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November 8, 1900     The Saguache Crescent
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November 8, 1900

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Ill I I iiiii I iii ..... -'1 - ii SAGUACHE CRESCENT. in prices, yet all of this is returned the practical, hardheaded reply: "All we (IPOitMlgaLY S&OUAO]riC D~OGRAT.) know is we are prosperous, why, we Entered at the post office at.Haguaehe, Cole, don't care We are getting a little ahead f rtranamitmionthroughthemaltAnsseoond-elase in the world, we have paid off our mort- shatter. gage and we'd rather stick to what we've Editor. got than to take chances with something OmOAB D. BRYAN, we know nothing about." This Is the foil droner pail argument ~TlXU'.IISDAY. ~VO Ir. 8, 1900. which waq made with such fearful effect it is the full dinner pail, yet it m some- thing more--something that embraces Hurrah for McKinley and Roosevelt. the whble material prosperity of the nee- King and Means were both defeated, plo. In the domain of legitimate argu- ...... ment the republicans hadn't a leg to We are now sure of four more years of stand on, the trusts, militarism, impel- prosperity, ialism, the government's broken faith .... =~-:+-+~- with Porto Rico and the Philippines, all Nobody expected the vote in this of these woulc~ and should have had a county.to go as it did. material effect on the election in an or- The democratic tieket wou out iu this dinary campaign, but none of them state by a small majority. )roved of ahy consequence alongside the -- full droner pail. McKinley, for president, has a largeI To that great slogan of the campaign number of electoral votes this year than the republican bandmasters may well he had four years ago. play "Hail to the Chief" for it ban land- .... ed them once again iu office by a plural- We.cannot give the correct returns lty as phenomenal as Jt was unexpected I from all the precincts as the judges m to most of us.--Post. some of them did not have the time-- about three minutes--to fill out the bat- PRESIDENT MCKINLEIUS SWEEPING lot sent them for that purpose from this VXCTORY. office. A SPLENDID CAMPAIGN. Frank C. Goudy, republican candidate for governor, made a campaign that has placed him in the front rank among the repubhcaas of Colorado. He was fair, frank and fearless. He made no prom- lees, asked no man's vote who was not m favor of better government in the state and his generous vote in excess of the general vote of his ticket is a splendid testimonial to his campatgn. Denver and Colorado admires Frank C. Goudy i and the time will come when he will be rewarded for the honest campaign ha made. The right will trmmph.--Denver Times. Now Let us Turn to Business. The election is over. Irrespective of its results as regards victory or defeat, it has for several monthsabsorbod the prin- cipal energies of many thousands of our people. Attention has been turned away from industry. Owners of capital who have been otherwise ready to invest it in ventures of many different kinds, have simply lcokod upon it and waited till they could ace in what conditions of governmental policy they were likely to be called to act. The same condition of hesitation and of attention divert~l from material de- velopment is likely to attend any general election affecting the economic policy of the government. It appears to boone of the conditions inseparable from popular institutions, Worse conditions prevails, in other regards, under institutions other than popular. We, as a people, have always taken pride in the fact that even our when war is over, melt Into the mass of our people and are seen no more as armies. As the Republican has confidently foretold from the beginning of the cam. paign, President McKinley was re-elect- ed yesterday by a much larger majority in the electoral college than he received four years ago whoa he first defeated Mr. Bryan by 95 votes in a total of 4~7. And so for four years more the coun- try will enjoy the benefits of a wise, pa- triotm and stable administration of its national government, The United States senate will be re- publican by a majority of at least twelve and the republican majority in the next house of representatives will be much greater than it is in the present house. The wisdom aud courage of the repub- lican party have been approved by the country and the flag will not be hauled down in dishonor ih any part of the globe. The national victory was glory enough for one day, but it is a thousand pities that Colorado did not add to the cause for congratulation by rolling up a rous- ing majority for tbe entire republican ticket. At the time of writing -2 a. m.--tbe sparsity of official returns from the var- ious counties of the state makes it im- possible to say even approximately what the result m, although indications un. happily point to a majority for Bryan which will probably not exceed 30,000, if it runs that high. We are sure that thousands of citi- zens of Colorado who voted for Bryan yesterday under the delusion, cultivated! by reckless fusion leaders and dishonest i yellow journals, that be might be elected will today and for a long time to come regret the folly that may put this state in the beaten column along with South Carolina, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alaba- ma and Tennessee, instead of in the vic- torious galaxry of progressive northern We have had our political fight states that gave their electoral votes to let us now turn all our energies as one McKinley, but to the honor of the state man to the development of the highest it must be remembered that in any event intaresta of Colorado. We are all inter- eased alike. In any commonwealth the units of the Imoplo must be reasonably prosperous, or their aggregate, the state cannot be so. It often needs sharp adversity to reveal to an individual his real capamty. Colo. rude hu had her experience in that way, with the result of revealing resources which not even her own people dreamed, rasouroes that have astonished the world. We have learned our capacities, in large part at least, and we have fought out a hot political fight, with unneoes. sary bitterness in some respects, but it is over. Now let us lay aside all that acerbity and join with the same earnestness in! the work of placing our unrivaled moun. tein commonwealth in the very front rank of the states. We can do it if we try. Let us all join hand and heart in the trial--Timas. What Won the Campaign. There may be many reasons assigned for the overwhelming defeat of the dem- corats in yesrerday's national election, but the most potent one of all was the prospority~ genuine or otherwise, which prevails throughout the country, partic- ularly in the agricultural distrmta. Bry. an appealed to the sentiment, the pa- triotkm and the intelligence of the American people, and lost; Hanna infi- nitely shrewder in his way, appealed to their baltics and won. "Arguments," be stud, in one of his speeches; "we need no argument but the full dmner pail." In our moments of exaltation we are tocon- gider such an appeal as low and grovel- ing, and doubtless it is, but this cam- paign has demonstrated that no other argument has had anything like the same effectiveness. If a class or a com. reunify is prosperous, if it has not mere- ly the full dinner pail hut is laying aside a few dollars, that community is very likely to look with disfavor upon any suggestion of change, no matter how gtrong theoretically the arguments in its favor. If the people have made money under the administration it may be pointed out that the conditions which rendered it possible were purely artifl- floial, that if it hadn't been for our war with Spare and England's war in South Africa the producers could not ponibly have atmred with the tru~m ia t~e ri~ republicanism made a greater gain, both lt sEasyl I0 Takci health and strength, it is~ safe to say that they nearly | all reiect [at with their toed. II IIII I I I I Nil I Ill actually and relatively, in Colorado in this campaign than in any other state. Four years ago Mr. Bryan had a ma- jority of 144,000 iu this stat,~ and at the worst ha will not have one-fourth of that majority this year. In Arapahoe county the result as indi- cated by the count of the straight bal- lots in three-fourths of the precincts, is exceedingly close, with the chances ap- parently in favor of the republican judi- c/el and legislative ticket. Only five or six precincts had seat in official returns up to 2 o'clock this morning, and it will probably be 6 o'clock before anybody eau say with certamity which side has won. The republican campaign mann- ers count confidently on the election of their judges and legislators and tt is quite likely that it will take the official! returns to settle the result in this court-i ty.--Republican. What Would You Give To becured of catarrh? If you or your friende have this disease, you know how disagreeable it is. Its symptoms are inflamed eyes, throbbing temples, ringing noises in the ears, headaches, ca- pricious appetite and constant discharge of mucus. Fortunately its cure is not a question of what you will give but what you will take. If you will take Hood's Sarsaparilla,. the great coustitutional remedy, which thoroughly purifies, en- riches and vitahzes the blood you may expect to be completely and permanent- ly cured. The good blood which Hood's Sarsal~arilla makes, reaching tbe delicate passages of the mucus membrane, soothe and rebuilds the tissues and ultlmately cures all symptoms of catarrh. Is there any hog cholera about? If so send 50 cents quick for Biggle swine book, published by Wilmer Atkiuson Co. Philadelphia. It will help sick herds and keep well ones well. Many people worry because the) be- s *i t s!gs I COD LIVER OIL i WIT#//YPOP//OSP//IT5 ofZl/'lg~ 50DA ~ Leaves Villa Grove ........... 10:15 a.m. 1 ~T .................... . Arrives at Saguach,~ .......... 1:45 p.m. Leaves Saguache; ............ 2:4:5 p.m. :'~t~ is exactly what. they require; ~,Arrives at Vdla Grove ........ 6:15 p.m. !~ it not only gives them the ira- .~ F.H.CARLSON, Proprtetor. S'~, portant element (cod hver oil) ~ Tn~ saw Lr:IS ltOTEL, },,i in a palatable and easily di-~ VILLA GI~O VE, COLO. gested brm, but also the hyl~- {: Cattle For ~ale. Fifty-t~o head of short horn cattle, ] pedigreed bull. coming 3 yearn, seven calves go with cows--good color, also my brand--D M --- O. MARSHALL, Upper Sagnache. Prof. McCord of Del NerVe will hold services in the Presby~riau church next Sabbath, both mo~ning and evening Tag Wilson came down from Sky City Wednesday to remain wtth us a few days.~Sentinel. DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the best pills ever made. Easy to take and never gripe. Saguache Pharmacy Martin Jones came in from Crastone Sunday and will remain a few days.-- Sentinel. John Belles of Villa Grove was iu town last Saturday. To remove a troublesome corn or bun- ion, first soak the ecru or buuion in warm water to soften it, then pare it down as closely as possible without drawing blood and apply Chamberlain'a Pain Balm twine daily; rubbing vigor- ously for five minutes at each applica- tion. A corn plaster should be worn for a few days to protect It from the shoe. As a general liniment for sprains, bruises lameness and rheumatism, Pain Balm is unequaled. For sale by Saguache Phar- macy. CLA RENCE HERSEY, mmr enmist, [Established 1879] Leadville, - Colorado, ~a~npl~ by Marl or Zxpross R0cdve Prompt Attenti0n. i .i MINING APPLICATION. No. 545. Mineral Survey No. 18,91~. U. S. Lend Office at Del Nerve, Colo., Aug. 28. 1900. f Notice Is hereby given that In pursuance of I tile act of congress approved May I0 1872, The [ 8an Isabel Mining and Milling Company, I whose postoflice address Is Cres~me, Saguache I county, Colorado, has laade applicatloo for a I patent for 1491.04 linear leer on the Virginia [ lode and 1691.~2 linear feet on the Mitchell I lode: and 1417.88 linear leet on the AmeriCa I lode, each bearing copper and gold, and tha | Virglnlalode being ~55.27 feet northeasterly [ and 1035.77 feet southwesterly from the dlseov. | cry cut thereon, with surface ground 800 feet I m width; and the Mitchell lode bMng 940.18 feet I easterly from disCovery cut thereon, and 455.44 I feet westerly from discovery cut thereon with | surface ground 800 teat lit width; and the | Amerlca]ode being 118734 feet easterly and 230.64 feet westerly from discovery eat thereon I with SurfaCe ground 800 feet In width, and each [ i and all situate in the Blake mining district, I Saguache county, state of Colorado, and de-I scribed by the official plat. herewith posted [ and by the field noles ou file in the office o1 I [ the register of the Del NerVe land district, Colorado. as follows, vlz: VIRGINIA LODE. Begh, nlng at cor. No. 1, on line 4-5 America lode of this survey, a cedar post 4x4 Inches x 5 feetlon~, set 30 inches In the ground with mound el stone scribed 1-1391t. whence N E phosphites which are so valua- ~i ble in nervous disorders that usually accompany anemia. SCOTT'S E~ULSiON is a~ htty toed that is more easily digested than any other form o| fat. A certain amount el flesh is necessary [or health. You can get it in this way. We have. known per- sons to gain a.pound a day while taking It. 5oc. and It.co, all drugglst~. ~1 COTT & BOWN6~ Chemists, NeW York. .f cor. see. 26, T 44 N Rll E of" the N M PM hove they have heart disease. The bears8. M" 23' ~" W, 1755.08 feet. Acedar tree .... . ..... .- .ll01ncheslndlameterblazedandscribedB T enances are their nears are all rlgn$ nut 1-13914, bears S. 69" 23' E. 19.1 teat A pin: ~;. ot .... ~ ........ t.]~ ,~ .~;~.~ #~.~ I ion tree ~ inches tu diameter blazed and scrlb- I './-lb'~it Dears 8.70" 20' W 10.~ feet. Kodol Dyspepsia Curo digests what you Thence N. 88" 2g' E. 807.14 feet to cor No 2. On ........ i __ I line 4-5 America lone of this survey, a cedar ea~ ant prevents tne formation ot g~m ost4x5 nehes I P I x 5 feet long, set 24 inches In ~-~t. ~.~ .t.~ ~. .... ~. .......... st I the ground with mound of stone ecrlbed 2- WDiuu luaaea ~LI~ I~bULLIttClA Ult~l~ I~l~rtltl I ~ -- - o . i 13~1~, whence a pinion tree 8 inches in dlame- the heart. It will cureeverv form ot in- terbearsH. 19"48'l~.~2.75feetblasedandscrlb. ........ " ed B, T. 2-139t4, thence 8. 11 20 W. 1~91.0t feet aigesrion. ~aguacne ~narmacy. tocor. ~o. 3. A cedar post 4x4 Inches x 5 feet -- -- ~ tong set $0 inches lu the ground with mound v ' h nurchasod the Elk of stone serlbed~1391~ whence a pinion tree So.recur Elhs as ~ " ~01nc ' hen in diameter, blazed and eerlbed B. horn feed stablo business of Unclo Bobby T. 3-189t~ bears N. 49~ 04' E. 15 feet, 81errs Blanca bears S. 25" 40' E. thence 8. 88" 22' W Cook. He trusts his friends will mako so~ It feet to cur No ~ A cedar t 4x4 it a point to put up their horses at his in.ches x 5 t.eetlongset 24'Inches In thWrtound wttn mounu ot stone scribed 4 13914, whence place when iu Saguache. a pinion tree 5 inches in diameter biased and ~__ scribed B. T. 6.18014 bears N, ~" 59' W 4.9 feet , - thenceN, lr 20'E 149t04 feettocor No 1 the I)eW~tt s Witch Hazel Salve will qumk- u f h~,,,.= .... ly heal th~ worst burns and scalds and MITCHELL LeD- not leave a scar It can be applied to Be h .... ?" . g mmg at cor. ~o. 1. a cedar post 4x4 in. cuts and raw surfaces with prompt and i cl~es x 5 feet long set 80 mci~es In the ground ~wlth mound of mona scribed 1-13914, whence soothing effect. Use it for piles an~ the N E eor see 26 tw~ 44 N R ~ ~-~ tt-~ . . . . ,.,. . . ~ ; sk,u dis.eases. Beware o' wortbless(~Nh'e~'cP~iM5"lb~a';,.?~.~f:~,Ibcre~W:l[l~'~eeT~i~ff~:! coun~erfeits. Saguacho Pharmacy. .course 8:L5~ ~V. 358.29 feet to oor. No. 2. A co- l qar post 4X4 menes x 5 feet long set 80 inches ,. --~ ..... ----% - - , I in the gTound with mound of stone ~cribed ~eorgo ttazaro recetve(t a ounon o~ 2-13914, whence a quaking aspen tree 8 Inches h re I in diameter bla=ed aud scribed B T 39 cattle the first of the week whtch e - . .2-1 1~ oears N. 61" 08' E. 4.42 feet, thence N. 88" 29' 20" costly purchased neat" Del Norte of Freo E. 00 feet, wagon road io Moflkt, course 8. 10" ...... . W. 1011A3feettocor. No. 3. A cedar poet~x~ "aUlK aria el, no] s n 1 ches x 5 feet long set 80 inches m the ground ................. wll.b mouuu ot stone scribed 3-1391#,, whence a G. O. Taylor Whiskies, growls popularity, cedar tree 10 l,,ches in dlumeler biased and ~ scrloed B. T. 8-13914 hears 8.9~ 48' W. 13.83 teat ~ .~. IB~L~-'~O .~L-~E .~." theoce 8, 32' ~' E. 348.~9 t,, car. No. 4 A cedar post 4x4 loches x 5 feet long set 80 Inches in Bearsthe TM Kifld You ~aV8 A]W#~ ~O[l~]~ the ground wlth mound of stone scribed 4- ~~ 13914, wheuce a plnton tree 6 laches In dtame- ~t~natu-v0 ter, blazed and scribed B. T, 8-4- of 13914 bears N. 60" 18' W. 8.75 feet, thence 8. 88 22' W. 1135.27 feet to cot. No 5. A cedar post 4x4 Inches x 5 feet long set 80 Inches In the ground with mound of stone scribed 5-2-13911, thence ~. 57 if/' W. 72.59 feet, wagnn reed to VILLA GROVE ANOSA6UAC)iE ~o.'~t,course 8.6 W. '3'3"/.59 feet, creek 2 feet wide course 8. 6 W. 272..59 to cor. No. 6. A ee- dar post 4x4 inches x 5 feet long set 80 inches STAGE LINE. tn the ground with mound of stone scribed ~I-13914. thence N $2~ 53' W. 264.67 /bet to cor. x~o. 1, the place of b~glaning. Carries mail, passengers and express. AMERICA LODE. About forty head of horses, broken and unbroken, weighing from 1,000 to 1,200 pounds. Prices very reasonable and sold only for cash or bankable note. M ED WERNER. Good table, good beds. Bates reason- able. 1. H. CAitLSON. Proprietor. i im , i i i1| ,rlvate and f~hronio Diseaset of Men CONSULT Men an. ffertng from evil ef- fects Ot yout]aful indi~cre- ~lg~ ~1~ tions, syphilis, gonorrhveaa [ 1 glee~ strieture~ sexuat [ .... ~ woalmess, varie~ele, un- ~k natural di~gharges, lois VO' ~-2~IL~ vitality, ~a//in~ memor,/. [ -a..~L ~ unfitness to marry, blood, [ ~ik~" skin, kidney or nrivato dis- eases, are spee~i/ly cured. DR. COOK has spent 80 ..~ ik~ ~ ~ears of l~etsis,tent study 1 i~,~l aria expezacnce m his owe ~pra~tice and among tl~e ==~R C0"=~7 lamest Eastern hospltal~ uum.~J.u ~ . in curing this class of dis. eMes and. will guarantee ~ou a permanent cure at moderate cost, He hss e~red thoussndt who thonght their cases hopelssm AU letters priv.ato, ] _Write for question btank. Consnltat/on Ire~ [ llledieln~i sent free from ooserratlon, l~k/~l~IC0, ,~t~urt~St.O~v.r.~ Beginning with car. No. 1, ladentlcal with car. ;No. 6 ~Y~itchel I lode o~l" this survey, whence N. E. car. see. 26, twp. 44, N. R. 11 E." of the N. M. P. M. bears 8.24," 19" W. 1267.2:3 feet, thence N. 57 07' E. 45 feet, clack 2 feet wide, course 8. 6 W. 2~0 feet wagon road to Mogul, course S. 6 W 272.59 i~et to cor. No. 2. Identical with eor. No. 5, Mitchell lode ot of this survey, thence N. 88" 22' E, 1138.27 feet to cor. No, 8. Identical with cor. No. 4 Mitchell lode of this survey, thence 8. 32 53' E. g50.92 feet to cot. No. 4. A cedar post 4x4 lnci~es x 5 feet long set 30inehesiu the ground with mound of stone scribed 4-1591~, whence a pinion tree 4 Inches In diameter blazed and scribed B. T. 4-1891~ bears N. 12 46' W. 10.8'2 feet, thence S. 88 22' W. g15.41 feet, eor. No. 2, Virginia lode of this survey. 652 55 feet, oor. No. 1, Virginia lode of this survey, 1~. 4! feet to cor. No. 5. cedar post 4x4 inches x 5 feet long set 80 mchee In the ground w~th mound of stone scribed 5-13914, whence a pinion tree 10 Inches in diameter blazed attd scribed B. T. 5-18914 bears 8. 87 02' W. 7.45 feet. thence S. 37 07' W. 188.68 feet to cot. No. 6. A cedar post 4x~ inch- es x 5 feet long set 80 Inches in the ground with mound of stone scribed 6-13914, whence a Pin- ion tree 8 Inches In diameter blazed and scrib- ed B. T. 6-1,~914 bears S. &5" 57' E. 24.52 feet, thence N. 82~ 58' W 90 IceS, wagon road to Mogul, course 8. 6~ W. 240 feet., creek 2 leet wide course 8.6 W. 800 feet. to cot No. 1, the I placeofbeglnning. Var~tion at all corners ot lode claim is 13" 12' E. Tb~ America and Mitchell lodes form a per- i ties of the ,~ W ~4 ofeec. 24, and a portion of: the northwest ~, ot sac. 25, all In township 44, NR11ENMI, M. And thelocatlon on the Virginia belnl~ recorded In book 68, at page 2111 Of Ll}e rcc.rds In the office ot thecounty clerk and recorder of 8aguaehe coumy, Colorndo, and the Mitchell being recorded iu book 68 at page 209 uf said records,and the America being recorded in book 63 at page ~ of said reoords. ere are no gd~olnlng claims on or adJg. oent to either of tnsse lodes. JAS. H. B~ Rs~latcr, let pub. ~p, ~ k~t Nov, 6th, ADMINISTBATOB'8 NOTICE. Estate ofW. H. Lacey, Deceased. The undersigned h~tvlng beea appointed Admlnistrstor of the Estate of W. H. Lacey, late of the County of 8sguache and 8tare of Colorado, deceased, hereby gives notice that 3e will appear before the t'ounty Court o! 8a- macho County. at. t i~e Court House In Sa- nmche at the November Term for Prohate !tustness, on the last Monday (being the 261h lay) of Novemtmr next. at wh|ch lime all persons having claims against m~|d Estate are notified and requested to attend for the pur- poseofhavingthe same adjusted All per- sons Indebted to said Estate are rvqucsted to make immediate payment to the mnierslgned. Dated this 13th day of October, A. D 1900 ROBT. A. LACEY, as Adminislrator. REMARI.g ASSAY8 Gold ............ $ .~I Gold and 8ilver..$ .~ Load ............. 50 { Gold.silver,cnpper 1.60 8emples by mall recslo# prompt attsntion. Rich Ores and Bullion Bought. OGDEN ASSAY CO. 1429-1@th At., Denuer, 0olo. J_ i To Cure a Cold In One Day. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab. lets All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's siguaturo is on each box. 25c. I i SAGUACHE COUNTY ABSTRACT COMPANY, Dealers In 8aguache C0uaty REAL ESTATE. CHOICE RANCHES For sale in the Best Portions of the San Luis Valley~the fa- incus gram field of Colo. rado. Property rented for non-res- tdents, taxes paid and insur- ance written. SAGUACHE, COLO. .............. l.iJ oSauq m~ .o,,a~ua~ .............. 17 il.tH uo!ufl "/~ uaq~T~lI i:! !i I +{ ett.t,~t+ua ++ ,,p,vl+==,-=+-+-=+==++=+-=+-=+-.~.~~+=~-+.+/.~ "ee=al I iltmo, aq~o[ l ++ " t :+ ..... ,u._+'u-+l ........ I J -~ ..~ ~q ~'~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ea ~...~ ~* ~ ~ ~,, ~ ~q o0 t- t~" !i etl'm:lite~J "lagrl ............................. I~* 1 I euol~OjO i ~eeJi) uo'*loD I" I I + eAaD +ll!A ~--= ~. .. -.~-.~ -.= ~ . ~.~z..~-~.~ ~ ~.~-~ ll;=m~0711t.~lllllltll