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November 14, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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November 14, 1901

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there was only wind enough for one,does not take a paper. He is a half brother to the man who took out one of his pumps because he had not water enough for two. The far west is fooling the eastern mar- kets this fall by Sending forward so few sheep and lambs. The eastern trade had looked fora big run on account of disas- trous reports concerning over.stocked ranges, all 'of which of course was poppy- cock. The west is no beggar and when the eastern folks Slump off the price on our good lambs we feel that we can stay at home and keep our sheep. They are worth more to us than the few dollars they might bring on the Chicago market and as we have plenty of grass and all the range we ever had we are mixing no war medicine.--Field and Farm. Winter protection is an absolute nec- essity for growing small fruits in all sections north of the Arkansas river in eastern Colorado and it should be prac- tied in every locality where the temper- ature reaches below zero. The best win- tar protection for blackberries, rasp- berri~ and grapes consists in laying them down and covering lightly with dirt and this work is now going on around Denver wherever cane fruits are grown. Such varieties as the Marlboro raspber- ry with hrittle laterals have to be bent down while there is yet sap in the stalks and leaves on the branches. Were thai ~oil is light and salMy considerable dif- ficulty ie experienced in shoveling the dirt onto the recumbent plants to hold down the tips before the side furrows[ ure thrown up by the breaking plow and it requiras the combined patien~ of at leant two good humored men to do the work Sometimes the addition of straw thrown across the tops of the canes as they are laid down will assist in making the light earth more effective in holding the preatrate canes in place.--Field and l~arm. There never was a time during the past thirty years when so few cattle were ~hipped out of Colorado as the present fall and this means a new condition in this country with much labor and ex- pense to carry the stock through the winter. While a great many western cattle have been shipped from Missouri river markets back to the farming sec- tions to be placed on feed most localities will do very little feeding during the doming winter owing to the short dora crop lad the oertai0ty that feed will bring unusually l~ig~ prices. Enough cattle will be fattened in the aggregate to meet all trade requirements but no surplus is probahle and it is certain that the supply of choice beeves will be short. Already such kinds of cattle are showing a marked advancing tendency and sales of beef this week were at the highest range of the Tsar, one sale being made on Chicago of a car load of twenty fancy Herefords that averaged 1,407 pounds at $6.90. Cattle that grade well enough to bring $6.50 are comparatively scarce and go off like hot cakes whenever offered.-- Fled and Farm. Au Exctllent Showing. About 85 cars of sugar beets have been shipped from I~ Junta to the factory at F, ocky Ford so far this season. The cars average about 25 tons and this would make a total shipment of about 875 tons. Beets chipped have averaged as high as 22 per cent sugar, and 16 per cent has been the lowest test. Henry Kruken- meyer h~m had the highest test thus far, and many of the growers are not far be- hind. The factory pays $4 per ton for beets averaging from 12 to 15 per cent and 33 1.3 more for each per cent. above 15. Growers wbo deliver beets averaging '22 per cent receive $6.33 per ton. Grow- era in the territory adjacent to La JuntaI have averaged over $5 per ton up to the i present timo,--La Junta Tribune. --l'agosa Springs Times. ~ommunigated. In those days there wore two political parties, one of these parties was by name democrat and the other was by name populist. Now it appears that these two presumptious parties hungered and thirsted for fame. So they gathered up their best warriors from mountain and plain. Then they did swear by the ash of their ancestors that they would cap- ture the county offices or they would spill their gore, and bleach their bones up?n the crust of the earth. So with this questional resolve, these two parhes girdled ca their armors and sallied forth to give battle to our good old-time republican party. But time had given edge to the spears and swords of tbe republicans and in consequence when the battle was over there were compara- tively few of the democrats and popu- list soldiers left to tell how easy they were slaughtered. Now in the days to come the descen- dants of these two dead parties will say unto their friends "My dad was slain at the battle of Waterloo. Whore wasyou' r~ dad slain?" Gads boys, it was too easy i to boast of. Since writing the above I have met with a few of the survivers who say that if their ammunition had held out the late battle would have surely been theirs. To these poor deluded ones I retorted If the dog had not stopped to catch a mouss he might have dined on venison. t]ut why should we dance over the grave of our friends, the enemy? Yours truly, Old Mortality. The 0reatest Ever. Denver, Colo. Nov. 6, 1901. During the past fifty years there have been many conventions held in the United States representing vast accumu- lations of wealth and progress. But the first great congress of the ~wentieth cen- tury, the fifth annual convention of the National Live Stock Association, repre- senting the entire industry of the nation, which will assemble in Studebaker's theater, Chicago, Ill. on December 3, will' represent as much enterprise and more money than any gathering of men ever assemSled on the globe. This, the greatest industry of the country,.will hold it~ fi~th annual con- vention on the date al}d place already stated. There will be several bills ap- proved by them which tbe incoming congress will be asked in no uncertain tone to pass. Every delegate, therefore, should attend every session, commenc- ing at 9:30 a. m. and permit no other af- !fairs to interfere with this duty. All i railways have made a round trip rate of one fare t:lus $2. During the same week these men are exhibiting the product of their ranges and farms at the second International Livestock Exposition at the stock yards which will also be the greatest of the kind ever held on the continent. The citizens of Chicago are making ex- tensive preparations to entertain all del- egates and visitors, and cordially invite all interested to be their guests during the week of December 2. Chas. F. Martin, Secretary. The company's immense warehouse is How will your cough be tonight ? Worse, prob- ably. For it's first a cold, then a cough, then bron- chitis or pneumonl~i, and at last consumption. Coughs always tend downward. Stop this downward w~dency by taking Ayer's Cherry Pec- toral. THE HOME GOLD CURE. An Ingenious Treatment by which Drunk ards are Being" Cured Daily in Spite of Themselves. It is now generally known and under- stood that drunkenness is a disease and not weakness. A body filled with poison, and nerves completely shattered by per- iodical or constant use of intoxicating liquors requires an antidote capable of neutralizing and eradicating this poison and destroying the craving for intoxi- cants. Sufferers may now cure themsel- ves at home w~thout publicity or loss of time from business by this wonderful Home Gold Cure which has been per- fected after many years of close study and treatment of inebriates. The faithful use according to directions of this won- derful discovery is positively guaranteed to cure the most obstinate case no mat- ter how hard a drinker. Our records show the marvelous transformation of thousands of drunkards into sober, in- dustrious and upright men. Wives cure your husbands[ Children cure your fathersI This remedy is in no : sense a nostrum but is a specific for thin ! disease only, and is so skillfully devised and prepared that it is thoroughly eclu- ble and plessaut to the taste, so that ~t can bs given in a cup of tea or coffee without the knowledge of the person tak- ing it. Thousands of drunkards have cured themselves with this priceless rem- edy, aud as many more have boon cured and made temperate men by baying the "Cure" administered by loving friends and relahvse without their knowledge in coffee or tea and believe today that they discontinued drinking of their own free will. Do not wait. Do not be deluded by apparent and misleadmg "improve- ment." Drive out the disease at once and for all time. The Home Gold Cure is sold at the extremely low price of one dollar, thus placing within reach of everybody a treatment more effectual than others costing 8S~ to $50. Full di- rections accompany each package. Spe& ml advice by skilled physicians when re- qdested without extra charge. Sent pro- paid to any part of the world on receipt of one dollar. Address Dept. E 786 Ed- ward B. Giles & Co., 2330 to 2332 Mar- ket St. Philadelphia, Pa. All correspon- dence strioth, confidential. The Rambouillet offers the best type of mutton that can be found among merino sheep. In Germany it lms received much recognition for its mutton value. This breed is in such demand by the farmers being rapidly filled with a very superior quality of refined sugar.--Rocky Ford Enterprise. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure Dioests wha~ you eat. This preparation contains all of the digestanls a:~d digests a~l kinds el food. It gives ins~:tnt, relief and never falls to cure. It allows you to eat all the food you want, The most sensitive stomachs can take it. By itsuso many thousands of dyspeptics have been cured after everything else failed It is unequalled for all stomach troubM~ it oan't help but do you good ~.pared only by E. C.. DEWITT & OO.. Chlcag~ '~ne $1. bottle con~ams Z~4 tlmes th e f~ TO CHICAGO The Reliable Route Palace Sleeping Cars and Dining Cars. Chair Cars Free. ALL Owned and Operated by CIHCAGO, MILWAUKEE & St. PAUL RAILWAY. For furthe reformation address J. E. PRESTON, Commercial Agent, 1029 Seventeenth St. Denver, Colorado. Colorado Short Line. Missouri Padfic timre that in the ram sales it is difficult i for an American, wishing to purchase, tot The People's Choice, have as good a selection as .he would I Through without change wish. The Germans do not wish to let | the rams go away. The average yield ,,e ~ DENYER, COLORADO SPRINfi$ wool is in the neighborhood of twelve andPUEBLO pounds and Mr. Massey of Fort Logan has Rambouillet lambs which weigh 150 TO to 160 pounds.-Field and Farm. KANSAS CITY and ST, LOUIS, The Children's Friend. .q~ Along the valleys of the Dolores, Man-~ You'll have a cold this winter. Maybe i cos, San Juan and other rivers ia Cole- i you have one now. Your children will rude, the Salt, Gills and other rivers in l Arizona and New Mexico are the ruins of large cities with buildings four and six storms high which furnish evidence of densely settled communities once sup- ported by agriculture by irrigation. Por- tions of these extensive canals show them as accurately and nicely paved with cobble stones as the streets of a city. while other portions are cut through sol- id rock. This is amazing when we con- eider that the relics excavated from those extensive ruins reveal no evidence that the aborigmals had any knowledge of the use of explo~ives and all this by a race in our own Unitecl States of whom we have no hittory.--Ex. suffer too. For doughs, croup, bronchitis, grip and other winter complaints, One; Minute Cough Cure never fails Acts promptly. It is very pleasant to th~ tast~ and perfectly harmless. C. B. George, Winchester, Ky., writes: "Our little girl was attacked with croup late one night and was so bourse she could hardly speak. We gave her a few doses of.One Minute Cough Cure. It relieved her im- mediately and she went to sleep. When she awoke next morning she had no sign of hoarseness or croup." Saguache Pharmacy. O,O,TqlorWhl,klo* fmlnedb7 th* w0akett ,tomteM Direct Route To The Hot Springs of Arkansas, Free Reclining Chair Cars Elegant Pullman Palace Buffet Sleepers. Government Fas' Mail Route East and West. 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