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November 21, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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November 21, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT (Established 1880) Published every Thursday by THE CRESCENT PRINTING COMPANY, At Saguache, the County Seat of Sa- guaehe Gounty, in the famous San Luis Valley of Coloraao. LEE FAIRBANKS, Editor. U. G. ROCKWELL, Assistant. Subscription Rates $2.00 per annum. Advertising rates made known on application. Address all Communications to THE CRESCENT, Saguaehe, Colo. NOVEMBER 2i, ig01. NOTE AND COMMENT. It is being persistently rumored that Senator E. O. Wolcott has been offered a cabinet position by President Roosevelt, and that Postmaster General Smith will Joon retire, Mr. Wolcott taking his place. We are of the opinion that the rumor iJ unfounded. In the first place we do not believe the president has offered him a position, aud in the second place we believe that the senator is out of politics and that he would not take the position if offered to him. During the late campaign we heard a good deal of talk about the bills of one of our candidates during his first term in office. Some people talk as if he ought to have been beaten because he drew from the county all that the law al- lowed him in payment for the faithful performance of his official duties. They did not seem to take into consid oration that if some one else had been elected in his place he would do the same thing, which is no mote than right. But the result of the election shows that the majority of voters are willing that a public official shall be paid his right dues, and that because he takes it is no reason why he should be turned out and another put in. This candidate received as many votes as anyone on either ticket. The way that campaigns have been conducted in this county ever since the days of Otto Mears, when it is said to have cost him $15,000 to be elected a repr~ntative to the state assembly, is rather disgusting to the average citizen, and momewhat discouraging to the poor man wbo aepirem to public office. As soon ae a man is nominated for office he is considered good and rightful "picking" for every Tom, Dick and Harry. Those who never work, and some that do; some who have influence, and all who have none. Many of his friends 'whom he never would have thought it of, turn '*grafters," and his leg is pulled--yes both legs, for all he is worth, and some- times for all that he can borrow. Fre- quently candidates are nominated for no other reason than that they have a "bar- rel." It is high time that a change was made in the methods of conducting our cam- paigns in this civilized and progressive country. Some plan ought to be adopt- ed whereby one would not have to buy his office, aud then frequently not get what he pays for. Either all parties get together and put up one set of good can- didates, or the candidates agree to stay at home and spend no money and let the voters decide the election. We notice that a good many politi- cians of the state are jumping on C. H. Brickenstein, of Copejoa county, for holding so many offices. He is surveyor of customs in Denver at a good salary, clerk of the district and county courts of Conejos county, and has just been re- elected county treasurer for the sixth term, by virtue of which office he is also public trustee. From a pohticai standpoint we don't see anything wrong with Charlie. He is in politics, and in that profession "to the victors belong the spoils." ['he most of the kicking is done by those who are "out" but would lille to get "in" just as deep as he is. No one can say that he is not capable of conducting his offices to the satisfaction of the people and until someone comes along who is smart enough to get them away from him he is welcome to them. The writer has also held office, sometimes more than one at a time, but he has now voluntarily given them all up, as he has more congenial work, and he knows from experience that many will call one a hog if he holds more than one office, but these same peo- ple, together with many others, will call him afoolif he gives any of them up just to please his enemies. Much has been said during the past few years, and especially in this county, about third formers for office, but ~ve no. tics that most of the talk is made by the politicians, who find it to their interests to discourage continuity in public office, and get up new candidates fre- quently. The people of Saguacbe county have been led to believe that a man could not be elected for the third term, and it has become a sort of an unwritten law that an official shall not hold more than two successive terms. We have also noticed tbat a "third former" in other counties, if he is honest and capable, all other things being equal has as good a show for election, if nomi- nated, as a new candidate, and fre- quently gets a bigger vote than first termers on the same ticket. Leaving out of the question the counties of Cone- jos and Costilla, who re-elect their officers for many terms without opposition, we find that in the last election Fay, of Chaffee county and Brothers, of Gunni- son county, were re-elected county clerks f~,r their third terms, also Carpenter, of Rio Grande, for supt. of schools; and we presume there were many other third termers elected in the state. It is a sig- nificant fact that all the candidates just mentioned were either democrats or pop- ulists. We believe that if an official is honest, capable and accommodating in office that the majority of voters will support him regardless of how many terms he has held. Many of the republicans of Denver and other parts of the state are laying most of the blame for the defeat of the repub- lican ticket in Arapahos county this year to the part taken by the federal office holders in the campaign and their management of the affairs of the party generally. It is said that 185 of the dele- gates to the Arapahos county convention were federal office holders, their clerks and members of their families, and that they absolutely run the whole thing. It is reported that state chairman Ford national committeeman Stevenson, and many other party leaders will be asked to resign, and turn over the party leader- ship in the state to able republicans who are not influenced by federal office hold- ers While many public officials are well qualified to conduct and control party affairs, aud would do so for the best in- terests of the party, if there were "no strings on them," still the people gener- ally will not fdllow self constituted leaders, and they resent any interfer- ence from what appears to be outside in- fluences in the conduct ot local cam- paigns. If the republicans expect to carry the state next year we believe there will have to be a change in the manage- ment of the affairs of the party, and possibly a change in leaders. In this county the republicaus had an example of what appeared to be outside interfer- ence during the last campaign. An old resident of the county, and one of the beat postmasters, was removed from office for no reason apparently, and a man placed in his office who has been iu the county less than a year, and was not even known by half the patrons of his office. The only reason why he got the office was because he had a "pull" with headquarters. And only a short time after he was appointed he came into our republican county convention with a contesting delegation from his precinct and asked to be seated. The convention very promptly and rightly seated the regular delegation, and thereby saved the party from defeat iu the county. Public officials should besatisficd to con- duct their offiee,'and let others manage party affairs. Colorado Women in Office. Tweuty-two counties in Colorado elect- ed women for county school superinten- dents at the late election. In two coun- ties a woman was elected county clerk, San Juan and Logan, one of them for her fourth term. Also in San Juan county Miss Nellie Tulley, sister of de- puty state treasurer Tultey, was elected county treasurer for her third term. loot Races In Two Towns. Manuel dc Herrera blew in from Tabs, Thursday ostensibly selling chile and when it leaked out that he was also hunting a foot race, a match was soon made up with Glen Cochran, and all sorts of money placed on the result. The distance was eighty yards and the Mexi- can now owns the coin.--Del Norte Prospector. Manuel's advance agents came to Sa- guache the first of the week and match- ed a race between him and Art Creger. Distance 100 yards, $60 on a aide was put up. The race was run Wednesday, and the Mexican now has some Sa- guache coin also. m Deeds Filed For Record. Nov. 14. County treasurer to D. E. Glasgow-tax deed-lots 6 and 7 block 2, Villa Grove. Win. G. Ballou to Jan. S. Black m d- und. ~ interest in Last Chance and Rosa Lee lodes, and und. 1-8 interest in Plato lode, all in Kerber creek district. Nov. 15. H, Nash to G. P. Nash-m d-und. ~ in- terest m Von Moltke lode, erosions dist. United States to Mary F. Broadwater- rec. receipt-SW ~ sec 27-41-7. A. H. Moffat to Win. E. W.hitten-w d. SE ~ sec 12-43 8. Nov. 18. H. O. Wright et al to A. S. Johnson et al.lease and bond-Bumont Nos. 1, 2 and 3 lodes, Croutons district. H. O. Wrighs et al-Wm. J. Breeden-m d- und 1-3 interest in Burnout Nos. 1, 2 and 3 lodes, Creetone district. Gas Nelson to Middle Fork Min- Co-w d-Buffalo Girl lode, Manitou district. Nov. 17. J, L. Hurt to Inman Tucker-w d-lot 18 block 19, town of Centerview. For the Boys, James Camper wants to buy all the old copper and rubber he can get. He will pay 5 cents a pound for copper, and one cent and a half for old rubber. I buy gunny sacks. I pay 12 cents a dozen l for beer bottlse. Vinegar 5 cents per beer bottle full, " Senators Dubois and Heitfield, ofIda- ho, announce that henceforth they will be democrats. Dubois has been a silver republican and tteitfield a populist. Heit- field's desertion of populism leaves but one populist in the senate, Harris, of Kansas, and it is said he also will declare himself a democrat. ching Skin ~istreas by d~y and night-- ]hat's the complain~ of those who 5re so unfnrtuw.:$e as to be afflicted with Eczema or :~alt Rheum--and out.- ward applications do not cure. They can't. The ~;~wrce of the trouble is in the blood--~mtkc tlmt pure and this scal- ing, burning, itchh:g Cdn disease will disappear. "i was taken v:i~h an iteiAng on my arms v, hich l)ro-,(d very di&~gr.~cable. I C(911C!C(~:'(t~ it WaS ::i:.!'. rh~ut!\ &lltl bOUt'i;,~ ~1, bott!e;ffHood's S::':-apari!ln. 1;1 two..h, ys :alter ! i,e.~tan taki~ it 1 felt better and it W:qS llOL lon~ hefl,r,~ I w~ls cured, liavo never L:~d any s!;Ll disease sii~c~." 1,1ns. InA E. WArm, Cove Point, Md. Hoed" s Sarsaparilla and Pills rid t h:~ :Acid of all impurities and cure at) o):~ (,ions. We are iX r;cei pt -oi a copy--o-f--~ Vol. 1, of the Au~zusta I~ecord, published at Augusta, Woods county, Oklahoma Ter., and we notice the name of L. R H. Durham at the head of the editorial col- umn. ::~r. Durham was a resident of Sa guache some years ago,where he publish- ed the Saguache tterald for a time,selling out to one Wells, who moved the paper toCenb~r. He went from hero to Staf- ford county, Kansas, and started a paper about three years ago. A INORTHY SUCCESSOR. "Something New Under The Sun." All Doctors have tried to cure CA- TARRtt by the use of powders, acid gas- es, inhalers and drugs m paste form. Their powdersdry up thomucuous mem- branes causing them to crack open and bleed. T~e powerful acids used m the inhalers have entirely eaten away the same membranes that their makers have aimed to cure ~ttnle pastes and oint- ments cannot reach the disease. An old and experienced practitioner who has for many years made a close study and specialty of the treatment of CATARRH, has at last perfected a treatment which when faithfully used, not only relieves at once but permanently LE(iALNOTICES. [~[_~~ AlW~y~ H~V~I Call For Bonds. -=-'-'-'-~ County Treasurer's Office. Saguache, Colo. Notice isherebygiven that there arel _~ ~~ } funds in the county treasury to pay Sa. guache county funding bond, number 60, cease on said bond after Dec. 15, 1901. Witness myhandandofficial sealthi.[~ ~, I ~~~~onl~dCr ' i~... ~ a Ba~ 9th day ot November A. D. 1901. 464 Samuel Jewell, County Treasurer. Notice of Final Settlement. l~.a_noia -- In the matter of the estate of J. J. Hanna, deceased. Tooth Powders oI all kinds Notice is hereby given that on Monday, the [ ~_ i , 80th day of December A. D. 1901, being one of , Hmds Honey and Almond Cream theregular daysoitheDecember term ot thel~ } ] County Court of Saguacbe county, lu the state Mentholatine-~apan~se Salve of said estate will appear betbre tile Judge of A line of H~gh Grade Jeweler). said court present my final settlement as such administratrlx, pray tile approval of the same, ] ~ Colorado Scenery Writing Tablets and will thou app,, to be disobarged as sueh . admlulstratrix. At whiell time and place any = ~II Fine Box Stationery persn in interest may appear and present b" i ~[: 2ozBOTTLEVASELINEScents. I~~ ections to the same, If any there be. Dated at Saguaclm, Colorado. November 20, Lizzie Hauna, Administratllx of the estate of J, J. Hanna, i deceased. Notice of Final Settlement. i Frank Pittenger, Mngr. In the matter of the estate of E. D. Bulon, de- ~ ceased. , I "Snuffles" is the only perfect catarrh cure ever made and is now recognized as tha only safe and positive cure for that annoying and disgusting disease. Itcures all mffammation quickly and perma- nently and is also wonderfully quick to relieve hay fever or cold in the head. Catarrh, when neglected often leads to consumption Snuffles will save you if you use it at once. It is no ordinary remedy, but a complete treatment which is posi- tively guaranteed to cure catarrh in any form or stage if used according to the di- rectmns which aucompany each package. Don't delay but send for it at once, and write full particulars as to your condi- tions, and you will receive special ad- vice from the discoverer of this wonder- full remedy regarding your case without cost to you beyond the regular price of "Snuffles" the Guaranteed Catarrh Cure. Sent prepaid to at)y address in the United States or Canada ou receipt of one dollar. Address dept. E 786 Edwin B. Giles & Co., 2330 and 23,32 Market St. Philadelphia. Pa. Notice is hereby given that on Monday, the 9th day of December A. D. 1901, being one ,f the regular days of the November term of the Coon- ty (!ourt of Saa:uacim qt)nnty, in the state of Colorado. 1, J. A. Keyes, Administrator of said estate will appear before tim Judge of said court pre~ent my final settlement as such administra- tor, pray the approval of the same, and will then apply to be discharged as such admirnstrator. At which time and place any perso~ in interest may appear and present abjections to the same, if any there ba. Dated at Saguaehe, Colorado, November 9th, 1901. J.A. KEYES, Administrator of the estate of E. D. Bulen, de- ceased. Notice of Application to Lease State Lands. Office of State Board of Land Commissioners. Denver, tolorado, Nov. 18, 1901. Notice is hereby given that J. L. Hurt, whose postoffice address Is Center, Colo., on Nov, 9th, 1901, made application No. 1878 to the State Board of Land Commissioners to lease the following described Int. hap. l~nds, situate in Saguaehe county, Colorado. to.wit: NW ~4. sec. 25, township 41 North Range 7 east. No other applications to lease the above described premises or objections against the above application will be considered after the last publication hereof. Date of last publication Dec. 12th, 1901. John T. Joyce, Register State Board Land Commissioners. Notice of Application to Lease State Lands. Office of State Board of Land Commissioners. Deovel', Colo. Oct. 30, 1901. cures CATARH by removing the cause, stopping discharges and curing all in- Notice is hereby given that G. W. Knapp, flammation. It is the only remedy known whose postoffiee address is Center, Colo., on to science that actually reaches the af- October 21, 1901, made application No. 1827 to flieted parts. This wonderful remedy is the state board of land commissioners to lease the following described Int. Imp, lands, sit- known as "Snufflels",the Guaranteed Ca- ute in Saguache county, Colo., to-wit: tarrh Cure and is sold at the extremelyI NW~ofsec24, twp. 41, NR7east. low price of one dollar, each package I No other appllcatiou to lease the above de- containing internal and external medi- scribed pr~mlses or objections against tile ~a e * o ~ u ,~ ,h' ~a~ t above appi cation will be considered after the cmesu,~m n~,or , ~u. ~onu s vr~ u- . .......... -- .... I met puD,,cauon norse,. meat ann everytmng necessary m its per ' - Date ot'last publication Nov. 28, 1901. feet use. John T. Joyee, We have received another lot of new and modern job type this week, and we are anxious to try it on some of your business stationery. If Not, Why Not7 If you are not a subscriber of the CEESCENT why do you no~ be- come one ? It is the O~Lr News- paper Published at the Cotmty Seat and giving ALL THE ~EWS of Town and County, It, gives a full report of the busi- ness transacted by the County Commissioners and the other offi- cers of the County. News that every citizen is interested in. Try Register State Board Land Commissioners. Notice of ApplinaUon to Lease State Lands. Office of State Board of Land Commissioners, Denver, Cole,, Oct. 31, 1901. Notice is hereby given tbat W. P. Turtle, whose postoffice address is Loekett, Colo., on Oct. 7, 19ol, made application No. 1798 to the state board of land commissioners to lease the following described Iut. Imp. lands, situate in ISaguaehe county, Colo., to-wit: S% of NW~i. of sec 14, twp 41, N R 7 east. No other applications to lease the above de. scribed premises or objections against the above ,tppllcation will be considered after the last publication hereof. Date of last publication Nov. 28. 1901. John T. Joyee, Register ~tate Board Lind Commissioners. TRUSTEE'S SALE. Whereas, Joann Asher and William M. Asher by their certahi deed oi trust dated De. comber 31, 1889, aud recorded ia book 54,page 402, of tbe records of the eouuty clerk and re- corder of Saguacbe county, Colorado, granted and conveyed to Walter C. Frost, as trus*,,ee and in case of his dealt~, inabi Ity or refusal to act, then to the acting si,eriffofSaguache county, Colin'ado, as snccessor in trust, the following described properly, situate In the county ot Saguache and state oi Colorado, to- t Wit: i The north-west quarter of section thirty (30) in township lorry-one (41), north of range nine (9) east of the New Mexico meridian, te- l gether with three shares of capital stock iu ~he Farmer's Uolon Dltch Company, and all tbe rights, then held or thereafter to bc ac- quired by said Joanu Asher and William M. Asher, their bell'S and assigus, to the ditch ditches, water rights, pipes, tlles or reservoir~ then used or that might thereafter be used for ~lLe i~rigatiou of the above lands or any part thereor, or for domestic purp;~ses thereon the said Joann Asher ann \~ illiam M. Asher thus grantmg and conveying the~aid property In trust nevertheless to secure the payment of their certain promissory note bearing date : December 31, 1889, payable to the order of the Globe Investmen~ Company at Its office in Boston, Massachusetls, on ~[ahua,'y 1, 1895, for the stun ofeightllundrcd dollars (~'S00), with interest until maturity at six per cent. per an[lure, and at'|er maturity at twelve per cent. per annmn until paid. Aud, whereas, default has been made in tt, e ,paymentef ~he principal sum of sald note , a~ld the luterest thereon, as aforesaid, fro n ti e n aturlty of said rote.which said sum with interest now remains due and unpaid, and Whereas, Jnann Asher departed this life on or about February 28, 1892, and no letters tes- tamentary or of administlatiou issued withiu one year from her death, upon her estate from the county court of Saguache couoty, and it Six Months for $1.00. Whereas Walter C. Frost, trustee as afore. said, did upou toe eigh~ day of September, THE CRESCENT, 1896.1n writlng refuse t,, actas trusteennder the said deed of trust, although theretofore requested, by the holder ot tile said uremia- Sag uache, Colo, ,o,.y uoto, a,d legal bolder of the said note Ihas therelore applied to tile undersigned as successor In trust to sell the above described Kedol Dy.speps a Cure is/lne(ill~ttl('d ior all st:chinCh ~rottble~. It oan't help but do you good ~epared only by E. C, DEWXT~ & 0.o-_Chtc~gQ ~h0 $1, bottle on~ame~i4 tl~e~ tae~, THE POPULAR LINE TO EOLORADO $PRIN6$, PUEBLO. CRIPPLE (;REEK, LEAD1LLE, fiLENWOOD $PRINfi$, ASPEN, 6RAND JUN@TION, SALT LAKE @ITY, 06DEN, BUTE, UELENA, SAN FRANCIS@O, LOS ANfiE- LE$, PORTLAND, TAf, OHA, SEATI'.E. REACHES ALL THE PRINCIPAL TOWNS AND MINING CAMPS IN COLORADO, UTAH AND NEW MEXICO. THE TOURIST'S FAVORITE ROUTE premises as by said deed of trust provided, Now, therefore, I, Eugene Williams, acting sherlffofSaguache county, Colorado, and as such successor In trust a8 aforesaid by virtue of~hepower vested n ,nc by said deeu of trusL and in pursuance and execution there. of. at the request of the legal holder of ~ald note and for the purpose ot pa~h)g the princi. pal sum thereof and interest, ,~T,d expenses of ! sale Including seventy-five dollars attorney fees, as specified In said deed of trust, do here- by give IoUr weeks not|co tbat I will on 51on. day. the second day of December 1~01, at one o'clock p. re. at the nortb door of the court house In the town and conuty of ~aguache, state of Colorado, sell at public auction all the said premises and property above described, and all the right, title, benefit and equity of redemption of the sald Joann Asher and Wil* liam .~l. Asher, their heirs, executors and a~ slgns therein/or the llighest and best price the same will bring In cash. Sale of the above propert.y was undertaken by shnilar advertisement lu 1896 but tbe said sale was enjoined by the district court of Sa guacbe, connly in lhe ease of Asher et al., vs John ~tuart & Co. et al and the fact, that the Sate bas not b(,en nl:t(le IlereTrOfOre IS due tO l[lc fact thai 1lust jndgmcnt t ismis~i iff Ihe ~aid action aud d ssolvh~lz the sat I injm'{et.ion was ]lOt entered uutll June 10, 1901. EUGENE WI LLIAiM:S, Aefl ng sheriff ot Sa~uachc county, Colorado, ~uecessor il~ trust. First pub Oct. 81, last Nov. 28. TO ALL MOUNTAIN RESORTS The Only Line Paasing~Through Salt Lake City Enroute to the Pacific Coast. 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