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The Saguache Crescent
Saguache , Colorado
November 8, 1900     The Saguache Crescent
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November 8, 1900

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,[ , , i i -- I- " i i ii i i i i CASTORIA ]'or Infants and Children ...... tmmmlll The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Sign tll e of Another Word to the Lndies. We understand there ar~ still a few ta- dio~ in Saguache county, Colorado, who did not take advantage of our recent of- fer to send an elegant shyer plated sugar shell absolutely free of chm'~e Lo any married lady wh') wouht simply ask for it, so we will renew the .ffer for a short time only. We sell these shells regular- lyatforty cents each. [~etail jewelers ask fifty to seventy-gee cents for such goods. They are exquisitely beautiful creations in high glade silver plate. To further advertise our ware we will send one, postpaid, to every marrmd lady who has not received one. 'ihis annout~ce- ment should be cut out and returned to us with your request. C|'his i~ impor- tant). Also please p.')c]os~ a stamp or two to help pay cost,:f m'fili!l~'. Quaker Valley Mfg. Co., Molgan and Harrison street, Cbieagoi Ill. '17o the Deaf. IMr. James Oakley expects to leave about the llth of the mnnth. Fie goes to Colorado Springs and then to Salt Lake where he will stop for a week. Then to Oregon and from the coast he will sail for Honolub~. When you want promp~ acting little pills that never gripe use DsWitt's Lit- fie Early l~isers. S'~guache Pharmacy. Anyone desiring to buy a bunch of first class cattle now have a good chance to oo so in the lot which Mr. Duncan Marshall offers for sale in this issue. W. d. Bennet came down from Bonan- 7a last Saturday and moved his bouse- hould goods to that camp. Millions Given Away. It is eerlamly gratifying to the public fo know of one .concern which is nt)t afraid {o be generous. The proprietors __ of Dr. King's New Discovery for Con- A rich lady, cured of her deafness and sumptiou, coughs and colds, have given noises in the hend by J~r.-N!cholson's Artificial Ear Drum,~. gave $10,000 to his institute, so that deaf people unable to procure the eardrums may have them free. Addresa No. 4871 The Nicholson [nstituto~ 780 E~ghth Avenue, New York. G.O. Taylor Whhkte~ u~ed :by critical Judg$~ away over ten million trial bottles and have the satisfaction of knowing it has cured thousands of hopeless cases. Asth- ma, bronchitis, la grippe and all throat, chest and lung diseases are surely cured by it, Call on Lord & Wilcox, druggists, Crestone, Colo. and get a free trial bot- tle. Regular size 50c an,t $1. Every bot- tle guaranteed. I I I Bonanza Mine Owners Want More Cap- I A New Company. I We are taking orders for POnDer Mate t WANTED--ACTIVE MAN OF GOOD CHA_I~_ ltal. ~ t - --- I .~ : ~. ..... -- .- . I acter to deliver and collect in Colorado for old I engr,.vlng. 2~_ fUll line or sampms or established manufacturing wholesale bouee. ..... The firm ,)f \Visd,*m & [.',li~w,,:"h who [ late~t styles mav b~ se-n at. tale .moo I $900ayear, sure pay. Honesty more than ex. Bona~,za, ~a~uache t~ nnly, C.,lo. N,~v. , . . . ~ . ~ ' ' ........... perioncerequirod. Onrreference any bank in na',~ o ~ .~ ta.,.: ,~ .... v.~ -:, , ',:,;~,>-ve ~ [ rive~ are the ~amo as ehsrged for same anyci~y. Enclose self addressed stamped en- 2 -[S;,e~-ia'.) -The r.m ~: ~,,~,!t, ;'~o~:res.~ x7 ~i, ; , ]~ " "1 l tl sir - - t vtlopo Manufacturers. [hirdFloor, B34Doarbon ! ..... "'" ~ '" ~ "" ~ CI;}S~ OF WOI'K 1~ J~PI)VOF. eJ=. ('hicago. and etlLvrprl~e bn(),v:r ,,, ~,,, ~'AF,=, - -~](I l~liI[ ; " ~ - Ii. '.o |;;ts:.ed .~..~,4. _ _ [ ._.. ............ leaser,~ ia thx~ I*0%'~V*,i t,,tt" t~ It e to t.h(} t" '.*,," .,- ('liit'd.') ~*;!ll[tii~r ;||I(t~ -"'" ., .... i,,.,,~,,,.~ SENT FREE woad.rso,~ the ;,r .-. Mi)hn~ " tWo;fly ? ~" iI~t, b,,i,; : , ., .... ',' 1rust second to l,,,.,~v; ,,.. i *: ]trek Of ]~ILo/'~I In ,:v, ;v .: l.,~h- ~ ;:iir,..:,,.~ .. ,4 ~.:,,., :~-.;n:~.. ing to the metal l,h.., ~,d. ":,,>- perot|s caulp, lJottanZa .~,,, t" ~.o ;t U.-:vrl ~',,,, I,:':~,wlr)=r p~in::~,'~i.v l b)t;r)st O~ vlJiage, store bail,in,./: .~n~ .~ ~n~':~ ci sli.,.,;, $2 -i=~; f,,r lr:..~,: .;~m.::i,tl travel pretty homes detxtvvd ~:i'.* i. ' - t~ rni*;:~ I i- n v~li,j,,('l i,[" iilll~:]l '") ~;T'A:'P.t among even the chiplnuks ,t~f: ,,. ~ ~-,,m,, )';nh,~.,~,] .,,.n T, ~':n,] !h::! !,5 per cent eighteen tlIODLiIS ~*~l~ it i'tl:;H ~ O~_{;lll. }[ tt]~ ild~:'~:OIIL)f~' [''* ;;I~ !I",ll/ (~,;llit'i~rnili -~il'St OLI old llllTlt~;. |~ ~':, .. t- drill tr':!,;,t ,:~ t,,,;*!~l, :., , :,in~" v.,=r.~. ['hess auoth~r remeul:wr.d l' !~n nels they had ab,m,.M:,-,i. . ~*!l the pre~ent r. dmad ,-[.,~ "i~.l.- ment, fr-i~hting af.l t~,).( ,i ,1 'ilOV. }:1~ Itlg ore II] t|It~ i)I'~'.iFL ill" ' "'" ,;: l')~;l'. nlany seealc(t Lo rt'IIl ',',~N I :1~ ;*l),l~ the sim, li:tl~+ tD:~t r,o,;,,:, ,, [ .t ;i t) It .'; difficult l,~ g(,[ ,~ hou::c (4" v,, ",rob ~-t,.r.. Nearly,~UL}of ~mr line- ~>I " ~f nr m~ dtleers o~ the ne~ivl-i~, t ;n.,.~:[ , ~,ls .... , mines, end lo dal 1%'~': ,i[o I~i*[y [irO - erties thal, are l:il,.l !~ .... ,']" ~';it! ~zi]- ver and c,i)ptr. ,n : m! n,,:,.;,~ ~tl/ tUJ ~ F,' ,-.,lhfllr!ii ~'~' Y:~ IllI)t'llr,)' 8() \" ..[~ \ [,n, ,:', - .'~ I :11'.! , ,.vS. rHIO [{'l*~i . i ;I l';tli ,1 ,,i ~< !'i~1~ grva[ deal , ,.,..,,,,;,,,~ t,,:,:.,..,, c v lluvc!, i:avi: g it](~ ...~: ,(] I~ (':lll'~;li:;] l.,lll'i~t, ear set-, "~{Vi! i"i~ ,r~:lq,~t~ [['()ill tlll(','~ ~t" u,'e*'~ 1o! G,0.TaylerWhi;kie~ etaincd b~ the weakest stomachs N!~re:td I,ik!. ~tVGdfiv:. Whorl l~ittL-< ;!ro "|}/~ l)es''~ 1}]~W 1)0 c-me "the i. ~ m,llh~m" Abr:d~a n Hare a lea.tree ,Ir,*e:~;':'. ,.'" |h,]lvi}]o. (). writes, one wh,) vis,ts lb C ill t )~l'H, ;]I "- I~;Ive rich,ore trod in]lllllii- ) ) i'* I>~' [('~,V ~,l'~il]O ore, I1 modvnlle ;ill t;,l~, L' ~.hl :h:B;;lo, goo.l ro~lds an,l ]ot~ e)~ Vn-, . t~tl lI!t~ need more capital. --- Donne: ]'zlnes. There m no pleasuro ill h['e ;l ,.U .]read goiflg to the tahlo it, oat :i,.] .- t ,,,:-1 at night ou aooollllt O[ lllcil. ";i ,I, ii0n- ry Williams el Boonviil.. Ind ca,. he suffered that way for years, Lni m~ com- messed the use of Kodol Dyspepsia Cur.~ and adds, "Now I san eat anytifing I like and all I want and sle, p soundly every night." Kodol Dyspepsia Cure will di~est what yon eat. S;tgnact~e Pharmncy. We are pleased to ~now ~hat Lho~e boys who have been in the h.ibiL ,,F i, ora- ing horses out Of corrals ;~[ hi,it!, jo'-~t for the fun ofseezngpe.>p!e cim~e them up the next (lay, have q~fit it. For a time it was a source o~ greet annoyance to those people in town wh,, koei, h ,r~;cs. This kind o~ phiy if p.,rsi~S,d m w,)uM no doubt have restrtted in sore ~ of them THE POPULAR LINE TO LEADVlLLE, GLEHWOOD SPRIHGS ASPEH, GRAHD JUHCTi0H AND ORIPPLE CREK Re~.ches all the principal towns and rain, |ni; oamps In Colorado, Utah an~ t~ow Msxico. PASSES THROUGH S< LAKE OITY EN ROUTE TO AND FROM PACIFIO COAST. taking a term a~ the Golden ref,,rm school. THE TOURIST'S FAVORITE LINE If you havo ever seen a child in tl TO ALk MOUNTAIN RESORTS. agony of croup you can reahzo how UlthroughtrainsequippedW]thPullma~Pala~ and Tourist Sleeping Car. grateful mothers are for One Minnto Cough Cure which gives r~!ief as soon Forelegantlylllustratoddescrlptivebooksfr~ as it is administered. IL quickly cures ~fcost, address coughs, colds aud all throat an,l luu~z ~..T.JEFFERY. A,S, HUGHES. S.K. HOOPER, t~ft and 6en'l Hgr. ~'~0 Meaag'er. ~m'l P, & T, F troubles. Saguache Pharma'% DENVER. COLORADO. FOR 9~$T~PATIOiL bO%Y~!.'- Ohl'ol3iC COII~ ii ~t~AJg!l f01" sev(,n yo:,r;~ vh;ccd ~ :c i :: ~ ~li:; ~2rl'ib]o c(:!3i/io:l; /'c/il CII(:IV[~)JT :" ~ I:C~'~'( Of 1,:it'~]'.