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December 4, 1930     The Saguache Crescent
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December 4, 1930

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THE SAGU~CHE CRISSCEN~ THURSDAY, DEC. 4, 1930 i m. ,., PALMER & TARBELL LAWYERS SAGUACHE, COLORADO W. F. BOYD Notary Public Saguache County Bank _. - _- _ -_ -_ :_ _ .@ IW.H. CUTLER I ARTISTIC PAINTING AND DECORATING Phone 79. IThe Saguache County Abstract and Investment Company ESTABLIHED SINCE - 1893 CAPITAL STOCK, $10,000 Abstract of Title o mining, town or acreage property J~ promptly furnished. Real Estate Fire Insurance OFFICERS: W. M. SLANE, S~cy. and Mgr. t I Satuache I SSO[ SUOP | " Boot and --o---She Repairing ~ Special Attention to Out n[ Town Oraer.. $ BIRT CLARE, Mgr. Saguache, Colo. i37 Private Baths. Home Like I and Quiet. Try Us and ~1 You Will Come Again. J l H. E. OWEN, Pr. I I Tab., .m II HOLDEN X0TELll 1821 Callfornia Street Ill Rate, $].00 to Sz.s0. S~ial I] Rates hy Week. m] SUGARBOWL ' Our Electric Paraphernalia is all set. We are ready to serve your wants. A Splendid Noon HouF Meal Served. LUNCHES OF ALL KIND5 ICE .CREAM AND CANDY Fresh Assorted Nuts for Party Orders CAFE SERVICE @ And Regular Meals Modern and Up-to Date Rooms = Private Booths for Imdie~ Gentlemen and Famili~ SODA FOUNTAIN IN CONNRCTION Saguache Hotel ROLL MEANS & SON n Ill I . t I il ~ t P ! Oepndabili ]!---- What a feeling of security to knowthat Jn your hour of sor-' row ~here is one whom you can depend upon to assume cora- lplete charge of all funeral ar- rangements. Experience, modern equip- meat and close personal atten- tion to every detail insure the kind of service that you can de- pend upon. FULL LINE OF i~JNERAL SUPPLIES Motor ttearse Equipment S. W. TRUITT Saguachee, Colo. HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW? QUESTIONS 1 Do infected teeth ever affect the eyes? 2. Who wrote "Evangeline"? 3. Who was the first woman gov- ernor of a state? 4. What price was paid for the Louisiana Purchase? 5. How does our system of gov- ernment differ from that of Italy? 6. What treason did Benedict Ar- nold commit? 7. In the Bible, when are windows first mentioned? 8. Name nine different kinds of ~sh. 9. How many senators in Cong- ress? 10. What are the pyramids of Egypt? 11. Who invented the steamboat? 12. Who were the founders of Thanksgiving Day? ANSWERS 1 Yes. 2. Longfellow. 3. Nellie Tayloe Ross, of Wyom- ing, inaugurated January 1925. 4. $15,000,000. 5. In Italy representatives are selected not from territorial districts but form occupational groups. 6. Planned to give West Point to the British. 7. Genesis 6:16. 8. Bass, Channel, Carp. Codfish, Perch, Pike, Salmon,, Trout, Catfish. 9..Ninety-six, two from each state. 10. Royal tombs, one of the seven wonders of the world. 11. Fulton. 12. The Pilgrims. Two-Minute Sermon DISSATISFACTION At a banquet of the Chamber of Commerce in Plainville, an ex-presi- dent ql~oted me as saying: "Let us be tremendously dissatisfied." Now I do not remember having, said this thing, but it has been my thought. The man who is satisfied has reached the end of his activity, the end of ambition, the end of development. He becomes like a pool of stagnant water--scum rises to the top, ooze settles beneath it. God forbid that before our eyes we should ever cease to hold our ideal; that ~e sho,fld ever cease to strive for something bett.n" than we have attained. A "tremen- dous dissatisfaction" with ourselves and our attainments will spur us on to greater achievement. The self- righteous alone are satisfied. Swin- nerton has said that "a man may be satisfied with his circumstances, but not with his achievements, and ~he man who is satisfied with what he has done has no future but the dust-bin." In the old days when a man pra- seted a new idea to the world they burned him for a heretic. Nowadays they elect him president of the cor- poration. ---o--- The best way to make a short win- ter is to have a note come due in March. TEACHERS' EXAMINATION The regular Teachers examina- tion will be held in my office at Saguache. Colorado, December 11, 12 and 13, 1930. Applicant for Third Grade Cer. tificates will be examined in the following subjects: Spelling, reading, writing, arith- metic, grammar, and composition, geography, history, and constitution of the United States and constitu- tion of the state of Colorado, Civ- ies, Sanitation and Hygiene, Ele- reentry Science ~and Agriculture, School law of Colorado, School man- agement and State Reading Circle Course. Applicants for Second Grade Cer- tificates will be examined in the fol-, lowing subjects: Physical and Com- mercial Geography, especially of Colorado, American Literature, His- tory of Colorado, Current Events and all subjects prescribed for examina- tion of applicants for third grade certificates. Applicants for First Grade Cer- tificates will be examined in the fol- lowing subjects: English. Literature, Algebra or Geometry, Physics or Chemistry, General History, Educa- tional Psychology and all subjects prescribed for examination of sec- ond and third grade certificates. The following aditional require- ments will be exacted from all ap- picants: They must be graduates of a four- year senior high school course or its equivalent of work; they must have in addition at least twenty-five quarter hours of advanced college work. All applicants must bring with them the verification of the above requirements. Paper, pen and ink will be' fu.r- nighed. GEORGE E. BURCH, County Superintendent. N~v. 20-27-Dec. 4. WANT ADS ~FOR SALE---Wag0n at the Se0ud Hand Store. Good Whipping Cream 50c quart. Mrs. Cleve Skates. Phone 82F21. Dec. 4-tf. -VICTROLA in splendid condition with records complete, very cheap. Inquire at Crescent office. Dec. 4-tf. " Place your orders now for Christ- man turkeys. Nice fat turyey~, all sizes.. Mrs. James P.aby, Phone 9bF4. Dec. 4-tf. FOR SALE~I phonograph, 1 wash bench and wringer, reasonable. Mrs: U. S. Read. Nov. 20-tf. FOR SALE---Second hand lumber, pipe and building material of all kinds. Also new and. second hand tools, belting, bolts, screws, nails, electrical supplies, office fixtures, stoves, beds, 1 pool table, 1 washing machine, and others too numerous to mention. May be seen at the Rawley mine, Bonanza, Colo. Nov. 20-tf. LOST KEYS Finder please return to L. C. No- land. NOTICE Parties having chairs belonging to Community Church. please return them as they are needed. COMMITTEE For Sale 5-Room house, good location, pric- ed right. Enquire Crescent. Aug. 28-tf FOR SALE Colt Carbide Light Plant. Here's a chance to get one of the best light plants made, cheap for cash. CARL MAROLD. Nov. 13-tL FOR SABLE Some nice heifers, 1 year and 18 months old from high producing cows. Have to be seen t~ be appreciated. Phone 89P2 or call HOLSTEIN DAIRY BYRON H. BLAKE, Herdsman. Dec. 4-tf. SPECIAL HOTEL RATES Most all our folks know the Stan- ~ish Hotel in Denver which announces Special rates this fall for the stock shipper or visitor. Two persons in~ room without bath at' $1.00 each per day, and three or mc~re persons in two rooms with a bath between at new lower rates. Try the Standish Hotel your next trip to Denver. Sept. 18-tf. NOTICE OF ADJUSTMENT DAY Estate of Addle Anderson, de- ceased. No. 353. All persons having claims against said estate are hereby notifie4 to present them for adjustment to the County Court of Saguache County, Colorado, on the 29th day of De- cember, A. D. 1930. ROBERT L. ANDERSON, Administrator of said Estate. "Nov. 27-Dec. 4-11-18-25. NOTICE OF ADJUSTMENT DAY Estate of John Davey, Deceased. No. 352. All persons having claims against said estate are hereby notified to pre- sent them for adjustment to the County Court of Saguache County, Colorado; on the 22nd day of Decem- ber, A. D. 1930. ARTHUR C. DAVEY, ERNEST J. DAVEY, Administrators. Nov. 20-27- DEC. 4-11-18. NOTICE--OF FINAL SETTLEMENT ESTATE OF Theresia M. Rominger, Deceased. No. 325 Notice is hereby given that on the 8th day of December, A. D. 1930, the undersigned will present to the County Court of Saguache County, Colorado, his accounts for final set- tlement of administration' of said es- tate, when and where all persons m interest may appear and object to them, if they so desire. JAMES RABY, Administrator. First Pub. Nov. 6, 1930. Last Pub Dec. 4, 1930. Saw a man eating pie for breakfast at the restaurant yesterday morning. Reminded us of the school boy's breakfast which consisted of a dill pickle and an ice cream cone. D. J. KRAMER Jeweler and Optometrist Salid~, Colo. t COLORADO FARMS DECREASING IN NUMBERS, BUT ACREAGE HARVESTED SHOW BIG GROWTH Although there are nearly 3,000 fewer farms actua'ly operated in Colorado at present than were being worked in 1920, the farm acreage in the state is increasing steadily, ac- cording to reports recently completed by the Colorado Co-Operative Crop Reporting servi .'e. The service. which is composed of the state boo, el of immigration and the bureau of crop and livestock estimates of the federal department of agriculture, reports that the average size of farms in the state ha~ increased sufficiently in the past decade t.~ more than' ac- count for the reduct'-., ~ in the num. her of farms. The decrease in the number of farms does not "ndicate any failing off of agricultur~ in the state, the report says, but on the contrary in~ d-'cates a consistent a,] healthy i,- crease. The perfection of improved machinery for farm operations has m~de it possible for the indi~iduaI farmer to handle much more acreage today than he could have handled in 1920. The combined harvester, the tractor and other :omparatively new farm implements have resulted in an mcrease of more than 80 acres in tl=.e average size of farms since 1920 and have.resulted in the consolida- tion of many holdings into larger farm units. TAKES SOME BLAME The farm tractor is receiving some of the blame for tl,e present low prices of corn, oats and hay. The tractor is not doing its part, it is said, in the consun,.ption of farm crops. While farm surpluses in. crease and prices decline, it adheres to a diet of gasoline and lubricating oil, says the St. Louis Globe-Demo- crat. The plow horse, o~ the other hand~ is a large consumer, as well as a producer, of agricultural pro- ducts. There is nothing "he likes better than eating away a farm sur- p:us whether it he a surp]uss of oats, corn or hay.. Ten years ago there were 21,000,000 horses on the farms of the country and in 1929 there were but 14,000,000. HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW?. QUESTIONS 1. Name a substance in saliva that makes it more useful in the mouth than water. 2. Who wrote "Snow Bound?" 3. For what was Frances E. Wil- lard famous? 4. Name the states that comprised the Louisiana Purchase? 5. Does England raise all tl~ wheat they use? 6. What battle in the Revolution- ary War calls to mind Ethan Allen. 7. Which of the apostles first suf- fered martyrdom? 8. Name nine fruits. 9. Why was the meeting of the first congress delayed~ about one month? 10. Name the three martyred presidents. 11. Who invented the lightning rod? 12. What are the three most im- portant foods? ------w- ANSWERS 1. Mucin. a lubricant that makes food soft and smooth. 2. J. G. Whittier. 3. Her work in temperance. 4. Louisiana. Arkansas, Okla- homa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa. Dakotas, Montana. and naris of Minnesota. Colorado and Wyom: imr. 5. No, only 15 ver cent. 6. Cavture of Ticonderoga. 7. Acts 12:2. 8. Annles, pears, cherries, plums, ,eaches. lemons, oranges, strawber- ries. graves. 9. D~culties of travel. 10. Lincoln. Garfield and McKin- ?ey. 1. ~,~n~amin Franklin. 12. Wheat, corn rye WHAT WE THINK --o-- Politicians who bury the hatchet always leave the end of the handle ~ticking out. ~o--- The tunney'spent for tobacco in this nation would pave every main road in the United States in a few years. We hear a lot of complaint about the good roads tax but noth- ing about the cost of tobacco. ~o--- We watched a group of workmen on a job the other day. There was enough time wasted to cut the cost of the job 30 per cent. It is our notion that it would do every man working for wages in this country good to get on the other side of the counter some time. Wheat is getting lower and lower in price, but just as soon as they find NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT AND DETERMINATION OF HEIRSHIP Estate of John A. Welch, Deceased. No ....... Notice is hereby given that on the 8th day of December, 1930, I will present to the County Court of Sa- guache County, Colorado, my ac- counts for final settlement of admin- istration of said estate, when and where all persons in interest may ap- pear and object to them, if they so desire. Notice is also hereby given that in the matter of said estate Minnie D. Goad claiming to be an heir at law of said deceased, has filed in said Court her duly verified petition, ask. ins for a judicial ascertainment and determination of the heirs of such de- cease, and setting forth her relation. ship to said deceased and that the names, postoffice addresses and re- lationship of all other persons, who are or claim to be heirs of said de. ceased so far as known to the peti- tioner, are as fdllows, to-wit; Clyde Welch, Effie Alice Carwile, Maude Stickle, William Stickle, John Stickle, Samuel Stickle, Raymond Stickle, Edith Welch, Josephine A. Van Vechten, Minnie D. Goad, Alice W. Mizell, Otis K. Welch, Guy George Welch, William Stough, Maude Alexander, Agustus Stough, Edward Stough, Harry Stough, Dolly Stough, Notice is also hereby given that upon said day, or the day to which the hearing, may he continued, the Court will proceed to receive and hear proofs concerning the heirs of such deceased, and will, upon the proofs submitted, enter a decree in said estate determining who are the heirs of such deceased person and the decent of the lands, tenements and hereditaments of such deceased, at which hearing all persons claiming to be heirs at law of such deceased may appear and present their proofs. CLARENCE GOAD, Administrator Pub.~Nov. 6-13-20-27-Dec. 4 MINING APPLICATION NO. 054360 U. S. Land Office, Pueblo, Colo., October 13, 1930. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That S. FuUerton Weaver, by John E. Ashley his attorney in fact, whose postoffice address is Bonanza, Colo- rado, this day filed his application for a patent for 1500 linear feet of the Blue Bell No. 2 mine or vein, bearing gold and silver with surface ground 600 feet in width, situate, ly- ing and being in Kerber Creek Min- ing District, County of Saguache, State of Colorado, and known and designated by the field notes and official plat on file in this office, as Lot No. 20445 in T. 47 N R. 8 E. of the N; M. P. M. The exterior boundaries of said Lot No. 20445 being as follows, to- wit: Variation 14 des. East. Beginning at Cot. No. 1, whence the N. E. Cot. Sec. 18 T. 47 N. R. 8 E. of the N. M. P. M. bears S. 66 deg. 24 rain. E. 209.93 ft.; thence N. 2 des. 33 rain. W. 641.05 ft. to Cor. No. 2; thence S. 66 des. 50 rain. W. I500 ft. to Cor No. 3; thence S. 2 des. 33 rain. E. 641.05 ft to Cor. No. 4; thence N. 66 des 50 rain E. 1500 ft. to Cor. No. 1, the place of beginning, containing 8.879 acres ex- clusive of its conflict with Surs. Nos. 178 Crown Point, 6015 Mid- night and 7152 Iroquois lodes, but expressly including Tract "A" de- scribed in the field notes. THIS CLAIM IS BOUNDED by Surs. Nos. 616 Radcliff, 1786 Crown Point, 6015 Midnight, 7152 Iroquois and 20364 Sheridan lodes. The additional and amended loca- tion of this mine ~s duly recorded in the Recorder's Office of ~ Saguaehe County in ~ook 106 ,at rage 203. A. G. STUBBLEFIELD, Register. First Pub. Oct. 16, 1930. Last Pub. Dec. 11, 1930. WHAT WE THINK When it comes to claiming things a political headquarters has the world heat. A political headquarters will claim victory for its candidate when it knows victory isn't anywhere in sight. Politicians get so used to fooling the people that they fool themselves. ---o-- A lot of things are done by this guvernnient of ours that show less good business judgment than that possessed by a seven dollar grocery clerk. ~o-.- Co-operation would solve most of our problems. Freckles would be a nice coat of tan if they'd get to- gether. STRANGE BUT TRUE --o-- The First Baptist church of Ben- ton, IIL, has taken over the operation of a gasoline filling station to help meet operating expenses. ~O~ The Department of Agriculture has determined that a bee will fly up to 8 miles in search of honey. A out the farmer has sold all his wheat pound of honey, it is estimated repre. the price will soar. ]gents 300~000 miles of flight by bees. RUPTURE EXPERT HERE C. F. Redlich, Minneapolis. Minn., will demonstrate without charge his unequalled method at SALIDA, COLO. MONDAY, DEC. 15 at ~he RAINBOW HOTEL from 10 A. M. to ~ P. M. Evening by telephone appointment Mr. C. F. Redlich says: The "Perfect Retention Shields" hold the rupture perfectly, no matter what position the body assumes or how heavy a weight you lift. They give instant relief and contract the opening in a remarkably sh~rt time. The secret of their success is in their simplicity. An expertly adjusted device seals the opening without dis- comfort or detention from work. It is practically everlast;ng, sanitary, comfortable and actually n:,lds rup- tures which heretofore were consid- ered uncontrollable. Stomach troubles, backache and constipation, nearly alway~ a conse- quence of rupture, promptly disap- pear. NOTICE: All whom we have treated during the Fa:~t ten years ar~ invited to come [n for a free in- spection. HOME OFFICE 535 Bo~tou Block, Minneapolis, Minn. Dee. 4-11. NOTICE That all mining operations on Boca Grant No. 4, are being carried on by Lessees and the undersigned Company will not be responsible in any manner for bills of what-so-ever nature contracted by any of said Leasees. SAN LUIS VALLEY LAND & CATTLE CO., -tf Crestone, Colo. SHAVE DAILY and have your HAIR CUT REGULARLY LADIES' and CHILDREN'S HAIR BOBBING We Cdvo BLUD RUB TR~TMENTS Agency Alamosa Laundry SAGUACHE BARBER SHOP A. VAN HOFTEN THE GROSS GARAGE Is well equipped to take care of your winter needs. Your winter oils and grease 'are just as neces- sary as your winter clothes S. A. E. 20--Mobile Artle for your motor. C. W. Cold Weather Gear Grease for your gears Prestone I. V. O. Alcohol for your radiators. Large atock of Weed chains to make dr~ving safe in snowy weather. If your car has run 20 or 30 thou~and miles and is getting noisy, pumps 0il, has no power, using too much gas, come in and let us recondition your cylin- ders with the new Strom- berg machine, fit it up with new pistons and rings. This job you will like and it will make your motor new again. The L. W. Gross Garage Saguache, - Colorado