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Saguache , Colorado
November 14, 1918     The Saguache Crescent
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November 14, 1918

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....... I I Ill III ii i i i TO OUR FRIENDS-,---- AND PATRONS: ,i , [ ag.ackc Co.nf9 BanK I E5TABLISHED 1880 I 5AGUACHE, COLORADO ! You Can Help Uncle Sam ~--~ Did you feel you were unable to buy a Lib- arty Bond? You can sti,l help win the war. t~ny War Savings Stamp.~. It is surely within the [~ powerof everyone to buy one or more. Every ~ little helps and remember it is an investment, not (~i a donation, y NOTICE--AII War Savings Stamp pledges ~] are due and payable by Dec. 31st. How about ; yours ? -~==b I CAPlTAI.'AND SURPLUS 80,0001 We have sold our stock of merchandise and store buildings and our successors will take possession on December 1st. Until that usual and will be patrcns and show them the to offer in all lines. " time we will continue business as pleased to see our many friends and wonderful values we have The 8otthelf & Tarbell Mercantile Co. BUSINESS and the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Ne~ York IOa~City. eL.louis Richmond. Atlanta . Dallas. A Federal Reserve Bank ia ead~ of these Cities ~" ~ The Federal l~c~e~e ~n~ System yea3 created largely to protect and benefit those en- gaged in industry, commerce and agriculture--- both employers and employes. Its main purpose is to help those who borrow and provide a cur- rency more responsive to business needs. We are members of this system and you can o ~ecure its benefits and add to its strength by becoming one of our depositors. Stop Ln and let us te~J you jus~ how it moo~s yvur particular need3. ~ FIRST NATIONAL BANK Saguache Colorado nun )1 i njn )nJ ) sun| u i i ) i i ) ) Kansas City Stock Letter A big ruu Monday at all the markets fesders at $13, good stockets $1250 rules psekers may put pr~c3 below the ~-- caused lower prince on all grades but common stookers are low at $9, steck flz~t minimum in Nowmber provided ~tookyard,, Nov. 8--Cattle receipts sand boot steers .ere .care. Tuesday oo.. and at $8, choice N.bruk. receipterunmor, thaol5percentab)va FO00PLANS UPSET iS week 10~,000, )a~t week 100,000, and thereafter, and prince have made white face calves weighirg 475 lira st recipts of November last year. So far me week last year 79,000, market '25o daily gains closing 50o above a week $8.50. the ~upply ie 25 per "eeut greater than 0bi.h.ronb~efateers, topthi.,veek.go, paok.rseayth.ywouldpay$19.50 Hens sa~aedsy, lastNovombsr, BY PEACE PACT 9, steady on best feeders, 25z lower on for strictly prime steers and acres very The average cost of packers' droves SHEEP "AND LAMES WS and stock steers, Ho~e this week ~ood ones told Wednesday this week at was $17.75 Monday and today it was Range shipmeuts contain few govd ,000, last week 5~.600, same week leer $19, short ted steers are ceiling at $1450, $1750, which is still some distance above sheep or lambs and much common stuff, WHEAT PLENTIFUL ~ MAY NO~ ar 33,000, markgt 10o to 15~ lower for warmed up steers up to $14, w~tern the November minimum for Kansas little or no fe(t stock is coming, honc~ BE FED A N I M A L S -- BUT ~k, toptodsy $18 Sheep aud lambs ~raas steers weighing 1100 lt~. upto City, best beery and medium weight top prices look Io~, best lambs ar~ WORLDS LARDER OTHER- WISE SHORT. k w~k37,000 last week 38,000. use ~1~50, cerumen steers $10, veal calves ho~sbrougbt$18 today, bulk of sales quoted up to $[590, though that pr,ce ek lest year l(},0~, market 750 lower, upto $i3. osnners $5 50. $1780, stockpigs have been in good de- was not reached today, Feeding lamh~ With ocean lanes to all markets o st lambs now worth $15,50, sTo~gm~ ,eND F~D~U maud last two days and bring $15. As- $13,75. the world open again, the food situs ~ C~TTL~ Desirable s~rs are holding steady, cording to the Food administration J. A Riekart, Oorrespovd~nt. t~on has been overturned and ea~)'vl~ - new conditions set up. ,,." As a consequence the issuing of the _=.-~ff~.,~*2.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ .__~,.~.~..~..~._~,.~,~._~..~.~.._~,._2~.2~.~r~.~,..,~.~.~~~~~~~~~ 1.919 hltnue Card announced by the W"~'~r ~'~'~'~i~'-"~ .~.~~~.~.~,_~,..~.7.~.~p~,,~,~.w_~..~~~~~.---~.---~,~.~.~~'J Food Administration has been at)an doned, a n~w inventory of the world's food supplies is now being taken, and [ Herbert Hoover plans to announce tc t ~.] America very shortly an entirely new ' ELITE SPECI/LTY lFfi CO, Indications are that, witiz plenty of " " wheat now available from India, Aus- tralia, Baltic ports, and the Argentine, N.~ ~ ~l~l~ ()it " 'f~tl~I no further ,,,heat saviug will be asked but that on every other food product HI6H 6P.ADE SPECIALTIES .l..,.,,co,.,.,.fats and sugar--the lid will tighten firmer than ever. ~iO, J Wheat may now be fed to auimale without the customary permit from I he Food Administration, the rule~ ~heg, ILL, tt~ ~ormerly forbidding ,i~e ~al~ of whea~ O i!~ as feed having been repealed, accord lug to word received by the Uolorad ~ ~ tOo,I board. , When defintto reports from the con- Dear Madam: quered peoples come in on the e.'.,n We have authorized your dealer to hand you a package of METROX on one week's trial, as we believe tha~ it, is some- ~.i~i dltion of their food supplies and the , ) ~ needs of their respective thing that will interest you. Regardless of the number of Silver Polishes you may have used, we appeal to you to try ME [ R( X. America will find that she must :~up- MET,OX when used according to directions printed on the package~ not only cleans ~ our Silver and makes it look ~ ply not only the anticipated 17,550,00( like new, but i~ thoroughly sterilizes, leavmg it in a bright and sanitary condition. It is really a pleasure to clean y(,ur Silver with ~ tons--and MORE--of food stuffs, bu' must share her dairy herds, swine, METItOX instead of a drudgery when the abrasive method is used. It~ labor saving advantages can readily be avprecmted wheu you ~ beef cattle ann poultry to restoc~ take into consideration that the numbs) of pieces that can be cleaned a~ one time is only |trotted to the size of your pan. *~ e rec- ~.$.~1 .EuropeanFood Administration.farms' is the belief of the ommend selecting an 0biong tin pan of suitable size to be used exclusively for cleaning purposes and steril,z~ yoor SLiver frequently ~.$.~1 Holland, for example, has alread) with METROX. See directions printed on package. (~[ put in an order for 50.000 head o~, dairy cattle. Simply immerse m solution while boiling, rinse in hot water, and dry with soft cloth in usual way. It" after a th,)r- .. /.t.~ ~ ough trial or experimenting for a week, you find ME tROX an article of merit and fully worth purchase price of 85(,, we would ap- ~.~.~ ALL- COLORADO MENUS pre, ciate your recommending it to your friends. IL however, you do not feel that METROX is all that we reco,.mend it to be, (j.~ ON THANKSGIVING DAY kindly fill out and sign aflldavit belbw aud return together with broken package to your d,..aler for credit. Yours very truly, ~.~.~ ELITE SPECIALTY MFO. CO. 9~ Colorado restauranteurs are planning a unique Thanksgiving. The feature will be an ALL- (i.~ HOME-GROWN DINNER coln- .~ plate from mushroom soup and Colorado turkey witil home- raised trimmin's to Pride O'The West pumpk!n pie, In ~olorado restaurants ou that day oysters will be elimln- NS & ASHLEY Mere Co ,.,, sUed p~s ,foreign product, THE MEA sweet potatoos will be replaced ~.i.~' by Colorado "spuds" and by m ~.O.~ baked carxot~ever try 'era? . delicious~and baked squash. : Deodars in Recently the U. S. Food Adminis- GENERAL MERCHANDISE tratlon Groin Corporation had the I placing of an order for ten million [~t pounds of beans for a European na- SAGUACH~. COLORADO Plain Mr. Pinto Bean of Colorado won this big order t9 be deliver~] ill New York City Decemi~) l~'t~, The price which will be paid is 7" cents net at Colorado shipping points) $700,000 being gained for the pinto l~ean industry in Colorado from this one order. To clear up misunderstanding aa to why pinto beans bring 7 instead of 10 cents this year, the United States Food Administration for Colorado states that last year the government bought the crop outright at a forced price to encourage the young indt~- try--an emergency measure only. This year, pintos must compete in price with Japanese grown beans, of. fared handpicked and in perfect con. dition at $5 per hundred, delivered at Coast points. California pi~ks bring only 5~ cents a pound. Rrith the exception of Michi- gan navies, pinto beans lead the field in price paid. MEAT AND FAT FAMINE POSSIBILITY ! The meat situation threatens to be- come serious, according to the Colo- rado Food Administration. Outside of the military zone in France there is practically no meat in that country; what there is, is out of the reach of the poor people in price. In England, the Britis)~ food con. trolls, has found it necessary to re- duce the meat ration from one peund to three-quarters of a pound Per capita weekly There has also been a gen- eral rise in price to the consumer of 4 cents a pound in all meats. In America Herbert Hoover hall pro~nised that out of the none too plentiful meat supply of this country 2,600,000 tons of meat and fats will be shipped to Europe during this current year to relieve the situation over there. -The Food Administration therefore urges the most intense and concen- trated saving of meat and of fats. Coming high prices on these com- modities will enforce some saving in them, but for the most part the patriotism of the American people wili again be depended upon to fill this 2,600,000-ton meat and fa*t order. CAN "CR~NS"-- With three pounds of sugar now spoilable per person per month for household consumption, the ban has been lifted off the succulent, healthful and cheap cranberry. Plenty of sugar now right in your regular household allowance to take advantage of this fruit while it is on the market. 8UOAR PORTION INCREASED That portion of the Co!orado public which "eats around" may now rejoic~ over a whole half ounce of sugar por restaurant patron per meal. Moreovgr, the Food Administration's latest sugar ruling, as applied to pul~ lie eating places, leaves it to the taste of each individual patron how thin half-ounce is to be used. It may bs used entirely in the coffee, or divided between grapefruit, cereal and coffee. That half-ounce IS now.yestrlctionle~ ~. a ~,, ~>, _~~ w