princesses and Blood Drive There will be a program and ficiently from his recent acci- like to have your child's, flles 1st. The board will meet to dis- maybe a few super heroes out music to enjoy. Meals to shut-ins dent to resume his btrtcher shop you may call or stop by the Head cuss Town trees at a workshop and about. Head Start will be There will be a Blood Drive will be delivered. He will be processing big game Start ta pick them up. On No- on Monday, November 5th at 6:00 trick-or-treating and visiting our on Monday, November 5th at Call 655-2640 if you know of an'y- through the rest of the hunting vember 5th, 2007 those files not p.m, friends on Main Street. Mountain Valley School. one that would like a dinner, season, picked up wi] be destroyed. ced with red tile t(tofs, instead Starting November 4th, Mass at Published in $AGUACHE, COLORADO "North Gateway Thru the Prosperous San Luis Valley" . of thatched as in Tamil Nadu. St. Agnes will be at 8:30 a.m. " " The fields are about four times Prayer group every third Sunday OUR 128th T ---V0- ME Vfll Thursdays NOVEMBER I, 2007,: NUMBER 44 lagesbiggerhavethan distinctin Siehuan.margins,The andVil" of tlie month at 10:00 a.m the meandering roads consist of p ' tW:NBI D * * SAGUA(~IE COMMUNITY r ITKIN a--,S'. Holiday Saguache rllllng for Gas The FI st One one paved lane between doubie C CH - .J ^ +h, Luls Trunk-or-Treat Hundred Years rows of shade trees. Black wild 610 7th Street paralC ~.JUlllg~ Ill t1115 k7 1,11 -~ boars with very long noses wan- Church 655-2641 . m ** Sagnache United Methodist By Mary Elizabeth der the streets and eat all the Pastor - Mark Swinney to Town vauey Church and C urch in the Valley Hu hreys Ainsw0rth garbage. 655-0201 1 :. are sponsoring a Sagnaehe Corn- (reprinted from 1973-74 Crescents) Before I continue describing Bible Study at 9"30 ~ --- The Saguacne rcecreauon t oaro " " " n this fascinating state, I d like to Worshiv Service at 11 00 a m . THE FACTS & munity Trunk or Treat o "T F" " ~,-- is proud to announce the first- w,~an~,v c~t,~h,~r .~l~t at 5"~ he [rst One Hundred Years finish telhng you about the Nil- Prayer meetin~ Wed at 6.30 "m i ever XCEL sponsexed December WHAT WE CN DO uache' uni, are the reflections of Mary Eliz- girls - the mountains in western M-ark 9 49-5{) "F-- " v- i home decorating contest. This C, rV; os )arkin lot : - abeth Humphreys Ainsworth, re- :,v, everyone TamflNadu where Patrick and will be seasoned with f'r" contest is limited to Town of un uamraay, r ovemDer 1% str ctions v s" corded by her sou, George Otis . . ,= -,m-ch-- --~'~ from 1:00-5:30 at Colorado Col- " . Ainsworth and n~blished by her I rode the tmy tram every sacrifice will be seasoned iege s Conference Center (at Cres- Kias :--- come t. you grandson, Cecil Ainsworth We haa a c?uple ot religions with salt. Salt is good, but if the r m ? tone) Crestone Media and the ann eags reaay m trlcK-or- rea Mrs Mar, Elizabeth worth encounters in me town ot uoon- salt loses its flavor ho- -T -^- nor. rirsz, as we were neaumg season it? Have salt within vour- your .aaares s to seonnmr Can San Luis Valley Citizens' Allian-with.friends. dictated reminiscences ia " "" elmer in per onme b g- Adults uecoram me runK ce are presenting a highly m -- Febru 1951 t back to the YWCA, .we followed selves, and have peace with one. " cry,o her son Geo- drumbeats and found a Catholic another." . uache Town Hall located at 504 n vour vehicle (and vourselves ff . San Juan Avenue (Men-Fri 8a ,0 rge O.Ainsworth. She was 96 =.7 . unaerstanamg me issues we : a :, ma,parade celebrating Sa!nt ,sob as: The previous verses discuss fire. ZO 4:30 p) Dy mall to: r'utl at'l, ^. the Social Services n rkin Iat ,u ffi awa, a mw m-'nths " uans s uay ine participants nan The two are linked by the fune- tiaguacne, uu or oy t~mau ~, ,a~v. ua nu tional Baca Wildlife Refu-e and and we will all tnck-or4reat from . " c me from Kerala and were tions of salt and fir^ w : - o,gUs[ 2% lttJl u mun ~S tu ]rwmzou/~cemuryml.ne~. ttegls- h +, our cars ' slowly proceeding down one side 9urify wauon enos :riaay, i ovem er Join us for our first annual,of the street toward a Catholm A Christian s life is to be a life 30th. Compile your decorating ed by Grand Vallev Citizens AI- "Trunk or Treat" - a time to Jetln took us over to see the Church that was lit up with neon vur" 'died b,v the death of seneme by ;~a~uruay, uecemDer fiance (GVCA), the Sierra Club enjoy the Halloween holiday as a vacant land that he had written lights like a ] as Vegas casino. Christ on the cross. It. is then the 1st, keep me uecoradons ik ana - unit b trick or treatin ~ mber "5th and individuals from our eom- comm y y - - g about We wereall pleased wlth The parade conslsted of several individual's resconsibi!itv to re. samlng mrou~n uece per 1.~ ~ ;, to ether what wo fn,nd Wo irnm~ liat~lw i D mber s brass bands, drummers, dancers main pure as a living" sacrifice and then attend the ece " - fil : The Forum starts promptly at ed on a quarter section. My and women carrying large ornate to God: The idea is that by their town meeting mr.l wnenn 1-.00 with the documentary "Na- o husband and brother, Collins," were paraso!.s. The cacophony of the purified life, the Christian pre- three lucky addresses wil be a -,luck- en-u-h competing vanus was won~enui, serves the world. t] nal Sacrifice Zone The film. LW ttU, I )' -ua y o g to auJoImng and the topless male dancers n ;, ^ neg]ns w]tn a brief mstory ot -t i A certai amount of affliction ,: v,w= . oil and gas in Colorado, expand- GERALDINE FRANCES The next thing was to get lure- seemed ecstatic, comes into everyone's life as a At;rob .IS p.uttmg up. me prize into an eve-o ening look at HOWARD ber enough to build a small . After watching the pro ssion way to stir them toward the on- m ney, me juaging will be anne what' may come- to--this" valley if" Geraldine 'Gerry' Howard, 93 house on each quarter. Mason tor a wniie, Patric and J were ly one and true living God. Many ay an anonymous ju( ge or juuges . on up the hill, past neon Cath: chose to ignore this and the God we are not able to stop the ira- died Oct 19 2007 under hospice City, a small roland town, about wile Will mee me IOllOwlng crl , pending proposed drflhng. A care in Colorado Snrin s ten miles west of where we had olic Church, and to me. nome ot that is calling to them. a pastor who had befriended us Pu al n [c e raeS a?:} presentation by the film's pro- She was born Nov. 4:1913 at located, t eighted all of its. goods . re s t does not loose its gun ",ducer, Joe Brown, follows Joe the Santa Maria Reservoir west fromi Burnet by slow wagon earlier in the day. His wife of- saltiness. What was used as salt fered us soup, so we stayed and in a t h r remtea m anyone currenuy nv- " ' t in " " a e I" will be a has a long hmtory working for of Creede to John G. and Ada teams. Burne was the closest " ncien t' es, oweve, and )g .m. agu cn ;. t . the environment, with such Ruth Hurt Dabnev railway town. To my knowledge, talked .a while. His church, the especially what was gathered aauntmg task m nna sucn a per son or ersons to be our Holida," groups as the National Park Ser- Geraldine lived "at the Santa Mason City is still an inland town bus drivers and the (Rher pass- from the Dead Sea in Palestine, "? vice, Mass State Park System Maria Reservoir and at tht Con- and never had a railway built Church of South India (CSI), is contained many impurities. If the aguacne partoe Juuge or juu- ' .- ,oo a^ and the BLM. He was driven to tinental Ranch as a y girl, to We were fortunate enough a union of Anglicans, Methodist, true salt were removed what make the film after moving to The family also maintaimed a to what lumber we needed Presbyterians and Congregation- remained might still like alists. The same churches com- salt but could not Perform the Colorado. . because "Everywhere . i home in where they lived at Iason City. We immediately bined in northern India to be- life-giving and life-saving func- k^= mrneu, J ran into a arnl rig " during the winters to enable the starf ed our houses, each helping uc, ~ ~=aum~=. " " the er u'l " :. folks (were) getting, ill and a children to attend school She . bth b i d so we could fro- come the Church of North India tions of salt. It is critical that wnaz .a great way m ngnt.up whole other bunch of absurdities." raduated from Creede High ish more quickly. In those days, (CNI). When India been.me lade- Christians be ,pure through the the lmrthern s ues surrounding Joe saw impact from his film hool in 1931 Followin her m'ad-buildin a habitable house was pendent from Great Bntmn, the blood of Jesus Christ and His our TOwn and brighten our wm, " no " . - quickly, stating, Some of these uation she took additional clas. t much of a jcb or expense, members of these churches felt savinu race Our )uritv is im- try days May your light bulbs it was more important to stick portantl eservation of the . . companies began to clean up thear ses in bookkeeving and shorthand A few two by taxes for floor jo sts, D oright In the winter darK-,-" act In places we had taped He at Monte Vista High School. a few two by fours for the frame together than to remain in the World and t6-reich the world fox ness ana may you cnoose m joln will cover what we can do as a She married Lyman Frank Ho- and rafters, one by fours to bat- fold of their mother churches, christ. Instead of loosing our salt " " ar ' m our Hol]aay aguacne t . . " community, all the way to the ward of Monte Vista on June 25, ten the cracks and there you had I thought this history was quite and becoming only impurities we kle mest. tata. !ayel, and the impoxtance 19 :: They made their home in a li ng room, a parch, and a interesting, ought to lose our impurities and Posters are :plied throughout of presenting a united front. M n'te Vista where she was em- lean-to for a kitchen. This was The next mm'ning, bells call- ome ,tire salt. me Town es eclau at me ~ag e are fort ,: P " Y - W unate to also, host plover at an automobile dealer- a typical Texas house at that ing pecple to mass at the Cath- Those that would not be salted uache Post Office, lust m case Then Colborn Phi) res d n -- - ' " ", p i e t of shin as a bookkeener She and time, and it supplied all our clio Church awoke us at 5:20; with the salt of divine grace will you need :?to:: "remember" the The Endocrine Disruption Ex- Lyman lived in Mont'-e'Yista, Del wants. We enjoyed it as much they were soon followed by the be salted with fire That is those rules If have uestlons, you chan e Dr l y ' q " g. . Co born is a renown- Norte and Center during their as if it had been a mansion, song of a muezzein calling Mus- who do not accept Jesus Christ can contact a member of the ed environmental health analyst working years She was empoy- The site that we selected was linms to prayer se.rvi.'ce. . as the Son of God and part pf Sa ache Recreatmn Board Krls whhas u h h gu :,- p b s ed and lectured ed as secretary and bookkeeper along side of a small stream, We rode the Immature tram the God head will feel the fire & John Murphy, Vicki Cole, extensively on health as impact- at Sargent Scrool for28 years, with two large oak trees in our to Ooty (chilly at 7,000) and then of Hell The pleasures they have t:aronne irwin or steve TrnpUO b'" environmental "^llutants a stood around the bus station mr lived in shall eat their flesh as ,-,- Following their retirement, she Y rd. It was a race building lo- 5 hours, trying to get to the wild- it were bv fire or call messa e #719-850-0051 Her awards include . . g . " the 2007 Life- and Lyman spent their time tra- cation. We had enough clear land, Many thanks to XCEL's repre- time Achievement Award from velin% s aying in Arizona and but a few trees ta clear off, to life sanctuary where you can Each one is accountable to God ][ sentahve, Kathy Worthington of the National Council on Science at the Continental Ranch have a small farm where we ride an elephant through the jun-for his/her acceptance of lis Son on Clt who made tins Sag the En ]r n Can " y, " - and v" onme t, the 2006 Following Lyman's death in could raise our necessities of life. gle: The information desk, the as His Son and must place in- As the settling of a new place engers all seemed to give us dividuai faith in Him as a per- 1939, she lived in Creede and uache Sparkle a reality . Dragonfly Award from Beyond --== - Pesticides, and the 2004 Rachael Elizabeth, Colo. always means much work to be wrong advice. We couldn't read fect sacrifice for our own wrong ,'1[.-n-- s Carson Award for Integrity in Geraldine was devoted to tak- done to make it livable, we were .the destination signs for ourselves, doing (sin). We can be salted lDrar f he Science rum t Center far Sci- ing care of her family and to very busy for a long time. as-they aren't in English or even with salt (God's divine grace) to On Sunday, October 21, the ence in, the Public Interest. Dr. her work. She loved to fish, and We arrived too late in the sea- in Sanskrit. They're in Tamil, preserve our life or accept the which has its own writing sys- salting of fire eternity. Sagaache book club held our mort- Colborn s presentation will ad- spent many hours fishin at the son to attempt ta make any kind tem. . By: Mark Swinney thly meeting in the reading roam dress chemicals used in the gas Continental Ranch of a crop that year, but we had We weren't the only stranded of the Saguache County Public drilling process and their assoc" Her parents, John and Ruth much to get ready for a crop foreigners in that tmfortunate bus Anes Chute Library. With the addition of two iated health/environmental risks. Dahney; her husband, Lyman the following season. Firstly, we station; at least 2 Other couples St. h new participants, our number Q&A will follow. Howard; and her only brother, had to have water, so a well were' having a hard time making On November 4 St. Agnes Ca- rose to 12 this month Our read- Crestene Media will premiere John A. Dabney, preceded her was begun as soon as the house their bus connections. We finally ing selection for the month was the short versic of its new doc- in death, was completed. We were fortun- began asking every bus driver tholic. Church will he celebrating UrsulaLeGuinn's "Changing umentary, Rural Impact, whicb Survivors include one son, John ate in finding water rather shal- if he was going where we wanted the Holy Mass at 8:30 a.m. in- Planes," a lo se collection of investigates the most critical and (Sandy) Huward of Creede; one low, about 20 feet deep. It was to go. That worked rather quick- stead of 11:00 a.m. The change stories ahout imaginary worlds unanticipated issues related to gas daughter, Judith Shue of Eliza- of abundance and pure and cold. Iv, and we have used the same will begin on November 4th. We that resemble ours and yet are development and how to take el- beth; grandchildren, Don (Ther- We sunk the well under one of strategy ever since are hoping that by having an very diffexeat. Even though the fective action This film is based esa) Howard of Creede, Russel the large oak tress that was in It was late by the time we got earlier Mass, that our parishion- book was not well-received by on interviews with residents, lo- (Julie) Shue of Omaha, Neb. and the yard. to the wi!dllfe sanctuary and Pat- ers can begin their Sunday Obli- many ofi our members, we all cal officials and citizen leaders Jodeen (Matthew) Simmons of The next thing was to get a rick Wash t feeling well. (He per- gation at an earlier time. We agreed that it gave us a lot to in gas patch communities, as well Colorado Springs; great grand- pen built for our milk cows. Then manently recovered from the flu welcome our parishioners and think about (and discuss). We as Colorado Oil & Gas Conserva- children Lacye (Don) Mills of we had to get a fence built a- 2 days later). We saw the tour- those who are passing through also agreed that, for most of tion Commission (COGCC) mere- Tampa, Fla Ashley (Jeff) Car- round our proposed farm. Build- ist-laden elephant stride off into Saguache to celebrate the Litm- us, one of the best parts of being hers and Governor Ritter. We will l enter of Creede, Winona Graham ins a fence at that .time was sire- the jungle without us; I was gY with us! in a book club is the chance to then hear from Duke Cox, past and Franklin Shun of Omaha, ple but a laborious job. Barbed shocked at how fast it moved explore books and genres that president of GVCA, a Grand June- Charity, Caleb and Promise Wri- wire was unheard of. Smooth and rather glad not to be on it. SAGUACHE VOLUNTEER we re not accustomed to choos- tion action grouo that has fought ght of Colorado Springs and Na- wire we could get, but it was un- We stood around waiting for an- FIRE DEPT. AUXILIARY ing. against gas proliferation and been thaniel Norris of Creede; and satisfactory as the cattle could other bus for a whlie, then took ' Next manth, our selection is instrumental in achieving signff- BAKE SALE Audrey Niffenegger,and weplan icant state legmlatlve actions that three great great grandchildren, easily push through it without a taxi driver up on his offer to ,b " " Austin and Cadence Mills o[ Tam- any harm to themselves. Our drive us to Mysore for only 200 The Time-traveler s Wife y are reshaping the way gas devel- to meet at 3:00, November 11 in opment occurs in Colorado. He pc, Fla. and Trena Carpenter of natural fence building material Creede. Sandi nningham and. was brush, which we had plen- (continued on next page) Saguache Volunteer Fire De- the library. Copies of the book will share lessons learned and Grace Calhoun of Saguache are ty of and it nothing, but it ---- :-: --: partment Auxiliary is having a have been dered from other best ways individuals in our corn- nieces, called for much hard work and Saguaehe bake sale on Friday, Nov. 2rid libraries and should be arriving munity can work together to el- Funeral services were held on it only lasted a few years. We starting at 9:00 a.m. at the Sag- soon, so if anyone is intereste'd, feet change. Oct. 27 at the Creede Community we invite yau to call (655-2551) or Additional guests are invited to Church, followed by burial in the {continued on . Christian Women uache Town Market parking lot, east of the store. stop by the library and we'll add clarify specific aspects of the sit- Monte Vista Cemetery. : Saguache Christian Women will We are asklng our community you to our waiting list (or order uation we face. We will close The family ras requested that Community meet .on Wednesday, November- to donate home baked goodies in 7 at Carla Quintana's home. Call support of our local firefighters. yourself a used copy on-line for with an ululate on Lexam's most contributions he made to the h sgi.nn blTVl 655-2640 for directions. - Please take your baked goods as little as $.97). There s nothing recent drillingpermit application Creede Community Church or the W g to the Town Market on Nov. 1st to sign in order to join the book and how we can act to influence Creede Historical Society in lieu S :- -*: :may um' ':b lvle='es club, just plan to join us for our the COGCC's heating on it in De- of flowers.Dinner t (or 2rid by 8:00 a.m.) next meeting. See you at .the li- cember. :: Thank you very much for your brary! The event ends with a reception , A Saguache Chr,stian Womens Saguache Study Club will meet support! More info: 655-2227 or NOTIE---C--- from 5.30-6.30 Please consider a IOn /-1.[{2 lIIVltl2U. Ministr " 0 n ' " -H ad:=Start- - . y W. me Making a Dif- on Thursday, November 8 at 2:00 754-2523. uonauon of $10 ox more to oetray p.m. at the Home of Pat Innes. ; " You are invited to join the St. ference invite you to the 19th expenses ann make.juture-aCUOrnS Agnes community for Mass and annual Community Thanksgiving Roll Call, will be "What I'm Thank- The Town of Sa che is com- possime unit tor mot a 4 2 ' e - breakf st on November,007. Dinner on Sunday, November 18 fui Fox. mformatmn piling and reviewing a list of" " Mass is at 8:30 a.m. and break-at the Community Building at Bu--tclleran 01d Files trees that need attentiam If you" ---= =-- fast will follow in the newly ren- 5:00 p.m. would like to request a tree tO Beware orated parish hall. Come see the Turkey, dressing, gravy', rolls, up Head Start will be destroying be looked at, please come to the changes and enjoy breakfast with drinks and table service are pro- old flies through May 200 . If