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December 5, 1918     The Saguache Crescent
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December 5, 1918

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Back Feel Achy After Grip? f'NOLDS and influenza leave thousands with weak kidneys ~, and aching backs. The kidneys have to do most of the work of fighting off a cold or ,l contagious disease. They weaken--slow up. Then you feel dull and draggy, irritable or nervous, and have headaohes, dizzy spells, lame back, backache, sore joints and irregular kidney action. Give the kidneys quick help and avoid serious kidney troubles. Dean's Kidney Pills are always in unusual demand after grip epidemics as so many people have learned their reliability. D0an s are used the world over. They are recommended by your own friends and neighbors. Personal Reports of Real Cases A COLORADO CASE. Mrs. Dasie Brumley, 114 Twelfth St., Greeley, Colo., says: "'I had a~ steady, miserable ache in my back and dragged along day after day feeling too tired and discour- aged to do my housework. I had spells of dizziness and felt weak and confused for hours. My kid- neys were weak. My hands and feet swelled and my body became bloated. ]For three months I hardly slept at all. Doan's Kidney Pills were recommended and I tried them. I kept getting better and soon the swelling had all gone and I felt as well as ever." A NEW MEXICO CASE. George N. ~Vingo, 244 Terrell Ave., Raton, N. Max., says: "Be- ing exposed to rough weather and -catching cold started my kidney trouble. My back hecame lame and very painful. My kidneys acted irregularly and I had to get up often during the night to pas the kidney secretions. I bought Doan's Kidney Pill and used them. They regulated my kidneysz cured me of the lameness and pains in my back and I haven't had such trouble since. I am al- ways ready to say a good word for Doan's Kidney Pills." DEANS KIDNEY PILLS 60c a Bo~ at All Sty. F~ter.Milburn Co., Buffalo, N.Y. Mr|. Chem. Wastrel Csmda. Where you can ~ ~ farm laJ at $1S to $8@ lmr acre and raise from 20 to 48 bmhds R wkeat to file acre it's easy to make money. 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OtSfARA ,QUININE sumds~ eeld r~y t~r 20 .)am~,--~ tabZ.~. fo~m~ awe. no Ol~Ztee-'oredu~ up a o~ *n =* aour~-reieves ~p in ~ .d=ys. M.~y b~k if it fldh. The ge~ume L~.. n--M a ~-ea r~P with Mr. ]~ picture. At All L~rug ~t~s. Bronchial Troubles Soothe the ~rr[t~tloa and you relieve the distress. Do hot~ quickly an.d effectively b~. using promptly a depenaame remeay~ PISO,S How They Conversed. An American llason officer who knew little French and a French artil- lery officer who knew little English had important business together dur- ing the height of the recent fighting. "Henri," said the commandant to a young sergeant, "I have seen you talk- Ing to Americans several times. Can you speak English?" "No, men commandant," answered Henri shnply. For all that, Henri and the Ameri- can officer were soon engaged in viva- cious conversation. At Its conclusion the commandant turned to Henri. "But you speak English very Well," he said. "No, men commandant," Henri still insisted. "We were talking in Ger- inan.:' Dandruff ard Itching. To restore dry, falling hair and get rid of dandruff, rub Cutlcura Ointment into scalp. Next morning shampoo with Outicura Soap and hot water. Fez free samples address, "Cuticura, Dept. X, Boston." At druggists and by mall. Soap 25, Ointment 25 and 50.~Adv. The Juvenile Mind. , "The Ronlans built well-paved roads leading from Rome to all Important points of the empire," father was say-~ tng, in Illustrating a point ~.e was.rank- lng concerning ancient history, which :he ehler daughter was studying "These roads were about 15 feet wide and--" "Mercy me," interjected the seven- year-old daughter, "if they were only 15 feet wide automobiles could nol pass each other unless they barely crept along !" Too many men attempt to pass through this world on the reputation of their ancestors. A bright man usually looks on the bright side of life. IIA r~UA ~ ffR~6q~NY. TEXT OF KAISER'S ABDICATION ACT EXPRESSES HOPE THAT NEW RE- GENT WILL BE ABLE TO PRO- TECT GERMAN PEOPLE. SURRENDER122 SHIPS WILSON TO MEET ALLIED CHIEF8 ON DEC. 16 TO FIX MAIN TERMS OF PEACE. ~'estern Newspaper Union News Service. New York, Dee. 2.--The British steamship Mauretania, returning to the United States with the first large body of American overseas troops, an- chored in Gravesend bay at 7:40 o'clock Sunday night. Harwlch, Dec. 2.--Eight more Ger- man submarines surrendered yester- day, making a total of 122 which have been taken over by the allies. Berlin.~The text of the former Ger- man emperor's act of renunciation which was issued by the new German government "in order to reply to cer- tain misunderstandings which have arisen with regard to the abdication," follows: "By the present document I re- noun, s forever my rights to the crown of Prussia and the rights to the German imperial crown. I release at the same time all the officials of the German empire and I~russia and also all officers, noncommissioned officers and soldiers of the Prussian navy and army and of contingents from confed- erate states from the oath of fidelity they have taken to me as their em- peror, king and supreme chief. I ex- pect from them, until a new organlz~- tion of the German empire exists, that they will aid those who effectively hold the power in Germany to protect the German people against the men- acing dangers of anarchy, famine and foreign domination. "Made and executed and signed by 'our own hand with the imperial seal at Amerongen Nov. 28. "WILLIAM." Berlin.--The German government has proposed to the entente nations that a neutral commission be estab- lished to examine the question as to who will be held responsible for the war. Paris.~Madame Prieur, widow of one of the victims of the torpedoing of the Sussex by a German submarine, has lodged a complaint of murder in the courts against the former German emperor. Paris.~Dec 16 has been' definitely set as tile date on which the prelim- inary conferences will begin between President Wilson, and Premiers Lloyd George, Clemenceau and Orlan- do. The program thus far developed warrants belief that the four nations represented by these men will agree upon the main points of peace before Christmas. The smaller nations are then expected to be consulted as to details. Germany will not be called In before late in January, it is believed, and then only to hear the results of the allied-American deliberations and to suggest modifications. Meanwhile, the armistice will have to be prolonged and that question already is being considered. No difficulties are looked for on that score. Wilson Addresses 65th Congress. Washington.--The last session of the 65th Congress opened Monday. and was addressed by President Wilson. 83,000 T0 COME HOME Pershing Picks 3,451 Officers and 79,- 663 Men for Immediate Return From France. Washington.--Four divisions in their entirety, and major units of eight other divisions of the American army in France have been .designated by Gen- eral Pershing for an early return home. These troops, with other spe- cial units, General March, chief of staff, announced Nov. 30, total 3,451 officers and 79,663 men. New figures on the American army casualties announced by the chief of staff, showed a total of 262,693, exclu- sive of prisoners. The total, which ex- ceeds that made public a week ago by 28,000, covers all losses to Nov. 26. Orders have been issued, the chief of staff also .said, for the demobiliza- tion of 649,000 men in camps and can- tonments in the United States. Bythe end of December, General March indicated, probably 150,000 to 175,000 members of the expeditionary forces will have returned to this coun- try. Man and Woman Slain in Hotel. Denver.--Maud Dahl, 23, and Jerry Miragowski, 35, were killed, and Earl Parker, 26, is at the county hospital with a bullet through his right lung, and the police are looking for Joe Soaa who is alleged to have done the shoot- ing at the girl's room in a hotel at 1928 Lawrence street. New Republic Proclaimed. Amsterdam.--The republic of Lithu- ania has been proclaimed at Riga. SWAHP-R00T FOR KIDNEY AILI NTS There is only one medicine that really stand out pre-eminent as a medicine for curable ailments of the kidneys, liver and bladder. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root stands the highest for the reason that it has proven to be just the remedy needed in thou- sands upon thousands of distressing cases. Swamp-Root, a physician's prescriptio: for special diseases, makes friends quickly be- cause its mild and immediate effect is soon realized in most cases. It m a gen- tle, healing vegetable compound. Start treatment at once. Sold at all drug stores in bottles of two sizes, medi- um and large. However, if you wish first to test this great preparation send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for a sample bottle. When writing be sure and mention this paper.--Adv. RAT'IS ~ ~ MINERS Workers Warned of Coming Catas- trophe When the Rodents Leave Tunnel~Aro Fed by Men. Investigators of mining 'conditions and the peculiar dangers to which miners are subjected recently" have taken much interest in the practice of Western gold miners to make pets of the rats which commmfly lnfest~ mines. On the mother lode of Cali- fornia it has been found that the miners invariably feed the rats and take care of them, believing that the roqlents are a source of protection against accident, says Our Dumb Ani- mals. This Is due, the men say, to the instinct of the rats, which warns them when a tunnel is unsafe. And when the rats leave a tmmel it Is almost im- possible to get the miners to work there. This recalls the belief among sailors that rats will leave a doomed ship. The miners also have found that rats are much more susceptible than humans to the dangerous gases that so often cause loss of life in the mines. Long before the miners themselves are affected by these gases the rats be- come sick and show symptoms of dis- tress. So the men keep close watch of the rats' good health. Catarrh Cannot Be Cured by LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they cannot reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh is a local disease, sreatly influ- enced hy constitutional conditions. HALL:B CATARRH MEDICINE will cure catarrn. It Is taken internally and acts through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the System. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE Is composed of some of the best tonics known, comhined with some of the best blood purifiers. The perfect combination of the Ingredients in HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE is what produces such won- derful results In catarrhal conditions. Druggists 75c. TeaUmonlals free. F. J. Chancy & Co., PrOps., Toledo, O. MADE GERMAN AIRMAN SORE That Opponent Did Not Adhere to Or- dinary Rules of Fighting Seemed to Him Unfair. Set strategy doesn't always work. But the Germ, n mind can't understand anyone's abandoning a fixed method. "The sorest man I have ever seen," said an American aviator, "was Lieu- tenant Meinkopf, the star Boche flyer, when he was nipped by Lieutenant Avery. Melnkopf was Baron Richter- en's successor and the best flyer that Germany had left. "When Avery tackled him, he aban- doned all set principles of air strategy, simply sailed In and opeued fire with- out indulging In prellmlnar~y maneuv- ers. He brought his man down in about three seconds, and this was his first Boche battle. "When Meinkopf landed, he was purple with rage, and as far as I could make out his main complaint could be translated In this fashion: " 'What kind of flying is this, any- how?' "--Paris Stars and Stripes. Don't be misled, Ask for Red Cro~ Bag Blue. Makes beautiful white elothe~. At all good groeen. AOV, Up to Date. Secretary Lane, speaking of the way In which the war has changed our viewpoint of life. tells the following: They were to be married shortly and now they were sitting In the study meditating on the blissfulness of fu- turity. "Algy," said the girl suddenly. "every morn you bring me violets which a[ even you have called, don't you'/" "I do." responded the ever faithful "let them cost what they will." 'Tee been thinking," continued the girl, "that if you would send beef- steaks and mutton ,chops instead it would make a lot bigger hlt with fa- ther and mother, and be a lot cheaper for you, too." By covering up their tracks some men get credit for walking In the straight and naYrow path. I I II II CASTORIA For Infants sad Ohlldr~ Mothers Know That Genuine Castoda lwsye Bears the Signature of In Use For Over, Thirty Years CASTORIA ~s (mrmwm mm~ m w.m ewe. Calculating Youth. Margaret's uncle had taken a party of small children nutting, and when they were to distribute the nuts he told one of the boys to give each child so many handfuls. Margaret would not accept the nuts from this boy, say- ing she wanted her uncle to give the nuts to her. He felt a little flattered to think she would take them from no one but himself and asked why she felt that way. She came over to him and whispered: "'Cause, uncle, your hands are bigger." Vocalization. "I "should think your conscience would remind you that it's wrong to demand such a salary." "Oh, no," answered the prima donna. '~he still, small voice of conscience is very well in Its way. But nobody buys tickets at the box office to listen to it." A folding camp stove lms been de- signed that can use alcohol, wood or even paper for fuel. A patent covers a combined pick and shovel, so mounted that the same handle serves for both. Chopping Him Off. "SayP' snarled an impatient ctm- tomer In the rapid-fire restaurant. "Do, I get a little service, or don't I?" "What d'ye want~to have year beans loaded into a glass pistol and shot into yah?" sarcastically returned~ Helolse, the waitress.--Kansas City Star. British scientists have succeeded in, preserving soap bubbles intact for more than a month. GUARANTr.ED INSTANTLY RLIEVE CuScura Soap Best for Baby Soe~p ~. Otntm~mt ~ a ~k.,~Jt~eem ~ ~um~k W. N. U, DENVER, NO. 49-1918. 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