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November 14, 1918     The Saguache Crescent
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November 14, 1918

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THE CRESCENT, SAGUACHE, COLORADO III III [I I I i I II I I Illl Ill I HOW TO USE-VIOK'S V.APORUB IN I TREATING SPANISH INFLUENZA The Influenza Germ Attack the Lining of the Air Pa~ sages. When VapoRub Is Applied Over Throat and Chest, the Medicated Vapors Loosen the Phlegm, Open the Air Pauages and Stimulate the Mucoul Membrane to Throw Off the Germs In Addition, VapoRub is Ab- sorbed Through and Stimu- lates the Skin, Attracting the Blood to the Surface and Thus Aids in "Reducing the Congestion Within. CALL A PHYSICIAN- GO TO BED- STAY QUIET -- PONT WORRY ~lkere Is No Occasion for Panic---Influ- enza Itself Hen u Very Low Percent- age of FntuHtien. Not Over One Death Out of Every Four Hundred Case~ According to the N. C. Board of Health. The Chief Danger Lies in CumplleutIons Ar~fug. Attncklng l~lqlaelpnny Patients In a Run-Down Ceadltlea---~hoae Who Don't Go to Bed Seem l~nough, or Thone Vehu Get Up Tee Fmrly. SPanish Influenza, which appeared in Spain in May, has all the appearance of grip or la grippe, which has swept over the world in numerous epidemics as far back as history runs. Hippocra- tes refers to an epidemic in 412 B. C. which is regarded by many to have been influenza. Every century has had its attack& Beginning with 1831. this country has had five epidemics, the last In 1889-1890. THE SYMPTOMS. Grippe, or influenza, as it is now called, usually begins with a chill, fol- lowed by aching, feverishness and sometimes nausea and dizziness, and a general feeIing of weakness and de- pression. The temperature is from 100 to 104, and the fever usually lasts from three to five days. The germs attack the mucous membrane, or lining of the air passages--nose" throat and bronchial tubes; there is usually a hard cough, especially bad at night, and frequently all the appearances of a severe head cold. THIE WREAWMEN'r. GO to bed at the first symptoms, not only for your own sake. but to avoid spreading the disease to others---take a purgative, eat plenty of nourishing fo~d. remain perfectly quiet and don't worry. Quinine, aspirin or Dover's Powder. etc.. may be administered by the physiolan's directions to relieve the But there is no cure or specific for tnfluenza~the disease must run its course. Nature herself will throw off the attack if only you keep up your strength. The chief danger lies in the complications which may arise. Influenza so weakens the bodily resistance that there is danger of pneu- monia or bronchitis developing and sometimes inflammation of the middle ear, or heart affections. For these reasons, it is very important that the patient re.main in bed until his strength returns~stay in bed at least two days or more after the fever has left you, or if you are over 50 or not strong, stay in bed four days or more, according to the severity of the attack. EXTERNAL APPLICATIONS. In order to stimulate tile lining of the air passages to throw off the grippe germs, to aid in loosening the phlegm and keeping the air passages open, thus making the breathing eas- ier, Vick's VapoRub will be found ef- fective. Hot, wet towels should be ap- plied over the throat, chest and baek between the shoulder blades to open the pores. Then Vlck's should be rubbed in over the parts until the skin is red, spread on thickly and cover with two thicknesses of hot fladnel cloths. Leave the clothing loose around the neck, as the heat of the body liberates the ingredients in the form of vapors. These vapors, 'in- haled with each breath, carry the med- ication directly to the parts affected. At the same tit~e, VapoRub is ab- sorbed through and stimulates the skin attracting the blood to the sur- face and thus aids in relieving the con- gestion wit~l~n. HOW TO A~,rOID rrHE DISt~&S~. Evidence seems to prove that this is a germ disease, spread principally by human contact, chiefly through coughing, sneezing or spitting. So avoid persons having colds- which means avoiding crowds -- common drinking cups. roller towels, etc. Keep up your bodily strength by plenty of exercise in the open air and good food. Above all keep free from colds, as colds irritate the lining of the air pas- e,~ges and render them much better breeding places for the germs. Use Yick's VapoBub at the very first sign of a cold. For a head cold. melt a little in a spoon and inhale the va- pors, or better still, jse YapoRub in a benzoin steam kettle. If this is not available, use an ordinary tea-kettle. Fill half-full of boiling water, put in half a teaspoon of VapoRub from time to time--keep the kettle Just slowly boiling--inhale the steam arising. Vick's VapoRub can be Ipad in three slzes--~Oc, 6Oe. SL20---~t all drugglatlL Tke reason some men have more Misht Escape. than otbers~ is usually because they work harder and save more. Forgive others often, yourself never. GUARANTED TO IN.~'ANTLY RrLI[Vr W. N. U. Salt Lake City, No. 45--1918. Father--Are you aware, sir. of the serious step you are taking whel, you contemplate marrying my daughter? Prospeetive Son-hi-Law--Oh, yes! It's a beastly fag, of course, but the best man will look after the ring, and if we get away before the breakfast Is over I shan't have to make a speech, The tortoise shell, when heated, be comes very pliable and can be twisted in any shape required. As long as a gown isn't too small a woman can build herself up to fit iL Acid-Stomach Makes Millions Weak and Miserable FQr years deuttsts have been telling this eeid-atomaeh ia allowed to tear down lt~ that It's acid mouth that ruins the and 1lee up day after day your strength teeth, Fat this acid that Is powerful and vitality faster than you can get it enough te eat out of food you eat. Life Is indeed dark through the harder than bone e~amel of the teeth and decay them. Is tasteless. Its presence can be detected only by chemical tests. No chemical test is needed to tell yon that you have acid-stomach. Indigestion, belching, heartburn, moat stomach, food-repeating, that miserable puffed Up feeLing after eating, intestinal ~atna, headaches, etc. These are sll ature's warning to you. They are sure signs of superaeidity. Acid.stomach prevents proper dlge~. tlen and assimilation, thus causing the bleed to become thin and impoverished aa a l~tmlt of which people bt'eoms sol- law-skinned, emaciated, nick and bad l~tking. Acb:l-atomach .causes stomach and in- testinal fermentation, producing poisons and toxins which, absorbed into the blo~d sod ea~d tl~oughout the nyatem, cause ~-Intoxicetlon, insomnia, nervousness, ltabtBty, mental depression, melan- **holia. dizztne~s, vertigo and often|Ira, s. *a~vnistPheart troab]e and heart failure. Aekl-stomach causes, lrrltatlos all along the intestinal tract--irrnatl~n so severe sad aggravating as to frequently resu~ in catarrh and even cancer of the Moloch, What chance, then. has anyone f,F robust hearth, happiness or success if and dreary for a person with acid-stom- a(*h. YoU crave health, strength, the power and will to think and set--don't you~ You want to feel fuU of pep and energy, ~ne and at. always eager for work or p|ensare. Then yon must rid your stomach of tis excess acid. You can start doing it rizht now. A wc.nderful modern medi- cine has made It poss!~e re literally wipe out the excess acid. "rmo remedy is called EATONIC. It is made In pleuasnt taat- lu~ tablets and yon take them Just like a bit of candy. And. my, how ~rood EATONIC makes you feel! It b~nishes acid-slomaeh mi~- {r]es ]lke magic! Makes the stomach ~o~.1, swec~ and strong, lIelps you to ge' fdn strength out of your f,),~l so that. l~ tllrn, your body and brMn are vigoroas, alert and keen. EATONIC is ab~oi~ltely ffaaranfecd, to ger a big 50 bags. Experiments have shown that approximately two and one-half pounds of salt to each one hundred pounds of shredded cabbage give the best flavor to the reSulting kraut. When the barrel or crock is nearly full, the eal)bage should be pressed down as flrml.v ,~s possible and coy e~ed with a clean board cover. It i~ advisable, but not essential, mat Clear cloth be placed over the cabbage lie fore the cover is put Into place. Th, salt soon extracts a considerable amount of the cabbage Juice from the cabbage, and a sufficient weight of clean brick or stone should be added to cause the brine to rise up to the wooden cover. Set the container aside until fermentation is complete and skim off any scum that forms, To prevent your little girl's stock- lngs tearing with the suspenders, make an eyelet hole at the top of the stocking, worked strongly round. You can then pass the suspender through the hole. IIIIII I i i i ii iiiii ill ii SAFE, GENTLE REMEDY CLEANSES YOUR NEYS For centuries GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil has been s standard household remedy for kidney, liver, bladder and stomach trouble, and all diseases connected with have been a standard household rem~ly, They are the pure, original imported H~- lea Oil your great-grandmother M, and are perfectly harmless. The healing, sooth- ing oil soaks into the cells and li~ of the kidneys and through the bladder, driv- the urinary organs. The kidneys and blad- der are the most important organs of the body. They are the filters, the purifiers of your blood. If the poisons which enter your sy~m through the blood and stom- ach axe not entirely thrown out by the Mdneys and bladder, you are doomed. Wearlneu, sleeplessness, nervousness, despondency, backache, stomach trouble, headache, pain in loins and ]owe~z abdo- men, gall stones, gravel, difficulty when urinating, cloudy and bloody urine, rheu. matiem, sciatica and lumbago, all warn you to look after your kidneys and bladder. All these indicate some weakness of the kidneys or other organs or that the enemy microbes which are always present in your system have attacked your weak spots. GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules are what you need. They are not "patent medicine," nor "new discovery." For 200 years they ing out the poisonous germs, New fresh st~ngth and health will come as continue'the treatment. When complete-! ly restored to your usual vigor, continue taking a capsule or two; they keep you in condition and prevent a turn of the disease. Do not delay a minute. Delays are t~ pecially dangerous in kidney and" bladder trouble. All druggists sell GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules. They will refund th~ money if not a~ represented. GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules are im- ported direct from the laboratories in Hol- land. They are prepared in correct quan- tity and convenient form, are easy to take and are positively guaranteed to giv.e ! prompt refief. In three sizes, sea]ed paek= : ages. Ask for the original imported GOLD MEDAL. Accept no substitutes -- Adv. That'e All. There was a bandage Over his eye. "Anything else the matter with youT' asked the surgeon who was o~tandlng beside his cot. "Well," the Yankee drawled, "I get hit up there near the eye, but that ain't much." "Yes," persisted the surgeon, "but did you get hit anywhere else?" Then he admitted tlmt, come to think of it, be had a broken arm, a broken leg and a bullet tn his side.-- Paris Stvrs and Stripes. "Cold In the Head" l~ an aeute attack of Nasal Catarrh. Per- sons who are subject to frequent "colds In the head" will find that the use of HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE will build u~ the SYstem, cleanse the Blood and render them lees liable to colds, Repeated attacks of Acute Catarrh may lead to Chronic Catarrh. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE is taX. en internally and acts through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of t~e System, All Druggists 75C. 2Nmttmontals free. $100.00 for any case ef catarrh that HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE will not cure. F. ~. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio. All the world's a stage--and all the women t:~sist on having speaking parts. Nerve. Young Hilife~I kis~d Miss Prude last night. Mr. Goesloe~H~,avens, man, had you 2,' first ~consi(lered what the consequelar:es might lie? Young Hilife -~ I certaialy had. That'S why I waltcd till she had sueh a sore throat she couldn't shriek for help. Spanish Influenza can be prevented easier ,than it can be cu~d. ) At the first sign o~ a shiver or sneeze, take CASCARA ,OUININE Standard cold remedy for ~0 ~ t~le~ form--safe, am, e, noop~t~ up a cold in 2 ]'~'m-~vea grip in 3 days. Meae~ : back if it fall~ The genuine bo~basaRedtop with Mr, l~dl's plctura. At All Drug 8furor No Mystery in Meat Some things are so simplo that they have to be explained again and again. When things are obvious, people keep looking for mysteries behind them. So it is with the packing bus- mess. The mere s~ze of Swift & Company confuses many. Because their imaginations, are not geared up to scale, they be- lieve there must be magic in it somewhere~some weird po~er. Swift &Company is just like any other manufacturing business run by human beings like yourself; it takes/n raw material on the one hand and turns out a finished product on the other. Swift & Company keeps down the "spread," or the exp~nse absorbed be- tween raw and finished material, to as low a figure as possible. (If it didn't it would be put out of business by others who do.) How muCh Swift & Company pays for the raw material, and how much it gets for the finished product, depends upon conditions which Swift & Company does not control. It depends entirely upon how much people want the finished product, and how much raw material there is avail- able to make it from. The profits of Swift & Company amount to less than one cent per pound on all meats'and by-products--less than one-fourth of a cent on beef. Swift & Company, U.S.A. x