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November 7, 1918     The Saguache Crescent
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November 7, 1918

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3:30 Wire--Huns on Way to Front to Surrender SAGUACHE CRESCENT. You've Got to Have the Crescent to (let the News VOL. XXXVIII, NO. 45. SAGUACHE, COLORADO, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1918. WHOLE NUMBER 2288. SOME LOCALS Only gloom in the rural postoffices. Cause--Keating's de(eat. Harve Cutler is in Villa Grove today. on a decorating job. e Mrs. Ed Moore brought in the re- turns from Mirage Wednesday. Frank H. Means bought 6000 lambs last week and shipped to Denver. Len Townsend and "Bookie" Fellers won by exceptionally large majorities. County Elect,rs anti I)elbatedNot to he outdoneCandidateSby other counties REPUBLICAN Vi(;IORT of the state, Saguache county elected I two ladies to occupy important posi- oknt heO Cb s t e Sfir n I Colorado has redeemed herself by electing a Republican Senator and three the year from the hands of Will L. i Repubilcan Congressmen. It is not certain that the fourth dlstrlct will not send a Hammond, county treasurer. Will and Lon Morgan deputy, made one of the Republican Instead of Taylor, Democrat. best teams ever held down a like posi- tion. iMrs. Ellis and friends worked hard to overcome Mr. tlammund's pop- ularity in securing his defeat which _ was taken gracefully, as Mr. Hammond The Newby shoe merchant of Salida, 1 made no effort in his reelection and is using Crescent space on another] seems perfectly satisfied, it was a de- page of this issue. [ cided clean campaign between the two. .... .--.-----7~ , I Birt Clare who was reelected last daKe ~leuert ano t~ay VVllllams Grove I ~ . . .. . ..... ........ I luesuay ior his llZln term as county up irom :xtamosa yesteruay, t~om gen- I 1 " " " " ' c erK, won over one oi ~aguacne s eon- tlemen recently recovered from the ........ "flu." gemat, popular euslr:ess men, arthur Fred Payier, Fin Howell and Dr. Coehem of Salida, were over to the Russell Lakes Sunday. All got the limit. Birt Clare got word last night for a call of 17 men to report on the 14th. They will be entrained for Camp Park, Arkansas. J. D. Pi]eher, one of Alamosa's lead- ing legalites, was entertained by the law firm of Palmer & True of this city yesterday. Will Ham came in Tuesday morning from the sheep camp to east a Repub- lican vote. He brought a healthy crop of whiskers with him. Jim Moore, an old Bonanza miner, who has been under the doctor's ears for the past three weeks at the Eure- ka hotel, is slowly failing. The Jews are recla:'ming their homes in Jerusalem--Berlin is celebrating the election of the most Honorable "Bookie" Fellers, constable of the town of Saguache. Mr. and Mrs. Les Noland returned Monday from Kansas City. They drove the big ear ever for the folks to use: this winter. On their return they vis- ited friends at Pueblo. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Thomason have been spending a week with Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Swayze of Moffat be- fore leaving for Kansas City, where they will remain for the winter. W. C. Briggs informs this office that he decided on Wednesday morning that he would not, under the most urgent request, serve Saguache and Custer counties as their representative. Gee. McMillon is a good scout and al- ways was. He will dispose of his busi- ness, rent the building, waves all ex- emptions, joins the army, go to fight- ing for his country. George is no slacker. The three children of Joe Fuson are down with the flu. The little girl, Fay, is very sick, the latest news is that her temperature is running very high, but she is not believed to be in a serious condition. Reports come trom Gunnison this morning that all roads were fenced and no one permitted on or off trains, over half the population are down with the "flu." Over 700 cases reported from Monte Vista. With the election over and the town quarantined, the stores to close at five o'clock, and no games of sport of any nature whatever, it seems to bring the telephone into special demand for town and country gossip, just to pass the time you know. Mrs. D. E. Wenger received the sad news of her brother's death Monday night. Sarg'r Gale Sager 22, lost his life in France while serving his country. He leaves a wife and baby. He left home on the 8th of May and the baby was born on the following July 8th. The two general stores, Means & Ashley and the Gotthelf & Tarbell stores will start Friday by taking an hour from each erie of the day by open- ing atSa. m. and closing at 5 p. m. Saturday to close at 7 o'clock sharp. On Monday morning the press feed- ers refused to go to work, and there is not a single cylinder press running up to last night outside the daily papers, therefore the Crescent will be shy the patent this week. The continued story will appear next week. The Crescent received anot~ler line from Bud Boyd saying that everything at the front was progressing rapidly. American boys everywhere and looks more like the good old U. S. A. than France, but it will look more like h--I when all our boys get started at the ~uns, Regards to all, Creger. This was an absolutely credi- table campaign between the two gen- tlemen. Kate Newcomb for county superin- tendent of schools, won over Mrs. Pearl Moody, the democratic candidate. Kate's friends proved loyal and gave every assistance possible for her elec- tion. Well, of course, Alex Russell was re- elected sheriff before the primaries. Barney Tough, his opponent, conceded the return engagement of Alex before he started in. Both gentlemen were clean from the olio to the grand finale. Alex needed the job while. Barney was better off without it. Harry Mc'arthy, once more elected assessor. His opponent a as A B. Mc- Rae, who was placed on the ticket to fill the Democratic vacancy. This alst was a respectable set-to. George Woodard defeated Bill Whit ten for county commissioner..No fight between these candidates, one was two busy and the other didn't care. This is Mr. Woodard's second term serving on the county board. For State Senator, Dr. McFadzean of Del Norte, was elected over Loren Sylvester, the mayor of Monte Vista. Democrats and Republicans conceded the defeat of Mr. Sylvester through the late epidemic, Spanish influenza, which confined" him to his bed and he was unable to be out, also the voters of his home city were mostly quarantined at their homes leaving a very small vote. W. E. Gardner, Republican, came through with a creditable majority over W. C. Briggs, Democrat, for represen- tative of Saguache and Custercounties. Custer county, always considered strong Democratic, supported the Re- publican ticket from top to the very bottom. W.C. Briggs leas the Demo- cratic ticket over all. This season's potato crop has been moved with more rapidity than has the crop of former years. More cars have been sent to this county and with great- er regularity. To date orders for 56 head of hogs have been received by the County agent to be shipped in next January. )Iust Pay Up On account of waving all objections and making my application for a posi- tion with U. S. forces and expect to be called any day, I wish all owing the McMillon Auto Co. to call at once and settle their accounts. If I do not hear from you personally, will draw on you Monday, Nov. llth. Gee. McMillon. From Walter ~Vagner Sept. 21, '18. Dear Father, Mother and Family. As I am at last in a good place 1 will write you that long looked for letter. I received your nice big fat letter the next morning after comming off the battle field. I got out of the hospital just in time to get in that last big bat- tle and believe me it was some sprint. It was just a hike that was about all it Honest John ShaFroth will retire In [av0r of Lawrence C. Phipps, Tynan will remain near the States Prison where he Is viewed with marked attention, Oliver H. Sboup, 6overnor-elect. 6uy O. Hardy will relieve Congressman Keating. Colorado wen Republican and the Kaiser surrendered. until afternoon of the first day. They were up in the front line when I re- ported back. This battle was so simple that I hardly know how to explain it. I am sending you some German pic- tures that I got and I have a German watch chain for dad, will send you two non-commissioned officers' tamels that I got. I am going to quit telling you about the stuff that I get to send home because every time I lose it before I get the money to buy stamps to send it off. I have got eight months pay coming Unofficial Returns of the Vote of Saguache County for 1918 i g:k o United States Senator Phipps ................. R Shafroth .............. D Congressman, 3rd Dlst Hardy ................. R Keating ............... D Governor Shoup ................. R Tynan ................. D State Senator McFadzean ............ D Sylvester .............. R District Judte Carr ................... R Wiley ................. D State Representative Briggs ................. D Gardner ............... R County Clerk Clare .................. D Creger. R County Treasurer Edis ................... R Hammond ............. D Sheriff Russell ................ D Tough .................. R Assessor McCarthy .............. R McRae ................. D Surveyor Crabtree .............. R Smith .......... : ...... D Coroner Symon ................. R Supt of Schools Moody ................. D Newcomb .............. R County Commissioner Whitten ............... R Woodard ............... D to me. WhenIdo get it I will send some of it home to you and dad. Well I guess we will get our mail more regular now, so write just as often as you can for that is the only way I can hear from looms, enjoyed the !clippings from the Crescent. You can tell Aunt Nett that I was not more than twenty miles from Clydewhen I went over the top this time. You asked me why I didn't join the band? Well I have several reasons, one is I don't know if I could', the other is that they are stretcher bearers in battle, and be- lieve I prefer the infantry. You get shot up in the band just the same as in the ranks, but in the ranks you get a chance to shoot back, at least I was shooting back when ~ got hit. You 192 18~ 174 174 1~7 168 166 171 174 171 179 204 161 2O2 167 ~28 147 144I 216 197 154 19 19 .23 11{ 22~ 18 15 isI 191 19 l 9 48 2i 12 9] 45 61 14 61 53 48 5t .~81 8[ 251 llt 4l 3[ 261 t31 53 11 15 91 37 51 33 37 6 32 7 37 1~ 8 19 1~ 6 49 Unite(I. ~Var ~tVork Campaign, November 11-18 Our armies need supplies, food, cloth- ing, guns, ammunition and the other necessaries of war, without them they cannot fight. These things they are getting in full measure, thanks to the fine fashion in which the nation has re- sponded to the various Liberty loans, nor shall the time ever come when all these needs shall not be fully met. But there are other needs which are eqnally know that boy I told you about that ten. There must be amusement of the was. Those Hi,hies retreated so fast was wounded the same time that I was, that the guys all kicked on having he is dead. I saw that German prise- I right sort, opportunity for human asso- to walk so fast. her who helped me back to the first aid. I ciation that shall have in it something of home, a chance to relieve that tre- We sure caught them napping, cap- I saw him in a prison camp as I went] mondous nerve strain that unless re- tured thousands of prisoners and didn t I through on my way back to the front. I lieved, will result in disaster. In a have any loss to speak of. I got lost Well my paper has played out for the- word it is necessary to restore that in- from my company and didn't get back time being so I will ring off and let the defiable element which we term morale. This is the work of the Y. M.C.A., the Knights of Columbus, the Salva- tion Army and the other war work or- ganizations. Without their untiring efforts that fine courage and idealism which our boys have shown would be immeasurably reduced. Their tremen- dous importance can easily be seen, there is not a soldier boy who is not 40 85 censor rest for a few days. Write soon, long and often, with lots of love. Pet. Walter Wagner, Co C, 9th Inf, A E F France. Thus far Saguache has escaped from the raging "flu.' Not a case having been reported in this vicinity. What a Measure it is to hays the pleasure of living in Saguache. J.T. Martin made his regular 36 34 42 32 35 38 39 32 32 il 32 30 331 11 2~66 211 30] 3f 131 34 198I 49 40 2(38t 20 ing a call for $170,5d0,000 which will be' rightly divided among them. The cam- paign for this amount will cover the week of November I1-18 and it is ex- pected that at least 50 per cent more than the minimum mentioned will be I seeured. Saguache county will be ex- pected to raise $9,000 and will mee~ the call most gladly. I,et us all be ready to subscribe fully and freely when the op- portunity is presented. H. C. Henderson, County Chairman, Unit.~d War Work Campaign. 1Names of Delinquents Reported as important-if possible more import- to Local Police Authority ant. After a period of battle, after i -~ . days spent amid the horror of war, IT Alexander Russell, county sheriff. there must be a period of relaxationI There is hereby certified the follow- and rest, when the war may be forgot- ] ing list of names and addresses of per, sons who have been duty notified to-file with the local board the questionnaire required by the regulations promulgat- ed by the president of the United States under authority granted by act of con- gress, approved May 18, 1917, ordered to report for physical examination to the local board, inducted into military service of the United States and order. ed to report to this board for military duty and who have failed to file such questionnaire. Under authority of section 6, of the act of May 18, 1917, and section 130 of Selective Service Regulations, you-are required immediately to visit in person or through deputies each person whose trip full of praise for the incalculable value name appears on this list, to locate from Moffat today with the gasoline of their service. These war work or- such persons if possible, to bring them tank. Mr. Martin is one of the relia- ganizations have combined their finan- before this local board. If you are un- ble Republicans, who believe in helping ~he president with his war work. He cial needs which they must put beforelable to produce such person within voted for Phippe and Itardy. ~ the pecVle of thi~ ~ti0n, an~i Jwe rusk, [day' oY the d~tb h~r'#'df, ~'~l~[vb o~ Sundays and legal holidays, you shall report to this local board all informa- tion you may have obtained concerning such delinquent registrants. " Further information and description concerning these persons is available in the records of this local board. A188 Miquel Romero, Monte Vista A200 David Gomez, Whajaga, Mexico A233 Frank Logor, Sargents A365 Henry Ericson, Sargents A482 Loigi Marco, Sargents A576 Manuel Salts, Sargents A224 Leo L Rutar, Sopris A361 Robert Smith, Moffat A529 Luis Lucero, Saguache 7 Jose Arguello, Monte Vista Birt Clare, Member of Local Board. FROM 18 TO Registration Cards in Possess- ion of Local Board Following are the names of part of the 600 who registered Sept. 12. CONTINUED FROM LAST WEEK 518 Robert Cole, Sargent~ 549 Harry O Hollmor, Villa Grove ,5~1 Charles Tofoya, ha Garita 551 hemoel Barrier, Moffat ,5.52 Miqusl Remora, Monte Vista 553 Waiter Lamrn, Crestone 551 George Deseombes. Doyleville" 555 {'ivriano Galle~os, La Garita 556 Wm Meredith, Center 557 Severe Moncheco, Saguaohe 558 Nicholas Herrara, Cantor 559 George McMillon, 8aguache 560 Leon M Gardner, Canter 561 Jose Aragon, 8aguaehe 562 Nathamel Stewart, Center 5tl3 Graver Forbes. Saguache 564 Samuel Franklin, Center 565 A C Davey, 8aguaehe 566 Frank Bennington, Center "o67 ~tlejandro Garcia, 8agaaohe 568 8colt Partlook. Center 569 Albert B McRae, Saguachs 570 Carrie F Flyun, Center 571 Ernest Hutohinsoa, Mineral Hot Spgs 572 J R Britten. Center 572 Fred Sanohoz, b~aguaehe 57t Yalies Renck, Center 575 Edward Valdez, Villa Grove 576 Fred A Walker, Center | 577 Btevan Trujillo, Saguacho 578 Charles Martiny, Center I 579 Juan B Labato, Saguaoho 580 Joseph Msyfiold, Center 581 Canute Gonzal~, h~guachs 582 Frank 8ylvester, Center ~q Jose Abeyt~, 8aguache 58~ Newton Gilbroath, Cantor 58.5 Auri Hu rrara, Pueblo ] 586 Max E Werner, 8aguache 5~7 Confer Alles, Chains, N Ma~carense, Saguacho ] 588 8lore 589 Elitaa Archuleta. Saguache 590 Salerno Aruchuleta, 8aguaths 591 Charles Archaists. Saguache j 59"2 Ramon Pachoco. 8aguacho 593 Wm Smith. Saguache | 591 l~dgar Jones, h~aguache i 595 James llamilton, 8agua~he 596 Staclsy 8ondles, h~Suaehs t 597 Peter Bowers, Center l 598 Cornwall 8mioks, Center 599 Joe White, La Oarita | 6(}0 Portilo Armenia. ha Gaita | GOt Cassius Blanohard, Mirage 602 Jose Gallegos, Saguacho 603 Jose Maez, Consjos 50t Jofln MacKenzie, Villa Grove 005 Robert Parlin. 8argents 605 Wm G McGinnis, Tuscan. Ariz 607 Charles Collins, Sargents 668 Arthur Hicks, Sargent 609 Wm E Anderson, Sargent 610 Coudido 8acduvol, tlargent 611 James R Nell, Sargent 612 John R Hicks, Bargent 613 NicholM Los, I~argent 6[4 George Hartmen, Ft Garland 615 James Shaw, Sargent ~lfi Manuel 8alez, 8argent 617 Henry Ericson, 8argent 618 Thomas Mote, Sargent 619 Miguel Marco, Sargent 620 R,,mero Ortega, 8argent 621 John Fultz. t'3aguaehe 6L2 Felix Oonzales, I~aguachs MINERAL HOT SPRINGS B. J. Timney dug spuds for R. Dun- shee last week. We have been blessed with plenty of candidates for the past two weeks. Edith Pearce came over from Salida Saturday to stay with her father while her mother is gone to Pueblo to nurse her son who is in the hospital with the influenza. D. C. Noland and family and Miss Wilcox were over from Mirage and spent the evening Friday with R. Dun- shee and family. Mrs. Alby Ward came in from Iowa Friday evening where she had been nursing her sister with the influenza. Mr. Ward met her and took her home. W. C. Briggs and Alex Russell took dinner at the hotel one day last week. Quite a crowd were at tbe pool last Sunday to swim. Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey, Judge Pike and wife and the school teacher were up from Hooper last Sunday and spent the day and took a plunge. Win. Whitten, one of the candidates for county commissioner, was st the Springs Sunday and took dinner at the hotel. Frank H. Means called at the Springs ('Go'~ft[nZfe~l 611 Iast phg~e)