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November 21, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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November 21, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRE SCENT. VOL. XXI. NO. 67 FROM OUR EXCHANGES. Doings Among Our Neighbors Of Inter. est To Crescent Renders. From Hooper Press. J. W. Wills drove in from his ranch Wednesday. He will start, for Watson- rills, California, about December first and has ordered the Press that he may keep posted on the doings in this part of the country. If Sagusche county health officers do~ not see to it that her patients re- severing from contagious diseases doesnq better comply with the state laws gov- erning such things, something is going to"drop" and loud enough so she wil hear it. Alamoes Journal. Mrs. W. E. Cox, who is under the doc- tor's care in Denver, had a severe attack of asthma and heart trouble Sunday evening and grave fears were entertain- ed that she was dying, but after several houri of heroic treatment by her physi- cians she was brought around, and every symptom now indicates that she will re- cover. W.E. is improving rapidly and is expected in Alamosa in a few days Alamosa 12 years ago.--W. F Boyd was promoted to cashier of the first na- tional bank. Center Dispatch. Upon the death cf his father, Mr. Tucker received part of the estate of the deceaee~l, valued at several thousand dollars. Frank Ulroy is the last to thresh in our midst, but by no means the smallest yield. One quarter yielded 5,150 bushels. Quite a crowd came to Center last Sunday to s~ the foot ball game that the Saguache and Monte Vista teams promia~l to play, but were greatly dis. appointed. As there had been no word sent here to the effect there would be no game, the people who had made prep- nrations to receive the boys and those who came to see the game knew nothing of the change of plans until the players failed to show up. Gunnison Republican. Then. Roberts was in from Cochetopa during the week on business. W. A. Clark spent a few days in the Coohetopa country this week looking after his mining property. Then. P. Goodman was in town Tues- day on his way home to Sargents from Lake City where he has been marketing considerable hay. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lehan aud little son went to Iris Tuesday for a few days. Mr/iLehan is looking after some mining property there. The public schools were closed today owing to a case of diptheria in town. The schools will probably not bs closed for any considerable length of time. Crestono Miner. G;~)!'H. Adams will ship a train load of fat cattle next week to Chicago. Ira Marshall, who is mining on North Crsetone, is taking out $64 ore. He has a gold-copper property that is hard to beat. Judge D. C. Tracts was a pleasant call- er at this office Tuesday. He is busy baling and shipping hay to Denver and other live points. The Saguache football team want to play the Crestone team a match game on Thanksgiving day. Come boys, line up, and give them what they call for. The Grant company are preparing to erect a large shaft house at the Independ- ent mine, which will employ all the car- penterein this vicmity. The machinery for the same is now on the road. PreeidentE. T. Jeffery, of the Rio Grands railroad, was the guest of Man. ager H. B. Davis last Tuesday. He was looking over our camp and district and was well pleased with the outlook. Manager H. ]t. Davis departed 'rues- day evening for Colorado Springs and other points in Colorado. Before he re- turns he will visit I'hiladelphia, and while there willoutliae the work to be pursu~l on the company's property here. It is said that over in Rio Grands county the candidate for -superintendent of schools was defeated because of a ci- gar treat. Miss Blackmore a most esti- i mable ,young lady, was the caudidate. While ins store in Monte Vista some gentleman friend jokingly accosted her to treat to cigars. She evaded the prop- osition gracefully but finally she was l dared to set 'era up. Whereupon she did buy cigars to keep on with the fun, for Uveral gentlemen in the store. This so unjointed the noses of the women in the town that they all voted against her. The probabilities are that under the same circumstances nine-tenths of the women of the town would have done just what MiM Blackmore did.--Antonito Ledger, SAGUACHE, COLORADO, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21, [901. ii WHOLE NUMBER 1087. No More Car Stoves on The Rio firande. The day of the ear stoves on the Den- ver & Rio Grands has passed. The man- agement of the system has con~pleted plans for proceeding at once to equip all passenger equipment and engiues for steam heating. The work will be done iu shops of the company, and will re- quire about sixty days to complete. A number of the passenger engines and some of the equipment is already so equiped and the management in its poli- cy of employing all possible means to iu- crease the safety of operation has decid- ed to hurry the completinn of this im- provement before cold weather. When this ban been done the danger of fire ori- ginating from defective car stove willi have been eliminated. George U. Adams' New Uotel. The Denver papers l~st Sunday con- tained a picture and description of the new Adams hotel, built by George H. Adams and just completed It covers five lots on the corner of 18th and Web ton streets, is built of red brick laid in white mortar with gray sandstone trim- mings, and is said to be one of the finest hotels in the west. It contains 120 guest chambers, all outside rooms, and most of ~hem connected with baths. Has an in- ner routh a fine roof garden and a ball room. Mr. Adams has had many appli- cations from hotel men who wish to lease the property, but he has not yet decided what he will do with it. If he can find a man who will manage it as he desires he !will lease it, but otherwise will manage it himself. Killed By Young Daughter. Dr. A. N. Simpson of Creeds, and for many years coroner of Mineral county, was shot and instantly killed by his 15 l year old daughter Gertrude last Friday. The father and daughter had been hav- ~mg serious quarrels for soma time, and the glrl claims that hehad threatened to I kill her on more than one occasion. Just before the killing they had quarreled, but her father finally laid down on the bed with his face to the wall. The girl took a large revolver from a bureau drawer, and placing it to his back shot him through, killing him instantly. She then ran to the neighbors and told what she had done. The coroner's jury found that the shooting was justifiable, but she will probably be tried for what. appears to be a cold blooded patricide, an awful crime. Earthquake In Utah. Last week's earthquake shock wa~ very heavy in some localities of south- ern and southwestern Utah, and consid- erable damage was done. The shock was apparently the heaviest at Beaver City, where the Mormon meeting house, the court house and the Beaver academy were badly damaged, especially the lat- ter building, whose ' Walls show":great cracks as a result of the shock. Chim-: neys were toppled Over and plate glass all over town was shattered, ttardly a house in the town escaped damage, many of them being badly cracked. Another slight shock was felt atBeaver the next morning. At Cedar City, Kanab and Parowan the shock is reported as being very severe, plastering was shaken from walls and brick buildings were cracked. The shock was also felt in Durango and other parts of southwest Colorado, but no damages are reported from those places. Grand Mesa Lakes Leased. The United States fish commission has leased for a term of three and a half years the lakes and other property be- longing to William Radcliffe, ou the Grand Mesa in Colorado, with the pur- pose in view of establishing an auxiliary station for the hatching and collection of trout for distribution in the Rocky mountain region. Mr. Radcliffe is an English geu~lomau who ~ome years ago earns inl~o possession of a large tract of elevated table land in that seciion on which were a number of ~aturai lakes. l-Is converted these lakes into a fish re- serve and lust spriug one of iris t~uards killed a man, who it w.,s alieged, was trespassing up,,n Mr, R~dcilffe's~..prop- arty. The killiug led to very bitter feel- ing on tim part of the perseus residing in that vicimty and as a nousequencoMr. Radcliffe was forbidden to enter~the country and his I,uildinga and other improveaionts' were destroyed. He has made an unsuccessful effort to to have the governmout of ~J~e Uuited States nnd ulso the British government protect him in the occupancy and con- trol of hi~ pr,,perty. By his lease of hie properly to tim fish commission he will secure the protection ~,f ti~e lakes al- though the businesl done will not be ]conducted by him.-Colorado Springs Gazette. The Spanish senate has passed a bill prohibiting silver coinage. The sou th western ex press on the Nort h- orn Central railway from Washington to Pittsburg was wrecked last week hy a charge of dynamite placed under the tracks near Black Ridge, ashort distance north of York. Passengers were severely shocked and panie-strickeu but all es-I caped injury. Pieces of rail two and a half feet long were blown out of the track and a hole blown in the roadbed large enough to bury a man. A special from Washington to the Colorado Springs Gazette says: "Presi- dent Roosevelt has notified the cabinet officers that tbe pernicious activity of federal officeholders in Colorado must cease and he has instructed them to in- vestigate the charges against federal officials taking such a0 prominent part in the campaign this fail iu Arapahos county. It is said that Chairman Ford of the state committee and Chairman Bailey of the county committee will be required to resign as chairmen of their respective committees or they will be re- moved from their official positions" A suit which ultimately iuvolves aboul $200,000, which the state alleges is due it from various counties, was yesterday morning argued in the court of appeals. The suit is a test one, the amount direct- ly involved being $1,000. The state won in the lower court and the county ap- peals. In its complaint the state alleges that Prowers county owes it various small sums, aggregating about $1,000 which county treasurers in times past have collected io the shape of back taxes and interest and neglected to pay to the state its share. Other counties in Colo- rado are likewise m default of these pay- ments. If the state wins in the court of appeals each of the counties in default will have to pay to the state a sum ag- gregating about $200,000.--News, 14th. i flood Reading'F0r Everybody. : In addition to its special articles by fa- mous men and women and its stories by the most popular living writers of fiction the Youth's Companion presents from i week to week many regular features of great value. The editorial page discusses the pub- lic questions of the day in a spirit of im- partiality, the aim being to give the eader the material for forming his own opinions. The article on the care of health which has been published every week for many years is of the greatest value. The departments of current events md nature and science give the impor. taut news of the wor}d in condensed form Children's page provides diversion for the little ones, and the anecdotes and miscellany have their share in making the paper a complete treasury of good reading. An illustrated prospectus of the new volume for 1902 will bs sent to any ad- dress free. Every new subscriber who sends $1.75 for the .1902 volume now will receive free REFEREE'S NOTICE. Water District No. 20 o! the State of Colorado. Whereas. The undersigned was on the llth day of November, A. D. 1901, duly appointed referee in the above named water district by the honor- able District Court of the 12th judicial district of the State of Colorado in and for the county of Costilla by an order then and there duly ~ven and made of record, of which said order the fol- lowing is a copy: "~ In the District Court lof the 12th Judicial STATE OF COLORADO District of the State CounTY OF COSrILLA I fofr Colorado in and the County of j Costilla. In the matter of the adjudication of the prior- ities to the use of water in water district No. 20 of the State of Colorado and upon the petitions of the several parties hereinafter mentioned for change of point of diversion and to make proof to the use of water in ~aid water district. And now on this llth day of November A. D. 1901, Fairfield Sylvester--Jacob Gredig and Fritz Botefur-George A. Carpenter, Wm. C. Keck and John Beiger--aud Elleu Shoe, having presented their several pctltions in open court praying fez a change of the point of diversion of the several water rights respectively owned by them, Jacob Gredig, Tunis V. Wilson, Wm C, Beiger and Fritz B-tefur having presented their petition in open court praying for an adjudication of the priorities of the Anaconda Ditch, and M. V. B. Wason, Anton Frank and John Hauey also hav- ing presented their petitions in open court pray- ing for an adjudication of the priorities of irri- gating ditches owned by them on behalf of them- selves and also for such other canals, ditches and structures for the diversion of water for irrigat- ing purposes as the owners thereof may become parties to this proceeding by filing statements or other declarations of their rights, and also the Farmer's Union Ditch company and John Hahe~ having presented their respective petitions in open court praying for an adjudication of their respecuve right~ to water for irrigating purpos- es and having shown satisfactory reasons to the court why full proof wasnot wade by them sportively m the former proceeding had for the adjudication of the priorities to the use of water in water district No. 20 of the State of Colorado, and it appearing to the court that each and all of the matters contained in the several petitions pertain to water rights taken from the Rio Grands river, a natural stream m water district No. 20 of the State of Coiorede, and it further appearing to the court upon consideration of the said several petitions that it will be Impractica- ble aod inexpedient to proceed iu open court to hear the evidence relating to these several mat- ters or any of them, and it also further appear- ing that the convenience of the several petitiou- era and of the witnesses that may be called upon the hearing of stud petitions would be promoted by apoointing a referee, and the court reposing full confidence in Albert L. Moses, of the county of Mineral and State of Colorado, and deeming him to be a suitable and discreet person fully competent to act in the matter as refered. It is therefore, ordered, adjudged and decreed that the said Albert L. Moses be and is hereby appointed referee in each and all of the several matters presented by these eeverul petitions to whom shall be referred the aforesaid petitions and all statements of claim that may be present- ell by the owners of canals, ditches or structures for the diversion of water for irrigation, together with the evidence heretofore given in the matter of the adjudication oJ~ the nriorities to the use of water in said water district No. 20 and the de- cree therein given and made, and all ()thor mat- ters required by law to be pr0esated in such mat- ters, who shall after having duly qualified and given notice as required by law, proceed to hear and take down the evidence in writivg and per- form all the duties prescribed by law to be pre- formed hy arefereo in such cases according to the statutes therefor provided. Therefore. notice ie hereby given to all persons, associutious aud corporations interested as own- ors, consumers or otherwise of water in said Take advantage of our annual fall (;LEARING ALEl For next ten days, Goods sold at treat discounts. COME EARLY. MOFFAT, COLORADO. New Goods Arrivint Daily Ladies' and Children's Jaokets and Capes Latest Styles, Lowest Prices. CLOTHINC Men's and Boys Suits that are made to Fit, in Stylish Mixed and Plain Goods of all Grades. Underwear For All and in all Grades, gives a iittle idea of our supply. Dress Goods In eyery Shade. Weave and Texture of the Seasons Output, at Prices that none can compete with. SHOES That Wear and made on Lasts that Fit the Feet, in sizes to Fit the Little Tot to the Largest Person, gives but a vague idea of this Department. GROCERIES We have just received nearly a Car head of Groceries and Canned Goods and can supply with Fruits in their Season. The Beckley Packint all the issues for the remaining weeks of water district or of owners of any ditch, Canal, 1 4~q~4b~i~~li~$$$$$$$$$~$~$$~~$$~$$$ 1901 ann the Companion calendar for reservoir or other atructur0 for thedivermonand [ ; use of water for irrigation purposes in aaid water l ~ JJ~lq ~ ~ ~ i ~ li II 1902,1ithographed in twelve colors and districtNo. 20, thatlwillattendforthopurpoee[~ ~ i . I,I i ~i i,I [] gold. The Youth's Companion, of hearing and taking evidenco touching priori-[~ ~ [] [] i=~ ~ [] [] ~ ~ T 195 Columbus ave., Boston, -Mass. ties of rights of the several ditches, canals, res- [ ~ ~ i . I Jl I i ervoira and stru0tures in said water district, at[~ im ma I :& ,~, I i I I i Many postoflices aud banks have been the court house, iu the city of Creeds, in the I; dynamited and robbed in the east and connty of Miner a S Co ad , on ~ ,,,,, ,,, t~"" nd tate of lor o H~ ,~ middle west during the past several ~~lIn th [ inoW Zi wU i trer [ i weeks, and it looks as though the oper- ators are gradually movmg westward. ~ Norte, in the county of llio Grandeand Statoofl, i __ ] t s ~URZ nRa.~ CRZa~ C. VaRVan ,owoz~. Colorado, on Mouday thu 80th day of December i~ [ ST. CLAIIt RANGES and ] A.D. 1901, andfromday to day thereafter, and[~ [ HOT BLAST HEATEWS i D ~iJ also at ~ionte Vista, at the mancu hot.'in the / Z I ............ "...~ 2 I ~ sai,, count, of tiio ~raede, ou Monda., the ,th l i I alSO all Klnas oI ~Ulhl)J~l~ ] ! the town of Alamosa, in the county of Conejos [t thereafter, audaisoattheeouncdchamberln ; RIFLES, A UNI [ t lalii,li" uMnday'thc'~0thdayfJanuary'A' D'I~0'~'[! ITION, SASH, DOORS, andI $ /HmiaN. II eachmetmgabvmentinedbingatthehurl; [ all grades of LUMBER, ] Ir l~i ~illii of 10 o'clock a. m. and will continue each of said [ i ~- ~qll/ he,,rings from day to day aud may adjourn Over I t [ PAINT, OIL and VARNISH. I ~lP~vm, journment at the several places before mention-[ l ~ili~ ~!7~,~ ed from time to lime until all of the evidence ] ~ ~ ~ [] ~il~ pertaining to the several petilions and the mat- | ilkl il i I ~IB [] tare tl,,,r.iu co.cer.ed sl,.li ~ taken. I . li ~& NIi I do further notify all pars, ms, associati,ms or i ~ili~[ ATlll~ll corl)orations interested as aforesaid, to attend / i i IIIl/IIWU b, thcmselves, their agents, servantsnrattorueye |I ( : JS J.Keller:. ;. ~ lllllmei=ll : at sahl times and places, and the,, and the. to | i! " --' ' ' p...e.tdol Dyspepsia := ....... / Zlncks, Pipes, &c. Cure digests what you eat You n~ed " .It is rumored that Klondik~ will rise| suffer from neither dyspepsia nor starva- . , in arm~ against Canada. [ tJtll tiou. The worst cases quickly cured. ..... LAWRENCE & WILLIAMS !Ii! Never fails. Sagua0he Pharmacy. ~, O. Tt~ ol WhiskiN a~l ~ 0rltl0~l J~t$~ [ %t~