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November 11, 2010     The Saguache Crescent
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November 11, 2010

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5025 California Ave. sW eattle WA 98136 ' 35 Published in SAGUACHE, COLORADO--"North Gateway  the Prosperous San Luis Valley" + i High Taxes, No Growth -__ffi ===r. Readers Horan's suggestion on - reducing the salary and benefits for Saguache County commission- ers is timely. In a similar vein I would like to go one better and .. ask why we need so many coun- ties? In the San Luis Valley, with a population of around 55,0{10 we have 6 layers of county government. OUR ,131st YEAR VOLUME CXXXI Thursday, NOVEMBER 11, 20i0 NUMBER 45 This arrangement made sense 100 years ago when the only way to We Take Paradise, Put Up a Parking Lot There is a line in an old Joni Mitchell song hbat goes "Don't it always seem to go that vou don't know what you got till "it's gone." With that stuck in your head, let's ponder the way we are headed, not only with the ec+ onomy, but also the soul of Sag- uache Cocnty. I happen to make a fair living from grass and sunshine. 1 have lived all my life this way, as did my father and my grandfather, as did just about everybody be- fore his time--long before we needed to measure carbon seques- trtion It all has to do with defining our own destiny: whether we want to continue to exporit our resour- ces or add value to them here. I am very intent on adding to the value of grass h.ere. I want to get this economic lesson through to you because these are real num- bers. They are relevant to the value of land and grass and how we choose to use it and therefore relevant to the future of my grand- kids and hopefully you. At present, the San Luis Valley exports around 20,000 head of 500 lb. calves every year. A good pot- ion of these are raised in Sag- uache County. The cattle and fam- ilies who know how to raise them are something we have now, a resource that has built the county, its culture and its texture Espec- ially in the past few years, we have learned the value of main- eaining or improving these grass- lands. I happen to think that is a valuable thing. These calves, averaged, will bring at auction around $800 each; that is $12-million that returns to this community. Imagine for a moment that we decide to add some value .to those calves using the resources that already exist here. We can feed these calves local forage, grown by Valley far- mers, through the ,winter. The dal- lars exchanged stay in the valley. We then have a 630 lb. yearling calf and the 20,00 calves produc- ed in this valley, sold as yearlings, will return a lit!le over $1i mil- lion to this valley if they are sold on the commodity market. Add in the new grass-fed cattle phenomenon in which, believe it or not, ranchers can rais,-' a high- ly desirable product that returns a near-to.retail price to the ran- cher. If we keep these calves here and finish them on forage grown here, that will take these calves from 630 lbs. us to 1,109 lbs. Tais is where we begin to realUy add value that in the past has gon. somewhere else. Also please re- member these are community or accumulating dollars, that means the Rancher, the Farmer, the Pro- cessar, the Retailer, the Restaur- anteur and all the laborers in- voled benefit from that original calf I ,am using actual figures from today's marke: based on our av- erage gains far the cattle and this is how it works. That 1,100 tb. steer is worth $1,210 when sold, as a 650 lb, car- cass fob the grass-fed market. At this point we have a value for those 20,000 head of cattle of a- ,bout $24:mfltion/year. The value of processing that l carcass with skilled labor into edible meat, packaged for retail, adds another $544 per head for the processor. That is almost $11 million that could employ i:.people The value at rof that meat is a- Sophisticates Perform in Salida The newly formed dance group, the Saguache Sophisticates have been invited to perform with the Salida Starlettes at the Steam Plant Theatre on Friday, Decem- ber 3. They will be singing and dancing to "Frosty the Snowman." The group currently consists of 10 adults ranging from 19 to 68. They welcome anyone who wishes to join. No prior experience is required, but be prepared to have fun and laugh a lot. The Sophisticates will also be included as part of the Saguache Christmas program by the San Luis Valley Theatre Group, on Friday, December i0 and Satur- day, December 11 at the Histor- ic Ute Theatre, "An Old Fashion- ed Christmas" directed by Vir- ginia Drake, will inclucte actors of all ages. If you are interested in performing in the Christmas .program, please contact Virginia at 580-4443 for further information. FSA Committee Election Don Greenstreet, Saguache Coun- ty Executive Director Of USDA's Farm Service Agency would like to recognize a very fine man who served Saguache County FSA and the agriculture producers in Sag- avhe Ooun as a fine Committee person and Ghairperson for the last 3 years. Jack Ktmtz took a very active role in his community .and served on several committees with fairness, insight and took his reponsibilities very seriously. Jack passed away before he could fin- ish running unopposed, for a 2011 Saguache County Committee pos- ition. We will all miss Jack very much but would encourage other producers to step up like Jack did .and become active in local com- mittees to learn more about Farm Service Agency Programs and have a voice in decisions made by the local committee. Sagu, aohe Covnty FSA will be holding a "Make-Up" election so the schedule will be different than any of the other counties in the area. We urge all eligible farmers and ranchers especially minori- ties and women, to get involved in their communities and run for SteamPlant Fundraiser Put on your Broadway attire and come to Friends of the Steam Plant Fundraiser on Saturday-i No- vember 13 at 8:90 p.m. in the SteamPlant Theater Whether your attire can be seen on Broadway in New York or on Broadway in ,Denver, come and have some fun. Friends of the SteamPlant is hosting its annual Fundraiser, Broadway on the River. Come and see quality performers sing, dance, play and act scenes from famous Broadway shows. Stan& Jacquie will perform "Mr. BoJangles." l%ecenne Ber- hardt will sing accompanied by Cec Hogarth. Jim Hutchings and Judy Litz will sing a duet of "Any- thing You Can Do." Greg West and Kathleen Nelson will act a scene from Same Time, Next Year. You will see dancers per- " y " S form He Big pender" and special tap numbers. Other mus- ical numbers are "There's No Business Like Show Business," "My Romance," "Harry Lime Theme," "Think of Me" from Phantom and so much more... Extend your evening with the after party for more Broadway music, karaoke, friends, fun, free snacks, and cash bar. Cost is only $'20 per ticket and includes the af- ter party. The money raised is used to help 'the SteamPhnt remain a quali,ty venue. Friends of the SteamPlant purchase top-of-the-line technical equipment and other items that make the SteamPlant the place to be for concerts, reed- dings, conventions, meetings, art and other types of entertainment. The Friends also help nan-profits in Chaffee County to use the SteamPlant's superb facilities by gran, ting rental subsidies. You can increase your fun and your support of the SteamPlant by attending the Pre-Party start- ing at 6:30 p.m. in the SteamPlant Ball room. For only $50 per ticket, you will be treated to delicious hors d'oevres, a glass of cham- pagne, ticket to the show, reserve seats, six chances at fabulous door prizes, lilting piano music and the After Party. Tickets are available at the SteamPlant, on-line at http://sal The Elephant in the Room Good Morning Commissioners, I want to thank you for giving me a little of your time at the spur of the moment to take up the Tessera permitting issue. As I soon realized, I should have come a few months ago l It was surprising to me that your board had not ,weighed in with the BoCC during the last year---one way or the other--on the first industrial facility proposed for Saguache County! It's historic! Proposing to turn 1525 acres of rangeland into an industrial site surely fits well within th scope of concern for a commission seat- ed to address land use. This pro- ject will include 100 miles of dirt roads within the site, manufacture hydrogen gas on site, store haz- ardous waste water in lined ponds and "engineer" the Ball Arroyo and shallow water courses that feed surrounding properties to ac- corr/odate 5700 40' concentrated solar collectors. These are a few of the impacts that will occur, found documented within the Tessera Solar 1041 per- mit application, available to read on the Saguache County website. This is not opinion or speculation. These are facts. Before I spoke at the meeting, I titened to your board's discus- sio with a young man applying f.or permit to grow medical mar- Uu ana in a 1,000 square foot build- in,, and heard earnest concerns expressed by your members and two county residents objecting to the project, uncertain of the im- Facts on water, of organic chem- icals and traffic. This was truly an enlightening moment!! Tessera--the elephant in the room--does not appear to be on the Planning Commission's radar. Now that the BoCC is ready to make a decision on the final apg,lication, there will be no in- sight or counsel from the only other county body "invited" to weigh in on the 1041 process. Why? You all worked very hard to complete the Master plan. I have read it, and quote it... "The res- idents of Saguache County see the viability and opportunities that well thought-out growth can bring ... a practical statement of as- reeve was on foot or by hors. Today, this multiplicity of court- houses is an anachronism, becom- ing ever more costly and ineffi- cent by the day! Ever wonder why the San Luis Valley counties remain at the bob tom of the economic ladder in Colorado, in good times and bad? In a word, TAXES. A first step would "be to petition the governor to appoint a com- mission to study the feasibility of a realignment of the San Luls counties. Contact me if you would like to sign a petition. If you would oFpose this initiative, I'd like to hear from you, too. We may learn that we can pay much less in tax, with fewer counties, and begin to thrive. A report from the governor's com- mission waud be the basis for either advancing or abandoning this idea. Be mindful that any change will reduce taxes, or increase efficien- cy, eliminate waste, and curb dup- lication will never originate in the courthouse. And bear in mind too, that as a practical matter, commissioners, " and politicians generally, are preocenppied only with their re-el*tion and career progression. They have no inter- est in reducing your taxes. In any case, it is imperative that property owners take an ac- tivist position in controlling the costs of government. Moreover, advances in technology and[ inno- vation,, however groat, never, re- duce your tax bill 'either. People who don't own property are still voters. And according to Fortune Magazine, they tend, as a group, to increase the property tax. Simon Halburian To the Library News Editor Congrats, you won. So quit Whining, Didn t yo mama teach you nothin? All is fair in love, war and politics! You went for tax money! Thass political. Simon Halburian l0 MONTHS TILL Saguache 2011 Paw Wow By: Caroline Wolfgramm Irwin bout $52 million/year. Every one of those 20,000 calves 2011. : " Woman pilots. The book-was ;in- THANKS a,d they are covered with deer, could yield $2.60D back into this For more irdormation about FSA county if we decided to invest here county committee and FSA pro- teresting :and so was our discus- .a County Committee position The idastpamnlant cam Salida and pirations of its citizens to prepare r^-. election will be, held in Saguac..e Buena Vista Chambers of Cam for and shape the course of growth .... - . - era uao lviears Park m the Town County in the area bordered by US mercy or The Trailhead in Buena and development.., land own ........ - ' " " r tn aguacne, t;oioraao will be the Highway 285 on the we=t, the Vista Come and kick up your have a right to use thmr prope- -ettl,,, -- = ,r,-omi,,,ol Uro,.;,,; county line betwe.n Rm Grande heels for a oad cause For ad- ty in a manner whm does -. ........ .... on - ........ nt ds ttrancmg) row wow. i-'encu m County and Saguache County ditional information '-lease call cause harm to adlace lan .. _ , ........... ' ' , e  aturaay, pmmr l, ZUll tar tho south and County Road L m 7to n_aaQ individual hbrty and private ....... . :_ even[ Tne l-lob l)rummln Sauache Count,, on the north ..... nroort- rights will be of great  g J ....... --- .... r r J will: ' - be from Soth Dakota Lead If you are an eligible voter in | I11 A I'? MI?IIIO concern when considering land use ........ - ,, ing up to Septemb .or 2011 articles this area and would like to have LIDI/M$1 II regulatmns... ,,- ... . .: . . will-e reteasea each month to 1" your name on the ballot, or if If we allow industrial projects : : . .... ,,na hnf ,tr,nld On Tuesday, Nov. 2, voters ov- +,, o ,,o,.,t ,,,,,,h,,. what help you remember that this event make a good committee person, e.rbTlmmg!y approv a op]j lc,ens to the "individual liberty,"  h,ppening:and teach you nomination forms (FSA-f169A) can e,ry mx .mni levy mar WUljUaU protection from "harm" and: the a.ou : l-w .wow euque,ue along ha"niek-od r at any Fan Office me new larmern guacne uoun- ,,,,q,.# nroertv ri,hts" of the wltn unuerstanding what a Paw  "': .... " .... : -- ty Library District, comprised of .':'- " " " Wow is or online at the webslte mentmned ........ citizens who happen to be unfor- me mrmer aguacne t;ounty anu The drum not at the end of this news release ..... a " libra " -h tuna te enough to border proects only sets the temp o me aca ur sue ries T e 9 to be returned T ss,ra Do we onl mean of songs and dances at the Paw These forms ned L s" f ........ r i s a ": ur hke e . . Y mt at oom noare na o to the Saguache County FSA Of- man su rters are trul te to protect the rights of large, rich Wow, it also is a very important !iv:y y:d v,epb?m2rg2010;r tl[at" fmmYe!eP mcr;f Yr gc e" ldt::l, i" "alto =- vZ:llatnThoa  this saca'iflee m order to provide your Ballots will be mailed to eligi- "_. i "_ ..... " . late in helping to guide future de- tions and the native way of life. susmmame ptmnc anary servt ,, ble voers in the area by January . . . , " velopment mandated by" the emm- One ia to do more than just lis- ces mr everyone ana we pmage , ,, ,, ,, 3, 2011, ballots need to be returned to ark as hard and sma'rt  as ty' Master Plan, late. But, ten to the drum--one is to feel or postmarked by January 31, 2011 "' . .   we have another industrial solar it. we can to aeserve your generos- .... fin 1041 , and the ballo,ts have to be count- ........... . project entering rata its al The drum s circular shape rep- lay ny continuing m mprove u ed by February 7, 2011. .r. - _ : .... 2. .... " ^u* ' phase right now. What could _p resents the unity of the Native Committee members apply their ....... *--'*^ ^a 1. ......... an sibly be an acceptable excuse for People and their oneness with the kn9wledge and judgment to make ',g"'. ""VTal :ou the Planning Commission to not Universe. The circle is a sacred decisions on disaster and causer-oevevnefor''svote of con weigh in this time? . symbol in the Native Way of Life. ration payments establishment of , ^.:,s - Most sincerely One comwm f Of dr nm i i'ha ' . , 'rid_._-_! -=-----= -, I  ..... el2r PPeeliv:i.P;e +;++auache Book Club met+on Sun- ;eaScTge + ,traditional me m, which is . g .... Y ,'.. .... ,_ ...... ,.. day, Oct 31 to discuss Beryl Mark, .made by stretching a hide over a mrs ana omer lOCal lUS i'uway: ,- ,- , := - - :-- ---- w fr o- ... -' = narns autobioaphy, West with ___----  ood area and lacing the two e.ect'raatC%'mficm:mie::chan, the Win, +' which chronicles her + Just Want to Say sides together. Traditional drums altern ...... - : life in Africa as one of the first " do not have any steel on them _ ,,. . +o. usa. sion Members also discussed fu- grams, visit http:,,-,-,. , . . . .... ture choces and meeting tunes .gay/. . ..... : _ i and decided to meet ag-ain be- Seize from every moment tts fore Thanksgiving, so the next rather than wait for forei in- vestors to give Us a reatively few tax dollars: for electricity sold somewhere else. why don't we ever think about the value of what we hmre? All of this value is just the meat, without the value added of the hides tanned into leather and made into shoes or the offal tin-ned into hundreds of other pro- duets that woud create a lot more jobs and mic benefit for the COUnty. The potential of that 1,500 ac- res where Tessera wants to build, based on its current carrying cap- acity of cattle, works out to be around 281 head of cattle per year, With some marketing that unique novelty, and do not nre-. meeting will be Saturday, Nov. 20 at 4:00 p.m. in the Saguache li- brary. The book we'll be discuss- ing is John Steinbeck's "Cannery Row" and copies are available at the library now. Anyone inter- ested in joining book club discus- sions is free to attend; the only requirement being a love of read- ing. Change of Time rmre your joys. --Andre Gide 65, and to the Saguache County Sheriff's Department for enfoa'e- ing the new limits. There have been three deer killed by vehicles and several near accidents caused by high speed on this little trav- eled road. Thank you all. Alan Palme elk, moose, or buffalo hides. There to the Sagaaehe County Road and are usually four singexs on a Br4dge Stewisor Randy Arre- drum giving testimony to the four dondo, for his prompt posting of directions. The singers are able to speed imit signs on County Road control the pitch on the drum by warming the hide on the drum near a small fire or in the sun. The Elders say thaL when songs are sung with these drams "they are heard by the S "lit" :/,orld." When the drmn beats unds in Otto Mears Park on saturday, Se 24, 201:1: it is calling pette from all directions to come Closed to Tr00itional Wa- cipi "dance" Pow Wow. Count The Saguache County Road and down the months with us as we Bridge anct the Saguache Omnty move towards this Native Amer- could he a community value of $730,600 each vear. Multiply that by 20 years, e stated lifespan of the Tessera project, and you get $14.8 milion income to the area, while maintaining or im- proving a native grass ecosystem that is perfect, 100% efficient, needs no .roads, no power lines, The time for Mass for St. Ag- Landfill will he closed Thursday, lean gathering next year. Contact: nes Catholic Church has been November 11 and will reopen on 719-850-0051 or irwin2007@century. changed to 8:30 a.m. Friday, November 12. net. nothing from the county except recognition and protection. George Whitten, Jr. urche3 UNFrED METHOD/ST CHURCI Pastor James Grunden Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Worsrip Se.o-,,vice 10:30 A.M. The day's message, "Rethink Church" was brought to us by District Superintendent, Marvin Vose. Growing up in a small town in Iowa, he was taught how to do church. He felt most of us knew how to do church, too. We were taut.hi by our families, re, forced. by the community, the pastor, and the church. But now the world has changed. Statistics tell us that in many communities today, 60% are unchurched. The world has changed, but lots of churches have not. There are few- er and fewer young people, and the age of the members is increas- ing. what do we do? What would happen if we started to look for what God is doing in our commun- ity and thn started to work along- side GOd? Ephesians 5:1 says "Watch what God does." Mostly what God does is bye you. Keep c:mpany with Him and ].earn ,a life of love Robert Schuller came across a little prayer that triqued him, "Good morning, Lord. what are you doing today? Can I be a part of it? Thanks. Amen." If you start to ask and you start to look, God will begin to make some thing s clear. And then you can start to work along- side God in what God is already doing in the world. Then we may become more and more the church started by Jesus. Special music, "When You Come Back Dawn" was brought to us by Ian Walker and Pastor James. PrlIN AVENUE BAP CHURCH- . 610 7th Street Church 655-2641 Pastor - Mark Swinney - 655-0201 Bible Stud) at 9:30 a.m. Worship Service at 11:00 a.m. Prayer meeting Wed. at 6:30 p.m Team Kid - Wednesday at 4:30 pin 6:00 p.m. John 5:14, "Afterward Jesus found him in the temple, and said to him, "See, you have been made well. Sin no more, lest a worse thing  uon you." A comparfso/ hetween the heal- ed paralytic with the healed blind man in chapter 9 is a study in contrasts . The healed blind man -made- no effort to escape the im- plication of the healing where as this man blamed the Healer. How- ever, in both cases Jesus did not leave the healed[ men, but wont .and found them. The question becomes what did Jesus mean? He firmly rejected the cause and effect relationship in sin and ill- ness in chapter 9:2-3. Therefore this story and Jesus' comment is to be un in the relationship between "sin and judgment." This is the memiiag of "something worse" in Jesus' warning. It is doubtful that the man in this story really under- stood the significance of-Jesus. He is clearly unlike the blind man (9:33) who seems to have under- stood. Instead the blaming, self- centered, self-preservation pattern of his former life continued after the healing as he ;turrred from the Healer to investigators and re- ported Jesus to these attflmrity figures. The healed failed to make the connection between sin and judg- ment. Without the forgiveness of sin judgment follows resulting in eternity in Hell By: Mark Swinney Gumbo Jets at The Ute Theatre On Friday, November 12th, tim Ute Theatre will host an evening of'Cajun fun for the whole fam- ily featuring the Gumbo Jets Of Salida. Cost of admission is $6 for adults and children under 12 are free. Doors open at 6:30 with an opportunity to dine on the night's special, Chicken & Shrimp Gum- bo. Thexe will be instruction in Cajun waltz and 2-step at 7:00, so that when the music starts at 7:30 .everne wig be ready to kick up their heels and dance. The Gumbo Jets play a variety of Cajun:and  Creole tunes rang- ing froii' liwly, footstomping reels to niellow waltzes with haunt- ing Fren lyrics. Irhe band members include Mark Midor on fiddle and Cajun aocordian,  Michele Riggio on gui- tar and lead vocals, Elliot Jack- son on fiddle and vocals, Andrea Coon on fiddle, Rich Langberg on bass and Davy Bokel on drums. Sihce the group's ineeptio winter, they have been pl audiences in Salida, Florence, Pa- onia and Villa Grove. This event is not to he missed! Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when it is the only idea we have. --Alaln i /