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November 7, 1918     The Saguache Crescent
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November 7, 1918

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i | , , Ill II I II II I I I I SAGUACHE CRESCENT THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1918 BUSINESS LOCALS Read the Crescent for $2 a year. No hunting or trespassing allowed on my premises. Carl Marold. H. Winer buys and sells second hand articles. Phone 102. Only 4 lots left in Hammond's addi- tion, ask L. P. Hammond for price. Oct 3tf Blackleg serum at 40c a dose, at Ful- er Drug Co., Monte Vista, Colo. Lost--Nov. l, on Main st, Saguache, nickel screw cap to gas tank of auto. Finder please bring to this office and receive reward. Nov 7 Do it NOW. Don't procrastinate. Call Saguache Co. Lbr. Co. and have that repair work done RIGHT away. For Sale 3 shoats weighing 901bs. each. E. C. Clark. Oct 21 For Sale--Registered Hampsh i r e rams from imported sire. Grain fed, robust and ready for service. Corres- pondence solicited. A. W. Rucker, Mt. Morrison, Colo. Nov 3-21 Blackleg serum at 4% a dose at Ful- ler Drug Co., Monte Vista, Colo. Read every page of the Crescent. For Sale--Two mares, 9 and 6 years old, weight about 1600 Ibs; 2 colts, 2 years; 2 colts, 1 year old. Address Mrs. Julia Driscoll, Villa Grove, Colo. For Sale-2103 good Ramboilette na- tive yearlings, 7-pound shearers. River Ranch Co., Monte Vista, Colo. 8ep 19 Blackleg serum at 40c a dose at Ful ler Drug Co., Monte Vista, Colo. News on every page of the Crescent. Number please? I meant the Saguache Co. Lbr. Co. 63 Who did you say built that beautiful little bungalow for Ray Ellis? Bill Briggs. i Auto Service Why ride in a Ford when you can go in a large easy riding touring car for the same price. Phone 12W or call .at Jorgensen's tailor shop for your next auto trip. Drive anywhere day or night. Oct 3tf Winter is coming as sure as fate. I,et us sell you a Can't Sag Gate. It will keep your stock within the pale. And thereby save you a heap o' kale. Saguache Co. Lbr. Co. Auto Storage Bates The rates at the McMitlon garage for the evening is 25c, all night 50c and $5 per month. Bring in your batteries[ and have them charged by an exper- ienced electrician. Will Buy Hides Cow hides and Sheep pelts, Highest cash market price paid in the county at M. Powells' corral. Read every page in the Crescent Piano at a Saarlfke We have stored at Saguache a piano of excellent quality, which if taken at once, will be sold at a sacrifice. Terms to responsible party. If interested write quick for particulars to Denver Music Company, Denver, Colo. Oct 24 Nov 28 Methodist Church Preaching service at 11 o'clock a. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday school at the usual hour. A full attendance is es- pecially desired. Rev. Henderson, Pastor. Splendid Piano to be Sold at Saguache We have on hand near Saguache a piano of unusually high quality--one of our very best in fact. In order to avoid storage charges, boxing, cartage and freight to Denver, we are going to sell this fine instrument at a great big bargain. Here is a chance to put mu- sic in your home at a moderate price and on easy monthly, quarterly or semi- annual payments. And with this piano you get our money back guarantee and our liberal exchange without loss priv- ilege. Write at once for full particu- lars. Please give two business refer- ences in first letter. Address Dept. A KNIGHT-CAMBELL MUSIC Co., Denver, Colo. ~vv 7 "Why Smut Sometimes Appears In going over the county this summer many farmers were interviewed who stattd that they had treated their seed for smut. But in spite of the treatment examination of the fields and the stacked grain revealed considera- ble smut in many fields and enough to ruin .,,-heat for food in oth~rs. There are several reasons for this: (1) The solution used was too weak. (2) Exposure to the solution was too short. (3) After dipping or sprinkling with formalin, the grain was not covered to keep formalin fumes in contact with grain. (4) The unbroken smut balls of bunt are not completely penetrated by the fungicide and unless they are re- moved by the fanning mill or floated to the top and skimmed off of an open tank of the solution, they will infect the crop. (5) Smut in winter wheat, which has been treated, may be due to spores in the soil. In threshing smutty wheat dense clouds of smut spores often arise from the stacke} and are blown several miles infecting the soil. (6) Loose smut of wheat and'barley cannot be removed by the formalin treatment. Use hot water treatment. It may interest farmers o: the coun- ty to know that to date the following varieties of smut have been discovered ~n the grain: Bunt or stinking smut of wheat. Loose smut of barley. Covered smut of barley. No doubt there are other kinds but to date they have not been identified. All of these call for different treatment which makes it essential that the kind of smut affecting grain should be known before the treatment is given. Dr. W. Robbins, state botanist, in charge of the Better Seed Campaign for Colora- do, will cover these points very well in meetingsto be held in the county this winter. For farmers who do not altend his demonstrations the following is given: Gram Kind of Smut How Long To Soak Wheat Bunt 10-20 min Barley Closed Smut 10-20 rain Oats All Kinds 10-15 min The above table is to be used when one of the dipping metl~ods are em- ployed and the solution in each case should be lpt. 40 per cent formalin to 40 gallons of water. Where loose smut of wheat or barley is found it should be given the hot water treatment. The in- fected seed should be soaked 4 to 5 hours in water at a temperature of 68 to 86 degrees F. and then followed by hot water treatment with the tempera- ]ture at 124 to 125 degrees F. for ten minutes. The temperature should never be below 122 or above 129 degrees F. Especial care should be taken to see that the grain is thoroughly dried after treatment, this is one of the greatest drawbacks to the whole method. Loose smut requires special treat- ment because it is within the seed rath- er than on the outside. It is earlier than stinking smut and differs in the to- tal disappearance of the smutted ber- ties and chaff. At harvest time only barren stalks of smutted plants remain, these pores having been disseminated before maturity. The spores come in contact with other heads of grain while they are flowering and infection of the seed i~ the result. From such an infected seed a mutted plant will develop the tollowing year, although from all external evidence of the seed no one could tell that it bears the smut fungus embodied in the seed. Loose smut is therefore carried over within the seed, not on the outside as in the case of stinking smut. It is the patriotic duty of every far- mer to see that his seed next year is tested, is free from weed seeds and that it is not a carrier of various kinds of smut.--Farm and Livestock Reporter. Corn Silage Valuable This Year Three years experimenlal feeding at the Colorado Experiment station has proven that when corn silage is added to a beef producing ration of barley and alfalfa, one ton replaces approximately 160 pounds of barley and one-third of a ton of alfalfa. T. E. Leiper, who conducted the ex- periments, says; "These results are based on exper,ments which first class feeds were fed. The alfalfa of 1918 is not first first class ' hay and approxi- mately one and one-half tons will be re- quired to equalra ton of good first class alfalfa. The average silage of 1918 will probably be the best in a number of years. Under these conditions, one ton of corn silage should replace 160 pounds of barley, and almost one-half a ton of alfalfa. With $12 for damaged alfalfa and $3 per hundred for barley, corn silage should be worth from $9 to $10 per ton to the average beef feeder. "If corn silage cost $10 per ton, the feeder will obtain practically the same gain on mmey invested i~ a barley-al- falfa ration. Most of our farms can produce a ton of corn silage for consid- erably less than $[0 a ton. "Corn silage in the silo costs from $5 to $7 per ton. Hence the feeder real- izes a saving in the cost of feed from $3 to $5 on every ton of corn silage fed. Adding corn silage to a grain and hay ration should save the feeder from $t.50 to$7.59on the cost of feed to each steer, or $112.50 to $187.50 on every car lo~d fe~ corn Eilage."--Farm and Live- ~-tock Reporter. Alms in Secret-"You must be crazy Isabel. I've asked you repeatedly to b~ economical, and yet you go and or- der the most expensive fur coat in the shop." "Well I don't mind being economical but I do object to looking economical." --Life. A Strange World-Harassed Deco- rator. "I'm very sorry mum, I 'aven% been able to paper your two top bed- rooms. They took away my last man a week ago for the army. Seems to me they think more of this 'ere war than they do of paper 'anging. "-- Punch. VOLUNTEERS OF SAGUACHE COUNTY John Mishak ~om Michaud J. 1I. Williams Jr. Clyde Solomon Cliff Solomon Jas W Dilley Jr Anastacio Gar3ia James Cochran L-san Zoner Brieo Mack Orloy Sells Bernie Hunsakor John Bnrch Emerson W Doraldson John F Romingor John John Jordan Herman Kastle Chas Reed Lets 8amora Chas. Hollmar Elsmio Gallegos Carl Jnhl,son John 51 Deitrich liobt A Eeitrieh It.,bley E Deitrich Ernest Bowden Herman Westlund Chas Baker Ernest Tiodale John Henry Banker Roy t'urtis Ernest Sloat Tom Fnllerton James B Baals Fermm Ateueio Tindora Qaintana Dec Atencio Anyone knowing the names of others who enhsted please report same to this office so we may have a complete list .for Saguaehe county. THE RAINBOW AUTO COMPANY Three Doors South of First National Bank Chas, Christ0phers0n, Proprietor ii JUST ARRIVED 30x3 1-2 Cord Tires FOR SALE FORD RUNABOUT $325, MITCHELL-gI X $850. ROLET U00 S C R I P P.B 0 0 T H 2 passenger $6 0 MAXWELL 5 Passenger 300 A COMPLETE LINE OF ACCESSORIES IN STOCK uHi i ii ii i When in your most difficult trouble Phone 72 Notice of Adjustment Day Estate of Geronimo Valdez, deceased. The nndersigued having been appointed ad- ministrator with will annexed of the e~tate of Gernnimo Valdez, late of the county of ~aguache m the state of Colorado, deceased, hereby gives m)tiee that he will appear before the county court of said S,gu~cho tensity, at the court house in blagnache, m -aid c, mnty,on M,mday the llth of November, A.D. 1918, at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m. of said day, at which rime all per- sons having claims against said estate are notiti- ed and requested to attend for the p]rposo of having the same adjumod. All persons inaebted to said estate are requested to make immediate )ayment to the undersign-d l)ave(l at Sagnanhe, thdorad,,, thin 12th day of Oct.ber, A. D. 19i8. J, se V. Val tez, Administrator with will annexed of the Es- tate of (}ermmimo Vahtvz, Deceased. Pahner & True Attorneys. Oct 17 nov 7 Notice of Ad.|uatment Day Estate of Ftdela Trujillo, deceased. The undersigned having boon appointed ad- minislrator of the estate of Fidela l'rajillo, late of the county of ~a~uache. in the state of Colo- rado, deceased, hereby saves notice trial he will appear bef,,ro the county court of said 8agaache c.ounty, at the court house in ~agaache, iu said com,ty, on Monday the llth/lay of N,,vember, A. D. 19IS, at the hour af 2 o'clock p. m. of said day, at which time all persons having claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of havit*g the asmo ad- iusted. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated at ~dguache, Colorado, this 12th day ,,f October, A. D. 1918. Line Trujillo, Adininistrator of the estate of Fldela Trujillo, Deceased. Paltrier & true Attorneys. Oct 17 nov 7 ORDINANCE NO. 54 An Ordinance Cot corniag Vehicles anti Estab- lishina ltul~s For The Us,~ Of Public ~Streets. Be it Ordained by the Board of Trustees of the Town of b}aguache: Bee. 1. All persons who shall ride or drive in or upon an automobile or carriage, buggy, bicy- cle, m(~torcycle, wagon, conveyance or other ve- hicle or any horse or other beast of burden, upon any of the streets, avenues, alleys or other pub- lic ways within the Town of 8aguache, Colorado, shall do in a careful manner so as not to endan- ger pedestrians or o:her persons or property, and shall conform to the rules herein set forth. Sec. 2. A careful manner set forth in See. 1, shall ba construed to mean a speed of not to ex- ceed twelve 02) miles an hour on Fourth street and eighteen (18) an hour on any of the other streets by any of the conveyances or beasts of burden mentioned in Sec. 1. Sac. 3. All vehicles shall keep to the right of the middle of the street or road and when meet ins another vehicle or horse or other beast of burden or conveyance standing or traveling In an opposite direction, shall pass to the right. Sec. t. When ov.rtaking or passing any vehi- cle or beast of burden, standing or travohng in the same direction the ovortakicg vehicle shall )nests the left of the overtaken vehicle, and the overtaken vehicle shall turn to the right, so as to allow the overtaking vehicle to pass to the left of it and still be on the right of the middle of the re: d. Sac. 5. When stopping or Standing upon any of the streets or public ways within ,he Town of Saguache, all vehicles and conveyancee shall stopon the right side of the street as near the curb line as practicable. Vehicles shall not stand within ten (10) feet of any street intersec- tion except to let passengers on or off. Sac. 6. Vehtclos shall crass or turn only at ;he intersections of streets, and when crossing or turning at street intersections, shall pass to the right of the cantor of the intersecting area, and th0 vehicle to the ~'ight shall have the right of way of str* et intersoctione, See. 7. An operator of . mot~;r shall not al- low his engine to race and shall not allow smoke to escape when starting his engine, and ~tiall not open his me flier and shall not make unnecessary norse, amt shall not allow hi, vehicle to ba re- paired in dm street except in case of emergency. Sac. 8. The Town Marshall and a'l Traffic Officers shml have cnmplete control of the : movement of all vehicles, conveyances, horses, beasts of burden and I~adestrians. I~ec. 9. Any person who shall violate an~' of the provisions of this ordinance, oball upon con- viction, be fined in acy sum not less than three dollars ($.~) nor mo:e than ($300) and shall pay the costs of suit. 8ec. 10. All or.iaances or part of ordinances in conflict wi|h the provisions of this ordinance are hereby repealed. Introduced, read and passed this 25th day of October, 1918. Published in the Saguache Crescent, issue of October 31, 1918. ttorace B. Means. Mayor. Attest Robert R. Tarbell, Clerk. Notice of Application to Le~e State Land Office of the State Board of Land Comm'ssionere The Columbia (no adjustment ,payment) guarantee covers all the materials in the battery. It covers the workmanship that put them there. It guarantees an electrical capacity adequate to the requirements of your car; with an efficiency at least 80% of the original capac- ity for the period of the guarantee. You get a guarantu like this, only with the Eighteen different points of construction make the Columbia superior in 18 different ways. Honeycomb plate formation has a trussed structure like a steel girder to withstand buckling. Universal termi- nals make possible installing a Colum- bia in seconds' time where hem's were consumed before. Sealed connectors are protection against inexperience. Bayonet-catch Vent plugs and exceptionally wide filling holes enable you to easily learn the condition of a Columbia. Let us show you all 18 points of superiority and explain what they t~!czn to you. lhe McMillon 6eraSe $a uaehe, Colo. HOTEL NOTICE Under the New Management of 1 Means & McEntyre The Saguache Hotel will serve meals at 50 Cents the Modern Comforts at the Low Price and #~ | , Phone 44 I THE HObIE OF THE TRAVELER ; / Free Baths to its Patrons Large, Well Furnished Rooms l IIot and Cold Water Lighted With Gas i { Long Distance Telephone , 1 A, BREWER, Proprietor { ii ! i~ Denver, Cole,, Nov. 1, 1918. Notice is hereby given that Henry Weber, whose post office address is Alder, Colo., appli- cation No. A9897 to lease the following describ- ed 8chest lands situate in Sagnaehe county, Colorado, to-wit: I~'!4 of SW~A, 8E~ of NW~4 and E of SW~A thisoffiee prior to December 5th, 19Is, as no other applicatmn to lease the above described lands will be considered after said date. Raymond Miller, President, State Board Land Commissioners. i L~ Flat Impossible.--"Yes," said Simp- 100 YEARLING ! kins, "I want to do my bit, of course, so I thought I raise some potatoes." "Well I thought I would do that," saidSmith,"butwhen Ilookedupthe way to do it I found that potatoes had ~ to be planted in hills, and our yard is perfectlyFlat."--Pittsburg Chronicle- ST E S Telegraph. Crescent, $2 per year. NO MORE BLA@KLE6 Kansas Blackleg Serum not on13 prevents but cures .blackleg. A guaranteed produet. Easy to use. 40c a dose. Phone or write your orders to tile Fuller Drug Co ,Monte Vista. Colo., Stilt Luis Valley distribut- ing depot. Literature and local users recommendations, Write I o r th'em. H. B. MEANS, Sagua6he, Colo. i L,....+.......-*.,..,,+...,...+.-...+.,.....+., ,: Anyone having, ten or more head: for sale, Phone at my expense.