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November 8, 1900     The Saguache Crescent
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November 8, 1900

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, i iii1|111 im111nm lr ~1, ...... JNO. W. DAVIDSON, Attorney at Law, Saguache, Will practice in all courts. Ne tl 1 CRESTONE BRIEFS. The door that Dant~ saw had this inset, n- Sneeze and blow, but you can't 44 is cess tn e -- lion over it: ".Despair of hope, all ye wtio get permanent relief from catarrh un- -- J.A. Welch, of Ssguache, gave a phon- enter here." When man despair.~of hope MothIJtt,T~ ,,tJlt:"t~et" he drains the very dregs of despair, leas you purify your blood. Hood's Sar- COLO. e~ O coe~ ogrsph entertainment Thursdsy evening There are certain forms of disease to snparilla does this, sooths and heals the at the new school building, which medical ignorance and popular su- perstition have given the title of "Hope- inflamed surfaces, removes all scroful. It was the necessity for an w.w. Iden was m town last Satur- less." That very fact handicaps the suffer- ous taints, and cures catarrh. honest, reliable b[oodpuHfier day with the ballot box for Tuesday's era from such dl"seases by robbing them of the courage to try to regain health. This is Sick headache Is cured by Hood's H. AARON LORD, M.D. and tonic that brought into election, particularly true of lung diseases. As soon pills. 25 cents. as disease fastens on tile lungs, the victim CRESrO~F,, COLOnA,O. existence Hood's Sarsapa- The mill at the Independent mine on sits down, makes his will, and awaits his J.M. Bechtel, seveu miles south of Spanish Crook is expected to start up fate. He wouldn't Act that way if he were rifts, It is a highly concen- about the 25 of the month, bitten by a tarau- Saguacho, has about two tons of t;ab- trated extract prepared by a ~ tula or a rattle- bago to sell at the market price. After Nov. 16th Crestone will have ~ snake. He'd fight then for his hfe. Stops the Cough and Works Off the Cold. combination, proport:on and fourteen malls a week instead of six. But he is under the _ process peculiar to itself and E w. Garretamn has moved over from influence of the ig- norant and super- Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets care giving to Hood's Sarsaparilla Moffat. stitious, that write a cold in one day. No cure, no pay. . "Despair of hope :' unequalled curative po~ver, J.A. Atkinsonas opening up a lumber over tile door of Price 25 cents. County Physician and Health Officer. Its qvonderf-u[ record of cures has made yard here. r such diseases as by ............... it America's Greatest Medicine. ':' '~ neglect or unskill- Don't forget the high school entertain- Rosy Gheeks-- "'I ~oe flood VILLA GItOVE NOTES. !i~ ~ ~l ' endfUl treatmentfatally iu maYcoa, ment Saturday night. Admission 25 and sumption. 15 cents. Proceeds to go to help pay for heMth and rosy cheeks, thaTffes to Hood*s How'l This'? There is anew in- tbe piano. Samapargga. It 5uilds me up and We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for script, on for that sa~es doctor hi{is "" Mary A, Burke, any ceso of Catarrh that can not be cured by doorway of disease, -- .............. Hall's Catarrh t;ure, made by rubbing Notice. Fast Clair St., Indianal~vlis, Ind. F.J. CHENEY & CO., Prope.,Toledo, O. We the undersigned, have known. F. J. Cheney out the first two for thelastlSgears, and believe nim perfectly _ words and leaving Cattlemen are requsted to watch out honorable in ail business transactions and fin- it: "Hope all e ancially able to carry out any obligations made who enter here." What! Can there ~e for cattle branded. F X T, a cross and by their firm. hope for the sufferer with the constant L L, and L Z, on left side, and with a W~ST&'rRuAX, whole,Is Drug$ists. Toledo, O. cough, flushed face, burdened breathing closed Y on left shoulder and turn them WALDINO, KINNAN & MARlrlN, Whole~e Drug- H;?ed:thP~lrlt;:tr_e' ,_ ..... 12k7 ~~t~h~n;; IU-tt'tingand~ar.apafltl, gists, Toled,,, Ohio. ,, and emaciated body ? Tlle record says o Hall's Catarrh Cure ie taken internmly, ~ting "yes." Ninety-eight out of every hufldred into my pasture five miles west of Sa- directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of cases in which Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical guache or notify me and I will pay the system. Price 75e. per bottle. Bold by all Discovery has been used have been per- Druggists. Testimonials free. mantly cured. "Golden Medical Discov- roundup fees for same. LOCAL HAPPENINGS Hall'eFamilyPdlstheaiebeat, ery" positively cures weak lungs, bron- 8. P. ~ALVERT, Saguache. chris, obstinate lingering cough, bleeding The boys came down from the Klon- of the lungs and kindred ailments, which, For the Boys. dike mine Monday evening to vote. if neglected, find a fatal endingineonsump- tion. It cents,us no alcohol, whisky or Adolph Mayer spent the Sabbath at James Camper wants to buy all the Bonanza. John Ashley came over from Parkville other stimulant. ' "Yourmedicincisthebest Ihaveevertakeu." old copper, zinc and rubber he can get. to hear the election returns, writes Mrs. Jennie Dingraan of Vauburen, Kal- He will pay 5 cents a pound for copper, Buy your stationery and tablets at kaska Co., Mich. "Last spring I had a bad cough; got so had I had to bein bed all the time. and one cent and a half for old rubber. this office. Both makers and cir.oulators of coun- My husl~and thought I had consumption. He ~rfeits commit fraud. Honest men will wanted me to get a doctor, but I told himifit I sell gunny sacks four cents each. I was consumption they could not help me. We Read the change m the Saguacha not deceive you into buying worthless thought we would try Dr. Pierce's Golden Medi- pay 12 cents a dozen for beer bottles. Pharmacy ad. counterfeits of DeWitt's Witch Hazel cai Discovery and before I had taken one bottle the cough stopped and I have since had no signs G.0 Taylor wi~teki~g~atvalue tothesielg Gec. W. Koogle brought the returns Salve. The original ia infallible for cur. ofitareturning." down from Iris. mg plies, injuries, eczema and skin dis. Dr. Pieree's Pellets are the best for the bowels. Use them with the "Discovery." WANTED-ACTIVE MAN OF GOOD CHAR- eases. Saguache Pharmacy. actor to deliver and collect m Colorado for old established manufacturing wholessla house. - - $900 a year, sure pay. Honesty more than exper. Corxect styles in stationery at the Bert Johnson and sister of Carnero at- ~0@~#4~~~ i~nee required. Our reference, amy bank in any CRESCENT office, tended the election dance at Saguache. city. Enclose self addreasad stamped envelope, g PERSONAL. :Manufacture.. Third Floor. 884 Doarbon St. Harry Lustfleld was over from Bouan- WtU Hanson come over from Bonanza Chicle. za on Monday. Wednesday to hear how the election$ $~~~~~~ MINING APPLICATION. Biggest and best stock of stationery went. H.C. Lockett came up yesterday to No. 531. Ml,wra! ~urvey No. fd.lSb, and tablets in the San Luis Valley at the Chamberlaln'a Cough Remedy in Chicago. attend a meeting of the Saguache ooun- U.s. Land Office, at l)el Norte, Colo., CRESCENT office, ty high school board, oct, 24, 1900. t Notice is hereby given that William D. Ellis, Ad Hall brought the returns over Hisgen Bros. the popular South Side ................ I of New Ynrk City, by Jolm E. Ashley, his attor- from Parkville. " druggists, cor. 69th street and Went- Gee. Jenkins, Lea Townsend and Carl ne.y In fact, wriest postoffice Is Bonanza~ Colo- ,,.., .......... I race, uas mace application for a patent tot. 1310 worth avenue maya, "We bell a great deal williams went up m Vllli crook yee~ev- [ linear feet ell tim Orphan Belie lode bearing ............... ~ ....... ~ ,, [] o [ , n ~ vin ] gold and silver tile same being 600 feet N 4 38' Before buymg anything in the hue of of Ohamberlain's Cough Bemedy and ,~-: ,~,, ~ v--or ..... e, ~-.v. [ E and 710 feet S 4," ;]8' W fl'om discovery shaft road wagons, carriages or buggies call find that it gives the most satisfactory ------- I thereon, with surface grotllld not over ~t feet r't ,, # ~.. th,,t Ad"~ld'al~ ~, ~-h~iAttr I lit whlth thereon and 1500 test on tile Attic lode ~k~On O ior ~D ttllaV tv~tt~av(* vuu d~.." . * on Lawrence & Williams. results, especially among children for so- ~ :' bearmg ~,ohl ana sliver, tile same bein~ 85 feet yore colds and croup." For sale by Sa- clef, will be iu Saguache next week pro- s 7615'~v and 1415 feet N 76* 15 E from tbe discovery shaft thereon, with surface ground Clarence Garretson of La Garita was guache Pharmacy. pared to do all kinds of repairing. 3oo feet In width, and 1~) test on tile Indepen. = donee lode, bearlnggold and silver, tile same in town this week. - oeing 430 feet N 1052. W and 1070 feet S 1 52' E Mrs Joe Dye, of Pueblo, is visiting H.D. McKelvey, representing D. J. from the discovery shaft, wltJ~ surface ground A bargain is offered some one in an 18 with her parent~ Mr. and Mrs. E. Kramer, the Salida jeweler, will be at 3oo feet in wldtb, attd 1500 feet ou tim I'earylofle bearing gohl and silver, the same being 100 feet volume Encyclopedia Dictionary. Call Mitchell. Saguache Nov. 14, 15, 16 and 17 with a s 1~ 52' Eavd 1400 feet N 1" 52 W from the dis- covery shaft, with surface ground 300 feet In at this office and examine it. ' full hne of watches and jewelry. Re. width; attd 1'500 feet on tim North Pole lode, Frank Clark our genial Sinner went to pairing neatly and promptly done. Call hearing gold andsilveL the same being 50 feet S 1: 52' E and 1~'~) feetN 1 .52' W from tile dis- Dan Davidson was over from Cotton Carnero Tuesday on a prospecting trip. at Birt Clare's shop. covery sllaft, with snrfaee gronnd 300 feet ill Creek Wednesday. --Sentinel. width, attd 1500 feet ou the lgn~',io lode, bear- lag golu and sliver, tile samebelng 350 feet S 76" -- Rather Cold Blooded.. 15' W and 1150 feet N 76~ 15' E ft'om tim dlseov. I have two heating stoves and a good A Gr~atMedlcine. Of the tactics of infantry there Is cry shaft, with surfaeegrouud 300 feet In width, cook stove for sale. Cau be had cheap. gold and silver, tim same being 150 feet ~ 13~ 24 W. W. IDEN. "I have used Chamberlain's Colic, no end, but there are some simple attd 1500 feet on the Wasltakee lode, bearing rules for the Individual foot soldier to v: attd 1350 feet N 13 24' W from the discovery Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and find remember when lost in the chaos of sltaft, with surface ground 3,30 feet in widtlt, an~ 1500 test on tile Sltavatlo lode, bearing gold attd O.O. Fellows brought in the returns it to be a great medloine," aays Mr. E.S. battle. If you cannot bayonet your sllver, thcsamebeiuglOOfeet 8 23 24' E and from the 41 country. Phipps, of Poteau, Ark. "It cured me of enemy, shoot tlim. If he goes away, 1400 test N 13 2~ W from the discovery shalt, with surlaee grouud ;~0 feet In wldtlh and 1500 bloody flux. I cannot speak too highly aim at the base of his spine. But do t~et on the Ouray lode, bearing gohl and sliver, Eat first class short-order meals a~ it." N fb' 24 W from the discovery shaft, wlth sur- Mrs. Schwackenberg's restaurant, when of Thla remedy always wins the I not let yot.c attention be distracted I the same being 40 feet S 13 24' E attd 1460 feet in Villa Grove. Opposite the pcetoffioe, good opiuion, if not praise of those who ' from business by the consideration face ground 300 feet ht width, and 1500 feet on Use it. The quick ouree which it effects that other people are making a marP the lied Cloud lode, tmarntg gold and silver, tile same being 100 feet S 1" 52' E and 1400 feet ~ 1~ of you. It Is your duty to kill the .521 w from the discovery sitars, with surface Two new cases of smallpox are report- even in the most severe oases make it a highest possible number of those op- ground 300 feet in width, all situated lu Kerber Creek nuulng (listrtct, Saguache county, Lolo- ed in the 41 country, favorite everywhere. For sale hy Sa- posed to yen. not to save your own aado, described by the official plat herewith ................... guaohe Pharmacy. skin.--"How Soldlers Fight," by F. posted attd by ttle field notes on fitc in the office of tim register, U. S. land office at Dot Norte A good sewing machine can be bad at - " Norreys-Connell. Colorado, as follows: a bargain. The machine can be seen at D.S. Jones, W. H. Garretson and ORPHAN BELLE LODE. The Reliable Route the residence of Callio ~.~ack. Johnny Smith were up from the south The Stag Beetle. Beginning at cor. No. t, whence the E .14 cot. See 18, Tp 47 N, R 8 E N, M. P. M. bears N 88* Mock Ellis came down from Bonanza last Saturday. As you walk l)y the hedgeslde a 0' I0" E 16tSA6 ft. Tltence N t+ 88' J'~ 1310 It to .... strange noise suddenly arrests your at- cor No. '~. Thence S 88~ 08' W 301.5 ft to cor No. 8. Thence.'~ t 88 W lal0 ft to cor No. 4. last Saturday to vote. O.O.T~wiorWhiaktas, go~,pura, andel& tentlon. It Is the buzz of an Insect, TheneeN88~0~.E$01.5 ft to cor No. 1, the Writing psper by the pound--on~ and Mrs. W. A. McEutyre came over from but loud enough to startle you. It place of beginning. two pound boxes--with envelopes to Kerbor Crock Tuesday and attended might be mistaken for the reeling of a ARCTIC LODE night Jar, but it Is perhaps more like Beginning at eoi-No, b whence the E ~ cot of See 18 l'p 47 ~q B, 8 E N. hi. P. M. beat's N T match, at this office. 25 and 40 cents, the election dance, the Jarring hum of a lastly driven me- + ~0" E 949.,z rt. Thence S 7~ 15' W 1~00 it to Mr. and Mrs. John Colvin went to Great. Luck of an Editor. tor ear. cot No. 9_. l'hence S 1~ 52' E 806.5 f~ to eor No, The reason of the noise is that the ~" Thence N 76' 15' E 1500 ft to eor No, 4. Thence N 1" 5"~'W ~.5 ft to cor No. 1, the ~Ioffat Tuesday to vote. "For two years all efforts to cure ec~e- beetle has with great pains climbed up place el begluutng. Colorado Springs (Coio.) Gazette, Daily ma iu the palms of my hands failed," a certain height from the ground, and IN DEPENDENCE LODE. Beginning atcor No. 1, whence the E hi cor Mining Edition, $4a year In advance. All writes Editor H. l~ l~mter, of Syracuse, In order to ascertain whether he has ot'SecI8Tp47NB, SEN. M.P.M. bearsN78" the mining news and stock quotations. Kansas, "then I wee wholly cured by got far enough, he erects himself on 21'cor10"No.E2.1352.98Thenceft. 8Thence7615' WS 1806.552' Eft 15001o cor No.ft to Bucklen's Arnioa Salve." It's the beat hls stand, lifts his wing cases, shakes ~. Tbence N 1" 52 W 15~0 ft to eor No. 4. out his wings and begins to agitate Thence N 76* 15' E 806.5 It to cor ~o. 1, the Palace Sleeping furs Sam Feast bus had a relapse but re- in the world for eruptions, sores and all them violently, turning this way and place oi beginning. ported being better again, skin disea~ Only 25 cents at Lord & that to make sure that he has a clear PEARY LODE. Beginning at cor No. 1, whence the E hi eor and Din| g Can, That Throbbing Headache. Wiloox's drug store, Grestone, Colo. space, or 8ec 18 Tp 47 N It 8 E N. M. P. M. bears ~ 44)" 8' 40" E 841.35 ft. Thence ~ 1 5T E 1500 ft to cor If lie then attempts to fly--it Is one ~o. 2. Tbenee876~ 15 W 306.5 fl to cor No. 3. Would quickly leave you, if you used For Sale. of his eomnlon blunders--he Instantly Thence N 1' 52 W 1500 ft to cor No. 4. Thence Chai r Cars Free, Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands I have about 200 tons of bay and strikes against some branch or cluster Nbeginnlng.76" 15'E 806.5 ft to cot No. L the place O~] of leaves and is thrown down. The NORTH POLE LODE. of sufferers have proved their matchless three large pastures for sale on the Pi- tumble does not hurt him in the least, Beginning at cor No. 1, whence the E hi oor ALL merit for sick and nervous quot ranch. Running water in all three but so greatly astonishes him that he of~,-e 1~ To 47 N l~ 8 E N. M. P. M. hears s 71" 23' 2o~ E 108L09. Ti~enee ~ 1 52 E 1500 ft to cor Owned and Operated by They make pare blood and build up pastures. Also large corral to feed hay remains motionless a good while; then, No. 2. Tlteuce S 76* 15' W 3~6.5 ft to cor No. 8. your health. Only 25 cents. Money back in with water running through it and a recovering his senses, he begins to as- Thenee N 1" 52 W 1500 ft to eor No. 4. Thence N 76 15' E 306.5 It to eor No. 1, the place of be. CIHCAGO, MILWAUKEE if not cured. Sold by Lord & Wilcox good cabin for accommodation of buyer, cend again. At length, after a good ginning. & St. PAUL RAILWAY, druggist, Crestone, Colo. S.P. C~vz~, Saguache. many aeeidents and adventures by the IGNACIO LODE. For furthe information address Ed Tobler and Johnny Neidhardt were way, he gets on to the topmost twig, ofsceBeginningl8 Tp-47atNcrR 8N'E N.I' wheneeM. P. M.thehearsE ~4~cor0. J. E. PRESTON, over from Cotton Creek yesterday. Poultry and ~lglau Hares. and, after some buzzing to get np .~1 E 2184.11 ft. Thence ~ 76 15' W 1500 It to steam, launches himself heavily on the cot No. 2. Thence N 13" 2t' W 800 ft to cor No. 3. Thence N 76"15 E 1599 t't to cor No. t. Commercial Agent, 1029 Seventeenth St. Catholic Church Notice. I have for Bale at my place south of air and goes away In grand style.-- Thence S 13 2~ E 80O ft to cor No. 1, the place Denver. Colorado. --- Saguache about 20 pure blood Peking Longman's.~ ofbeginnlug. OURAY LODE. I will be at the plaza westof Saguaohe ducks at $2.50 per pair, about 20 Belgian For Sale or Trade. Beginning at eor No. 1, whence the E ~ eor Ou the Wednesday following the second hares at $5 per pair and from 15 to 20 --- Sec 18 Tp 47 N It 8 E N. M. P. M. bears S 65" 22' Sunday in each month, and at Saguaohe E. E. BU[~LINGAME & CO,.o~ the Thursday following and will pure blood Plymouth Rook chickens. A first class wheel Apply at this ,zw F934.6~tt.No. 2. TnenccThenceN1a24S 7(t" 15 W 800 t't WlrmrttoeOrto oct No. 3. ASSAY OFHCE CHEMICAL celebrate mass at each place. Price on application. A. HARENC, ot~ce. Thence ~ 13"24 E 1500 Ittocor No. 4. Thence .................. N 76 15' E 300 ft to cor No. 1, the place of be- at40 LA~ORA ~ CR'" Father Good. Box 9, Saguache. C) ~ ~l~ ~ 0 ~1.. "IP ,.~L,.., ginning. Xstablishedin Colorado,1866. Samples by=silo: ~---- ~~ Ht~ ~Iw~ expresswiltreceive promptand carefulattentio; l~ea~ the ~0~t SHAVANO LODE. Beginning at cor No. 1, whence the E ~ cor e~ld ~, ll,a~ mqllan nenned, ~e, tea sad Aeee~d Patrons of the American ~ouse speak @. o, Tafffor Whiskies, honesftnpurtfD ~lgngt~l~ Sec 18 l'p 47 N R 8 E N. M. P. M. beat's 85o 27 ~m~o,~muu un O~ PU~C~eZC. very favorably of its new management, o~ 441-E723.~sft. TimnceN 13 24 ~V 1500 ft to g. .lra 10n T~$|$-~lh''rcarl"ad lo, Tho table is good, the beds excellent eorNo. 2. Thence876 15' W3u0t~tocor No. Wrtte for terms. " ............... 3. Thence ~ 13" 24 E 1500 ft to eor No. 4. ! ~ .aS- I r 3~ Lswreue~ St,. O,ver. Cot,,, and the attention given guests all that ~, o. Ttbl0r Wl~Isk~ss. are pure medlInal stlmuhmla Thence N 7~" 15 E 300 ft to cor No. I tlte place .... "u]d ~ de"r~" d01 o+. WASHAKEE LODE. A, BREWER, ++,++ft +hen, +,'+"+++1+ ,t oct No. 2 ThenceS76= ~5' W 300ft to cor No, 3. ThenCe S 18" 21" W 1500 ft to cot No. 4. Thence N 76 15 E300 ft tooor No. 1, the mace of be. Livery and Feed Stable, ,h,. .,o.,.. ,. .. +.+ +. ., o. __,. Du- nansia Cure ,,....,.+ LaxativeBromo,Quiaino~'.bl,~ J ~ r " r ing, io burr I% l,e fore it s bottle' and RED CLOUD LODE. the remedy that eum a cold Im otto day sealed, l