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November 1, 2007     The Saguache Crescent
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November 1, 2007

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Oar 12Bth Year The Saguache Crescent Saguache, Colorado 81149 Thursday, NOVEMBER 1, 2007 ~<~",ul'fl 1 iii The First One Adventures Bijaptw was our northernmost Folo o OF " Published in: Saguache Crescen destination. This city is filled u ,vu l.o Attorney: Law Office of Michael Hundred Years In India with crumbling Islamic ruins, Conventio- p Me ed, PC which were fun to explore. Pat- .v J, mt Ja Public Trustee No. 14-07 355 Union Blvd Suite 302 (continued from front page)(Continued From Front Page) rick and I got up early in order Thks Thanksgiving week, the To Whom It May Concern: This Lakewood, CO 80223 to, be at the Golgumbaz (a tomb San Luis Valtey will play host to Notice is given with regard to the Telephone: 303-380-]291 would go into the woods and cut rupees ($5.00). known as the Taj Mahal of South about 300 unique hunters from following described Deed of Trust: Fax: 303-274-0159 oak trees; cut off the tops and We drove through Mudumallai India) when it opened at 6 a.m. all over the world. The North A- the larger limbs that we could Wildlife Sanctuary and Bandipur We climbed seven stories in the merican Falconers Association Grantor (Borrower): DOUGLAS I~'~l[~lTi~tlAl~l~AF handle. We would haul them in Willife Sanctuary as the sun was dark and emerg~ inside its huge ~ill be holding their annual con- E. COOK AND BETTY M. CCOK and pile the logs and brush along setting. The landscape is a stran- dome - the world s second largest ference and meet in the valley Original Beneficiary: MORT- in a mw high enough so that ge savannah-scattered trees free standing dome, only just because of our excellent hunting GAGE ELECTRONIC REGIS- $AGUA(:HE the cattle could not get over, and standing in a sea of shrubs - no smaller than Saint Peter's in and fine hospitality. TRATION SYSTEMS, INC there was our fence. We put in grass. Is it the result of over- Rome. The meet is scheduled for the ACTING SOLELY AS NOMIN- LIST OF BILLS the following winter doing these grazin? We saw wild peacocks, Patrick groped his way in the entire week of Thanksgiving and EE FOR LENDER, CALUSA things and when spring came, wi!d boar, spotted deer, and 2 dark around the edge of the in- will include public demonstrations INVESTMENTS, LLC SEPTEMBER 2007 we were ready to start breaking kinds ~f monkeys. One kind of side of the Golgumbaz donne to and access to the weathering yard Current Owner of the Evidence of General Fund 6,620.60 new land for our crops. We broke monkey is very common; it has the other side so that he and I where many species of trained Debt: HSBC MORTGAGE SER- General Fund 1,2~.18 out and seeded down 20 acres pointy elven ears and blue eye- could whisper to each other along birds will be on display. The hun- VICES, INC. U.S. Postal Service 164.00 the first year in corn and cottc,n lids. " the whispering wall. We could ters will travel all over the val- Date of Deed of Trust: 7/30/2005 Qwest 84.21 and what vegetabes we would We arrived in Mysore on the hear each other perfectly 38 me- ley during the week to hunt and Recording Date of Deed of Trust: SLV Power/Radio 24.00 use and put away for winter, day of a week (Sunciay) and at ters away. Soon, however, more enjoy the many small towns and 8/19/2005 Colorado Central 118.75 We soon saw our crop would be the one time of day (7 to 8 p.m.) visitors entered below and began natural wonders the valley holds. Original Principal Amount of Evi- Sangre de Cristo Labs 305.00 abundant for the small acreage, when the Maharaja's Palace is clapping tc hear the echoes and At this time the convention or- deuce of Debt: $156,000.00 Bradford Distributing 93.10 so as soon as we could get it lit up. What a magnificent spec- (unbelievably) talking loudly on ganizers are seeking formal per- Outstanding Principal Amount of j.p Cooke Company 5.78 laid by, the next thing was to tacle it is! We visited it by day- their cellphones. All of these mission from landowners who Evidence of Debt as of the date get a corn-crib built so, we would light the next day. My me, st vi- sounds reverberated off of the have small game on their prop- hereof: $155,192.63 Caroline W. Irwin 699.74 have a place for our corn. Our rid memories from it are the inside of the dome. Counting our- erty for the hunters to access.County of Recording: Saguache DavidDaniel E. J" MartinezPaChec 819.15826"96 bulling material for that was forest of turquoise-co,lured pillars selves lucky to have heard each We are respectful c,f your Reception No. of Recorded Deed Therese A. Garcia 832.42 logs. We had to go into the oaks in the Audience Hall and having other's whispers, we emerged to livestock, careful with your gates of Trust: 351836 , and cut straight togs of differ- to walk all around it barefoot, find the sun rising behind tur- and fences, and would be very Canon Financial Services 104.52 ent lengths to build a crib, which We are required to remove our rets at one corner c~ the big happy to share the experience Legal Description of Real Prop- SLV HMO 1,472.09 we did. shoes for all active temples and dome and the gibbous moon set- of falconry with you and mem- erty: Saguache Crescent 216.50 SCHEDULE "A" Saguache Crescent 16.30 o:e cha~ l~tl ~g wP :eSbut~l,makne .most palaces, though wearing sox ting behind another corner, bers of your family, if you'd like All that certain tract or par- Saguache Town Market 11.12 strong enough to hold the~ wil~l~- ]t allowed: From B!japur; we went ~uth to come along with us," saidcel of land situate in Sagua- Sa]ida Fire Extinguisher 75.00 o~t ~w ~, h~n,h,~ ~ ~, ,'viysore is Known Ior ks Silk pro- tO a cluster ot ~ towns wnere Wolf Brueggman, coordinate,r of che County, State of Colorado Vemco Electrical Contr. 150.00 to" hold" someg of""the cows th'a~ duction. While there, we bought we looked at Chalukyan cave the event. w~ nonn,~ ur~ t, ma~ n~,:: ~*,~ a couple of pretty silk tablecloths temples in one, some of the 115 Falconry is the hunting of small and more particularly des-Valley Imaging 15.04 "'- " ~" ~ to . . cribed as follows: Saguache C~unty Landfill 22.00 fur ~ntranP~ h~d 'l'n ~ Pan~trnPt. moUSe as bedsheets. Inexphcably, temples m the second, and the game like rabbits, squirrels, The Southeast Quarter of Sec- Xcel Energy 952.08 ca wi,hn h ~,],~, ,t ho, sheStt hotels provideonlyone very best Chalukyan temples any- ducks, pheasants and quail with tion 20, Township 43 North, Xcel Energy 201.00 e. where ]n me m]ro. uur appeum trained hawks and falcons. It is Range 9 East, N.M.P.M Xcel Energy 1,483.92 we wmuea m emer, as ranges . . were unobtainable. When we got .Next we began a counter-clock- for. Hindu temples ]s completely difficult to practice and much less Saguache County, Colorado.Xcel Energy 13.84 the cow in the lot and the bars wise circuit of the state, travel- sauama mr now. successful than gun hunting, but Subject to the following: Conoco Phillips Fleet 165.68 un she was ve,'-.~ secure. We ing first by train and then by, YesterdaY,h we hopped a bus seeing the birds and prey inter- Any existing rights of wayConoco Phillips Fleet 29.00 would pen the cow with a voun~ bus. Our destinations were most- and eaded west to Gopura, a act in the chase is its own re- and easements and existingCliff Brice 93.25 calf and then separate her" from ly archaeological sites, which hippie hangout on the coast. Most ward. the calf and keep the calf up ranged chronologically from 500- of. the foreigners here have long, Conventions such as this bring roads, highways, ditches and Fleet Services 104.29 utilities, including the ease- Fleet Services 58.00 during the day and the cow would 700 A.D. (temples built by the frizzy haw and wear colorful It, tens of thousands of dollars into ments and conveyances there- V&V True Value Hardware 109.99 always be available when milk- Chalukya dynasty) to 1000-1100 c.m c~omes, we en]e.y me ~us the local economy. This particu- ing time came in the evening. A.D. (temples built by the Hoy- ride ~tl~rough the, forested Wes- lar convention is especially bene- fore. K&B Impressions 390.00 The cow was always eager ta get sala dynasty) to 1400-1550 A.D. turn ~nats (India s second larg- ficial to the vallev in that the Previous reservations or con- Caroline W. Irwin 85.54 in,to the Den with her calf We (temples and palaces built by eat mountain range - aftcr the hunters Seek to visit all 6 of the veyances of oil, gas or other Kristi Murphy 111.21 would let" the calf p rocee~i to the Vijayanagara) to 1500-160"0 Himalayas). Today, we hiked a-counties for hunting, dining and minerals, mineral rights or RMS Utilities, Inc. 137.50 mineral interests in the prop- VectraBank 26.54 get the milk flow started, then A.D. (Moslem palaces and tombs long the coast to a su~ession entertainme~. "Conventions are erty including all rights or VectraBank 57.14 we would tie him off from the in Bijapur). of four beaches. The last is quite an attractive economic develop- cow and get our share, which Vijayanagar (which Europpeans remote and only reached by clam- merit tool because they have an ingress, egress, exploration VectraBank 11.01 generally was the milk from once called Biznaga) is a magi- bering over rocks next to the A- enornmus impact, both during and production in connection Daniel J. Pacheco 32.6l therewith, including but not CenturyTel 290,82 three teats We would turn the col place. Imagine Greek tern- rabian Sea; nevertheless, it has the event and later when atten- limited to the following which Saguache County Sheriff 1,512.75 calf loose "to finish up and he plea scattered around Joshua Tree a solor-powered, cellphone Inter- dees return to vacation and ex- generally got the last drop be- National Park with the full moan net cafe, where Patrick and I plore our natural and cultural are shown for reference con- Elvie Samora 23.04 venience only: Caroline W. I~rwin 699.74 fore he quit. Our cows in those rising in the east; add strange, are now hiding from the heat. assets," said Dehra Goodman, A1- A) reservation of an undfvid- Daniel J. Pacheco 909,64 days were all Lotto'horns off the tall Hindu temple gates called Tommorrow, we u neaa soum amosa Chamber Director. ed two-thirds interest in and David E. Martinez 799.30 ran'ge. We had nearer heard of gopuras and you'll ,begin to for Kerala. O~ur. sight seeing was The Alamosa Chamber of Com- the blooded milk cow of any know what our time there was za~ny m~rougn m ~.arnamKa, ~u~ meree is serving as community to all oil and gas in deed re- Thereat A. Garcia 944.68 special breed like. Patrick and I spent a day we ll have to start skipping things liason for the convention. Land- corded in Book 204 at Page1st Southwest Bank 1,692.26 -- continued next week --and a half walking all over the now that we have passe~ the owners who are interested in 160 of Saguache County re-Farish & Hobbs, P.C. 1000.00 ~ place. There are four long (one halfway point m our five-week sharing their property with these cords. Concur SLV Animal Shelter 150.00 is a kilometer lon-) wide col vacation in India We wish we hunters can contact the Chamber B) Reservation or an undivid- Darrell T. Davis 2f10.00 t arden Club onaded bazaars leading away had more hme, there s so much for more information and to of- ed one-half interest in all, Col~. Dept. of Revenue750.00 ~r. - frem four temple compounds; to see and experience here. We'll fer their permission, "We really oil, gas and other minerals Colo. State Treasurer 75.92 Violence: three of the bazaars are aban- have to come back. need the landowners of the val- in deed recorded in Book 383 doned, but one is still occupied Continued next week ley to show their hospitality, the at Page 257 of the Saguache PREL~NAR; . oy ~rlnKe~ mercnams and m~er- - = :: success of the convention is de- County records. AdENDA vy ~'eggy Geatrey net cafes. ~ .--- .~ pendent on our securing good First right of refusal on any April, 1994 Portuguese explorers described aguache County hun ng greeds for these hun- subsequent recreational leas- " "Burn it," she stated " Vijayanagar as fabulously weal- T~= ~ . . dreds of visitors from all over es as recorded in lease agree- TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6 - 9am ment between James L. Cur- SAGUACHE COUNTY Her ancient face confirmed her thy in its heyday; it was con- 1uvacclneArrlves the v~rld," Goodman added, tis and Western Sportsman ,resolve,quered by Moslems from Bijapur Landowners can contact the COMMISSIONERS MEETING I know, Ive tried other, ways. and other sultanates, who plun- Saguache County Public Health Chamber at 589-3681 or email recorded in Book 435 at Page COURTHOUSE IN SAGUACitE Take matches. If you don t seal dered it to build their own pal- has received our first shipment Goodman at debra@alamosa.org. ]94 of the Saguache County9:00 A. M. Call to Order records. Additional/deletions to agenda aces and tombs. Teday, it's in- of influenza vaccine. We will re- Being the same property con- Theburningbroken tap root with the habited by colorfully dressed tri-ceive vaccine up until December POBL[( HOT[(E veyed to Douglas E. Cook and Reading & approval of minutea They die. Na matter how good hal people and visited by Hindu and there is no shortage this Review of Mail the soil pilgrims, year Our plan is to be able to FOREST RESERVE TITLE HI Betty M. Cook, as joint ten- Introduction of Guests ants with the rights of sur- 3:30 -- Commissioners Reports Or how careful you are, As Patrick and I walked from vaccinate as many of our citi- PROPOSED PROJECT vivorship by deed from J. 10:00 Lyn Simmer & Wendi You HAVE to sear the broken breakfast .to our hotel on the day zeus again this season. We have The Saguache County Board of Daniel Searcy recorded 07/- ends with flame we left Vijayanagar, two appar- been successful the past few Commissioners is soliciting pub- 29/1997 in decument No. 320- Maez - Co-Administrator Or they bleed to death, itions invited me to take their years to reduce influenza in our lic comment on a proposal to 106, in the office of the Clerk Administrative Report 10:25 -- Break Works for wildflowers, too." picture. They are sadhus on a communities by offering vaccine spend Forest Reserve Title III and Recorder of Saguache 10:30 -- Wendi Maez pilgrimage; they wanted me to clinics at various locales within funds for the following project: County, Colorado. Years later, I drove sign their record b~k listing all the couunty. This year, we will The Town of Crestone is re- Tax ID# 459920400097 Land Use Administrator Past Taos Plaza the people (mostly Europeans) again be giving flu vaccine at questing funding for developing WHICH HAS THE ADDRESS OF: Supervisor 11:15 -- Randy Arredondo Blossoms a/ hollyhocks who have taken their I~icture and the Center Public Health office a "Crestone Evacuation Pro- 14231 COUNTY ROAD 55 I'd burned and transplanted g[v-en them money, at 220 S. Worth. Phone 719-754- gram." The funding request is Road & Bridge Report From my garden Everyone wants us to take their 2773 and at the Saguache office to coordinate efforts in assisting SAGUACHE, CO 81149 11:45 -- Randy Arredondo Exploded red, pink, and white picture. I have a lot of boring located at 505 Third Street in the public to safely evacuate in THE PROPERTY DESCRIBED Supervisor Against adobe walls pictures of Hindu families and Saguache phone 719-655-2533. Both an efficient manner to reduce HEREIN IS ALL OF THE PROP- Landfill Report Tribute to Ruth's advice, they have a lot of pictures of locations will schedule you for confusion. The total amount re-,ERTY ENCUMBERED BY THE LUNCH Oh, hollyhocks are easy to grow themselves posing with Patrick a flu shot during the week. The quested is $5,000.00. LIEN OF THE DEED OF TRUST. l:00 -- Master Plan Advisory from seed. and/or me. Children especially in- cost is $15.00 for adults or we Written comments may be ad- THE LIEN FORECLOSED MAY Committee appointments True, but there's the waiting sist on being photographed; then will accept Medicare. Children dressed to the Board of County NOT BE A FIRST LIEN 1:30 -- Caroline Irwin And sometimes I want the bloom they crowd around to see them- ages 6 months to age 18 can re-Commissioners and submitted to HSBC MORTGAGE: SSERVICES, Town of Saguache sooner, selves on the digital camera mon- ceive vaccine at no charge, the Saguache County Administra- INC the owner of the Evidence Conservation Trust ~""~"-'-~--- itor. They also demand pens. Saguache County Public Health tion Office in the basement of the of Debt secured by the Deed of Partnership Project SLV Native Plant chocolates and autographs; we will be conducting a free influ- courthouse or mailed to PO Box Trust described herein, has filed 1:45 -- Danny Neufeld only provide the latter. When a enza vaccine clinic on Saturday, 655, Saguache, CO 81149. The written election and demand for Conservation District Report Society pack of schoolchildren spots us November 17 at the Mountain deadline for comments is Men- sale as provided by law and in 2:00 -- Ben Gibbons on the street or inside and arch- Valley High School gym in Sag- day, December 3, 2007 at 4 PM. said Deed of Trust. Attorney Report It's official! The Coloxado Na, aeological area, :they all rush uache. This clinic will be offer- The Board of County Commis- THEREFORE, Notice Is Hereby 2:25 -- Break tivc Plant Society Board of Di- over to shake our hands, say hel- ing transportation to and from sioners will review comments and Given that I will on December 6, 2:30 Randal Arredondo, rectors approved the new San lo and thank you and ask "Vaty Crestone, Moffat and Center on make a decision on this request 2007, at 10:00 AM on the front Supervisor Luis Valley C~mpter unanimous- jur name? Father name? Corn- that day. You will see additional at their regular meeting on Tues- steps of Saguache County Court- Road & Bridge Budget ly. We will meet Wednesday, No-ing from? Country name?" At information on this clinic at a day, December 4, 2007 at 2:30 house, Saguache, CO 81149, sell Presentation vember 14 at 5:30 p.m. at Mil- the end of each full day of this, later date. p.m. at public auction to the highest 2:50 -- Jeannie Norris, Director agros Coffee House in Alamosa. Patrick and I are exhorted.The Centers far Disease Control Published: November l, 2007 and best bidder for cash, theSocial Services Budget Zienna Stewart: Crest~ne Charter We tend ~ alternate one day and the Colorado Department-of hirthd.~'=- said real property and all inter- Presentation School student will give a pre- of traveling with one day of sight- Health have provided guidelines a ~ eat of said Grantor(s), Gran- 3:20 -- Tom Blunt sentation on leaf structure,seeing. On the sight-seeing day, for the public 'regarding who tor(s)' heirs and assigns therein, Ve~rans Budget Presentation Please join us in planning our we sleep until we wake up (some- should receive the vaccine as Tristram Post on Nov. 3rd for the purpose of paying the 3:30 -- Mike Norris, Sheriff next year's field trips and edu- times as late as 8 a.m.); on tray- well as the timing of vaccination. Desiroe Rose Westrom on Nov. 3rd indebtedness provided in said Sheriff/ Jail Budget cational presentations. If you are eling days, we wake up in time Children aged 6 months to 8 Lillian McCracken on Nov. 4th Evidence of Debt secured by the Presentation not already a member of the to have breakfast as soon as it years who have never been vac- Amber Price on Nov. 4th Deed of Trust, plus attorneys' 3:50 -- Tom Perrin Colorado, Native Plant Soci y, is served (at 7 a.m.). Patrick cinated should receive two doses Tina Andre on Nov. 5th fees, the expenses of sale and Coroner Budget Presentation please consider joining. We will eats uppma (savory cream of of vaccine. Joyee J~kins on Nov. 6th have membership forms and infor- wheat) and iddly (rice patties All persons, including school Sharon Ray on Nov. 6th mation available, with coconut sauce and dad and age children. F ai Powszukiewicz on Nov. 7th Contact President, Chinle Ben- sometimes vada (savbry donuts Women who will be pregnant Mitchell Quintana on Nov. 7th ver at 256-5291 for information, that are deep fried ta be crisp during flu season. Kim Temple on Nov. ?th := :=: :: on the outside) I usually eat * All adults aged less than 50 K.C. Quintana on Nov. 8th Diabetes Support sheera (sweet cream of wheat and those older than 50, especial- Randi MaroId on Nov. 9th cooked with golden raisins, pine- ly those with chronic health con- Peggy Garcia on Nov. 9th 'LAP'~'a~roun apple, and/or cashews) and some- ditions such as diabetes, asthma, times iddly. We both have a glass heart conditions. TEMPERATURES As a group, it was decided to meet the first Wednesday of every month. The next meeting is scheduled for November 7. at 5:00 p.m. at the Public Health building in Saguache. Everyone is welcome! If you have any ques- tions, please call Violet at 655- 2533 or 850-2906 (cell) or Caroline 8, 0-0 1, of hot tea with milk. All health care workers. October 22 -- October If possible, we have thalis for Healthy household contactsMax. Min. lunch (the set meal with many and caregivers of children aged Mon. -- 36 19 different items that I described be- less than 5 years and adults aged Tues -- 45 20 fore) or dosas (huge, crisp crepes greater than 50. Wed. -- 66 29 with dipping sauces) If we're The flu season can range any Thur -- 66 29 traveling, we often order various where from October through Feb- Fri. -- 70 29 things (often North Indian) off ruary or March. We will be of-Sat. -- 68 the menu of the best restaurant fering flu shots through Decem- Sun. -- 62 31 we can find. her. Roy 8hay, Ol~ea'v~' other items allowed by law, and 4:00 -- Bill Paying will deliver to the purchaser a PROGRAM Certificate of Purchase, all as FOOD provided by law. LAW OFFICE OF MICHAEL P. MEDVF X), P.C. IS ACTING AS A DEBT COLLECTOR AND IS ATTEMPTING TO C~)LLECT A DEBT. ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED WILL BE USEDFOR THAT PURPOSE. Connie Trujillo SAGUACHE COUNTY PUBLIC TRUSTEE By: Connie Trujilto Dated: October 17, 2007 First Publication: November 1, 2007 Last Publication: November 29, 2OO7 WILL BE CERTIFYING AND DISTRIBUTING COMMODITY FOODS IN: SAGUACH]~- Nov. 1st 941 am P-hlic Health Clinic MOFFAT- Nov. 1st 1-4 pm Mnf~m School-alcove CENTEtt -- Nov. 8th 9-11 am Masonic Hall, 386 S. Broadway Remember to bring your ID card. Call Tri-County Senior Clti- zeus at 852-5778 for information. This program administered by Tri-County Senior Citizens. DON'T BORROW -- SUBSCRIBEI